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PM1 Crowdfunding Challenege - The Results


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PM1 Crowdfunding Challenege - The Results

  1. 1. The Crowdfunding Challenge 2012 The Results!Sponsored by In partnership with
  2. 2. Buzzbnk enables social ventures to offer 3 types of loans and in combination with other engaging benefits:* - Revenue Participation Share a set % of future revenues of the project* We have reviewed our business model in detail with the FSA under the guidance of our lawyers, Bates Wells & Braithwaite, and the conclusion is that there are noactivities which currently need to be regulated, including our service to introduce potential lenders (Backers) to borrowers (Ventures) for unsecured loans.
  3. 3. Burning the Clocks created bymmunity arts charity Same Sky A unique event that brings the people of Brighton together for a seasonal celebration for all faiths. This spectacular free lantern parade and fire show turns the spotlight away from the more commercial side of Christmas and lights up the darkest of winter nights
  4. 4. Activities• New marketing • Offline: Raffles, bucket materials: bookmarks, flyers, collecting at other events posters • Personal emails to• Websites: links on websites, contacts and suppliers ads • Asking individuals &• Email campaigns groups to spread the• PR: press releases & radio word: MPs, CVSF, etc. interviews • Internal comms:• Social media: Twitter, Brainstorms, thermometer, FB: reward info, FB group, specific asks, positive feedback Christmas presents, soft asks, retweet day, images, etc.
  5. 5. Now it’s over…Results Lessons• Raised £4,000 target! • Personal approach best• Major donors • Planning time• Raised profile of ourselves • Make time every day as a charity • Include time to be• Increase in followers on responsive social media & new • Utilise what you’re doing supporter details already• Local companies got in • Internal comms proportion touch to offer support • Ask… then ask again!• Internal shift: New approach • The “Creative Soul” for staff • Right for this? For now?
  6. 6. Turning an empty house into a homeLATCH is aiming to raise the funds to refurbish an empty house,with unemployed volunteers, creating a home for a homelessfamily in Leeds.By doing this we will:• Provide opportunities for long term unemployed people to gain skills, confidence and work experience.• Provide a secure good quality home for a homeless family.• Contribute towards improving the neighbourhood and reducing the problems caused by empty homes.All the money raised will be spent directly on the house.
  7. 7. Activities• Devised a range of relevant awards for our supporters• Designed leaflets, posters and display• Contacted MC members, families, friends, local organisations and other contacts to ask them to donate and spread the word• Social media• Media coverage - local radio and newspaper• AGM• Raffle
  8. 8. Results and lessons learned• Media coverage, more followers and raised profile…but we didn’t reach our milestone• Setting up Localgiving page• Took much more time than anticipated!• Plan ahead and do groundwork before campaign starts• Allocate time and resources for duration of campaign, for planned activities and unexpected opportunities• It takes time to get people on board• Allow time to organise offline fundraising activities to get the word out and support the challenge.
  9. 9. 60 opportunities every weekOver 100 regular volunteers90-100 children and vulnerableadults with disabilities each year9 horses... Nancy and Edward retire to the hills of Buckinghamshire after nearly 20 years’ work
  10. 10. Our Crowdfunding Challenge Supporters Volunteers Parents ASK Trustees ContactsPress releasesPersonal stories PR ONLINE Facebook Tweeting Sam’s Blog EVENTS Bake sale Talk to local group
  11. 11. Successes: • £980 towards a new horse • Lots of articles in local papers • Links with community websitesLessons:• The Crowdfunding approach isn’t right for every project• Take 6 months to plan and chose the right time to launch• Do the leg-work before you start• You can’t do it on you own• Be prepared to spend 2-3 hours, every day of the campaign
  12. 12. Our Project
  13. 13. Raising the Crowd1. Mailing List2. Targeted Mailing to Specific Interest Groups eg Banks3. Bag Packs4. Book Sales5. Jumble Sale6. Raffle Tickets7. Lobbying Local Grant Providers8. Involving Local Councillors and MP’s
  14. 14. “I was always interested in arts and crafts, but never had the time or confidence to keep it up – now I’ve redeveloped my talents and have been thinking about starting a business, but didn’t have a clue where to start.ReWorked – A craft “It’s almost as though they’ve picked my brain tobusiness to boost skills, grow find exactly what I neededconfidence and inspire and when. If I can get towomen in East Lancashire the stage where I can start my own business, I would be over the moon!”
  15. 15. •Sharing- Newsletter, Face Book, Twitter, LinkedIn, Emails•Talking- Community Radio, Local Newspapers, Community Groups, Networks, People•Eating- Cake Sale, Tombola, Coffee Morning, Coffee and Cake
  16. 16. How Did We Do? First In kind support200+ likes on fundraising – advice , £950 On way to 2nd BuzzBnk milestone Milestone volunteers, raised toAppeal Page reached (£550) training, date materialsNext time….• Get the team on board BEFORE you launch• Let your team know exactly what they need to do• Map out your contacts…who else can help you reach your goal?
  17. 17. Gig Buddies
  18. 18. Results and lessons
  19. 19. We hit our target
  20. 20. Make time
  21. 21. Ask for help
  22. 22. Build a supportive crowd
  23. 23. Be specific
  24. 24. Share ideas
  25. 25. Love your crowd
  26. 26. Food works
  27. 27. Be creative
  28. 28. Social Media
  29. 29.
  30. 30. Newlyn Art Gallery
  31. 31. The BIGsleepover Do you remember having sleepovers with your friends? Have you ever had a sleepover with 50 of your friends?!The BIGsleepover is going to make that happen for local children in Newham!The BIGsleepover is an exciting new respite care project for families with challenging home-lives in east London.It will:• Support Parents who have few breaks from their hardworking lives, and little time or space to call their own•Provide exciting overnight play opportunities for local children•Offer support to those families who are most vulnerable.We will•Run a series of sleepovers in our community centre in Manor Park•Provide a fun trip outside of the centre for each sleepover•Fill the Froud Centre with exciting games, and activities (inflatables, story-telling, arts and crafts)•Provide healthy delicious snacks and meals whilst the children are in our care•Provide pyjamas and sleeping bags for those families who do not have them available All this will be FREE to the families ensuring that it is open to as many children as possible. Each sleepover will accommodate at least 50 local children and will be supervised at all times by our team of highly qualified play-workers.
  32. 32. What did we do? • Promotional Materials •Mapping contacts and supporters •Letters and emails •Poster / Leaflets in Mail-out •Events (Family Fun Day) •Personal asks (work colleagues, partner organisations etc.) •Board of Trustees •Local Media •Social MediaWe’re continuing to work on lots of this, and think of new ways of promoting the project.We have some more events in the pipeline and hopefully will get the chance to make avideo for the project in the next couple of weeks.
  33. 33. What we learnt? We successfully reached our first milestone of £3,000! The Good Stuff The not-so-Good Stuff• We actually have lots of people who want to • Online fundraising is really hard when you’re support us working with vulnerable people• We can make good use of online and offline • If individuals donate offline they get no donors acknowledgement on the website• Offline fundraising proved more successful • It’s a lot more work keeping track of offline• Face –to-face contact is the best way of donations getting people to commit money. • Whilst we’ve found a higher number of offline• Getting the right person to make the ask is donations, they are more time-consuming to crucial come by• Asking donors to ask others to give is useful • Everything takes time and energy• Giving donors ownership of the project can be • You need to be a planning machine! helpful in spreading the word • You need a few high level donors.
  34. 34. Mind the Gap Arr Pirate App
  35. 35. Activities
  36. 36. Lessons LearnedGet your core team involved ASAP! Plan your campaign Be positive and make it fun!
  37. 37. Altogether now… • The benefit of peer support• The kick-up-the-bum of a challenge • Going on a journey, together
  38. 38. We’ve been impressed…• Time commitment• Ability to keep on going• Range of ideas• Amount of money raised!!
  39. 39. We’ve learnt…• Lead time for strategy and planning• Clear timetable vs being responsive• Ability to draw in experts• Time commitment!
  40. 40. We’ll be gradually uploading resourcesand learning to…
  41. 41. And the winner is…• The organisation who went on the longest learning journey• The organisation who acted upon their learning, developing as they went• Who shared and interacted with us and with participants• Who kept up momentum, even when things were tough
  42. 42. …we’ll tell you later