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The false binaries of Western privilege


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Dr Cathy Cupitt, NCSEHE Research Fellow at Curtin University, presents a one page PowerPoint slide detailing some of the false binaries of Western privilege.

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The false binaries of Western privilege

  1. 1. The false binaries of Western privilege  Privilege  White  Male  “Australian”  Heterosexual  Monogamous  Adult  Able  “White” collar  Wealthy  Employed  Educated  “Other”  People of colour  Female/intersex/trans*  “Immigrants”/Indigenous peoples/tourists  Gay/lesbian/bisexual/asexual  Single/Polyamorous  Child/elderly  Disabled/differently abled  “Blue” collar/”pink” collar  Poor/non-capitalist  Unemployed/unpaid worker  Uneducated/unrecognised expertise CC BY-NC-SA, Dr Cathy Cupitt, Curtin University, 2010. Email