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Managing External Relations and Off Campus Conduct


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This presentation is from the webinar, Managing External Relations and Off-Campus Conduct, presented by the National Center for Campus Public Safety (NCCPS). In this November 2015 webinar, four engaging speakers from Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) in Richmond, VA discuss managing external relations and off-campus conduct. Learn how the VCU Police Department has worked strategically with campus partners such as neighboring community and student groups, property-owners, local police, and city stakeholders to address the issues.

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Managing External Relations and Off Campus Conduct

  1. 1. Virginia  Commonwealth  University  Police  Department   Richmond,  Virginia     Managing  External  Rela.ons     and  Off  Campus  Conduct       Na<onal  Center  for  Campus  Public  Safety  Webinar   Nov.  10,  2015  
  2. 2.     John  Venu.   Chief   Introduc.ons   Chris  Preuss   Assistant  Chief     Shana  Mell   Performance   Management   Coordinator   Greg  Felton     External  Rela.ons   Officer  
  3. 3. This  is  VCU:   Urban  university  in  downtown  Richmond,  Va.     (pop.  217,000)   2  campuses   (academic  and  medical/Level  1  trauma  center)     21,000     staff   203     buildings   31,000     students  
  4. 4. We  aRribute  our  success  to:   Collabora.ons  and  partnerships   Innova.ons   Technology  
  5. 5. VCUPD     and  the  community   2010  A  rela.onship   disconnect   2015  A  trust     exchange  
  6. 6. Community  issues     and  concerns  were     not  geTng  resolved  
  7. 7. In  2010  
  8. 8. VCU  Neighborhood  Team:     a  first  step   VP  Division     of  Community   Engagement   VCU   Neighborhood   Team   consists  of:   Public   Affairs   Student   Affairs  and   Judicial   Affairs   Campus   Police   Office  of   Sustainability   Student   Government  
  9. 9. It  wasn’t  enough     to  tell  students  to  be   good  neighbors  
  10. 10. We  s.ll  had  problems  with  off-­‐campus:   Noise   End-­‐of-­‐school-­‐year  dumping    
  11. 11. External  rela.ons  officer  (2012)   Officer  Greg  Felton       Works  with     community  partners     Handles  complaints     against  students       Provides  dedicated  contact  
  12. 12. We  needed  to     build  external  rela.onships     Collabora.ons   Partnerships  
  13. 13. Life  cycle  of  a  complaint   Complaint    by  resident   External   rela.ons   officer     follows  up     Student   residents   and/or   landlord   contacted     Police  receive   feedback  and   determine   next  ac.on  
  14. 14. LeRers  to  landlords   Urging  more  responsibility  with  tenants   31   2014-­‐15     2013-­‐14   2012-­‐13   7   3   2015-­‐16   to  date   0  
  15. 15. Noise  complaints   Improved  communica.on  and  response    Visits  for  noise/party  complaints    Evic<ons    Mul<ple  complaints           21   2012-­‐13   166   2014-­‐15     39   73   200+   2013-­‐14   186   27   57  
  16. 16. Landlord  buy-­‐in   “A  game  changer”,,  vigilant     Genuine  partnership  between     VCUPD  and  property  owners    
  17. 17. Report  suspicious  ac.vity,   crimes,  ongoing  ac.vity   8,600+  users  as  of  May  2015   Results:   2013-­‐14  —  58  calls   2014-­‐15  —  49  calls  to  date   LiveSafe  app   August  2013   Video  cameras  on  campus   August  2013   Evaluated,   replaced,   reposi.oned   Proven   crime   deterrent   Help  track,  find,   arrest,  prosecute,   convict  individuals  
  18. 18. Project  Clean  &  Green  Move  (2014)     Collabora.on  between  VCU     and  the  community   Addresses  end-­‐of-­‐school-­‐year  dumping     Saturday  neighborhood  clean  ups    
  19. 19. Innova.ons   Technology   Enhancing     community  rela.ons:  
  20. 20. Robbery  incidents   2012-­‐13   2013-­‐14   2014-­‐15     2011-­‐12   2010-­‐11   2009-­‐10   26   12   17   14   10   10   2015-­‐16   to-­‐date   2
  21. 21. prtysmrt   Register  your  party     Text  message  alerts   about  complaints     2  chances  and     30  minutes  to  comply   October  2013  
  22. 22. Report  suspicious  ac.vity,   crimes,  incidents     •  Texts  /  calls  to  dispatch   •  Photos  /  videos   •  Screen  captures  of  social   media  posts       10,750  users  as  of  Nov  2015   LiveSafe  app   August  2013  
  23. 23. LiveSafe  .p  breakdown  
  24. 24. Noise  suppression  vehicle     August  2014   Suppress  and  monitor   noise  off  campus   Audio  and  video   recording  equipment  
  25. 25. All  of  this  =  beRer  community  rela.ons   Community  policing  has  worked  for  VCU   Increased     trust  and     collabora.on   Increased   calls  for     service   Increased   police   visibility     in  the   community   Reduced     fear    =   =   =  
  26. 26. New  way  Old  way   Good  rela.onships     with  property  owners,   businesses  and  residents     Direct  and     immediate  responses  to   community  concerns     Use  of  innova.on     and  technology     Poor  rela.onships     between  VCUPD  and     the  community     LiRle  follow-­‐up     to  calls,  complaints,   mee.ngs  and  emails     Maintaining  the     status  quo     VCU  Policing    
  27. 27.      
  28. 28. Direct  community  involvement   Immediate  responsiveness   Transferable  model  
  29. 29. Fall  2015   Collabora.on  on  an  issue  that  affects   neighborhoods  and  colleges  
  30. 30. Messaging   Partnerships   Outreach  
  31. 31.     Ques<ons?     For  more  informa<on:     Chief  John  Venu<   (804)  828-­‐1210