Marine Corps Installations East


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Marine Corps Installations East

  1. Marine Corps Installations East NCMBC Federal Construction and Infrastructure Summit 11 OCT 2012Tony Sholar, P.E.Facilities Manager(GF) Installations & EnvironmentMarine Corps Installations East 1
  2. MCIEAST Installations MCIEAST Camp Lejeune MCAF Quantico MCAS Cherry Point MCAS New River MCB Camp Lejeune MCAS Beaufort MCLB Albany MCSF Blount Island 2
  3. Construction Opportunities• Traditional construction projects  Military Construction  New construction and development ‣ These projects are multi-million dollar contracts ‣ Each project approved by Congress  Renovation, maintenance and repair  Projects can range from a few thousand to several million dollars ‣ Includes complete building renovations and utility plant and infrastructure repairs ‣ Funding managed within the Marine Corps ‣ History of consistent funding levels to sustain facilities• Architectural and Engineering Services  Design drawings (DB and DBB)  Wide range of consulting services 3
  4. Camp Lejeune, New River and Cherry Point MILCON History Record YearMillions of Dollars Fiscal Year 4
  5. MCIEAST North Carolina Military Construction Funding• FY11 ~ Largest MILCON yearfor Camp Lejeune, New River, andCherry Point.• FY12 shows a significant declinein MILCON.•FY13 pre-award packages arenearing completion . * **•FY14 have been authorized fordesign and continue through thebudget approval process. * Waiting for PRESBUD to be passed. ** Submitted in budget process to Congress. Future projections return to “normal” funding levels. 5
  6. P1382B BER P1378/1330 WoundedMCB Camp Lejeune Ramps & Bridge Warrior H&C and HQ Cost: $10.5M Cost: $15.3M CCD: Feb 13 CCD: Jun 12 P1331/1857 Hospital Addition & Renovation P1268 SOI East Facilities Cost: $57.5M, CCD: Jan 15 Cost: $22.2M, CCD: Apr 13 P1268B Camp Geiger Access Cost: $8.3M CCD: Jan 14 P1382 New Base Entry Point & Road, PH 1 Cost: $43.9M, CCD: Jan 13 P1304 MP Working Dog Kennel FY 09 BEQ (11 Buildings) Cost: $4.7M, CCD: Jun 12 P1269 TECOM (SOI) Devil Dog Cost: $199.5M, CCD: Sep 12 Cost: $9.5M, CCD: Dec 12 Wallace Creek Ph II Cost: $142.1M, CCD: Oct 12 P1160 Physical Fitness Center P1269B Verona Loop & Cost: $19.6M, CCD: Jun 12 K-Range Water Line Cost: $6.2M P1310 Pre-Trial Detainee Fac. CCD: May 13 Cost: $13.6M, CCD: Jun 12 P1311 Infotech/Telecom Complex Cost: $30.9M, CCD: Jul 14 P1136 Mod. K Range Ph. II Cost: $12.4M, CCD: Apr 12 P032 Infantry Plt Battle Course P1357 ARRA CDC Cost: $15.3M Cost: $7.5M, CCD: Feb 12 CCD: Mar 13 P1187B Stone Bay P031 Multi-Purpose Exchange Machine Gun Range Cost: $1.6M Cost: $15.4M CCD: Dec 12 CCD: Dec 11 P1266 Utilities Upgrades CHBFY07-10 MILCON PROJECTS Cost: $16.6M, CCD: Jul 13 P1266B Steam Plant Modifications Cost: $1.5M, CCD: Mar 12 Under Construction Funded Awaiting Award6
  7. MCB Camp Lejeune P1319 Camp Johnson BEQ Cost: $39.9M CCD: Sep 13 P004 SOI Motor Trans./Com Maint. Cost: $10.9M FY-12 P1383 CCD: Dec 12 P1400 Energy Initiative – PV Cost: $7.5M New Entry Road, PH 2 CCD: Dec 12 Cost: $80.3M MILCON Program P1249/1322/1323 Wallace Creek North BEQs & Armory P1240/1034 Anglico/IntelFY-13 Cost: $78.5M Maint/Ops Complex CCD: Dec 13P-003 Staff NCO Academy Facilities $30M Cost: $92.6MP-1218 SOF MSOB-Company/Team Fac. $53M CCD: Mar 14P-1384 New Base Entry Road, PH 3 $44MP-1393 SOF SERE Training Facilities $5M FY-12 P138P-1425 Overhead Range Baffle System $3M Wallace Creek, BEQ P1264/1265 HP & FC Utility Expansion Cost: $23.9M Cost: $65.8M, CCD: Oct 13FY-14 P1246 EOD AdditionP-1346 Simulator Center and Range Dev. $50M P1267 French Creek Mess Hall Cost: $5.2M, CCD: Aug 12P-1349 Special Ops Training Complex $23M Cost: $14.8MP-1353 Landfill, Phase IV $24M FY-11 P1264B CCD: Feb 13 Elevated Water Storage TanksP-1445 Steam Decentralization – Camp Johnson $2.6M Cost: $18.8MP-1447 Steam Decentralization – Hadnot Point $13.4M P1317 French Creek BEQ Cost: $31.6MP-1448 Steam Decentralization – BEQ Nodes $18.7M FY-11 P1265B CCD: Aug 13 French Creek WWTP UpgradesP-1362 SOF Perf Resiliency Center $11M Cost: $17.4MP-1391 SOF Sustainment Training Complex $28.6M P1256 Mess Hall Addition Cost: $1.2M FY-12 P030 CCD: Nov 12 Squad Battle Course Cost: $14.0M FY-11 PQ419 Battalion Aid Station FY-12 P1253 Expansion 2D Combat Eng. Maint/OPS Cost: $1.6M Cost: $66.8M P1286 Stone Bay BEQ & FY-12 P1285 SOF Armory Expansion P1251/1254 BEQ Connector Rd. Cost: $49.1M Cost: $6.6M Cost: $67.7M FY11-12 MILCON PROJECTS CCD” Sept 13 CCD: Oct 13 CCD: Sep 13 Under Construction Funded Awaiting Award 7
  8. MCAS New River FY-12 P025 Replace Delalio Elementary School Cost: $20.4M P652 VMMT-204 Hangar, Phase III Cost: $24.9M CCD: Sep 13 P714 Physical Fitness Center Cost: $11.7M CCD: Aug 12 FY-12 P705 Maint Hangar & Apron Cost: $57.6M MILCON Program FY-12 P710 OrdnanceFY-13 Loading Area AdditionP-711 Personnel Admin Center $34.0M Cost: $8.2MFY14P-674 Corrosion Control Hangar $16MP-676 CH-53K Maint. Train Fac. $14M P311/683/687/688 V-22 Hangars,P-726 Regional Comm. Station $22M Parallel Taxiway & Apron Expansion Cost: $138.8M CCD: May 14 Under Construction Funded awaiting award8
  9. MILCON ProgramFY-13P-163 Marine Air Support Squadron Compound $34M MCAS Cherry PointP-601 Armory $14M Station Infrastructure Upgrades Cost: $5.2M CCD: Nov 12 Ordnance & Missile Magazines Cost: $7.2M CCD: Jul 12 / Dec 12 BEQ Cost: $38.0M CCD: Jul 13 Facilities & Facilities Upgrades (F/A-18 E/F) Cost: $14.8M CCD: Feb 12 ** (Suspension of Work I/P) FY-12 P-991 H-1 Y/Z Gearbox Repair & Test Facility Under Construction (FRC-E) Cost: $17.1M Funded Awaiting Award9
  10. FY12 “Maintenance and Repair” Construction Program• MCIEAST North Carolina installations  Ranges from painting to complete building renovation  $160 million awarded for more than 500 projects  Projects range from a few thousand to several million dollars  Camp Lejeune  $80 million awarded  New River  $24 million awarded  Cherry Point  $56 million awarded• FY13 funding will be similar to last year  Projects typically approved in November• Funding projections beyond FY13 remain steady 10
  11. Energy Opportunities• Energy has become a significant focus for the Marine Corps• Energy Independence and Security Act (EISA) signed December 2007  30% reduction in energy intensity  By end of 2015 based on FY03 baseline  Expanded use of renewable energy  25% renewable energy by 2025• Over $150 million for Marine Corps energy projects in FY13  Designs  Audits  Construction• Contractor selection criteria will incorporate energy efficiency experience as an evaluation factor  LEED Silver is the standard for FY13 with focus on energy points10/10/2012 Marine Corps Installations East 11
  12. Take Aways…•More than $300 million in construction opportunities inEastern NC this year.  Project size varies widely, from a few thousand dollars to tens of millions each.  FY11 was a “record setting” year  FY12 was the last “larger than normal” year.  FY13 and beyond returning to “normal” .• Energy has become a significant focus for the MarineCorps•Still more than $2 billion currently under construction In various stages of construction• Record years behind us but still significant work ahead Approximately $300 million each year over next few years 12