Veterans Affairs Presentation


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Veterans Affairs Presentation

  1. 1. • NCO - 6(Network Contracting Office - VISN 6 Area) Facilities Team Lead
  2. 2.  The NCO-6 Facilities Team is responsible for all procurements associated with… ◦ the renovation of existing medical facility and the support buildings ◦ the construction of new facilities in the VISN-6 area below $10,000,000.00. ◦ the A/E projects in the VISN-6 area. ◦ VISN-6 includes North Carolina, Virginia, and West Virginia. ◦ VAMC locations are: Asheville, Beckley, Durham, Fayetteville, Hampton, Richmond, Salem, and Salisbury 3
  3. 3. Charles George VAMC Fayetteville VAMC H. McGuire VAMC Asheville, N.C. N.C. Richmond, Va. Beckley VAMC Salem VAMC W.V. Salem, Va. Durham VAMC Hampton VAMC W.G. “Bill” Hefner VAMC N.C. Va. Salisbury, N.C.
  4. 4.  As medical processes, procedures, and equipment changes, the Facilities Team is responsible for updating the facilities and associated infrastructure to meet the requirements of those changes. We also construct new facilities as VA programs are developed (Women’s clinics, OEF/OIF Clinics, etc.) These procurements are primarily fulfilled by awarding contracts to qualified and verified SDVOSB companies.
  5. 5.  Our greatest challenge is finding qualified and verified SDVOSB companies and firms with medical facility construction and/or renovation experience. Examples of some of the NAICS Codes needed are generally 236220, 238210, 238220, 541310, 541330
  6. 6. Enacted June 20, 2007 Allows VA to sole source to SDVOSB and VOSB up to $5M Mandates SDVOSB first in open market procurementsVA’s authority is NOT in the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR)
  7. 7. P.L. 109-461 requires SDVOSB and VOSB to be ‘verified” and listed in Vetbiz database Verification Program Managers-Center for Veterans Enterprise, VACVE@VA.GOV Toll-free: 866-584-2344 Website:
  8. 8.  Must be verified by CVE in the VIP prior to submission of bids/proposals per VAAR 819.7003 Must re-verify every two years through CVE ◦ Don’t wait, ensure you start the process several months before your annual re-verification is needed. Need to be entered in SAM:
  9. 9. Only for service disabled veteran and veteran owned small businesses, and eligible surviving spouses. Only required by VA Verification is now valid for TWO years. Verification Assistance Program -
  10. 10. Veteran Firms MUST be verified for VA Register on all applicable Government webites Ensure your information matches on all of these sitesRegister for the NAICS in which you hold expertise, not every one listed Federal Supply Schedules Accept Purchase Cards Sharpen Your Pencil-Competitive Pricing Take Advantage of PTAC and SBDC-FREE! Know Your Customer!!
  11. 11.  If you have any questions concerning construction, renovation, or A/E opportunities in the North Carolina, Virginia, or West Virginia areas, feel free to contact me anytime