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Being brave: inspiration from community projects (NCVO Annual Conference 2012)


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Carrie Deacon, Improvement and Innovation Consultant, NCVO
Alice Casey, Neighbourhood Challenge Programme Manager, NESTA

How can your organisation lead meaningful change in your neighbourhood? In this interactive workshop you will go beyond the theory. Hear practical examples from community organisations that have successfully unlocked potential in their communities to solve their own challenges.

Share which approaches to supporting community led action would work best in your area and how we can make local changes to achieve impact and then build on the existing strengths of our communities. You will come away with simple methods and ideas that will help you innovate in your work.

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Being brave: inspiration from community projects (NCVO Annual Conference 2012)

  1. 1. Being Brave: Inspiration from communityAM1 projects •Carrie Deacon, Improvement and innovation consultant, NCVO •Alice Casey, Neighbourhood Challenge Programme Manager, NESTA
  2. 2. AM1: Leading meaningfulchange in your neighbourhoodCarrie Deacon (NCVO) and Alice Casey (NESTA) 2
  3. 3. Make a model of what you would like to see more of inyour community or work with your beneficiaries
  4. 4. Organisations 1 yearUp to £150k & support
  5. 5. Unlockingunusedpotential Creating a learning culture
  6. 6. 1. Can communities lead innovation/access untapped resources?2. What methods work best to surface ideas and address local issues?3. How can we create the conditions for locally led innovation to happen at scale?
  7. 7. bradford moorneighbourhoodchallengeA social enterpriseapproach toengagementbased in aresidents’ centre
  8. 8. brixham yesneighbourhood challenge A challenge prize approach, set in a youth support organisation in coastal Devon
  9. 9. changemakersgreatermanchesterCombiningparticipatory budgeting withcommunity-ledaction and organising
  10. 10. shiregreenneighbourhood challenge Innovative methods combined to identify, build on and reward local action
  11. 11. stand out indarwenA school reaching out into the community toencourageenterprising behaviours
  12. 12. Innovation
  13. 13. Your turnIn groups, consider the following questions:• How could you get new people involved?• What stimulates/motivates people to get involved?• How can you enable people your work with to make change?• What would help you create the environment for this work?• What can funders and support organisations do to create the environment for this kind of approach? Your group will be asked to share your views
  14. 14. The factors that shape participationIndividual motivationsand resourcesRelationships and socialnetworksGroups and organisationsLocal environment andplaceWider societal and globalinfluences
  15. 15. Twitter: @nesta_uk Twitter: @cased http://cased.wordpress.comCreative commons thanks for photos go to:plindberg, memotions, macbabs, jasoneppink vince alongi, sicamp, rudolfgetel, the italianvoice, nearlynorth
  16. 16. Bolton
  17. 17. Cambridgeshire challenge
  18. 18. Lower green
  19. 19. Holy TrinityPartnership
  20. 20. Brent CitizensArk Academy
  21. 21. Coopers Edge
  22. 22. Prescap
  23. 23. Peat Carr and MoorsleyNeighbourhood Challenge
  24. 24. Find out more• Read the blogs, reports and find out more at• NCVO Innovation• Pathways through participation• Get in touch with us