Right image for success


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Right image for success

  1. 1. Do You Have theRight Image forSuccess?Attitude, demeanor, conduct, dress andappearance reflect who you are and the departmentyou represent.
  2. 2. Purpose of Presentation Professional image encompasses many aspects of job performance. Visible cues create an impression about competency. This program will focus on appropriate clothing that will reflect well on your professional ability, and indicate your knowledge, confidence, and skills that will inspire trust, leadership and success.
  3. 3. Professional Presence Encompasses  Conveys  Attitude  Professional skills  Dress  Ability  Appearance  Trust  Demeanor  Knowledge  Posture  Leadership  Conduct  Confidence  Verbal skills  Success
  4. 4. Social Media Be aware of who you are at all times. Put only images and words in cyberspace that will make you proud 30 years from now. Your eMails are a sign of your respect for the recipient; use correct English grammar and spelling. Telephone etiquette is important too
  5. 5. Posture – Play the Part
  6. 6. During An Interview Your clothes play a supporting role  Take the process seriously  Compliment to the person you meet  Create self confidence; inspire confidence  Understand the nature of the industry  Customer contact and image presented to the customer are critical Basic professional attire does not change with fashion – no extremes  Appropriate and well fitting…not center stage  Not a social event! Do not worry about changes in fashion
  7. 7. Best choice: a two piece matched suit Women  Conservative colors, navy, gray, (black for women) are safe  Solids and subtle weaves  Wool and wool blends (quality micro-fiber for women)  Cost and quality  Clean, pressed, coordinated  Conservative jewelry, make-up and little or no perfume
  8. 8. Conservative suits Men  Conservative colors, navy, dark gray recommended  Solids and subtle weaves  Wool and wool blends  Cost and quality  Clean, well pressed, coordinated  Conservative ties  Long-sleeved shirts- white, light blue or conservative stripes.  Dark socks mid-calf  Shoes polished
  9. 9. A Powerful Business Tool: Your Image Goals:  Enhance the Library or Information Center Image  Gain personal recognition or promotion  Empower yourself  Self confidence Reflect the corporate or academic culture  3 basic styles of business clothing  Traditional or Formal Business Attire  General Business Attire  Business Casual NOT Weekend Casual
  10. 10. “ Dress gives one the outward sign from which people can judge the inward state of mind. One they can see, the other they cannot.” Queen of England to Prince Charles
  11. 11. Business Presence Look the Part  Attire - all aspects of your clothing Intelligent selections, including accessories such as shoes, jewelry, eye-glasses, etc. Resourceful  Hair - style, color, condition, length Authoritative  Grooming - overall cleanliness, and personal presentation, including fragrances Can easily manage and inspire use and abuse other people  Posture - confidence in the way you hold yourself Capable of handling any  Demeanor - mannerisms, and body business situation, including language conflict and curve balls.  Business Accessories -such as briefcases, pens, technology tools, etc.  Communication Skills - articulation, eye Sherry Maysonave contact, and effective listening  Etiquette Skills - the right handshake, http://www.casualpower.com/busi business protocols, and courtesies ness_casual_tips/biz_presence.ht ml
  12. 12. Inspire Trust Grooming Clothing and Accessories Friendly, positive demeanor
  13. 13. Dress One Step Up “Dress for the position you want not the one you have.” If the business or academic culture is casual, dress in a general business style. Always dress in a neat, clean, and respectable manner.
  14. 14. Power Colors  Rich, dark tones of black, blue, green, red, and brown.  Black and navy reflect an air of authority.  Blue tones affect perception of trust.
  15. 15. “Style Is Synonymous With Appropriate” Bill Blass  General Business Attire  Men –  tie  dress shirt  tailored sport coat  dress trousers  Women –  tailored pantsuits  businesslike dresses  coordinated dressy separates  a jacket
  16. 16. Business CasualKnow the difference Not weekend casual Classic or middle-ground trendy Well groomed No cleavage or other inappropriate exposed body parts No visible body piercings or tattoos Crisp, neat, appropriate Appropriate footwear Conservative accessories
  17. 17. According to Bloomberg Top Five Office Fashion Faux Pas Hooker earrings Chest plumes Exposed bra straps Tattoos Toes (& Piercings)
  18. 18. Not trendy, Not extreme, Not sexy, Not messy
  19. 19. Professional Image Empower yourself and your department Choose an outfit that speaks for you; use it to your advantage Have fun with your clothing Wear only clothing that makes you feel good regardless of whether it’s business casual, general business, or business formal.
  20. 20. Be conscious of what you wear andhow you carry yourself. Your attitude, demeanor, conduct, dress and appearance reflect who you are and what you represent. Use your appearance to enhance your job performance, leadership, and credibility. Appropriate clothing will reflect your professional ability, knowledge, confidence, and skills. Others will notice even when you don’t.
  21. 21. Perception Malcolm Gladwell’s Blink
  22. 22. Review & Questions Thank you for your kind attention.