Manchester: A place to grow older 2009-2020


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Keynote presentation from Paul McGarry, Senior Strategy Manager Public Health Manchester City Council which was part of the Cultural Commissioning National Seminar in Doncaster on the 10th June 2014

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Manchester: A place to grow older 2009-2020

  1. 1. Paul McGarry Senior Strategy Manager Public Health Manchester Manchester City Council
  2. 2. • What’s the context? • What does success look like?
  3. 3. The view from outside
  4. 4. Context is everything
  5. 5. More context “Some councils will see an outward migration of affluent people in their 50s and 60s who choose to leave the cities…..the remaining older population…tends to be….poorer, isolated and more vulnerable with a lower life expectancy and a need for acute interventions” Audit Commission 2008 “Population ageing and urbanisation have in their different ways become the key social trends of the twenty-first century.” Phillipson 2010 “I just sit in this flat staring at the television or the walls. You get to a point where you think I can’t cope: I mean you think what’s the point being stuck in this flat day in day out?” Female, 51, West Gorton
  6. 6. 0% 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% 60% 50-59 75+ 50-59 75+ Richest 2nd 3rd 4th Poorest English Longitudinal Study of Ageing Men Women Some inequalities context: Depression and wealth
  7. 7. What does cultural commissioning look like?
  8. 8. Like this: research/policy/practice “Manchester has established itself at an international level as a leading authority in developing one of the most comprehensive strategic programmes on ageing.” John Beard, Director, Department of Ageing and Life Course World Health Organisation
  9. 9. It can look like this
  10. 10. Summary: key success features • Political leadership and support is key • A team of people supporting initiatives and partnerships • A local narrative that agencies and residents understand • Mainstreaming ageing issues to everyone • Promote a ‘citizen’ perspective rather than a ‘deficit’ model • Involving older people as actors in setting the age- friendly agenda • Support a partnership strategy: research – policy – practice; multiple stakeholders Buffel, McGarry et al 2014 Journal of Aging Social Policy
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