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This presentation was part of the Public Service Delivery Network meeting on 10 February 2010.

This presentation was by Charlotte Ravenscroft from the NCVO and explored project 2015 and ideas gathered by members to help create the NCVO manifesto.

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NCVO Project 2015

  1. 1. NCVO Project 2015 Charlotte Ravenscroft, Policy and Research
  2. 2. 15 months to go… Source: Daily Mail
  3. 3. Four graphs that matter… Source: UK Polling Report Source: ONS/BBC
  4. 4. Four graphs that matter… Forecasted change in central and local government revenue spending 2010/11 to 2017/18 (£, billions) Source: NatCen/Guardian Source: Office for Budget Responsibility (2013) Economic and Fiscal Outlook March 2013 - Fiscal Supplementary Tables, Table 2.29
  5. 5. Project 2015 Economic and Social Justice Welfare, the economy and jobs, demographic change Volunteering and Social Action Volunteering, campaigning, corporate engagement Public Services Commissioning, how govt works, early intervention Support for Voluntary Organisations Giving, funding, charity regulation
  6. 6. Project 2015 website
  7. 7. Public services: member Challenges… views • Service cuts have affected most vulnerable • • • • • • Focus on price rather than quality of public services Lack of pre-procurement dialogue and understanding Poorly designed or inflexible service specifications Contracts getting larger/more generic/using PBR Disproportionate bidding requirements Lack of time/support for consortia-building On the nearing horizon… • Raising EU procurement threshold • Part B services > Light touch regime • Abolition of PQQs
  8. 8. PSDN: expert views • Is our analysis broadly right? Please write down any comments or points missing. • What high-level solutions should we be pushing for in party manifestos? Please discuss and be prepared to feedback.
  9. 9. Thank you Please get in touch: @CharRavenscroft See NCVO blogs for latest news Join NCVO: