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NCVO CCIS June 10 - 3 Jim Hayward Business in the Community


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BITC's mission is to inspire, engage, support and challenge companies on responsible business practice. Jim will demonstrate how joint ambitions can be more effectively achieved through partnership.

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NCVO CCIS June 10 - 3 Jim Hayward Business in the Community

  1. 1. "Climate change is the greatest challenge facing mankind today and we only have a very small window of opportunity to act“ HRH The Prince of Wales
  2. 2. “Mayday, Mayday, Mayday”
  3. 3. Partnerships
  4. 4. The Mayday Journey Manage your Transform your carbon emissions, company to be develop a carbon sustainable to action plan and set a ensure it will still be reduction target of value tomorrow Engage your employees Take action to reduce customers your business' carbon suppliers emissions
  5. 5. Partnerships – some thoughts • Is there an obvious shared agenda? • Do the contributions complement each other? • Can we do more together than apart? • Can we secure more resource by working together? • Will this enhance our reputation? • Can we both learn from this?
  6. 6. Nuclear Physics (simplified) The separate nuclear bits The whole atom and bobs
  7. 7. Nuclear Physics (simplified)
  8. 8. The energy that binds the bits and bobs together adds to the mass of the atom – hence: “The whole is greater than the sum of the parts”
  9. 9.