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Boulder *Hearts* Women in Tech


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An NCWIT talk on women, tech culture, startups, and unconscious bias presented during Boulder Startup Week 5/15/13

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Boulder *Hearts* Women in Tech

  1. 1. Boulder <3s Women in Tech!Boulder Startup Week: May 15, 2013!Jenny Slade, NCWIT!!@ncwit | @bldrstartupweek | #BSW13
  2. 2. Women Make Boulder Awesome!
  3. 3. Why Women Matter to Technology!
  4. 4. Women Correlate with Success!Analysis of more than 20,000venture-backed companiesshowed that successfulstartups have twice asmany women in seniorpositions as unsuccessfulcompanies.!Dow Jones VentureSource, 2011.!
  5. 5. Women Help Companies Grow!Tech companies with women havebeen shown to use 40 percent lesscapital and be more likely tosurvive the transition from startup toestablished company.!Cindy Padnos, Illuminate Ventures: "High Performance Entrepreneurs: Women in High-Tech," 2010.
  6. 6. Women Improve Innovation!The presence of women in a group ismore likely to increase the collectiveintelligence (problem-solving ability,creativity) of the group than thepresence of individuals with higherintelligence.!“Evidence for a Collective Intelligence Factor in the Performanceof Human Groups,” Science October 2010, Woolley, Chabris,Pentland, Hashmi and Malone.!
  7. 7. Women Enhance Teams!Scott Page, The difference: How the power of diversity creates better groups, firms, schools, and societies, PrincetonUniversity Press, 2009.!Groups with greater diversity solvecomplex problems better and fasterthan homogenous groups.!
  8. 8. Women Are 50% of the Population.Why Handicap Your Hiring by 50%?!"We simply cannot afford to alienatelarge chunks of the workforce. It is awidely understood truth that the singlebiggest challenge is attracting the rightpeople … to literally handicap yourselfby 50 percent is insanity.”!- Dan Shapiro, Google!
  9. 9. Women Are 50% of the Market!
  10. 10. Women in Tech, By the Numbers!Department of Labor Bureau of Labor Statistics, Current Population Survey, 2012; Dow Jones VentureSource, 2012.!Percent of U.S. technology jobs held bywomen!26!Percent of women executives at U.S.venture-backed startups!11!Percent of U.S. professional occupationsheld by women!57!Percent of U.S. software developers whoare women!20!
  11. 11. The Numbers Don’t Add Up!
  12. 12. Why So Few Women in Tech?!Pipeline! Attrition!Attraction!
  13. 13. Society’s Biased About Gender andTechnology!
  14. 14. !!What Do You See In This Picture?!
  15. 15. What Is Unconscious Bias?!We all have shortcuts,“schemas” that help usmake sense of the world.But our shortcutssometimes make usmisinterpret things.!That’s unconscious bias.!
  16. 16. Example: White maleengineering studentsscore lower when told inadvance that Asianstypically score higheron math testsSource: Aronson, et al., 1999; Steele & Aronson, 1998!Unconscious Bias = StereotypeThreat!
  17. 17. Unconscious Bias = Tokenism! with modification by Cohoon, 2012!
  18. 18. Unconscious Bias = Micro-inequities!»  Slights: “You’re the receptionist, right?”!»  Exclusion: “Oops, I forgot to cc her on that email.”»  Recognition: “No, I’m pretty sure it was Tom’s idea,not Jane’s, to use a link algorithm.”»  Isolation: “Dude, let’s grab a beer!”
  19. 19. Unconscious Bias in PerformanceAppraisal!Identical resumes.Gendered names. !!Reviewers (of bothgenders) stronglyfavor John inskills, hireability,and salary.!
  20. 20. Howard vs. Heidi!
  21. 21. Howard vs. Heidi!
  22. 22. Howard vs. Heidi!
  23. 23. “Blind” orchestraauditions, with musiciansbehind a curtain,increased the number offemale musicians hiredby 25% to 46% percent. !!Goldin & Rouse (2000) The American Economic Review, 90(4), 715-741.!Unconscious Bias in Hiring!
  24. 24. Unconscious Bias Is…Unconscious.!
  25. 25. Women and Men at Startups SeeThings Differently …!
  26. 26. Case Study: How Etsy Grew ItsFemale Engineering Team by 500%!Take action from the top!Don’t just say you care about diversity!Show why your company is a great place to work!Invest in early talent!Put more than 1 woman on a team (don’t isolate them)!Integrate your workspaces!
  27. 27. Invite diversity. Use diverse networks, notjust your status quo networks, to recruit.!Include a woman, and a pile sort, in your jobinterviews.!Remove biased language from jobdescriptions.!Audit your physical space for gender-neutralvibes.!If you’re a man, be a male advocate.!!5 Things You Can Do Today!1!2!3!4!5!
  28. 28. 1) Invite Diversity!
  29. 29. 2) Include a Woman, and a Pile Sort,in Job Interviews!Pile sort: !
  30. 30. 3) Remove Biased Language fromJob Descriptions!“Startups and Job Advertisements,” Aaron Kay, PhD:; OBJECTIVE DECISIVEANALYTICAL AUTONOMOUS DOMINANT!
  31. 31. 4) Audit Your Physical Space forGendered Vibes!!(Cheryan, S., Plaut, V., Davies, P., & Steele, C. (2009). Ambient belonging: How stereotypical cues impact gender participation in computerscience. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 97(6), 1045-1060; !
  32. 32. 5) If You’re a Man, Be a MaleAdvocate!
  33. 33. What’s Good for the Goose …!
  34. 34. NCWIT is the National Center forWomen & Information Technology!Our coalition includes more than 250 universities, corporations, and non-profits.!We Can Help.!
  35. 35. Get Going with Free, Research-backed Resources and Programs!
  36. 36. We Plug You In. !
  37. 37. Panel!»  Ingrid Alongi: Co-founder and CEO, Quick Left»  Jim Franklin: CEO, SendGrid»  Greg Greenstreet: VP of Engineering, Gnip»  Leslie Osborne: VP of Product + Operations,Standing Cloud»  Krista Marks: Engineer, Founder of Nimbee, Kerpoof