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Social Value Act


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Presentation on the Public Services (Social Value) Act 2012 - what the act is, what it means and how VCOs can use it.

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Social Value Act

  1. 1. The Public Services(Social Value) Act 2012 Charlotte Stuffins Policy and Research, NCVO
  2. 2. Government Definition: “Social value seeks to maximise the additional benefit that can be created by procuring or commissioning services, above and beyond the benefit of merely the services themselves.”
  3. 3. Consider SocialValue
  4. 4. Chris White MP:“The aim of the Act is to supportcommunity groups, voluntaryorganisations and social enterprises towin more public sector contracts.”“This dialogue will give a chance for newinnovations to occur within public sectorcommissioning and drive-up standards.”
  5. 5. “Public sector commissioners were failing torecognise the social value of charities whenawarding contracts. The Social Value Actmay prove helpful in remedying thesituation.”
  6. 6. Best Value Statutory Guidance(September 2011)• Sets out the principles of social value and urges councils not to make disproportionate cuts to local charities.• Has already been used to hold councils to account – 16 charities had their grants from Derby City Council extended after challenging with the Best Value Guidance.
  7. 7. NCVO welcomes the Social Value Act:•It could lead to better services•It could see more involvement of charitiesin public service design and delivery•It is important to monitor the Act’simplementation and for charities to bring itto commissioners’ attention
  8. 8. Main impact and challenges of the Act:•National Government – publicise the Actand promote good practice•Local Government – train officers toimprove commissioning processes and toengage better with communities•Voluntary sector – understand anddemonstrate social value effectively
  9. 9. For further information:Search “Social Value Act” on:•• contact 520 2412@ncvocharlotte