The BIG Assist Conference - Funding workshop by Alan Lewis


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Alan Lewis (LCVS United Way) speaks at the funding workshop about new business models which was a workshop at the Big Assist conference.

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  • 1909“To form a centre of communication between approved charitable and benevolent institutions working in the city, and also between them and the Poor Law and other public authorities.”
  • FunctionActivityIdentifying and filling the gapsSupport new groups to address unmet needs and existing groups to meet the changing needs.Raising standardsHelping groups to develop the knowledge, skills and resources they need to support the local community.Enabling communication and collaborationProvide a forum for networking, sharing good practice, forming partnerships / consortia. Providing a voicePromoting two-way communication between of local groups and public bodies. Supporting involvement in policy developments and decision-making. Promoting strategic involvementMaking sure that the sector is represented and involved in local policy-making and supporting representatives.
  • We invite you to be part of the change and offer opportunities for you to be involved in giving, advocating and volunteering.
  • The BIG Assist Conference - Funding workshop by Alan Lewis

    1. 1. ©LCVS 1 The changing face of infrastructure: New business models United Way and Community Impact Alan Lewis CEO LCVS | United Way
    2. 2. ©LCVS 2 Where are we going and why? 1909 Liverpool Council of Voluntary Aid 1933 Liverpool Council of Social Service 2005 Liverpool Charity and Voluntary Service 2010 LCVS | United Way
    3. 3. ©LCVS 3 LCVS Charity Services Charitable Giving Trust Management Grant making United Way Capacity Building Organisational Development Funding Advice Community Accountancy Community Involvement Communities of Interest Ward based Engagement Local Involvement Network LCVS = One Stop Shop A service provider or change agent?
    4. 4. ©LCVS 4 Mission Statement Our mission is to promote philanthropy and a thriving voluntary community and faith sector. Organisations will be: •Well governed and managed •Well represented •Well resourced Why ?
    5. 5. ©LCVS 5 Traditional business model eroded and washed away
    6. 6. ©LCVS 6 Change - Change - Change Any Qualified Provider
    7. 7. ©LCVS 7 Changing Context Function Competitors Identifying and filling the gaps Local Authorities, Clinical Commissioning, social market, Local Enterprise Partnerships Raising standards Business support, national 3rd sector and national providers, HEIs, elearning, social enterprise Enabling communication and collaboration The market, joint ventures, deals, social networking Providing a voice Consortia, pressure groups, Healthwatch, ‘exercise of duty to involve’ Promoting strategic involvement National organisations, ‘Brands’, Role of Councillors as community champions. Mayororal advisers
    8. 8. ©LCVS 8 Public Funding 0 100000 200000 300000 400000 500000 600000 700000 2003/20042004/20052005/20062006/20072007/20082008/20092009/20102010/20112011/20122012/20132013/20142014/2015 Capacity Building Community Engagement
    9. 9. ©LCVS 9 Charge for services? •Community Accountancy  •Trust Administration / Donors  •Tenants / ICT / room hire  •Capacity Building ? ? ? ? ? OR
    10. 10. ©LCVS 10 Change - Change - Change Unique Strategic Position
    11. 11. ©LCVS 11 Services to……… Community Activists Volunteers Wealthy individuals Community Groups Corporates Public Agencies LCVS
    12. 12. ©LCVS 12 .. or a strong & healthy society? Community Activists Volunteers Wealthy individuals Community Groups Corporates Public Agencies LCVS LCVS Specific Community Benefit
    13. 13. ©LCVS 13 Education We have the connections LCVS | United Way brings people and organisations together for positive change in communities through voluntary action. We focus on the building blocks for a good quality of life Income Health
    14. 14. ©LCVS 14 Compelling Need • 34% Liverpool children live in poverty compared to a UK average of 21%. (59.1% in Everton) • Children in poverty have three times poorer results at every stage of their education 0% 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% 60% UK Liverpool Everton Child Poverty
    15. 15. ©LCVS 15 Thrive at 5 Creates opportunities for children to start school ready to learn. Through an integrated programme partnership • Dollywood Foundation’s Imagination Library • The Reader Organisation • Schools • Libraries • Parents, carers & families • Community organisations • Volunteers
    16. 16. ©LCVS 16 We invite you to be part of the change Give Advocate Volunteer
    17. 17. ©LCVS 17 Constant Change is here to stay • Role: Neutral co-ordinating • Board: active and networking • Style: Professional / accountable • Skills: Selling / marketing / commissioning • Money: Costings / investment return • Sector: Expectations
    18. 18. ©LCVS 18 Do something wonderful… A strong and healthy society …through organising and equipping individuals and groups for voluntary action. Not a utility Not neutral and not passive An active place shaper Sharing in the struggle of others You can change the world
    19. 19. ©LCVS 19 We invite you to be part of the change Liverpool 1987 London 2013 ????? 2014 ????? 2015