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U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) - MG Semonite


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U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) - MG Semonite

  1. 1. U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) presentation to 2012 NC Federal Construction and Infrastructure SummitMG Todd T. SemoniteDeputy Commanding GeneralUS Army Corps of Engineers11 October 2012US Army Corps of EngineersBUILDING STRONG®
  2. 2. USACE FY12 Accomplishments = Exceptional Results  Contracting – 85,203 actions totaling over $22 B in obligations  Civil Works – $12.3 B in obligations: regular, supplemental, ARRA, FCCE, FEMA  Military Programs – Awarded 307 projects totaling over $7.76 B in facilities investment for our stakeholders.  Environmental – Executed over $1.58 B in support of DOD and non-DOD reimbursable environmental programs, including: • $347M Environmental Quality • $327M Defense Environmental Restoration Program (DERP) • $135M BRAC • $328M for the Formerly Used Defense Sites Program (FUDS)  Small Business - Awarded $7.4B (45.3% of CONUS obligations) to SMALL BUSINESSES BUILDING STRONG® 2
  3. 3. SECARMY’s Top Priorities1. Ensure a highly capable force within evolving budgetary constraints2. Transform the Institutional Army3. Build the Army of 2020 ( POM 14-18 )4. Enhance Army Activities in the Asia-Pacific region5. Fund reset and modernization6. Champion Soldiers, Civilians, and Families7. Strengthen information assurance and cyber security8. Ensure accountability9. Develop energy solutions10.Finalize Arlington National Cemetery reforms BUILDING STRONG® 3
  4. 4. Army Strategic Issues• Current Operations• Health of the Force• Drawdown• Sequestration BUILDING STRONG® 4
  5. 5. Army Drawdown Ramp: 490K by End of FY17580 565 • Gradual slope560 555 • Base funding only to 502K in FY13, 490K FY14 & beyond 543540 527520 513 ≈$3.7B 502 ≈$2.8B500 502 ≈$1.7B ≈$0.7B 490 490 490 490 490480460440 FY11 FY12 FY13 FY14 FY15 FY16 FY17 FY18 FY19 OCO BASENote: Data points are as of the end of each Fiscal year, 30 September BUILDING STRONG® 5
  6. 6. Army Budget Trends BUILDING STRONG® 6
  7. 7. USACE’s Value to the NationUSACE provides value for the Nation in many ways to diversestakeholders: Delivers professional results and positive impacts in construction,natural resource management, energy, sustainability, capacity building. World-class Civilians and Soldiers, structured to deliver across the globe. Rapidly responds to disasters and challenges of all kinds. U.S. Army “ambassadors” to political leaders, America’s smallbusinesses, and to citizens wherever we serve them. BUILDING STRONG® 7
  8. 8. USACE Mission AreasBUILDING STRONG – USACE Supports the Army and the Nation Homeland• Military Construction Security Civil Works• COCOM Support ,OverseasContingency Operations (OCO)• Installation Support,Environmental, Energy andSustainability • Critical Infrastructure • Navigation, Hydropower • Anti Terrorism Plans • Flood Control, Shore Protection • Intelligence • Water Supply, Regulatory • Facility Security • Recreation, Disaster Response Partnership • Environmental RestorationEstateReal Research & Development • Warfighter • Federal • Installations & Energy• Acquire, Manage and Dispose • State • Environment• DoD Recruiting Facilities • Local • Water Resources• Contingency Operations • International • Support to Civil Works Programs • Common Operating Picture/EnvironmentGeospatial Support • Support to Military Programs • Support to Emergency & Contingency Ops BUILDING STRONG® USACE Has a Diverse Mission Set Driven by Diverse Customers 8
  9. 9. Army/USACE Headlines 2020 BRAC 2015 Completed Early, ACSIM credits capabilities-based planning” at Walkable Installations Army Comptroller to Slash Petroleum Budget Request, Cites efficiencies achieved BUILDING STRONG® 9
  11. 11. DRAFT Pre-DecisionalUS Army Corps As of : 10 October 2012 USACE Mission USACE Campaign Plan Commanding General’s Priorities of Engineers ® Transform Civil Works Deliver vital engineering solutions, in collaboration with our partners, USACE Vision Defend and Protect our Nation to secure our Nation, energize our economy, and reduce our risk from disaster Engineering solutions for the Nation Prepare USACE for the Future Goal 1: Karen Durham-Aguilera Goal 2: Steve Stockton Goal 3: Lloyd Caldwell Goal 4: Sue Engelhardt / James Dalton Deliver support to the Nation that prevents conflict, Deliver enduring and essential water resource Deliver innovative, resilient, and sustainable Build Great People and Strong Teams to sustain a diverse shapes the strategic environment, wins campaigns solutions using effective transformation strategies. solutions to DoD and the Nation. culture of collaboration, innovation, and participation through engagement, and is responsive to disasters. to shape and deliver strategic 2020 solutions. CG Objective 1a: Jim Balocki CG Objective 2a: Steve Stockton Objective 3a: Lloyd Caldwell Objective 4a: James Dalton Deliver solutions to our COCOMs to win the current Transform our Civil Works program Deliver services and infrastructure to Strengthen workforce technical and leadership fight and achieve long-term global security objectives. to optimize its value to the Nation. enable global operations and installations. competencies to operate and win in a global environment. Action 1a1: Develop and Establish Framework for USACE support to CG Action 2a1: Implement a watershed-based budget Action 3a1: Establish Life Cycle M etric ( LCM ) M anagement Framework. Action 4a1: Improve USACE Technical Competencies and Capacity. COCOM s / SCCs. development process. Action 1a2: Strategic Engagement: Achieve CCM Ds / SSCs effects. CG Action 2a2: Implement planning modernization process. Action 3a2: Develop certified Regional M aster Planning Support Centers. Action 4a2: Develop / Implement clear Career Development Plans. CG Action 1a3: Integrate USACE capabilities into COCOMs / SSCs Action 2a3: Improve CW portfolio performance in changing climatic Action 3a3: Transform Real Estate practices. plans. conditions. Action 1a4: Provide Trained and Ready personnel for COCOM s / SSCs Action 3a4: Develop M M SC Critical Success Factors into M M Core requirements. Competencies. CG Objective 1b: Karen Durham-Aguilera Objective 2b: Steve Stockton CG Objective 3b: Christine Altendorf CG Objective 4b: Bob Kazimer / Curry Graham Enhance our Life-Cycle Interagency Implement collaborative and integrated approaches Deliver energy efficient and sustainable solutions Protect and build trust with all customers and Support to Natural or Man-made Disasters. to achieve sustainable water resource solutions. for military communities and USACE facilities. teammates through strategic engagement and communication. CG Action 1b1: M aintain Regional Readiness with contingency CG Action 3b1: Achieve Federal sustainability and energy CG Action 4b1: Improve consistent, integrated Strategic Action 2b1: Implement collaboration approaches, systems, tools and skill building. capabilities. goals and targets. Communication. Action 1b2: Improve the Corps of Engineers Remedial Action Program ( Action 2b2: Implement a customer / stakeholder engagement strategy. Action 3b2: Support Army Energy and sustainable Programs. Action 4b2: Improve alignment of internal USACE communications. CERAP ). Action 1b3: Improve the readiness and responsiveness of USACE civilian Action 4b3: Improve delivery of communication services. cadre. Action 1b4: Maintain AFCS / TCMS for Joint contingency facility design. Action 4b4: Institutionalize Knowledge Management. Action 4b5: Implement Cyber Security into all USACE Technology. Action 4b6: Improve Information Portfolio M anagement. CG Objective 1c: BG DeLuca / COL Spellman Objective 2c: Jim Hannon CG Objective 3c: Jim Balocki CG Objective 4c: Wes Miller Optimize our support to strengthen and improve Implement streamlined and transparent regulatory Deliver energy efficient and sustainable solutions Streamline USACE business, the Engineer Regiment and the Joint Engineer Force. processes to sustain aquatic resources. for contingency bases and operations. acquisition, and governance processes. CG Action 1c1: Expand Career Broadening Opportunities for Action 2c1: Develop / Implement tools / web-based technology to improve CG Action 3c1: Continue integration of Energy and Basing Action 4c1: Improve Quality and Performance Improvement ( QPI ) Officers and NCOs. transparency. Initiatives w/in the CoP. Framework. Action 3c2: Leverage Certified RM PSCs to support DOD/Army infrastructure Action 1c2: Capture USACE Project M anagement Lesson’s Learned. Action 2c2: Reduce infrastructure project permit decision times. CG Action 4c2: Improve USACE Governance processes and systems. initiatives. Action 1c3: Increase strategic outreach to Universities to expand knowledge Action 3c3: Develop strategic capabilities enabling engineering solutions. of USACE. Action 1c4: Develop and Implement strategic partnerships with RC and Districts. Action 1c5: Improve professional credentialing of Officers / NCOs via USACE courses. CG Objective 1d: Jim Balocki Objective 2d: Jim Hannon CG Objective 3d: Jeff Holland CG Objective 4d: Sue Engelhardt Deliver reliable, resilient, and Identify and implement measures to foster innovation, Build Strong people and teams through leader Improve Interagency and International Support. sustainable infrastructure systems. knowledge sharing, and critical technology transfer initiatives. development, talent management, and STEM Outreach . CG Action 1d1: Engage / Integrate USACE for Interagency CG Action 2d1: Implement the USACE Infrastructure strategy. Action 3d1: Improve Enterprise-wide Innovation. Action 4d1: Prevent talent loss. strategic objectives. Action 1d2: Provide tailored solutions that support whole of government Action 2d2: Enable a strong Gulf Coast Recovery. Action 3d2: Improve Knowledge Creation and Knowledge Sharing. CG Action 4d2: Shape the workforce of the future. efforts. CG Action 3d3: Improve Critical Technology Transfer. Action 4d3: Win the war for talent. BUILDING STRONG® Action 4d4: Promote and engrain an FR culture in USACE. 11
  12. 12. Chief of Engineers’ Priorities – Mapped to ACP and UCP Support the COCOM and CENTCOM Enhance Our Interagency DisasterDoD FEMA Commander in Winning the Current Fight Response and Recovery Capability Support the Army and Nation in Achieving Energy Security and Sustainability Goals  Ensure critical enabling technologies Strengthen and Further Teamwork in the Joint2020 Develop USACE 2020 Joint Engineer Force in Support of Joint Force 2020 Streamline USACE Business Partner w/ IMCOM to Deliver and Maintain and Governance Processes Enduring Installations and Contingency Basing Transform Civil Works to Deliver the Best Build Strategic Engagements withCW Possible Products and Services to the Nation DRAFT all Customers and Teammates PRE-DECESIONAL Build Strong … People and Teams Through BUILDING STRONG® leader development and talent management AS OF 07AUG12 Army Support the Engineer Regiment 12
  13. 13. 60 The USACE Program Military Civil Works ( $ billions )50 47.7 46.2 42.940 38.2 37.3 20.7 17.2 19.1 32.1 8.3 31.6 30.7 9.630 25.9 9.7 7.8 25.4 9.2 24.8 23.0 22.9 8.1 7 20.8 18.9 6.620 18.7 6.6 8.1 6.6 8.3 8.2 29.0 29.9 27.0 27.7 23.8 22.4 23.810 21.5 17.8 18.4 18.2 14.9 16.3 14.2 10.4 10.7 0 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 Fiscal Year BUILDING STRONG® 13
  14. 14. UNCLASSIFIED Mosul NOTE: Approx 25 IRRF project locations plotted in the Persian Gulf Active Progra Legend Project Active Totals m s Syria CERP 894 $399,005,794 Iran DFI 158 $488,121,702 DOA 3 $9,325,715 DOJ 3 $5,076,136 DoS 13 $309,612,060 Baghdad ESF 493 $720,885,507 FMS 19 $290,664,885 I-CERP 42 $28,554,348Jordan Iraq INL 31 $116,524,734 IRRF 2829 $5,788,092,400 ISFF 712 $1,320,682,140 MCA 164 $1,216,680,973 MCAF 20 $243,209,033 MCCA 35 $366,942,381 Basrah MCCAF 12 $201,867,655 Saudi Arabia OMA 427 India $354,227,540 OMAF 1 $11,863,699 OMN 24 $17,837,869 Kuwait $11,889,174,57 Totals 6044 1 N BUILDING STRONG Note: 6130 total projects, 6044 contained grid coordinates. ® Approx 3.5% did not, therefore, cannot be displayed. UNCLASSIFIED 14 14
  15. 15. UNCLASSIFIED//FOUO Uzbekistan Tajikistan Turkmenistan China Mazar-i-sharif Kabul Herat Jalalabad Afghanistan Active Legend Program Active Totals ProjectsIran ANA 102 $2,378,234,400 ANP 259 $1,352,628,148 CD 19 $12,923,635 Kandah ar FMS 48 $15,967,182 I&P 27 $97,706,009 MILCON 164 $2,720,087,680 O&M 82 $449,597,955 Pakistan India W&I 40 $545,962,072 Totals 742 $7,572,807,081 Note: 440 of 742 active projects have associated grid coordinates and are represented on this map. Source: P2v3 as of BUILDING STRONG® February 2011 UNCLASSIFIED//FOUO 15 15
  16. 16. Expeditionary Engineering Lines of EffortLOE 1: Integration Capability Outputs End State Minimum Capability TAD TAD CIP TAD with FLAG Officer USACE maintains an DCO/G3 ability to provide Mission Command / C2 Node responsive technical engineering and contract construction support capabilities to COCOM-IA LNOs/ LNOs/Mil Planners (Geographic COCOMs) COCOMs/ASCCs during Mil Planners FFE CIP contingencies, exercises, andLOE 2: Reachback Capability peacetime engagement UROC RFI Processing, through forward FEST Equipment Reachback Preparation, DB deployed and CONUS- Maintenance based engineering assets.LOE 3: Enduring Expeditionary Capability ~80% FEST(7/2), CREST, FEST FFE Teams reduction in EnvST FDU manpower BUILDING STRONG® 16
  17. 17. U.S. Army Civil Works Program Preserving the Strength of the Nation Deliver enduring, comprehensive, sustainable, and integrated solutions to the Nation’s water resources & related challenges through collaboration with our stakeholders ( Regions, States, localities, Tribes, other Federal agencies ) ($1.883 B) Navigation (38%) Dredge ESSAYONS ( Coos Bay, OR )Lock and Dam 15 ( Mississippi River ) ($1.425 B) Flood Risk (28%) Management ($621 M) Ecosystem (12%) Restoration & Infrastructure ($193 M) Hydropower (4%) ($243 M) Recreation & Natural (5%) Lake Seminole ( Mobile District )Flood Wall ( Williamson, KY ) Resource Management ($193 M) Regulatory Program: (4%) Wetlands & Waterways ($6 M) Water Supply (<1%) ($185 M) Expenses (4%) (Includes ASA(CW))Everglades Bonneville II Powerhouse ( Washington ) (FY 2012 Workplan) BUILDING STRONG® 17
  18. 18. Civil Works Value to the Nation  Over $6 in flood damages prevented for every $1 spent on Flood Risk Management • Stewardship of 11.7 million acres of public lands • 12,700 miles of Levees and 400 miles of shoreline protection • 694 Dams and 926 Harbors • 13,000 miles of Commercial Inland Waterways • Environmental Restoration and Emergency Responses • Generate $18 B + 500 K jobs •3% of Nation’s Electricity: $1.5 B plus in sales •50% cost of Rail and 10% cost of Trucks • U.S. Ports and Waterways convey >2B Tons of Commerce • Foreign Trade creates >$160 B in Tax Revenues BUILDING STRONG® 18
  19. 19. USACE Military Programs Boundaries Alaska Seattle North Atlantic Northwestern Division (New York) Division (Portland) New York Baltimore Sacramento Chicago Omaha Trans South Pacific Great Lakes Atlantic Division & Ohio RiverLouisville Norfolk Division Kansas City (San Francisco) Division (Winchester) (Cincinnati) Los Albuquerque Tulsa Little South Atlantic Angeles Rock Honolulu Southwestern Division (Atlanta) VicksburgPacific Division (Dallas) SavannahOcean Ft. Worth MobileDivision LEGEND: Districts Outside the US: Engineer Commands Europe (Germany) Divisions Far East (Korea) District HQ location Japan Division boundary 3 Districts in TAD BUILDING STRONG® 19
  20. 20. Military Missions Program Trends - FY01-16Program ($Millions) Note: FY11 consist of actual executed program Fiscal Year FY12 consist of current program on books plus carryover FY13 – 16 consist of BES POM as of 14 Oct 11 OCO (FY12) only includes OMA OCO for the Overseas Mission and Reconstruction – Reimbursable for Afghanistan Security Forces BUILDING STRONG® 20
  21. 21. 2020 USACE Reinvents Itself!! Sets New Vision for 2028 A New Vision for an (3) Develop USACE 2020 All New USACE (4) Streamline USACE Business and Governance Processes (5) Transform Civil Works to DeliverThe US Army Corps of Engineers has the Best Possible Products & Servicesrework its Vision. The old vision of A to the NationGREAT engineering force of highly (6) Build Strong … People and Teamsdisciplined people working with our Through leader development andpartners through disciplined thought talent managementand action to deliver innovative and (7) Enhance Our Interagency Disastersustainable solutions to the Nation’s Response and Recovery Capabilityengineering challenges. The new (8) Ensure critical enablingvision is simply Engineering the technologiesFuture. (9) Strengthen and Further Teamwork in the Joint Engineer Force in SupportWith the new Vision comes a new The US Army Corps of Engineers has also set a of Joint Force 2020mission statement for the organization: new list of priorities for the organization. These 12 (10) Partner with IMCOM at allProvide vital public engineering priorities will shape the future of the organization Echelons to Deliver and Maintainservices (solutions) in peace and war and guide the operational function of the divisions Enduring Installations andto strengthen our Nation’s security, and districts. The twelve priorities are: Contingency Basingenergize the economy and reduce (1) Support the COCOM and CENTCOM (11) Build Strategic Engagements withrisks from disasters. Commander in Winning the Current Fight all Customers and Teammates (2) Support the Army and Nation in Achieving 21 (12) Support the Engineer Regiment Energy Security and Sustainability Goals BUILDING STRONG ® 21