How to use the midirs reference database


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How to use the midirs reference database

  1. 1. How to use the MIDIRS Reference Database Lynn BalmforthNCT Information Officer and Librarian
  2. 2. Tutors‟ access to MIDIRS Reference Database• All tutors should have a login• Don‟t have login details? Call MIDIRS customer services on 0800 581009 or email• All tutors entitled to free copies of articles, where available• No requirement to complete a copyright declaration by this method
  3. 3. Logging on• From the MIDIRS home page, above,, click on Login• Cannot remember your password? Click on the “Forgotten Password?” link on the login page.• When logged in, click on Online Service on right- hand side of the screen.
  4. 4. How to search MIDIRS Reference DatabaseThere are three basic ways of searching theReference Database• Basic Search• Advanced Search• Standard Searches Search
  5. 5. Basic Search• A simple search, using keywords, gives a wide range of results.• Results can be sorted by relevance, by date and by article type.
  6. 6. Advanced Search• Searching can combine specific fields such as author or title• Use AND or OR for more targeted results
  7. 7. Standard Searches• Pre-prepared literature searches compiledfrom a range of resources.• Search by topic or browse by category• Select „Standard Searches‟ from the toolbar.
  8. 8. Standard Searches• Choose which search suits your needs the best
  9. 9. Standard Searches• Searching by topic
  10. 10. Standard Searches• Click on title to see contents of search
  11. 11. Viewing your resultsEach result is presented in a tabbed box:• „Details‟• „Abstract‟• „References• „Purchase/Save‟
  12. 12. Viewing your resultsbibliographic „Details‟; „Abstract‟; „References‟ displays citation inboth Harvard and Vancouver; „Purchase/Save‟
  13. 13. The Purchase/Save tab• Click on the Purchase/Save tab:• Save to a Personal folder• or „Add to basket‟
  14. 14. Personal foldersTo save results• click on Options under the chosen article• select Your Personal Folders• you will be prompted to create a folder• Click on „Add to this folder‟Personal folders can also be accessed from thetoolbar at the top of the screen.Create, view and organise folders here.
  15. 15. ‘Purchasing’ articles• When you have found an article you would like to see, click on „Add to basket‟.• When ready, click on „Your Basket‟.• Delete items not required by clicking on the cross on the right-hand side• Click „Continue with order‟• Ignore „Add a voucher code‟
  16. 16. Your Basket
  17. 17. Other features• Your recent search history can be viewed on the left side of your search. Up to ten are displayed – click on one to view.• Articles from the MIDIRS Midwifery Digest are available to download from the Purchase/View tab• Top 10 Tips for using MIDIRS Online Service can be found on babble: resources/library-services/research- resources/tools-help-your-research