Advanced Materials and Manufacturing


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Advanced Materials and Manufacturing

  1. 1. North Carolina Federal Advanced Technologies SymposiumMay 9, 2013Advanced Materials and Manufacturing PanelHosted by:Office of Senator Richard BurrNC Military Business CenterNC Military FoundationInstitute for Defense & BusinessUniversity of North Carolina SystemReception Sponsor:Bronze Sponsor:
  2. 2. www.VaporPulse.comChris Oldham - VaporPulseJosh Robertson - VaporPulseKris Senecal - NatickShaun Filacomo – NatickEric Wetzel - ARLKyle Slusarski - ARLSarah Atanasov – NCSUGreg Parsons - NCSUReshaping the surface of possibility2013 NC Federal AdvancedTechnologies Symposium5-9-2013Ultra-thin Coatings onKevlar for EnhancedForce Protection
  3. 3. www.VaporPulse.comVaporPulse Core TechnologyA 10nm coating appliedon nonwoven textileTechnology:• Ultra-thin coatings (<100nm) via a vaporphase deposition process• Solvent free• Low temperature• Polymers, biomaterials, textiles• <$1.00 to coat 1m2• Batch  Roll-to-Roll (>10m/min)Technical Advantages:•Conformal•Uniform•Scalable•FlexibleTechnology works very well for modifying hard-to-coat materials
  4. 4. www.VaporPulse.comTechnology Demonstration Filtration for Chem/Bio Defense New gas mask based unique nanofiber filter. Nanofibers <100nm in size Problem: Polymer nanofibers breakdown in presenceof chemical agents. Solution: Depositing an ultra-thin (<3nm) coatingstabilizes nanofibers in presence of chemical agents.As formed After exposureAfter coating +exposure
  5. 5. www.VaporPulse.comEnhanced Soft ArmorPayoff:Enhancement in the protection of concealedbody armor for the Armed Forces aids their abilityto move/interact more safely.Problem: Kevlar protective equipment is cumbersome and it doesnot offer a wide spectrum of protection.Why Care: Soldiers in small units often carry up to 130lbs of gear,this causes physical exhaustion and degrades performancewhile on mission. Reducing the burden on the warfighter is a toppriority of the DoD.
  6. 6. www.VaporPulse.comCurrent Status Current Status: TRL 2-3 Seeking funding to transition to TRL 6 End Product: A lightweight, high performance, concealable body armor withboth ballistic and stab protection and no added burden to theWarfighter. Reduce weight in soft armor vests by 20%.CutResistancePeak Load (N)As Received(Kevlar 850d)WithCoating BWithCoating CMean PeakLoad (N) from30 yarns4.965 6.029 6.457Std Dev 0.641 0.859 0.648Coef Var 12.905% 14.245% 10.042%Percent Improvement in CutResistance21% 30%05101520253035As Received(Kevlar850d)WithCoatingAWithCoatingBPunctureResistance-MaxLoad(N)
  7. 7. www.VaporPulse.comTHANK YOUContact:Chris Oldhamcjoldham@vapor-pulse.com919-247-2697Financial Support: Contract No. W911QY-12-C-0053.
  8. 8. NC Federal Advanced TechnologiesSymposiumAdvanced Materials & Manufacturing“Surface Engineering Technologies”Barnes Precision ManufacturingWMD Guns, LLCMay 9, 20138
  9. 9. 9Advanced Surface Engineering•Nickel Boron (NiB-XTM)• Chrome replacement coating technology• Autocatalytic coating systems• Non line of sight, uniform deposition process• Performance characteristicshigh surface hardness (Rc 72)low coefficient of friction (.07)improved wear resistancetransformed surface textureresistance to corrosive environments•Salt Bath Nitride (NitrometTM)• Industrial surface diffusion• Rc 55• Corrosion protection• Wear resistance•Zinc Nickel• Cadmium Replacement in Automotive and Aerospace sectors• 1000-2000 hr ASTM B117 salt spray resistance• Wear resistance advancement available
  10. 10. 10Surface Transformation via Nickel BoronFUNCTIONAL SURFACE TEXTURECOLUMNARDOMAINSTRUCTUREHigh magnificationNiB-X
  11. 11. Defense ApplicationsGround Vehicles20% increase in Powerefficiency• Engines and Drive Train lifeextension• Hard Chrome ReplacementArmamentsElimination of Wet Lubrication• Easier Cleaning/Maintenance• Higher Reliability• Barrel Life ExtensionMaritimeCorrosion Resistance•Wear Resistance•Life cycle cost savingsAerospaceWeight Reduction•Dry Rotorheads•Gear Boxes•Wear/Erosion Resistance•Hard Chrome Replacement
  12. 12. Ubiquitous ApplicationsIndustrial PumpsForestryFoundriesDefenseWeightReductionAerospaceMolds &ToolingProcessIndustry
  13. 13. Opportunities• Design it in!– Take advantage of new technologies in design phase– Optimize performance• Leverage Production Benefits!– Use new materials– Eliminate legacy processes• Bank the profits!– Value added technology– Manufacturing savings– Profit share with customer13
  14. 14. 14Advanced Materials Solutions for a Safer and Greener Tomorrow28 March 201309 May 2013Industry & Military Forum I:Advanced Materials and ManufacturingAdvanced Device & Sensor TechnologiesKeith EvansKyma TechnologiesRaleigh, North Carolina
  15. 15. 15Advanced Materials Solutions for a Safer and Greener Tomorrow28 March 2013• Our vision is of a safer and greener tomorrow– The processes we carry out and the products we offer can and shouldmake a difference• Our mission is to provide advanced materials solutions thatpromote safety and energy efficiency– Better materials & devices for more energy efficient lighting andelectric power– Better sensors for monitoring and responding to our environment• Our values are those of atriple bottom lineorganization
  16. 16. 16Advanced Materials Solutions for a Safer and Greener Tomorrow28 March 2013Vertically Integrated Product LineProcess Equipment•Kyma100™ HVPESystem•PVDNC™ AlN System•K-Slice™ Diamond WireMaker•K-Orbital™ Multi-WireSawMaterials•Bulk Crystalline GaNSubstrates•GaN, AlN & AlGaNTemplates•Polycrystalline GaN•Device Epiwafers•K-Slice™ Diamond WireElectronic Devices•KO-Switch™•Schottky Diodes•GaN HFETsSensors•Electromagnetic FieldSensors•Chemical SensorsComponents•Microdisplays•TransparentBackplanesEquipment, Materials, Devices, Sensors, & ComponentsIn Development
  17. 17. 17Advanced Materials Solutions for a Safer and Greener Tomorrow28 March 2013KO-Switch™10kV < 1nsec(>1013 V/s)↓100kV < 100 ps(>1015 V/s)HPM, Activedenial, Vehiclestopping, IED &fuse neutralizerK-EM-Dot™Cost-EffectiveHigh-BandwidthSensor of Time-Varying Electricand MagneticFieldsHigh bandwidthsensing of electric& magnetic fieldsK-MOCSER™New PlatformChemical SensorTechnologyLow cost smallform factorwireless ppbsensor array forNOx, CO, and manyother gasesK-Imager™Energy-EfficientTransparent-Backplane BasedMicro-Imager forProjectionApplicationsRapid commandoperation postsetup, many moreFireproof Materials
  18. 18. 18Advanced Materials Solutions for a Safer and Greener Tomorrow28 March 2013Pyroman testing at NC State: thermal measurements taken from underlyingmannequin show no third degree burns would be sustained by a human.Fireproof MaterialsPotential for USMC FP STO-1 and MVR STO-2Same novel weight material should function well as camouflage to thermal imagersThermal CamouflageFire Resistant EnclosuresVehicle FireBarriers
  19. 19. Jan SvobodaMay 2013RFID, NFC and the convergence ofphysical and digital worlds
  20. 20. SMARTRAC – OVERVIEWJuly 2012SMARTRAC Page 2SMARTRAC – The leading RFIDtransponder manufacturerSMARTRAC is the leading developer,manufacturer and supplier of RFID transponders,dedicated to delivering high-quality, smart andsecure products to customers worldwide.Founding year: 2000Headquarters: Amsterdam, the NetherlandsOperating figures:  Revenue 2012: $335 million EBITDA 2012: $31 million Number of employees as of December 31, 2012: 3,635Leadership:  Over 370 patents and patent applications Largest production capacity over all frequencies in the RFID industry Over 2 billion RFID transponders produced and supplied (31.12.2011)
  21. 21. March 2013SMARTRAC N.V. Company Presentation Page 3SMARTRAC – Business Unit OrganizationBusinessUnitsPrelaminated inlays and eCover forelectronic Identification (eID) documents: ePassports eNational ID cards eDriving licenseseID eVisas eHealth cards eSocial security cardsInlays, hard tags, and transponders forapplications such as: Car immobilizers Laundry Waste managementIndustry & Logistics Factory automation Logistics Animal ID componentsSecurity IndustryPRELAM®, ticket inlays, and white cards for: Contactless payment Access control Entry IDCTA Active card applications Automated FareCollectionInlays, labels and transponders for electronicProduct Identification (ePI) application areas: Retail Media Management Automation & ProductAuthenticationElectronic Product Identification (ePI) NFC Supply Chain Pharma & Healthcare
  22. 22. July 2012SMARTRAC Page 4RFID TechnologyWhat’s needed? Scanning antenna Reader RFID tagHow does it work? Reader sends out a radio-frequency signal RFID tag detects the antenna activation signal RFID tag sends pre-programmed information to thescanning antennaPassive tags No battery needed, the power is supplied by the reader Operational for up to twenty years Read range ideally 1 to 10 meters Cost effective, flexible and small compared to active tagsLF = Low FrequencyLF operates on 125 kHzHF = High FrequencyHF operates on 13.56 MHzUHF = Ultra High FrequencyUHF operates around 900 MHzNFC = Near Field CommunicationNFC operates on 13.56 MHz
  23. 23. July 2012SMARTRAC Page 5
  24. 24. THANK YOUJan SvobodaVP of
  25. 25. NSF-ERC for Revolutionizing Metallic BiomaterialsA Foundation for Innovation EcosystemInterconnected Materials Labs and Resources• Pulsed Laser Deposition Facility• Fuel Cell Processing Laboratory• Coatings Synthesis Laboratory• Bio/Polymer Laboratory• Composite Processing Laboratory• Materials Processing and Sample Preparation Laboratory• Microscopy and Surface Analysis Facility• Electron Microscopy Laboratory• Computation and Visualization Lab• Nanoindentation Facility• Mechanical Testing /High-Temperature Testing Facility• Structural Health Monitoring Research Laboratory• X-ray Diffraction Facility• Physical Property Measurement Lab• Catalysis Facility• Electronic Materials Laboratory• Magnetron Deposition Facility• Direct Write Nano-Fludics Analysis Facility• Micro-Raman facility• Clean Room with Ink Jet, High Speed Camera and Nanolithography• Bioengineering ERC General facility• FSEM, AFM, Nano CT$10 M Stateof the ArtResearchFacility:For R&DTranslationwithoutboundaries
  26. 26. Revolutionizing Metallic BiomaterialsWill create biodegradable metals ( Mg based) with the promise that new kinds ofimplants can adapt to the human body and eventually dissolve when no longer needed,eliminating multiple surgery and reduce health care costs“Imagine Implants with their own intelligence that adapt to biological changes of thepatient and are automatically eliminated from the body after healing”Dr. BraunFacial andHeadInjuries:Dr. BraunOrthopedicInjuries:Dr. JimenezValue of Degradable Metal Implant Systems -PRICELESS
  27. 27. DOD Mg based Applications DOD needs to “Lighten Up” their products Military Vehicles, Armor, UAV’s, PersonnelEquipment and Weapons Applications. New product development opportunitiesin portable fuel cells and biomedicalimplants for injured soldiers.Other ERC Collaborative Opportunities
  28. 28. NSF-ERC for Revolutionizing Metallic BiomaterialsInnovation for Warfare to Soldier ProtectionApplicationsFirst Layer -CrNSecondLayer - TiNBilayerThickness ΛSubstrateSi (100) &SiO21µmGas maskShelterSurface Engineering
  29. 29. Point of Care Technology for Soldiers3. 주요 설문 내용1. Point-of-Care (POC) diagnostic devices can rapidly provide soldiers’ status inbattlefield by taking small sample in battlefield.2. Detection of chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear and explosive agents bytapping into biomarkers found in soldiers blood, saliva, sweat or urine0 1 2 3 4 5 6020406080100Distance (mm)GrayLevel(%)50 nL/min 500 nL/min 1 µL/minConcentrationFlow ratesInletsOutletInletsOutletSyringePumpsMicrofluidicChipConcentrationGradientChamber(A)(E)(D)(B)(C)Dr Yun (NCAT)& Dr. Gomez(CSULA)
  30. 30. RoboCup07 Nanogram - SwissMicrorobot Playing Soccer( )