2011 Environmental Symposium-Roundtable 3


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Roundtable 3

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2011 Environmental Symposium-Roundtable 3

  1. 1. 2nd Annual North Carolina Federal Environmental Symposium June 10, 2011 Hosted by: North Carolina Military Business CenterSponsored by:
  2. 2. Roundtable 3This roundtable will address:•Alternative fuels on installations•Alternative fuel vehicles•Non-tactical fleet management•Installation transit initiatives and requirements•Integration of installation transportation planning with local government•Achieving 30% reduction in vehicle fleet petroleum use by 2020
  3. 3. Roundtable 3 Fort Bragg InitiativesCurrent Initiatives (Installation/Agency: Fort Bragg)1. Fuel the Forces2. Ft Bragg/ US Army: Feasibility of Energy Crops on Army Land3. Green Refueling Station4. Bike Route Mapping5. Shuttle Express6. Project Get Ready (for electric and plug in hybrid vehicles)
  4. 4. Roundtable 3 Fort Bragg Future NeedsFuture Needs (Installation/Agency: Fort Bragg)1. Regional Mass Transportation and other HOV trips onto post.2. Electric and hybrid electric vehicle service and technical expertise for care andmaintenance of these vehicles (all vehicle classes)3. Greenways and transit corridors on post and connecting to post to allow for alternativemodes of transportation.4. Continued development of efforts and ideas that address to petroleum consumptionand air emissions reduction.
  5. 5. Roundtable 3 Camp Lejeune InitiativesCurrent Initiatives (Installation/Agency: Camp Lejeune)1. Flex fuel E85 usage2. Introduction of B20 as an AFV, establishing B20 fueling sites at Camp Geiger for fleet use3. Flex work schedule, reducing work week by 1 day to reduce commutes for support personnel
  6. 6. Roundtable 3 Camp Lejeune Future NeedsFuture Needs (Installation/Agency: Camp Lejeune)1. Alternative Fuel (E85) fueling station additions2. Electric Vehicle usage; future Electric vehicle charging stations and procurement of electric vehicles
  7. 7. Roundtable 3 MCAS Cherry Point InitiativesCurrent Initiatives (Installation/Agency: MCAS Cherry Point)1. Low-speed electric vehicle use2. Flex fuel vehicle use (E85)3. Biodiesel vehicle use4. Alternative fuel vehicles indicated as preference on vehicle acquisition requests
  8. 8. Roundtable 3 MCAS Cherry Point Future NeedsFuture Needs (Installation/Agency: MCAS Cherry Point)1. Fleet Manager Certification Programs.2. Anti-idling devices3. Solar-powered charging stations for electric vehicles4. Biodiesel and E85- ready fueling station additions /new stations
  9. 9. Roundtable 3 GSA InitiativesCurrent Initiatives (Installation/Agency: GSA)1. 75% of light duty acquisitions must be Alternative Fuel Vehicles (AFV) in Metropolitan Statistical Areas2. Complying with EO 13423: reduce petroleum usage by 2% annually, increase alternative fuel usage by 10% annually.3. Reduce miles traveled through video-conferencing, agency shuttles, mass transit
  10. 10. Roundtable 3 GSA Future NeedsFuture Needs (Installation/Agency: GSA)1. 100% reduction of 2003 fossil fuel use by 20302. 34% GHG reduction of 2008 use by 2020