Army Corps of Engineers, MG Jeffrey J. Dorko


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2011 FEDCON Summit

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Army Corps of Engineers, MG Jeffrey J. Dorko

  1. 1. U.S. Army Corps of Engineers presentation to 2011 NC Federal Construction & Infrastructure SummitMG Jeffrey J. DorkoDeputy Commanding GeneralMilitary and International OperationsU.S. Army Corps of Engineers20 OCT 2011US Army Corps of EngineersBUILDING STRONG®
  2. 2. Agenda Current Operations What’s Changing? Paradigm Shift Building Solutioneers Value Proposition Our Focus BUILDING STRONG®
  3. 3. USACE Military Programs Missions  Military Construction  Base Realignment and Closure (BRAC)  OverseasCommunity Hospital, FT Belvoir, VA Contingency Al Mamoon Communications Tower, Baghdad, Iraq Operations (OCO)  Installation Support  Environmental  Energy and SustainabilityFORSCOM HQ, Fort Bragg, NC  Interagency Support Border Fence, Imperial Sand Dunes, CA  International Services  Real Estate Services  COCOM Support  Research andNational Geospatial Center, FT Belvoir, VA Development  Geospatial Kabul Road, Bagram, Afghanistan Products/Services
  4. 4. BRAC 1964 - 2009 2010 BUILDING STRONG®2011
  5. 5. Overseas Contingency Operations D H 267 W Barracks 271 D H W DFAC D 265 H W Barracks 264 W H D Barracks 263 Central Heating D H Plant W L P 261 G W H D Barracks T A 262 N k B Barracks M Biomass S B ou System th BUILDING STRONG®
  6. 6. GovExecSenate panel cuts $6.4 billion from Pentagon request DoD expects up to $100B more in cuts Pentagon to cut spending by $78 billion BUILDING STRONG®
  7. 7. Military Missions Program Trends FY00-15 Program($Millions)35,000 AR,AF & DOD Reimbursable ARRA30,000 Other RE25,000 ECIP Host Nation/FMS RDT&E20,000 OCO Engineering Environmental & Design15,000 DOD Air Force Construction10,000 Army 5,000 Construction 0 00 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10 11 12 13 14 15 Fiscal Year Current $ as of Mar 11 (FY12 PB) FY09-10 Includes Military Carryover – FY 00 -15 AR, AF and DOD Reimbursable is separate 7 BUILDING STRONG®
  8. 8. What is Changing in Military Programs? Reduction in MILCON program and number of projects Increased requirements for energy and sustainability products and services Change in customer mix reducing the Army and increasing the Air Force and DOD program (% of program) Increased potential requirements for Restoration and Modernization of existing facilities Increased potential requirements to support COCOM theater engagement Increased customer expectation for enterprise solutions 8 BUILDING STRONG®
  9. 9. Legislation, Executive Orders, and Policies 55 FEDERAL MANDATES BUILDING STRONG®
  10. 10. DOD Energy Intensity Statutory Goal 30% by 2015 10 BUILDING STRONG®
  11. 11. Army’s Net Zero Hierarchy “The primary goal is a focus toward net zero and when we talk about net zero, itsnot only net zero energy, but its net zero energy, water, and waste. When you lookat the term "net zero" or a hierarchy of net zero you must start with reduction, thenprogress through repurposing, recycling, energy recovery, disposal being the last. “ Ms Katherine Hammack, ASA(IE&E) BUILDING STRONG®
  12. 12. USACE Engagement in Energy EfficiencyDelivering energy saving solutions through education, training and technologySpecifically -At the Building level • Model for energy savings / Life Cycle Cost Analysis on every project • 40 to 55 percent energy savings • Better insulated facilities / improved HVAC, (Solar Hot Water Panels) more efficient controls, better lighting and conserving waterAt the Installation level 267 Barracks D H W 271 D H W DFAC • Energy Master Plans / Area Development Plans D 265 H W Barracks 264 W • Central Utility Plants / Co-generation Plants H D Barracks • Micro grids, Meters and Renewable sources 263 Central Heating D H Plant W L P 261 G W H D Barracks T A 262 N k B Barracks M Biomass S B ou System thAt the Operational level • Base Camp design, micro grid, portable and renewable sources 12 BUILDING STRONG®
  13. 13. Paradigm ShiftSurge Era•Military Programs•Commodity•Energy/sustainability asa consideration•Transformation•Service Supplier Post Surge Era •Military Missions •Value •Energy/sustainability as a driver •Innovation •Systems Integrator 13 BUILDING STRONG®
  14. 14. Solutioneering 14 BUILDING STRONG®
  15. 15. Building Solutioneers Foundational Competitive Distinguisher Core Competencies Table Stakes Critical Success Factors Execution Focus Risk Management Systems ThinkingIntegrated Project Delivery Cost Effective/ Efficient Learning Organization Accountability Value Proposition Alliance Development Diverse Tech Knowledge Employer of Choice Strategic Sense Making Expeditionary Process Improvement Innovation Virtual Capability Customer Relationships Scalability Flexibility 15 BUILDING STRONG®
  16. 16. Developing a Value Proposition“Great brands share four fundamental qualities:  They offer and communicate a clear, relevant customer promise.  They build trust by delivering on that promise.  They drive the market by continually improving the promise.  They seek further advantage by innovating beyond the familiar.”* *Barwise and Meehan, “The One Thing You Must Get Right When Building a Brand,” Harvard Business Review, December 2010. The basis of our value proposition is…. “problems solved with you, for you” 16 BUILDING STRONG®
  17. 17. Customer Value Proposition Defense Logistics Agency Health Affairs Installation Management CommandDoD Education Agency BUILDING STRONG®
  18. 18. Military Missions Business Processes - Enterprise Customer Program Management Plans Our Focus - Codification of MILCON Transformed Processes - Military Programs Directorate Organizational DesignEnergy & Sustainability - Building-Level Optimization - Installation-Level Energy Performance Strategies - Operational Energy Initiatives - Deployment of Renewables - Joint Service Engineer StrategiesMilitary Missions Methods of Delivery - Centers of Standardization - Installation Support - Acquisition Strategies and Tools - Enterprise Delivery of Energy SolutionsCOCOM Support - Overseas Contingency Operations - Theater Engagement Strategy Support 18 BUILDING STRONG®