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House of Memories - National Museum Liverpool


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House of Memories - National Museum Liverpool

  1. 1. National Museums Liverpool Presentation by:  Carol Rogers Executive Director Education and Visitors National Museums Liverpool
  2. 2. Who we are • Founded in 1851 • Established as a national museum in 1986 • The only national museum in England outside  London • Seven iconic venues • Museum service for Liverpool and Merseyside • The region’s largest cultural organisation • National responsibility • International remit
  3. 3. National Museums Liverpool
  4. 4. Our Mission We change lives and enable  millions of people from all  backgrounds, to engage with our  world‐class museums.
  5. 5. The House of Memories promotes the need and value for compassion, respect and dignity in care to achieve better health and wellbeing, and support for people living with dementia
  6. 6. The approach is the first of its kind in the UK enabling museums, health care and housing providers to work together to deliver an imaginative and accessible ‘whole community’ dementia awareness experience.
  7. 7. Dementia in the United Kingdom •Over 800,000 people in UK diagnosed with dementia •Financial cost of dementia to UK is over £23 billion •Only 40% of people with dementia receive an early diagnosis •In less than ten years the number of people with dementia in UK will reach 1 million
  8. 8. House of Memories •To date more than 5,000 participants in Liverpool, Bury, Salford, Sunderland, Newcastle, Birmingham, Leicester and Nottingham •Externally funded by Dept of Health and local health and social housing partners. •Content designed to enable greater understanding of the value of a person’s history and life experience •Activities include an interactive training day and new resources for settings
  9. 9. The Memory Toolkit
  10. 10. A Bespoke Museum Guide
  11. 11. The Memory Tree
  12. 12. The Memory Suitcase
  13. 13. Key Outcomes for Participants  •Confident to try new approaches with those their care for. •Demonstrable shift in their cognitive and emotional understanding of dementia and its implications for those effected. •Enhanced capacity to assess their own attitudes and performance to cultivate an appropriate care relationship. •Majority believed that their knowledge, skills and access to resources to carry out memory activities in settings had increased significantly
  14. 14. “Its about caring for them and the  life they once had, as well as caring  for the condition and the effect it has  on them” Participant 2013
  15. 15. “The House of Memories is an exceptional project…. It is fantastic that the cultural sector is involved in work on dementia; it is a great collaboration. . . The work is critically important in supporting our drive to create more dementia-friendly communities.” Norman Lamb MP: Minister of State for Care and Support 2013
  16. 16. My House of Memories 2014 A digitised memory app for people with dementia, their families and carers.
  17. 17. The Value • To create a legacy for House of Memories • To support older people’s access to new technology • To tackle social isolation with aging communities
  18. 18. Who is it for? • People living with dementia • Carers and families • Isolated older people • Networks supporting older  people
  19. 19. The Commissioning Process • Core aim to produce a dementia friendly product • Creation of an innovative and inclusive design brief • Appointment of external digital design agency
  20. 20. User Led Design  • Co designed with people living with dementia and their carers • Collaboration with Innovate Dementia (Liverpool John Moores University) • Partnership with Mersey Care NHS Trust - Mossley Hill Memory Group
  21. 21. My House of Memories • Includes hundreds of inspirational ‘living history’ museum objects. • Multi-sensory experience: music, sound effects and videos • Easy to use design - touch screen controls • Activities to do together • A ‘read aloud’ option for people who prefer to listen • A toolkit for carers with additional memory activities
  22. 22. Digital Content • 112 Museum Objects • 328 Images • 27 Background Music Themes • 22  Background Sound Effects • 23  Movies (6 for social care training)
  23. 23. Stripped back design
  24. 24. Choice of activity
  25. 25. Personalisation
  26. 26. Intuitive design
  27. 27. Audio captions / large text
  28. 28. Subtitles
  29. 29. Carers toolkit
  30. 30. How do we think it will be used? • With families including  younger children • Day centres • Residential care  settings • Sheltered  accommodation • Hospitals and day  wards
  31. 31. FILM My House of Memories 2014
  32. 32. User Analysis UK launch 22 May 2014 • 260 Downloads • 272  Users • 197 iOs • 72 Android • 918 Sessions: 252 UK, 15 USA, 1 Cyprus, 1 Japan (29% new, 71% returning users)
  33. 33. User Analysis  What did they do on the app? • 321 Created a profile • 337 Activities • 272 Browsers • 159 Played videos • 113 Searched options • 34  Donation clicks
  34. 34. User Analysis Most popular screens: • 937 About the app • 717  Object browser • 301  Carers toolkit • 254  Memory tree • 207  Memory box • 178 Working with people’s memories Most popular objects…….
  35. 35. How will we circulate and market? • House of Commons  launch (2014) • Regular older people  museum celebration  events • House of Memories membership  programme
  36. 36. Future Developments  •Integrate House of Memories into mainstream health strategy  and policy making •Increase funding for House of  Memories •Donate campaign for My House  of Memories •Explore European museum  partnership •AND new activities for people  living with dementia and older  people  Meet me at the Museum, When I Was Little and Happy Older People