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GSA - Doing Business With

  1. 1.• GSA Schedules are fast, easy, and effective contracting vehicles.• GSA establishes long-term governmentwide contracts with commercial companies to provide access to millions of commercial products and services at volume discount pricing.• Connects contractors with a range of government opportunities.• Simplifies the buying process by complying with federal procurement rules and regulations.
  2. 2. Getting Started with GSA Schedules Fit Price Time
  3. 3. Fit: GSA eLibrary:
  4. 4. Price: GSA Advantage!®:
  5. 5. Time Respond to Administer Solicitation Contract Marketing
  6. 6. Vendor Support Center:
  7. 7. eOffer:
  8. 8. DOD EMALL FactsSmall Business Friendly• 1,867 Commercial Vendor Contracts hosted on DOD EMALL• 1,487 of those are small businesses (SBA designated)• Additional catalogs added weeklyDOD EMALL Users• 34,760 user accounts on the DOD EMALL• 12,282,104 hits to the site a week• 600+ Help desk calls per week• Users are DOD (All Services, National Guard, Reserves) and other Federal Agencies (DHS, FBI, etc.)
  9. 9. DOD EMALL FACTS cont.Fiscal Year FY2009 sales $817 MillionFiscal Year 2010 sales $787.7 MillionFiscal Year 2011 sales through 30 Feb $249 MillionDOD EMALL had shown steady growth with salesincreases in FY02 of $14M to FY09 sales to$817M.
  10. 10. DOD EMALL FY 2011 YTD Sales by Service USMC MNSTC-I $17,315,938.69 $2,754,311.01 1% AIR FORCE OTHER 7% $36,453,962.19 $17,553,892.22 14% 7% ARMY NAVY $36,675,279.56$77,251,908.06 15% 31% CLS DLA $57,810,040.15 $1,625,119.85 23% 1% DHS $2,229,193.82 1%
  11. 11. Supplier’s Corner
  12. 12. How to Become a DOD EMALL SupplierSend an email to and provide thefollowing information: Company name Your name Phone number E-mail address you want the information sent to Cage Code & DUNS# Contract #You will be assigned a Supplier Account Manager
  13. 13. How to Become a DOD EMALL Supplier Cont.SAM will send out Supplier Worksheet A one page form asking for basic information about the company. Company name, address, Contract information, Point of Contact (POC) information. Business Rules Four page document outlining all the rules of being a Supplier on the DOD EMALL Information on how to receive your orders The SAM will send you information on the various ways you can set up your company to receive orders. PGP, EDI, cXML SAM will explain in further detail
  14. 14. Catalog Template This is an excel document created for suppliers to list the items they will sell on DOD EMALL It contains nine mandatory data elements for Suppliers to complete Vendor Part Number - Internal reference number, can be the same as OEM Part Number Product Name - Clear unabbreviated item name Product Description - Detailed information about the product Price - FOB Destination Unit of Issue - DLA Standard Unit of Issue Codes Quantity Per Unit of Issue - Items Per Unit of Issue Manufacturer Name Manufacturer Part Number Days After receipt of Order (ARO)
  15. 15. DOD EMALL Accommodates:REGIONAL PRICING48 State Pricing (CONUS)Different prices for each zone you define.Alaska / HawaiiOutside the 50 States is OCONUSTIERED PRICINGPricing discounts for quantity purchases 1-25 26-50 51-100REGIONAL VENDORSLocal Vendors with Local access Sell to a specific base at discounted price
  16. 16. Benefits of Being on the DOD EMALLGovernment wide visibility of your company andproductsYou can use the DOD EMALL logo to promote yourbusinessBenefits small, large, minority owned, veteran andwoman owned businessesMultiple payment options Government Purchase Card (GPC) MILSTRIP and FEDSTRIP Corporate Credit Cards for Government contractors
  17. 17. www.ebuy.gsa.goveBuy is an online Request for Quotes (RFQ) tool whichallows Federal buyers to obtain quotes and issue ordersfor products and services offered by sellers on theGSA/VA Multiple Award Schedules (MAS) andGovernmentwide Acquisition Contracts (GWACs) .
  18. 18. e-Buy RFQs
  19. 19. FY’10 RFQs by AgencyDepartment of the Air Force 12,660Department of the Army 12,609Department of the Navy 11,478Department of Veterans Affairs 8,523Department of the Interior 5,458Department of Defense (Office of the Secretary of Defense) 4,851General Services Administration 3,394Department of Homeland Security 2,523Department of Health and Human Services 1,986Department of Agriculture 1,820
  20. 20. What Happens Now?RFQ is submitted by Buyer FEmail is sent to Vendors selected by BuyerRFQ is posted on Vendor site
  21. 21. eBuy Tips**Check eBuy Website Daily for New RFQs**Contact Buyer with Questions or Clarifications**Submit Quote Before the RFQ Closes**Provide Complete Information for Buyer’s RFQ**Add Additional Email POCs**Update Profile with Current Email Addresses
  22. 22. www.fedbid.comFed Bid is a multi-billion dollar online marketplacewhere government and business Buyers can access amanaged network of qualified Sellers at the touch ofa button. This Buyer-powered marketplace utilizes areverse auction model that connects Buyers with themost competitive Sellers of commodity goods andsimple services.
  23. 23. For Sellers, FedBid:Improves Real Opportunity Access - FedBid centralizes real opportunitiesfrom thousands of government and commercial buyers and, using seller-defined criteria, proactively contacts sellers when opportunities ariseReduces Costs per Sale - FedBid enables Sellers to use minimal resources topursue each opportunity and compete for business; there are absolutely noout-of-pocket costs for Sellers to utilize FedBidSaves Time - FedBid makes it easy to compete through a single, user-friendly,web-based portal that can be utilized anywhere in the world with Internetaccess; Sellers can manage their opportunities and respond quickly andefficiently through a user-friendly interfaceImproves the Competitive Process - FedBid facilitates a regulatory-compliant,fair and open procurement process that levels the competition playing fieldfor Sellers of all sizes
  24. 24. Government and Environmental AdvisorDiana Potts