Positioning the transition to parenthood to create positive perceptions


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  • We are working with an agency to create a name for the period and stage we’re currently causing the transition to parenthood So this is us starting to implement this theme of the strategy
  • Nobody “gets it” The value of parenting and particularly in this early stage isn’t really understood If things go wrong parents get blamed but there’s no praise and little support As a result barriers are created for TTP because its not understood By making it easier to understand we hope to create a positive perception which will prevent barriers – tackling root cause Let’s look at societal perceptions of parenting
  • The messages about parents in the media range from cynical – outnumbered – to idealistic – take your pic of american movies – to confusing- a plethora of “advice” based shows and pundits
  • Our adverting media paints a picture of parenthood which is very far removed from most people’s experiences and sets idealistic and unrealistic ideas in place – putting pressure on parents to achieve the unachievable or feel rubbish for failing!
  • Let’s brainstorm some of the descriptions you might use for your TTP and the TTP experience of parents you support
  • Let’s look at the importance of names and some of the names given to describe life stages and phenomena
  • Positioning the transition to parenthood to create positive perceptions

    1. 1. Positioning the transition to parenthood to create positive perceptions Anne Fox Head of Corporate Communications
    2. 2. Theme 3 Creating a positive image of parenthood
    3. 3. First action Define and name the life stage “transition to parenthood (TTP)”
    4. 4. Why do we need a positiveperception of parenthood?•Many of the issues parents face can be attributed to a poor societalunderstanding of the value of parenting•NCT wants to improve the population’s understanding of TTP•We understand the importance of the dependency between earlyparenting and a child’s wellbeing – and this is being increasinglyrecognised•We will achieve this objective through influencing media, popular cultureand education•Thought leadership will be the main approach we adopt in this work
    5. 5. Parents don’t getto define messagesin the media aboutparents
    6. 6. Media - cynical, idealistic, confusing
    7. 7. Brands - Idealistic and unrealistic, exploitative?
    8. 8. What happens in the transition to parenthood (TTP)?− World shrinks− Become hyper-sensitive - ‘I find it difficult to watch the news’− Status in society reduces− Total change in focus away from self and partner− Fear and anxiety− Joy− Excitement− Nervousness− Huge financial demands− Tiredness− Frustration− Love (or not)− Re-assessment of self− Sense of not achieving things− Tension/being more chilled− Change in feeling towards career− Panic− Feeling of losing all control of your life/day− Feeling of disconnection and having nothing in common with childless friends− Connection with other parents− Change in body shape and image− Wanting to become part of a community− Feeling of inadequacy− Comparisons
    9. 9. Sound familiar?
    10. 10. So, what’s in a name?
    11. 11. We know whatwe meanwhen we sayteenager, andso do thepeople we sayit to. There’s asharedunderstandingand amongparents ofteens often aknowing lookand a sigh!
    12. 12. Gap year isincreasingly used todescribe anexperience- mainlyliked to the yearbetween second andhigh level educationIf your friend toldyou their 19 year oldwas on a gap yearyou’d probably askwhat they weredoing, where theyaway and whetherthey’d taken anyrisks.
    13. 13. Names fall into different types… Age Activity Label Status Baby Schoolchild Wag Adult Toddler Retired Yuppie Asylum seeker Child Gap year Chav Refugee Teenager Parent Geek Spouse Middle Aged Plastic Guardian OAP Experience Insight Natural event Brand War Hero Water-cooler moment The change Wassup Olympiad Brainstorm Hoover Vietnam Veteran In the zone Google Dad Drunk the coolade Mum Touch base
    14. 14. Age Activity Label StatusBaby Schoolchild Wag AdultToddler Retired Yuppie Asylum seekerChild Gap year Chav RefugeeTeenager Parent Geek SpouseMiddle Aged Plastic Guardian OAPExperience Insight Natural event BrandWar Hero Water-cooler moment The change WassupOlympiad Brainstorm HooverVietnam Veteran In the zone GoogleDad Drunk the cooladeMum Touch base The consensus among those we have consulted with at 2020 Tour sessions is that the type of name that works best to describe your transition to parenthood and that of those parents you have supported on behalf of NCT is in the Status, Natural event or Brand categories.
    15. 15. We’ve been taking feedback on the2020 tour and consulting with NCT’sinternal stakeholders and the agencywill complete their work in 2012.