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Planning and Land Use 101 - Manual of Operations


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Are you new to land use and planning issues; or do you want to expand your knowledge about the planning and development process in your neighborhood? This session will introduce stakeholders to the basics of land use and planning and provide a context for that knowledge. The Framework and Planning tools from the general plan to overlay zones and districts and important State and regional laws that affect the local planning process will be briefly described. Participants will get a general idea of how planning and zoning work, by-right versus discretionary development, conditional use permits, the hearing process and “findings,” and the planning appeals process. You will be provided the context to discuss land use issues with others, take steps to having your concerns heard and know how to go about tracking and reviewing projects in your neighborhood, community and city. You will also learn why it can be important to consider land use proposals before a case is filed, and why everyone should care about issues such as “code simplification” and “development reform.” Finally, you will leave the program with ways you can learn more and get help, including PlanCheckNC.

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Planning and Land Use 101 - Manual of Operations

  1. 1. 1 Land Use and Planning Committee 2 3 Manual of Operations 4 MISSION STATEMENT (draft): 5 6To advise the (..your council name..) Council and stakeholders about land use projects in or 7around (..your area..) that will impact the quality of life of residents, business owners and 8stakeholders. 910To advise the (…your council name..) Council on planning issues and projects affecting the11Venice community.1213To make recommendations to the (…your council name..) Council’s Board of Officers14regarding any exceptions, modifications and variances to the Community Plan and/or15Specific Plan for the planning and construction of projects in (..your area..) to forward to the16Los Angeles City government entities which shall include but not be limited to City Planning17Department, City Building & Safety and City Public Works as deemed necessary.1819 Introduction20All neighborhood council land use and planning committees have two focii:21 1. Reactive22 2. Proactive.23Reactive to the permit applications for planning variances sent to all Certified Neighborhood24 Councils (CNC) by LA City Planning Department Early Notification System listing all25 permit applications processed by planning department.26Proactive to needs within the community, other than formal permit requests, that must be27 brought before the NC governing Board, City Councilmember and the community.2829GOALS and OBJECTIVES:3031 1. To review (…your NC name..) land use and planning issues, take public input,32 report on and make recommendations of action to the (..your name…)33 Neighborhood Council’s Board of Officers in a timely manner on land use and34 planning issues affecting the Venice community.3536 2. To render every land use and planning issue reviewed by COMMITTEE37 transparent to all constituents.3839 3. To measure development projects against specific plan and community plan.4041 4. To provide a public forum for stakeholders to hear development projects and42 voice their support or concerns.43 1 1
  2. 2. 44NEIGHBORHOOD NOTIFICATION POLICY and PROCEDURES:4546Prior to an applicant appearing before COMMITTEE, applicant shall convene a meeting of47neighbors, residential and commercial, within 1,000 feet of the project to present the project,48describe the expected future of the project, take public comment and keep a sign-in sheet of49attendance to be presented to COMMITTEE. Copy of notification flyer/letter and radius50labels to be provided to COMMITTEE at applicant’s meeting with COMMITTEE.5152 EXAMPLE: Neighborhood Notification Policy and Letter To Be emailed to53 Applicant(s)5455DATE:5657SUBJECT: (..your council name..) Council’s Land Use and Planning Committee58 Neighborhood Notification Policy.5960REFERENCE: (…..List applicants name, address and case number and brief61 description of project as per the CNC listing and/or permit62 application….)6364Dear Madam/Sir:6566The Land Use and Planning Committee (COMMITTEE) of the (…your council name…) the67first panel to hear any planning issue that involves a variance to our Specific Plan and/or68Community Plan6970Our Mission Statement is: (….state Mission Statement….)7172My name is (………), I am the COMMITTEE member assigned to your project. Please contact73me as soon as you set up your neighborhood notification procedures. Contact me at (…list74phone and email….).7576COMMITTEE Neighborhood Notification Policy requests that a meeting of the immediate77neighbors to your project be held sponsored by you, the applicant, to inform your neighbors78of your impending project. We have found that a more informal neighborhood meeting to79address any problems your neighbors might have with your project is best prior to coming80before COMMITTEE in a more formal setting.8182Set date, time and place for your neighborhood meeting. It could be your project space, a83community room at the Library, or the local church.8485Distribute notices/flyers to all residents within (..state 500’ or 1,000’ or just abutting86depending on project) either by hand or USPO mailing carefully stating date, time and hours87for this meeting. Email copy of your notice to VNC Board and committees at: (…list88everybody that should get this notice…) COMMITTEE needs to have a list of the names & 2 2
  3. 3. 89addresses of your radius mailing or hand distribution; or a receipt from the company you 90hire to do the notifying if you do so. 91 92Keep a sign up sheet at the neighborhood meeting asking for name, address, email address 93and columns for support or disapproval for your project. Keep the signup sheets for the 94COMMITTEE meeting. 95 96Your project will be on the next available COMMITTEE agenda. At that meeting 97COMMITTEE will expect you to have nine (9) copies of your project documents – including 98but not limited to: permit application packet, site plans, findings, City Planning staff report 99(if done); and documentation of your neighborhood meeting including sign-up sheets and100radius mailing labels if notices were mailed.101102Sincerely,103_______________, COMMITTEE Staff to your project104105106 Land Use & Planning Committee STAFF REPORT LETTERHEAD107108Case Number:109110Address of Project:111SYNOPSIS: (..brief description of project for non-land use literate NC board112members..)113114COMMITTEE MOTION:115Regarding Case # (..list case number, ALL suffex, applicant’s name & address..):116 WHEREAS: List one reason for COMMITTEE recommendation117 WHEREAS; List another reason for COMMITTEE recommendation118 BE IT RESOLVED: List COMMITTEE recommendation for board action119 and COMMITTEE vote. (for-against-abstaining 0-0-0 )120121Size of Parcel: (according to ZIMAS)122 (according to permit application)123Size of Project: (according to ZIMAS)124 (according to permit application)125Parking, on site, off site, leased126 or by covenant and where:127Assessed Land Value: (according to ZIMAS)128Last Owner Change: (according to ZIMAS)129Project Description: (from permit application) 3 3
  4. 4. 130( area..) Subarea:131Zone:132Date of Planning Report:133Date of End of Appeal Period:134City Planning Report Prepared by: (city planning staff person)135COMMITTEE Staff:136Applicant:137Address:138Representative:139Contact Information:140Date(s) heard by COMMITTEE:141Zoning Administration Date:142Applicant’s Neighborhood143 Mtg:144WLA Area Planning145 Commission Dates:146ARGUMENTS FOR THIS PROJECT:147ARGUMENTS AGAINST THIS PROJECT:148SYNOPSIS OF PUBLIC COMMENT:149FINDINGS: (findings as found by COMMITTEE staff research may include city planning staff150investigator’s report.151152Attached conditions including but not limited to the following;153Alcohol – if indicated – standard COMMITTEE conditions154Regular business – standard COMMITTEE conditions155Hours per rest of businesses on the street – take average or use means156BASIC MANAGEMENT PRACTICES (if applicable)157158DRAFT LETTER FOR PRESIDENT TO SIGN AND SEND TO PLANNING DEPARTMENT,159CD11, APPLICANT, and Others.160161162163LETTERHEAD HERE164165Date:166167168Los Angeles City Planning Department169200 North Spring Street170Los Angeles, California 90012-2601171172Case Number:173Address of Project:174Applicant:175Description of Project:176 4 4
  5. 5. 177Dear Madam/Sir:178179This will advise that at a regularly held public meeting of the Venice Neighborhood Council’s180Board of Officers on ( here..) it was moved and passed by a vote of (…vote..) that the181Venice Neighborhood Council recommends (..supporting or denying..) referenced planning182case.183184Please provide a copy of the decision letter to the Venice Neighborhood Council at the letterhead185address.186187Thank you for your attention to this matter.188189Sincerely,190( of…) Council191192193194_____________, President195196CC: Applicant197 City Councilmember, and planning staff198 Secretary of (…council name…)199 Chair of (…council name..) COMMITTEE200201202 LETTERHEAD HERE203 COMMUNITY IMPACT STATEMENT (SAMPLE)204205Username:206Password:207208209 To: Office of the City Clerk210 Los Angeles City Hall211 200 N. Spring St., Rm 360212 Los Angeles,. CA 90012213214 Re: Council File Number:215 Planning Case Number:216 Dept of Building & Safety Case Number:217218DATE here219BODY OF CIS220(…list the BE IT RESOLVED part of COMMITTEE motion..)221222Sincerely,223Body of letter – take language from board motion. 5 5
  6. 6. 224_________________, President, (..your council name..) Council225CC:; For input to City Council226 Applicant227 City Councilmember, and planning staff228 Secretary of (…council name…)229 Chair of (…council name..) COMMITTEE230231232233NOTE: This is just part of a 3-hour presentation on Land Use and234Planning Committees within the Neighborhood Council,or go to the PlanCheckNC, to request this free workshop.239240BE SURE TO CLEARLY PRINT NAME, EMAIL AND NC241AFFIALIATION ON SIGN-IN SHEETS TO GET UPDATE242INFORMATION.243244 6 6