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Acec 050112

  1. 1. NC Military Business Center DoD MilitaryConstruction Trends and NC Program May 1, 2012
  2. 2. Agenda• Department of Defense budget trends• Army construction and engineering trends• Army NC FY12/FY13 snapshot• Navy construction and engineering trends• Navy/USMC NC FY12/FY13 snapshot• NCMBC resources, events and questions
  3. 3. DoD Budget• Budget Control Act of 2011 – $487b cuts over 10 years; higher than Bush budget – Sequestration: additional $500-$600b over 10 years – “Slowdown in spending – no procurement holiday”• Strategic guidance (Jan 2012): shapes military post- IQ/AF, post-Budget Control Act• President’s budget submittal, FY2013: $613 billion – $525b base; $88b overseas contingency operations
  4. 4. DoD Construction•, “Federal Construction” page• SAME FY2013 DoD Program Briefings – NAVFAC – Army Corps of Engineers – USAF – DoD Energy Security
  5. 5. NAVFAC TrendsFY2013 Program:• MILCON: $1.7b; Housing: $102m; BRAC: $165m• MILCON: Down from $3.8b in FY2012• 58% Navy, 42% USMC• MIDLANT: 22% of workload, tied 1st (w/SW)• Acquisition strategy: – “the method in the DD1391…is the way it will happen” – MACC TO’s: “if can’t negotiate to budget w/#1, go to #2”
  6. 6. NAVFAC TrendsDelivery method:• Design build (60%), Design bid build (40%)• Shift to more in-house (IH) design (shift AE to IH) – Maintain/enhance core competencies – Lowest cost; reduced funding for contracted services – Reduced workload facilitates transition – Design staff stay at FY2010 levels; 5% of design IH – IH RFP prep for all DB projects; IH design some DBB
  7. 7. NAVFAC TrendsBIM:• Implementing “snale’s pace”• Issue is Navy IT system inadequacies• Two pilots: NAVFAC SE (FY12), NAVFAC SW (FY13)• NAVFAC not only designs/acquires; must run and maintain facilities
  8. 8. NAVFAC TrendsTotal Ownership Cost (TOC):• New tri-service tool to evaluate TOC of DB proposals• Uses automated Excel spreadsheets; replaces Energy and Sustainment technical factor• Focus on 7 facility types and major cost drivers: – Initial design and construction; 40 year energy costs; 40 year sustainment costs• Two FY12 pilots; implement FY13
  9. 9. NAVFAC TrendsEnergy Technology Clearinghouse• High demand for insertion of new technologies• Streamline integration of proven technologies• Help AEs/Government to select technologies• Regionally organized based on climate zones• Clearinghouse available APR 2012 (• Future tri-services/DOE clearinghouse in development
  10. 10. NAVFAC TrendsOverall trends• MILCON continue trend down to $1.2b to $1.7b annually (FY08 level)• OICC MCIEast is “winding down”• O&M-funded, SRM projects remain constant• Heavy focus in O&M projects on: – Energy efficiency – Security
  11. 11. Remaining NAVFAC FY12Project Location Value Acquisition Tool Key DatesPN138 BEQ Wallace Creek Camp $ 27,214,000 Stand Alone Single Bids due 11 May Lejeune Phase Price anticipate award Performance Trade- June 12 OffP705/710 Camp $79,000,000 Stand Alone In final Lejeune discussions due 4 May 12P1285 SOF Armory Facility Camp $6,670,000 BVSS, LPTA To be award lateExpansion Lejeune May 12P-30 Auto Infantry Squad Camp $16,821,000 BVSS, LPTA, To be advertisedBattle Course Lejeune anticipated award 1 May 12 early 4th qtr
  12. 12. Remaining NAVFAC FY12Project Location Value Acquisition Tool Key Dates P-Q1440 SOF G3X Training Camp $10,000,000 Acquisition MAC- AnticipatedFacility Lejeune General Construction award 1st Qtr FY 13
  13. 13. NAVFAC FY13 ProgramProject Location Value Acquisition Tool Key Dates P003-Staff NCO Academy Camp $ 28,986,000 To Be advertisedfacilities Lejuene Aug/Sept 13P-601 Armory MCAS $ 11,581,000 To be Cherry Point advertised Spring of FY 13P-163 Marine Air Support MCAS $34,310,000 To be advertisedSquadron Compound Cherry Point Nov/Dec 12 P 711- Personnel Admin New River $8,525,000 To be advertisedCenter Dec 12
  14. 14. NAVFAC FY13 ProgramProject Location Value Acquisition Tool Key DatesP 1425 Overhead Range Camp $3,000,000 To Be advertisedBaffle System Lejuene Oct/12Q1218 SOF Marine Battalion MCAS $ 53,399,000 To beCompany/Team Facilities Cherry Point advertised Sept 12 SOF Survival Evasion Resist Camp $5465,0,000 To be advertisedEscape Training Facility Lejuene Sept 12P 8144 Medical Clinic New River $21,200,000 To be advertisedReplacement Center Spring 2013
  15. 15. NAVFAC FY13 ProgramProject Location Value Acquisition Tool Key DatesP-25 Replace Delalio MCAS New $23,000,000 Sometime in FYElementary School River 13
  16. 16. USACE TrendsFY2013: “A Year of Transition”• Mission, force structure changes driving strategies• Facility Investment Strategies: – Sustain required facilities – Dispose of excess facilities – Improve energy / cost savings – Improve facility quality – Build-out critical facility shortfalls
  17. 17. USACE TrendsFY2013 Program• USACE MILCON program: $4.9b (FY12: $9.1b) – Army MILCON: $2.1b (FY12: 44.3b, -55%) – DoD MILCON: $2.4b (FY12: $3.3b, -6%) • SOF, DeCA, DoDEA, DLA, Medical, etc. – Overseas contingency construction -80%• O&M funded, SRM projects: stable from FY12
  18. 18. USACE TrendsEnergy and Environmental• Energy Initiatives Task Force (EITF): – Huntsville District lead – Engage private capital – Supports goal, 25% renewable energy by 2025 – Purchase up to $7b in energy over 30 years• Net Zero master planning initiative: energy, water and waste
  19. 19. USACE TrendsProject Delivery:• Centers of standardization, MATOCs evolving• Updating standard designs for energy• Establishing IDIQs based on region, not facility type• Multiple delivery methods: DB, DBB, adapt build• Adapt build: moving to energy as driving factor• LCCA: if provide enhancements, must provide LCCA for the enhancements
  20. 20. USACE TrendsProject Delivery:• Life Cycle Cost Analysis (LCCA): required for all proposed enhancements• LEED: FY12 National Defense Authorization Act prohibits government from paying above silver• Congress wants competition, “Better Buying Power” – “More SB involvement, more local contractors” – If not two bidders on task order, will recompete
  21. 21. USACE Trends“Paradigm Shift”• Surge era to post-surge era• MILCON focus to SRM focus• Energy as consideration to energy as driver• MILCON transformation to innovation• Corps as service supplier to systems integrator
  22. 22. Remaining USACE FY12Project Location Value Acquisition Tool Key DatesPN 70351 Hospital Fort Bragg $ 57,600,000 Stand alone Projected awardAlteration (Grow the Army) Construction, est. date 6/1/12 advertising date (USACE 2/24/12/ Savannah) PN 60272 SOF Fort Bragg $10,758,000 MATOC, adv. 4/20/12 Projected awardCommunications Training date 7/11/12Facility PN 69758 SOF Brigade HQ Fort Bragg $19,000,000 MATOC adv. 4/13/12 Project awardFacility/95th CA date 7/4/12 PN 71224 SOF Admin- Fort Bragg $ 26,000,000 MATOC adv 3/8/12 Project awardCompany Ops Ph 2/4th date 5/28/12MISOG
  23. 23. Remaining USACE FY12Project Location Value Acquisition Tool Key Dates PN 60821 SOF Squadron HQ Fort Bragg $11,000,000 MATOC adv. 1/18/12 Projected awardAddition date 5/20/12 (USACE Wilmington)PN 76364 SOF Battalion Ops Fort Bragg $41,000,000 MATOC, adv. 4/13/12 Projected awardComplex date 7/7/12PN 69458 SOF Battalion Ops Fort Bragg $23,478,000 MATOC adv. 2/28/12 Project awardComplex (4th MISOG) date 6/7/12PN 69277 SOF Access Fort Bragg $ 2,300,000 MATOC adv 4/9/12 Project awardControl point/SOTF date 6/14/12
  24. 24. Remaining USACE FY12Project Location Value Acquisition Tool Key Dates PN 43335 NCO Academy Fort Bragg $42,000,000 MATOC Adv. 4/15/12 Projected award date 5/30/12 (USACE Savannah) PN 69835 Unmanned Aerial Fort Bragg $54,000,000 MATOC, adv. 4/30/12 Projected awardVehicle Maintenance Hangar date 6/30/12 PN 70751 (ACP) Brigade Fort Bragg $18,000,000 MATOC adv. 3/15/12 Project awardComplex Facility date 7/15/12
  25. 25. Remaining USACE FY12Project Location Value Acquisition Tool Key DatesPN 76373 SOF USASOC HQ Fort Bragg $12,000,000 MATOC adv. 2/3/12 Projected awardAnnex/USASOC date 5/25/12 (USACE Wilmington)P9770500 DDESS Facility Fort Bragg $ 3,138,000 MATOC, adv.6/1/12 Projected award date 8/30/12P-AMD02051, Replace Fort Bragg $23,086,000 MATOC adv. 6/1/12 Project awardMcNair Elem School date 8/30/12P-AM10081 Replace Murray Fort Bragg $22,000,000 MATOC adv 6/1/12 Project awardElementary date 8/30/12
  26. 26. Remaining USACE FY12Project Location Value Acquisition Tool Key Dates P80087 General Purpose Fort Bragg $13,800,000 MATOC adv. 7/2/12 Projected awardWarehouse date 8/31/12 (USACE Savannah)P 371417, Transpired Solar Fort Bragg $ 1,500,000 MATOC, adv.5/11/12 Projected awardCollectors date 7/18/12Unrestricted DB/DBB UNK $499,000,000 Adv. 7/1/12 Project awardMATOC date 9/30/12Two 8(a) DB SATOC UNK $100,000,000 adv. 2nd QTR Project award date 8/30/12
  27. 27. Remaining USACE FY12Project Location Value Acquisition Tool Key Dates6 Unrestricted Full Service UNK $12,000,000 UNKAE DesignTwo restricted Full Service UNK $ 4,500,000 UNKAE DesignFour Unrestricted Full UNK $ 12,500,000 UNKService Installation SpecificAE DesignOne SB Environmental UNK $ 45,000,000 UNKMATOC
  28. 28. USACE FY13 ProgramProject Location Value Acquisition Tool Key DatesP-69287 SOF Battalion Fort Bragg $ 40,481,000 March 2013Operations Facility anticipated award date P-69493 SOF Sustainment Fort Bragg $ 24,693,000 March 2012Brigade Complex anticipated award dateP-69382 SOF Civil Affairs Fort Bragg $31,373,000 March 2012Battalion Complex anticipated award dateP-65052 SOF Support Fort Bragg $3,875,000 March 2012Addition anticipated award date
  29. 29. USACE FY13 ProgramProject Location Value Acquisition Tool Key Dates P-55121 Aerial Gunnery Fort Bragg $ 42,000,000 Dec 2012Range anticipated award dateP78499 Infrastructure Fort Bragg $ 30,000,000 May 30 2013 anticipated award dateP-80112 Unmanned Aerial Fort Bragg $31,373,000 February 2013Vehicle Complex, Phase 2 anticipated award date
  30. 30. Agency FY13 ProgramProject Location Value Acquisition Tool Key Dates Replace Pipeline DLA $1,850,000 Seymour Johnson AFB TRICARE Management Seymour $53,600,000Activity Medical Clinic Johnson AFBReplacement
  31. 31. Senior Leader PerspectiveDorothy Robyn, Deputy Under Secretary of Defense• Facility energy strategy: reduce demand, expand renewable supply, improve energy security• DoD installations, test-beds for energy technologies – Microgrids, efficient integrated buildings, nano- technology HVAC, on-site generation• DoD taking new technology risks ESCOs will not• Civilian renewable energy siting challenges
  32. 32. Senior Leader PerspectiveUSACE and Air Force• 3 good things: – SRM will remain 90% of current program – Major increase in investment in energy projects – Barracks and QOL are still priorities• Worries – Cost, government buildings 35% higher than civilian – Selecting right technologies – and maintaining them
  33. 33. Senior Leader PerspectiveRear Admiral Mossey (NAVFAC)• 3 good things: – SRM will remain 80% of current program – Major increase in investment in energy projects – MILCON is down – but $1.75b is still huge for Navy• Worries – Government may not be ready to own technologies that industry can provide, or maintain the facilities
  34. 34. Upcoming NCMBC Events• Consolidated Construction Teaming Forum (8 MAY)• Defense Contractor Academy (JUN – AUG)• NC Federal Environmental Symposium (13 JUN)• NC Federal Advanced Technology Symposium (17 JUL)• Defense Trade Show (7 AUG)• NC Aerospace Supplier Conference (14 AUG)• 2012 Federal Construction Summit (10-11 OCT)
  35. 35. Contact Information• Scott Dorney, Executive Director, Phone: 910-678- 0190,• Sue Kranes, MILCON Initiative PM, 336-601-0446,• Paulanne Page, MILCON Specialist, 910-330-8560,• Carolyn Bunting, MatchForce Administrator, 910- 578-2579,
  36. 36. NCMBC Resources
  37. 37. NCMBC Resources• Business Development Team• MILCON Specialists• Websites:,• Federal construction page ( – Market entry checklist – Capability matrices (contractor, designer, supplier) – Spreadsheets (Forecast, MACC/MATOC, Primes) – Current bidding projects list – Summit, other event materials• Federal Construction Events
  38. 38. Checklist Presentations Spreadsheets
  39. 39. Forecast SpreadsheetJustification Data
  40. 40. Future MILCON Projects
  41. 41. Current Prime Contracts
  42. 42. Current Multiple Award Contracts
  43. 43. Current AE IDIQ Contracts
  44. 44. Construction Opportunitiesin NC - Updated Daily
  45. 45. Pre-Award Support and Resources• Notification to Contractors of Project Forecast• Networking, Team Building and Strategic Planning• Monitoring & Notification of Project Solicitations & Opportunities• Solicitation Requirement Interpretation & Support• Proposal Support & Review• Proposal Revision and Clarification Support• Debriefing Support for unsuccessful offers
  46. 46. Post Award Support and Resources• Project Management Team Execution Training & Support – FARS/DFARS and Contract Requirement Interpretation – Partnering and Client Communications – Resources for subcontractors and vendors – Quality Control Plans & Program Execution Support – Safety Plans & Program Execution Support – Submittals & Project Deliverable Requirements – Schedule Development & Issues – Schedule of Values Development – Invoicing, Change Orders, Certified Payroll & Project Admin Support