2020 tour afternoon presentation part 1


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Part one of the 2020 Tour afternoon presentation: What does NCT need to be fit for purpose to support 20 million parents by 2020?

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  •  We have set our sights high – twenty, twenty, twenty – to reach 20 million parents by 2020 To do this we need a charity which is efficient and effective. That charity needs to have… 
  • So, that’s the challenge, now, what are we going to do between now and 2020 to achieve it so we can meet our 202020 goal?We’re now going to hear in turn from the 4Directorates responsible for coordinating the work to achieve this objective.
  • Delivering on the vision – providing skilled people in a range of roles to reach 20 million parents
  • The first point to make clear is that NCT College is not a building …NCT College is just another way of thinking about NCT Education and what it can offerIn many ways NCT Education is the ‘jewel in the crown’, but one that is rarely recognised as such, especially by those outside NCTNCT College allows us to take our training forward to showcase to rest of world
  • It will train NCT Practitioners & Volunteers to fulfil a wide range of roles to the highest standardIt will allow NCT Practitioners & Volunteers to develop flexible and relevant career & NCT role progression pathsIt will be the place of choice to train for any external professional working with parents during the transition to parenthoodIt will provide the volunteer training through RCs
  • The new Practitioner training pathway that is being developed will:Start in September 2012Offer a choice of either full-time or part-time studyAllow students to qualify as Birth and Beyond Practitioners at the end of the first year if they study full-timeAllow students to go on to specialise in a variety of Practitioner Roles
  • NCT College will create better career pathways for practitionersBirth and Beyond Practitioners will be able to choose one or more Specialist Practitioner pathways to build onto their skill setFor those who want to complete a Foundation Degree or an Honours Degree even more career options open up
  • NCT College will provide training for Volunteers which is both relevant and tailored to their needs and expectationsVolunteer learning programmes will be developed with parents services directorate and Tutors NCT College will consult with volunteers on what training they feel would help them in their rolesThe training will be provided locally by RCs who have been trained by Tutors Training through NCT college will improve the outputs for volunteers in NCT – skills for other roles, CV etc
  • Volunteer learning programmes will migrate to NCT college from Sept 2012Learning programme will review all existing training and keep what works best as well as revising programmes based on needs of new strategy and volunteer feedback First programmes on offer Jan 2013
  • NCT College will be the place of choice to train for anyone interested in working with parents during the transition to parenthoodRobust Competencies will underline the quality of our training programmes and allow External Professionals to identify specific Modules to studyNCT College will train those wishing to work in all environments from schools to Children’s CentresExisting programmes will migrate over, subject to review
  • 2020 tour afternoon presentation part 1

    1. 1. What does NCT need to be fit for purpose to support20 million parents by 2020?
    2. 2. Enough money in order to fund our plans and provide as muchas possible at the lowest cost to parents
    3. 3. Efficient and effective IT systems
    4. 4. Sufficient skilled practitioners to support parents
    5. 5. Sufficient supported volunteers to grow and coordinate our localnetwork of support right across the UK
    6. 6. A broad and generous supporter base
    7. 7. Efficient and effective systems and relationships
    8. 8. Improving the ‘back office’ Joseph Lowe Corporate Resources Director
    9. 9. • Our Financial position is challenging• First the good news…• Turnover is increasing: £m Turnover 15 14 13 12 11 10 9 8 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011
    10. 10. • But spending is increasing more than income £m Income / Expenditure By 2009 15 14 income and 13 spend are 12 11 continuing to 10 9 increase BUT 8 spending is 7 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 now greater than income In 2005 and 2006 income & spend are both going up but income is more than spend
    11. 11. So..• We need to either reduce spending or find more income or a bit of both• But we need to do so in a way that helps us support more parents
    12. 12. At the moment we are using our reserves to bridgethe gap: £000 3,000 Actual If we carry on the same 2,500 2,000 1,500 1,000 500 - 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 -500But in 3 years time if we carry on like this there will be none left!
    13. 13. What’s the problem?• Our systems were designed for a much smaller organisation• We don’t have the information to understand our income and expenditure• We have an inadequate IT infrastructure• We have multiple accounting systems• We are not using the potential of the Internet• Disjointed purchasing has increased costs• Inappropriate facilities
    14. 14. Work in progress - IT
    15. 15. Volunteer registration and self service -launched
    16. 16. Email system upgraded
    17. 17. Network stabilised• Appointed Network Manager• New server room• Upgrading the operating systems• Replaced life expired servers• Backing up data
    18. 18. UKO accounts system upgraded
    19. 19. Almost finished: Babble PSA link
    20. 20. Almost finished: Direct debit membership forms
    21. 21. Next in line:•On-line CPD bookings•On-line signup for fundraising events•Babble email groups•Nearly new sale seller registration
    22. 22. Branch and PSA finance systems• Working towards a single finance NCT system while retaining local autonomy• Investigating virtualising the local bank accounts• Looking towards payments authorised locally and paid centrally via BACS• Card access to cash at the local bank branch• Ending LloydsLink and local bank mandates – everything that’s needed would be within Intrabiz
    23. 23. Work in progress – Finance & Facilities• Changed the ‘financial year’ to match the NCT flow of activities• Formed a VAT group to reduce unrecoverable VAT• Restructured the financial statements• Tough and realistic budgeting to rebuild reserves• Create efficiencies from the MIDIRS and baby café mergers• Refurbishing and extending UKO to create a suitable training & meeting venue
    24. 24. Will it work?Audited financial statements year toSeptember 2011:NCT Charity – 2010/2011 £’000sTotal incoming resources 14,394Total resources expended 14,394Surplus / (deficit) -
    25. 25. Better systems Financial Sustainability More branch activities, trading, courses Reaching more parentsMore to spend on More incomeeducation, training and information
    26. 26. Strengthening Parent Services Mark Atkinson
    27. 27. In order to deliver efficient and effective services to more parents we must:• Strengthen our central infrastructure• Improve our service design• Support our Volunteers and Practitioners
    28. 28. Strengthening the Central Infrastructure
    29. 29. Strengthening the Central Infrastructure• Development of our contracting function• Upgrading our database• Integrating systems to enhance the management information available to drive quality improvement
    30. 30. Improving Service Design
    31. 31. Improving Service Design• Provision of a central Beneficiary and Supporter Services Unit and single Helpline• Developing our course booking facility• Making the web experience user friendly and intuitive
    32. 32. Support our Volunteers and Practitioners
    33. 33. Support our Volunteers and Practitioners• Widening access to parent data for outreach• Rollout of Volunteer Registration System• Effective Volunteer Induction• Enhancement of regional training• Development of Babble content
    34. 34. NCT College
    35. 35. • Not a building• A way of thinking about our education• Gives our education the esteem it deserves• Helps us showcase quality of our training
    36. 36. • Train NCTPs and Volunteers• Train for a range of roles• Provide pathways for career and role progression• Provide a home for our training for external audiences
    37. 37. • Starting September 2012• Full or Part time study• BB Practitioner training• Specialist training
    38. 38. Levels 2 + 3 Level 4 Level 5 Level 6 Probationary Year NCT Core Masters Peer Training ‘Specific Honours PhD Support 6 ‘Core in-depth’ Degree Post CBBC Modules’ Modules Modules Doctoral PEAP In-house Cert HE Foundation Honours Certificate Birth and Degree Degree Beyond
    39. 39. • B&BPs• Add one or more specialist pathways if desired• Foundation degree• Honours degree• More career opportunities
    40. 40. PNL Tutor Specialist NCT Yoga for Practitioner Pregnancy Practitioner Researcher NCT Doula Birth and Foundation Honours Beyond Hon Degree DegreePractitioner Cert HE BFC Specialist NCT Self- Assessor Practitioner Hypnosis Peer ANT for Birth Support Practitioner Trainer Specialist NCT Baby Massage Supervisor Practitioner Practitoner
    41. 41. • Volunteer training will move to college• Needs based• Suit expectations of volunteers• Volunteer learning programmes• Consultation to develop programmes• Training by Regional Coordinators• Training with recognition
    42. 42. • Programmes will migrate to college from Sept 2012• Learning programmes will review current training• Feedback and review of programmes• What works well will stay• First programmes on offer next year
    43. 43. • College will house training for professionals• Competencies• Specific modules• Training for all environments• Current programmes will migrate over after review
    44. 44. Education Manager Clea HarmerTutor Pastoral Managers Cathy Finlay: Quality and New Developments Ann Bradwell: Student Forum/Opps Fund Lynn Thompson: CPDAdmissions Manager Juliana BeardsmoreEducation Finance Manager Virginia CampbellEducation Champions Suzy Colebeck, Jolene Galbreath, Sarah Harrison, Victoria Ward
    45. 45. Quality is the keystone of NCT training, so we have:• Chosen a new University Partner who supports the aims of the College• Developed a robust new training programme• Appointed a Tutor Pastoral Manager who responds to all complaints
    46. 46. NCT College, supported by the University ofWorcester, has a clear and important role in working towards and achieving NCT’s 2010-2020 Strategy