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The Leeds Learning Disability Day Service Modernisation Project


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The Leeds Learning Disability Day Service Modernisation Project

  1. 1. The Leeds Learning Disability Day Service Modernisation Project
  2. 2. Learning Disability Day Service Modernisation Project : Aims To move from “one size fits all” to a more personalised approach to delivering day opportunities and support To create a range of new choices and opportunities for adults with learning disabilities in each area of Leeds
  3. 3. Principles which underpin the project Place image here(optional) • Services that are local and at the heart of local communities • Disinvest in traditional segregated services • Re-invest in community buildings and activity. • Services that are wherever possible offer opportunities for integration. • More choice through investment into voluntary sector alternatives. • To create better environments that benefit customers, staff and the wider community.
  4. 4. As of May 2014 the Day Service Modernisation Programme has achieved : • Creation of 16 new community bases • Approval and funding for a new £2.5 million specialist centre at Rothwell • £2,200,000 invested so far into Council and community buildings • £980,000 a year invested into 20 grant funded, third sector projects • Over 450 individual person centred plans completed and implemented • The closure of 3 large segregated day service buildings
  5. 5. Investment into community buildings • Creation of 17 Changing Places citywide in parks, leisure and community centres, West Yorkshire Playhouse, Leeds Arena, Trinity & White Rose Shopping Centres • Investment to make community buildings more accessible such as Yorkshire Dance Centre Hamara Healthy Living Centre Headingley HEART community arts centre. Hillside Community centre
  6. 6. Grant funding to third sector organisations has created further choices and opportunities with 20 new projects city wide
  7. 7. • More choice for customers and commissioners • Partnership working • Healthier lifestyles • More community activities & presence • Personal development • Positive feedback from all • Flexible and responsive to local & cultural needs • Specialist skills & environments • The “value added” that voluntary sector & community buildings bring • Cost effective Better outcomes for customers and the local authority
  8. 8. Yorkshire Dance: Leaps and Bounds What is it? “It’s a great group to come to on a Monday morning because it lifts everyone’s spirits for the week. I love Monday mornings” care assistant Beckie
  9. 9. IMPACT on participants “I have seen huge improvements in wellbeing in the group: physical fitness has improved; flow of movement is smoother, concentration and ability to work independently stronger; verbal and non-verbal engagement with material more meaningful and functional mobility has increased” Artist/facilitator Yorkshire Dance: Leaps and Bounds
  10. 10. Yorkshire Dance: Leaps and Bounds IMPACT on the organisation “It makes me do things and I enjoy it. I like dancing because it’s like a second home to me.” Participant
  11. 11. Yorkshire Dance: Leaps and Bounds Case Study
  12. 12. Yorkshire Dance: Leaps and Bounds N E X T ?