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The Mobile Internet of Things and Cyber Security


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Published in: Technology
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The Mobile Internet of Things and Cyber Security

  1. 1. The Mobile Internet of Things and Cyber Security Andy Davis, Research Director NCC Group Image from:
  2. 2. Which has recently been in the news with security issues? 1. Rubbish bin Images from: 2. POS terminal 3. Refrigerator
  3. 3. Price is low Gartner: The Internet of Things, which excludes PCs, tablets and smartphones, will grow to 26 billion units installed in 2020 Image from:
  4. 4. Machine to Machine communications • Assumptions about who can communicate with these devices Image from:
  5. 5. Security through obscurity • Outdated concept • Hidden != Protected • Still alive in the embedded world • Who would want to reverse-engineer this? Image from:
  6. 6. Software updates? • Auto-updates? • Manual updates unlikely • Vulnerabilities persist for years Image:
  7. 7. End users / OEMs: What do you need to know? • Devices are cheap (for you and for an attacker) • If machines can talk to your machine then so can humans • If data need protecting, encrypt it, don’t hide it – someone will find it • If updates are available, make sure you install them • Attackers are actively targeting these devices