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Social innovation


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The presentation was a workshop at NCVO's European Funding Network's event LEPs, Growth and EU funds on Wednesday 25 September 2013.

The presentation was by Vicki Sellick from NESTA and looks at what social innovation really is.

Find out more about the event 'LEPs, Growth and EU funds':

Find out more about NCVO's European Funding network:

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Social innovation

  1. 1. Social innovation A civil society priority for LEPs, growth and EU funds
  2. 2. What is social innovation?
  3. 3. Social innovation must…
  4. 4. 5 Be innovative Better use of assets/resources
  5. 5. 6 Generate social outcomes
  6. 6. Be social in nature
  7. 7. Social innovation may…
  8. 8. Be brand new to the world
  9. 9. Private Enterprise Social Sector State Informal (inc citizens and social movements) Be in any sector
  10. 10. Be a technological innovation
  11. 11. Generate financial value
  12. 12. Social innovations that promote jobs and growth
  13. 13. Finding solutions to social care crisis
  14. 14. Teaching kids skills of the future
  15. 15. Helping people find jobs 16
  16. 16. How can we surface great civil society led social innovations through LEPs and EU funds?
  17. 17. Through open calls
  18. 18. 19 Through incubation “A mission to help 1,000 entrepreneurs and impact businesses & changemakers to start, grow and scale.”
  19. 19. Case study: Bethnal Green Ventures And incubators
  20. 20. Through challenge prizes
  21. 21. Design tools 22 Through local impact funds
  22. 22. Design tools 23 Through backing what works Centre for Social Action Innovation Fund
  23. 23. Vicki Sellick Director, The Lab