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4TU.ResearchData and DSA - Madeleine de Smaele


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Madeleine de Smaele (4TU.ResearchData) vertelt in de workshop 'Certificering in de praktijk' van de NCDD en het Netwerk Digitaal Erfgoed over het behalen van het Data Seal of Approval. 16 maart 2017, Utrechts Archief

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4TU.ResearchData and DSA - Madeleine de Smaele

  1. 1. 4TU.ResearchData and DSA Madeleine de Smaele Presentatie op NCDD workshop Certificering in de Praktijk
  2. 2. 4TU.ResearchData services Goal: long-term access to research data • Data archive – Main goal: ‘freeze’ a dataset (version) for future use. ‘Published’ data, simple or complex, varying meta-data, … • Data lab – Main goal: exchange of data and other research material. Collaboration platforms, specific to discipline/content. Differing in access policies, functionality, size, … • Data services – Main goal: stimulate improvements in data management. Advice on standards, licensing & training, support in data documentation, tool development, search and retrieval, …
  3. 3. 4TU.ResearchData support Search for research data Data Lab Deposit in 4TU.ResearchData Visibility and citation with DOI Data management plan Data publication
  4. 4. te Data archive • ‘Frozen’ dataset (version) for future use & long term storage • ‘Published’ data: visible • Open (max. 2 years embargo): shareable • Persistent identifiers: findable and citable • Sustainable formats: readable • Data Seal of Approval: safe and secure
  5. 5. A trusted digital repository… • …is one whose mission is to provide reliable, long- term access to managed digital resources to its designated community, now and in the future. • Meets organizational, curatorial and operational responsibilities outlined in paper.
  6. 6. Federated data infrastructure in the Netherlands
  7. 7. DSA guidelines and stakeholders • Data producers -> guidelines 1-3 • Data repository -> guidelines 4-13 • Data consumer -> guidelines 14-16
  8. 8. Data producer Abbreviated guideline Min. req. Status 1 Deposit Quality and Compliance 3.In progress 3.In progress 2 Recommended formats 3.In progress 3.In progress 3 Requested metadata 4.Implemented 4.Implemented
  9. 9. Data repository Abbreviated guideline Min. req. Status 4 Explicit mission 4.Implemented 4.Implemented 5 Legal/contract compliance 4.Implemented 4.Implemented 6 Data storage processes 4.Implemented 4.Implemented 7 Preservation plan 3.In progress 3.In progress 8 Explicit Data Lifecycle Workflows 3.In progress 3.In progress 9 Responsibility for Access 4.Implemented 4.Implemented 10 Discovery, Use and Reference 2.Theoretical 4.Implemented 11 Object/Metadata Integrity 3.In progress 3.In progress 12 Object/Metadata Authenticity 3.In progress 3.In progress 13 Technical Infrastructure Standards 3.In progress 3.In progress
  10. 10. Data consumer Abbreviated guideline Min. req. Status 14 Compliance with Access Criteria 4.Implemented 4.Implemented 15 Proper Use and Exchange of Information 4.Implemented 4.Implemented 16 Usage Licence Compliance 4.Implemented 4.Implemented
  11. 11. The application process • initial overview of: Jan.2012 – experts needed – documentation • first submission • improvements • internal review • final submission • DSA award! Jan.2013
  12. 12. The renewal process • improved documentation: Sept.2015 - preferred formats - deposit guidelines - preservation plan - licenses • first submission • improvement • final submission • DSA award! Jan.2016
  13. 13. Re-certification Jan. 2016 Jan. 2013 Goal: Jan. 2018 !
  14. 14. Lessons learned • Document your processes and procedures at the earliest start and keep it up-to-date • Proper preparation pays off • You can’t do it on your own -> get the right people involved!
  15. 15. 4TU.ResearchData TU Delft Library Prometheusplein 1 2628 ZC Delft T +31 (0)15 27 88 600 E Questions