Moving PHSSR Foward as a National Coordinating Center


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Moving PHSSR forward as a National Coordinating Center - Presented by F.D. Scutchfield at the 2011 Keeneland Conference.

Prepared by Kristina Rabarison

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Moving PHSSR Foward as a National Coordinating Center

  1. 1. Moving PHSSR Forward April 12th 2011 2011 Keeneland Conference Lexington, KY F. Douglas Scutchfield, M.D. Bosomworth Professor University of Kentucky National Coordinating Center for PHSSR
  2. 2. Public Health Services & Systems Research A field of study that examines the organization, financing, and delivery of public health services at local, state and national levels, and the impact of these activities on public health. Mays, Halverson, and Scutchfield. 2003
  3. 3. RWJF Investment in PHSSR• Annual PHSSR Solicitation• AcademyHealth PHSR Interest Group• Keeneland Conference• Data Harmonization• Practice Based Research Networks (PBRNs)• Building the Network of Researchers and Practitioners Engaged in PHSSR
  4. 4. NCC Charge• To create a unified, coherent agenda for PHSSR• To synthesize, translate and disseminate results of current and past investments in PHSSR by RWJF and other funders• To increase the number of researchers in the field with the appropriate skills to conduct quality work• To strengthen the ability of practitioners to interpret and apply PHSSR findings• To increase the relevance of PHSSR findings to practitioners• To increase the number of practitioners who are engaged in PHSSR• To increase the number of policy-makers who are aware of PHSSR• To increase the number of funders committed to PHSSR• To inform public health policy and practice, which will lead to better health outcomes for all Americans
  5. 5. Organizational Chart (Please Refer to Handout)
  6. 6. Building the Evidence of What WorksNCC Lead: Glen MaysNCC Contact: Robin Pendley This work will support researchChair: Michael CaldwellMembers: specifically driven by the public- Alice Ammerman health practice community and- Ross Brownson- Wayne Giles will not compete with our other- David Lanier annual solicitation which targets- Robert Pestronk- Donna Peterson researchers. ($ 2.5 million)- Patrick Remington- Patricia Sweeney
  7. 7. Increasing Researcher CapacityNCC Lead: F. Douglas ScutchfieldNCC Contact: Angie Carman This allocation of funds willChair: Howard FrumkinMembers: support training opportunities for- Marcia Brandt both new and current researchers- Jenine Harris- Denise Koo to strengthen their methodological- Rika Maeshiro skills. ($ 1 million)- Allan Noonan
  8. 8. Practice Application and TranslationNCC Lead: Paul ErwinNCC Contact: Alex Howard This allocation of funds willChair: Phyllis MeadowsMembers: support activities aimed at- Susan Allan translating promising findings and- Edith Arrington- Matthew Boulton will provide training sessions that- Dorothy Cilenti- Paul Halverson will focus on application of- Donna Grandbois findings. ($ 1 million)- Fernando Guerra- Mitchell Katz- Noble Maseru
  9. 9. Expanding FundingNCC Lead: Julia CostichNCC Contact: Whit Elam This allocation of funds will be used toChair: Jeff LeviMembers: engage current and potential funders to- Russell Glasgow increase the number of funders for- James Kimmey- Lisa Simpson PHSSR and will provide matching funds- Steve Teutsch- Tim Van Wave to provide an incentive for funders to- Mary Wooley support this work. ($ 1.5 million)
  10. 10. NCC Partners in PHSSR• AcademyHealth• American Public Health Association• Center for Disease Preventions and Control• National Network of Public Health Institutes• Practice Based Research Networks• Public Health Finance• Public Health Law Network• Public Health Law Research Program• Public health practice organizations: NACCHO, ASTHO and NALBOH• Trust for America’s Health
  11. 11. New Research Agenda• RWJF, CDC, NCC PHSSR agenda setting meetings/ webinars are currently underway• Draft Research questions – Refer to handout – More will be generated at upcoming CDC / RWJF meeting – AcademyHealth
  12. 12. THANK YOU!Questions / Comments /Concerns
  13. 13. For more information contact: F. Douglas Scutchfield 121 Washington Avenue, Suite 212 Lexington, KY 40517 859-257-5678