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Defense Trade Show

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UNC Defense & Research

  1. 1. UNC Defense Research & Development Kathie SidnerUniversity of North Carolina, General Administration 11th Annual NC Defense & Economic Development Trade Show August 7, 2012
  2. 2. UNC Partnership for National SecurityUNC Partners Examples Degree Programs & • UNC National USASOC Community Support Programs Security Fellowship • Program in Situational MARSOC Short Courses aligned with Medicine Deployment Requirements • Warfighter MCAST Performance • Certificate Program MCI-EAST Research and Development in Conflict Management • UNC Defense FRC-EAST Applications Group Internships & Fellowships • Civil Affairs NC National Support Guard • UNC SERVESSupport the Service Member. Contribute to the Mission. Grow North Carolinas Economy.
  3. 3. UNC Partnership for National Security Defense Applications Group A multi-disciplinary group of UNC faculty and staff who seek to solve applied research and development challenges presented by USASOC. UNC System USASOCExpertise & Capabilities S&T Gaps Applied R&D Army Research OfficeSupport the Service Member. Contribute to the Mission. Grow North Carolinas Economy.
  4. 4. UNC Defense Applications Group •Workshops •Non-lethal technologies •Warfighter performance •C4ISR •Military Working Dogs R&D support •Student internships •Engineering design and rapid prototyping, graphics design, athletic training •Student capstone projects •Battlefield medical gear; situational awareness capability; disorientation system; vehicle componentSupport the Service Member. Contribute to the Mission. Grow North Carolinas Economy.
  5. 5. UNC System Defense R&D Overview • In the most recent fiscal year, ~80 researchers from 8 UNC institutions received sponsored research funding from DOD agencies, including: • Army Research Office (ARO)/ Army Research Lab (ARL) • Office of Naval Research (ONR)/ Naval Research Lab (NRL) • USAF Office of Scientific Research (AFOSR)/ Air Force Research Lab (AFRL) • Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) •Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA) •Missile Defense Agency •National Security Agency •Army Corps of EngineersSupport the Service Member. Contribute to the Mission. Grow North Carolinas Economy.
  6. 6. UNC System Defense R&D - FacilitiesNC A&T-UNCG Joint School of Nanoscience & UNC Charlotte Optoelectronics CenterNanoengineering WCU Rapid Product Realization Center
  7. 7. UNC Core Capabilities for Military ApplicationsMedical Biometrics/ Forensics/SSE•UNC-CH Schools of Medicine, Pharmacy; Chemistry, •NCSU Forensics InstituteBiology Departments •Facial Recognition and Biometrics, UNCW•NC A&T Biometallic Materials NSF ERC •ODNI Center of Excellence at NCA&T•ECU School of Medicine, Operation Re-Entry NC Analytics•NCSU-UNC Biomedical Engineering •Data Analytics & Visualization, UNCCHuman Performance •Inst. for Advanced Analytics, NCSU•Strength & conditioning, injury rehab, performance •Renaissance Computing Institutenutrition, physiological monitoring at ASU, UNC-CH, Computing, CyberECU, UNCG, Kannapolis •Cyber Defense and Network Assurability Center, UNCCHigh Performance/Advanced materials •Modeling & simulation UNCC, UNC-CH•Textiles, nonwovens, CB/thermal protection research •Digital Games Research Center, NCSU& testing facilities at NCSU •Wireless communications and networks, NCSU, UNC-CH•Aerospace engineering, materials science and Autonomous Systemsengineering at NCSU •Robotics programs at NCSU, UNCC•Nanomaterials, composites research at NC A&T, Socio-cultural and Human FactorsJSNN •NC A&T Centers for Battlefield Awareness, Human-Optics, Electronics Machine Interface, Human-Centric C2 Decision-Making•NC A&T Flexible Display Center, research on •UNCC Complex Systems Institutematerials for near-IR to very long LWIR applications •IHSS, TISS (UNC-Duke-NCSU consortiums)•UNCC Optoelectronics Center •NCSU College of Humanities & Social Science, UNC-CH•RF, electronics, flexible antenna research at NCSU Culture/Area StudiesMilitary working dogs Rapid Prototyping•NCSU College of Veterinary Medicine •Center for Rapid Product Realization, WCUEnergy & Power •Metal and plastic rapid prototyping, NCSU•FREEDM Center, NCSU •Innovation Design Lab, ECU
  8. 8. UNC Research Growth Opportunity $600,000,000 National Aeronautics and Space Administration National Science Foundation $500,000,000 Small Business Administration U. S. Department of Agriculture $400,000,000 U. S. Department of Commerce U. S. Department of Defense U. S. Department of Education $300,000,000 U. S. Department of Energy U. S. Department of Health and Human Services (Non-NIH) $200,000,000 U. S. DHHS National Institutes of Health U. S. Department of Homeland Security U. S. Department of the Interior $100,000,000 U. S. Environmental Protection Agency U. S. International Development Cooperation Agency $- 1Support the Service Member. Contribute to the Mission. Grow North Carolinas Economy.
  9. 9. UNC – Industry Opportunities •Small Business Innovative Research (SBIR)/Small Business Technology Transfer (STTR) collaborations •Broad Area Announcements – Rapid Innovation Funds, USSOCOM Science & Technology for SOF, Biomedical Research (Army and SOF) •Other Defense Contracts •Tactical Network Testbed (TNT) Experiments •Student design projects (electrical & computer engineering, mechanical & aerospace engineering, biomedical engineering, textiles, etc.) •Key partners: NC Military Foundation, NC Defense Business Association, NC Military Business Center, NC Small Business Technology Development Center, etc.Support the Service Member. Contribute to the Mission. Grow North Carolinas Economy.
  10. 10. UNC System Defense R&D – Finding Experts Research, Engagement and Capabilities Hub of North Carolina A Web portal that enables users to find experts and assets within North Carolina higher education and research institutions.Support the Service Member. Contribute to the Mission. Grow North Carolinas Economy.
  11. 11. Backup Slides
  12. 12. UNC System Defense R&D – Technology Transition
  13. 13. DoD SBIR/STTR Historical “Success” RatesHistorically…•16% of DoD SBIR/STTRPhase I proposals areawarded•50% of Phase I awardsreceive a Phase II.•55% of Phase II awardscommercialize. Based on all Phase I and Phase II contracts derived from 1996-2005 solicitations. Commercialization data taken from January 2010 DoD SBIR Commercialization Database.
  14. 14. DoD STTR in NC - Research Institute Partners Support the Warfighter. Contribute to the Mission.