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NCVO CCIS June 10 - 1 Trewin Restorick GAP and Lucy Carver BSKYB


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Trewin and Lucy share GAP's learning on how action on climate change is an essential activity for both non-environmental and environmental organisations. Lucy and Trewin speak about their successful business and voluntary sector partnership.

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NCVO CCIS June 10 - 1 Trewin Restorick GAP and Lucy Carver BSKYB

  1. 1. Creating a Climate for Change Trewin Restorick, CEO of Global Action Plan & Lucy Carver, Director of The Bigger Picture, Sky 29th June 2010
  2. 2. 600 After 45 More Years of current energy use patterns 500 400 Today’s CO2 Concentration 300 280 260 240 CO2 [ppmv] 220 200 180 600,000 500,000 400,000 300,000 200,000 100,000 0 Age (yr BP)
  3. 3. Gulf of Mexico, 11 July 2005
  4. 4. Summer Temperatures in context Observed temperatures Simulated temperatures 2060s 2040s We are already committed to this from past emissions alone 2003 Source Met Office Hadley Centre 35 000 people died across Northern Europe in the August heat-wave of 2003 – effective planning is essential
  5. 5. UK Floods June – July 07 = £3 Billion
  6. 6. How Sky and Global Action Plan came to work together
  7. 7. Sky’s The Bigger Picture Joining In Environment Sport Art Responsible Business
  8. 8. Sky and Climate Change • We believe its happening - and want to tackle it • Sustainability = good business sense • 9.8M+ homes and 17,000 employees = big opportunity to make a difference
  9. 9. Sky’s Environment Strategy - Areas of Focus INSPIRING ACTION TO COMBAT MINIMISING SKY’S ENVIRONMENTAL CLIMATE CHANGE IMPACT (direct footprint and indirect footprint) (customers and staff) Help Sky Sky Supply homes be Schools Rainforest Products Operations Chain greener homes Rescue GAP works with us across all areas
  10. 10. Environment: Minimising our impact at Sky CO2 Emissions 25% reduction in gross CO2 emissions (tonnes / £m) by 2020 versus a 2008/09 baseline Energy Efficiency 20% increase in energy efficiency in Sky owned buildings by 2020 versus a 2008/09 baseline
  11. 11. On-site Renewable Energy UK Sky-owned sites to obtain 20% of gross carbon emissions from the use of on-site renewable energy by 2020 versus a 2008/09 baseline Fleet 25% reduction in CO2 emissions per van in our fleet by 2012 versus a 2008/09 baseline Employee Business Travel 20% reduction in CO2 emissions per FTE from employee business travel by 2012 versus a 2008/09 baseline Waste to Landfill Divert 90% of waste from landfill by 2012
  12. 12. Waste Recycled Reuse or recycle 70% of waste by 2012 Water Ensure that water consumption remains +/- 1m3 from 10m3/FTE Product Energy Use Cut the total energy consumption of newly installed Sky+HD boxes by 30% by 2012 versus our current Sky+HD box Suppliers Engage with 50 of our most carbon intensive suppliers to help them measure their carbon footprint and reduce emissions further
  13. 13. Creating a Joint Vision for the Sky / Global Action Plan partnership • Achieve significant practical and measurable improvements in environmental impacts by engaging the Sky community delivering innovation and long term behaviour change • Help grow and enhance the reputation of Sky and Global Action Plan (position Sky as a thought-leader in addressing environmental issues and Global Action Plan as one of the UK’s leading environmental charities) • Generate buzz and excitement around Sky’s involvement in the climate change agenda, providing hooks and angles for exciting news stories • Demonstrate an acclaimed ground-breaking, successful, action-led corporate/charity partnership • Through cash, leveraged and in-kind investment, raise a minimum £1m over three years for Global Action Plan’s initiatives
  14. 14. Appetite for Action • Global Action Plan and Sky • Free web and teaching resources for Primary Schools in the UK and Ireland • Join the dots between the environment, the food we eat and the food we throw away 17
  15. 15. EverGreen & volunteering opportunities
  16. 16. Benefits to Global Action Plan • Different culture and skills • Creativity • Creates scale • Credibility • Resource
  17. 17. Benefits to Sky • Our people = key to reducing our CO2 emissions • Employees who join in are stronger advocates • Reach consumers through volunteering and Schools project Working with GAP bring us: • Different culture and skills • Creativity • Depth • Credibility
  18. 18. Sky Rainforest Rescue - Project Overview Project • WWF and Sky to help save 1 • Delivered on the ground by WWF Brazil, billion trees in Amazon with local community and government rainforest in partnership over 3 • Link to Copenhagen Climate Change years Summit • £10= helps save 500 trees Sky Sky Customers & employees • Contributes £2m to WWF for • Raise £2m over 3 years via on-line, red project over 3 years button and phone donations through • Supported by Sky marketing specific awareness and donation and programming programmes
  19. 19. Schools and Sky Rainforest Rescue • Global Action Plan are expert in schools - GAP and WWF are creating programme together • Taking learnings from Appetite for Action • We want 3,000 Primary and Secondary Schools to take part • Will educate on rainforests and how we can take decisions at home to help save them
  20. 20. Contact Details Telephone: 020 7405 5633