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Time for your charity to ‘go Google?’


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The presentation was from a fringe event at Evolve 2014: the annual event for the voluntary sector in London on Monday 16 June 2014.

Danny Golding (Director, Work Out Loud) discussed how businesses are revolutionising the way they work by making use of collaborative software tools to help employees working together more effectively.

Find out more about the Evolve Conference from NCVO:

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Time for your charity to ‘go Google?’

  1. 1. Fringe Time for your charity to ‘go Google?’ Danny Golding, Director, Work Out Loud
  2. 2. Agenda 1. Introductions 2. What is Work Out Loud? 3. Why Google apps? 4. Google apps - quick tour 5. Questions
  3. 3. About me… Danny Golding Managing Director - Work Out Loud 01904 236142 | 07961 210733
  4. 4. My voluntary sector background International development - youth work - community work - community newspaper - homelessness - management information - IT manager for national charity
  5. 5. Work Out Loud - our mission To help you make effective use of cloud based collaboration tools to improve ■ Flexible and remote working ■ Communications ■ Information sharing ■ Partnership working People - Culture - Technology
  6. 6. What is ‘working out loud’? Many businesses are revolutionising the way they work by making use of collaborative software tools to help employees working together more effectively. John Stepper, from Deutche Bank calls this process ‘working out loud’
  7. 7. “Working Out Loud starts with making your work visible in such a way that it might help others. When you do that you can build a purposeful network that makes you more effective ” John Stepper - MD Deutsche Bank
  8. 8. Why ‘go Google’?
  9. 9. My lightbulb moment - No.1 After many years of working in large Microsoft environments, I concluded that charities could cut costs by switching to Google Apps
  10. 10. My lightbulb moment - No. 2 When we were testing new software we saved thousands of pounds by using a Google form instead of a proprietary fault logging system.
  11. 11. My lightbulb moment - No. 3 More and more organisations I meet - both large and small - have decided to move to Google Apps. Some of these are on the next slide.
  12. 12. Google Apps – key benefits ■ Reduces total cost of ownership - Cloud based so no need for local networks or servers - Can be used with low cost PCs/laptops, or Google Chromebooks which cost around £250 ■ Reduces complexity – nothing to install locally ■ Makes it easy to share information, collaborate, and work with external partners
  13. 13. How much does it cost? ■ Google apps software is free for charities ■ However you may need help with: - Setting everything up - Migrating your existing emails and documents - Planning how you introduce Google apps - Training
  14. 14. Security and reliability We understand just how important it is that your data is held securely, and is available when you need it. One of the reasons we recommend charities consider Google Apps is because of the very high level of security you get with the product.
  15. 15. Security & reliability ■ All data encrypted & held in secure data centres ■ Conforms to EU ‘safe harbour’ rules ■ Powerful security tools for administrators - Strong passwords & two factor authentication - Controls over access from mobile devices ■ Guaranteed 99.9% availability
  16. 16. Google Apps - what do you get? The following slides provide a summary of the main features in Google Apps. You can find out more here.
  17. 17. Mail ■ Your own dedicated email addresses - e.g. ■ 25gb storage per user ■ Share contacts across your organisation ■ Can be securely accessed from any mobile device
  18. 18. Calendar ■ Each user can have multiple calendars ■ Easy to share with colleagues or external partners ■ Create simple shared appointment systems ■ Syncs with your mobile
  19. 19. Drive Google’s online storage solution ■ Unlimited storage of Google Apps files ■ 30gb storage for other files (including MS Office) ■ Securely share files with – Colleagues in your organisation wherever they are – External parters ■ Easily accessed from mobile devices
  20. 20. Docs, Sheets, and Slides ■ Google’s word processing, spreadsheet, and presentation tools ■ Includes all basic functionality ■ Designed for collaboration & sharing - Many people can work on a document at once - Publish ‘view only’ versions of documents and presentations – these can be embeded in your website
  21. 21. Forms Easily create online forms for: ■ Surveys ■ Information requests ■ Booking training courses ■ Organising meetings ■ Expense claims Data entred is automatically stored in a secure spreadsheet
  22. 22. Hangouts Google’s online conferencing tool is good for: ■ Meeting with colleagues to work on a document or presentation ■ Private video conferences ■ Public webinars – which can be recorded and saved to You Tube Here’s someone who is keen on hangouts...
  23. 23. What do you need for hangouts? If there is only one or two people at a location you just need ■ A PC/laptop with a web camera and mic ■ An internet connection NB Even if you haven’t got a webcam you can still watch a hangout and join in using chat
  24. 24. You can also hold larger video conferences like this
  25. 25. With Chromebox for meetings Professional video conference kit for £1,000 (plus a monitor)
  26. 26. Google sites Lets you create free ■ Public websites ■ Private intranets for an organisation or partnership Integrates closely with Google apps - as in this example site for a project team
  27. 27. And there’s lots more ■ Groups - online discussion forums - These can be public or private ■ Google+ integration - Set up an organisation page and community on Google’s social networking platform ■ Chrome Store - Hundreds of low cost apps that integrate with Google+
  28. 28. Chrome Store
  29. 29. Contact us to find out more... Tel: 01904 236142 | 07961 210733 Email: Web: Twitter: @work_out_loud
  30. 30. Fringe Attend the Evolve Marketplace on the ground floor of the Brewery to get help and advice from a range of voluntary sector organisations and suppliers.