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Effective air traffic management critical for efficient and sustainable aviation growth.

NATS has worked with Oman, Qatar, Kuwait, Bahrain and UAE to support the safety efficiency and environmental performance of their airspace and has appointed John Swift as Director, NATS Middle East, to establish a permanent presence in the region. Demonstrating NATS’ strong commitment to the region, John is based in Abu Dhabi and responsible for developing the current and future Middle East activities into a significant, sustainable business.

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Middle East Brochure

  1. 1. ExpertiseWorld-leaders definingthe future of ATMMiddle EastPerformancethrough Innovation
  2. 2. Continuing to delivera safe and efficient serviceis critical, but our ambitionsgo beyond this. We areseeking to become aglobal leader in innovativeair traffic solutionsand airport performance.“”Richard DeakinNats Chief Executive Officer
  3. 3. NATS leads the aviationindustry in businessand technologicaldevelopment, offeringwide ranging expertiseand innovative servicesto meet the on-goingchallenges of airports,airlines, governmentsand ANSPs.2.2mFlights handledin FY2011/12Responsible for the London TerminalAirspace – handling traffic flying toor from London’s five airports in themost complex, high intensity pieceof airspace in the world53Aircraft an hourGatwick is the busiest singlerunway airport in the world,handling 250,815 flightsin 2011NATS services are proven in theworld’s most complex airspace andprovide our customers around theworld with a valuable commercial focus.Backed by the substantialresources of the organisation,NATS is constantly seeking innovativeways to manage every aspect ofair traffic, helping our customersperform and grow with maximumsafety and efficiency. Our solutionswill help your organisation performat the highest level.FindingbettersolutionsTotal ATMs 2010Air trafficmovement (ATM)for top airports3 runways2 runways1 runwayJeddah (130)Cologne-Bonn (121)HeathrowMunich (368)Dubai (281)Manchester (150)Hamburg (138)Riyadh (110)Abu Dhabi (92)Kuwait (79)Damman (46)(449)GatwickBerlin Tegel (153)Stansted (143)Doha (119)Bahrain (95)Amman (62)Muscat (61)(234)400k500k300k200k100k0
  4. 4. Ourservices1,300Flights managed atHeathrow per dayMoving 90 aircraft per hour duringthe operating day; it is the mostintensively utilised airport in EuropeTo deliver performance at the very highest levelwe offer a comprehensive range of productsand services. These are grouped into six distinctservice lines, providing focused solutions inall areas of air traffic management.AirspaceCombining people and procedureswith cutting edge technology inthe en route, terminal and oceanicenvironment, NATS provides airspaceusers unparalleled customer service,environmental efficiency and safetyassurance.AirportsWorld leading airport optimisationand capacity enhancement. NATSimproves operational capabilitythrough our experience and knowledgegained daily at the busiest runwaysin the world. In the UK NATS providesATC at 15 of the largest, most complexairports including London Heathrowand London Gatwick.ConsultancyExpert services providing efficiency,optimisation and capability whateverthe challenge. NATS supports airports,airlines, governments and ANSPs inimprovement programmes acrossthe whole aviation sector.EngineeringSeamlessly and safely integratingtechnology in operations across theglobe. NATS experience and expertiseensures that the integration andtransition of new systems into airportoperations provide the regulatorycompliance, performance enhancementor cost efficiencies that the customerrequires without impacting uponoperational performance.DefenceSupporting and optimising militaryoperations by sharing costs andexpertise. NATS offers joint solutionsimproving airspace usage, technologysharing and operational innovationthrough encouraging partnershipbetween civil and military authorities.InformationUnlocking the value of data anddelivering the next generation ofcustomer services. NATS provideshigh quality dynamic data servicesoptimising airline and airport operations.
  5. 5. Since our formation in 1962, NATShas acted as a pioneer of air trafficcontrol. Our progressive approachhas established NATS at the forefrontof the industry, leading evolution toincrease safety and efficiency as wemove into more technologicallydriven times.In 2001 the Public-PrivatePartnership became effective for NATS.This saw the company undertakea journey as NATS evolved to bestserve our customers: the UK regulatorCAA and its UK airport owners.Since then we have expanded ouroperations internationally, providinginnovative solutions that answer ourcustomers’ toughest challenges at atime when cost as well as performancehave never been more critical.Ourjourney1996NATS is reorganised intoa company and becomesa wholly-owned subsidiaryof the CAA 2000Transport Act enshrines thePublic-Private Partnershipthat introduces a new ownershipmodel to drive efficiency200310 year £1 billion investmentprogramme launched1972Becomes part of UKregulator CAA1962NATS established2011NATS wins Spanishtowers contract2010Completion of the two-centrestrategy with control centresin Swanwick and PrestwickFor a full history of NATS, visit us at:nats.co.uk/about-us/our-history
  6. 6. 23 UAE› Operationalperformance summaryDubai InternationalAirport› Public Safety Zonestudies for DubaiAirports, Conceptsof operations› Procedure design forthe new Al MaktoumInternational Airport 24 Qatar› Two year airspacedesign andimplementationconsultancy projectat the new DohaInternational Airport 25 Bahrain› Airport capacitystudy› Procedure designservices 26 Kuwait› Single RunwayOperationsconsultancycontract for KuwaitInternational Airport› AIM roadmapfor the KuwaitDirectorate Generalof Civil Aviation› EngineeringConsultancy forKuwait InternationalAirport 27 Oman› Airspace designsafety managementtransition supportfor DGMAN› Support forimplementationof the new Safety andQuality DepartmentRegionalactivity2625232427 14 Albania› Consultancy(economic)› Operational support(new centre) 15 Turkey› Capacity StudyContract to TAV 16 South Africa› Procedure design forATNS South Africaaround the 2010World Cup 17 India› Capacity enhancementstudy to analysereducing congestion,enhancing productivityand increasingoperational efficiencyat Mumbai and DelhiInternational Airports 18 Japan› Airport capacitymodelling and analysisto help the design anddevelopment of Narita 1 UK› Tower air traffic andengineering servicesat 15 of the UK’sbusiest airports› Control tower fit outi.e. Jersey, Manchesterand Newcastle Airports› World firstenvironmental metricand performancescheme to drive downcarbon emissions andfuel costs 2 USA› Technical supportservices tocommission FAA enroute infrastructure› Transatlanticnetworking of SWIMenabling technologies(e.g. A-CDM) 3 Spain› ferroNATS to provideATS at ten airfields› iTec partnership withDFS, AENA, LVNL› Indra Galileo Servicesconsolidation 4 Gibraltar› Air traffic controland medical services› Hazard analysis 5 Iceland› Onward routed radardata feed 6 Ireland› Airport capacity studies 7 Norway› ATC supervisor trainingfor Avinor ASATS dataservices› Aviation data andspecialist ATC trainingservice 8 Belgium› Eurocontrolconsultancy 9 Netherlands› Onward routed radardata feed (Eurocontrol) 10 Luxembourg› Air Traffic SafetyElectronic Personnelcourse materialdeveloped forEurocontrol 11 Slovakia› AB-initio safetymanagement training› AB-initio controllertraining 12 Romania› ATC refresher trainingfor Romatsa› Ab-initio refreshertraining services 13 Italy› Navigational aidsinstallation TarantoAirport2563497113121117191821201622Providingservicesworldwide 19 Hong Kong› Airspace re-designand ATC trainingservices for CivilAviation Department 20 Singapore› Terminal airspacedesign and ATCsystem surveillancetrackers’performanceprojects underway 21 Brunei› ATCO and supervisortraining 22 Australia› Airport capacitybenchmarkingand operationalperformance analysisfor four airports:Brisbane, Melbourne,Perth, Sydney› Programmemanagementenhancement forAir Services Australia810 1415
  7. 7. YourpointsofcontactHeadquartersFor more informationvisit our website:nats.aero/me5th Floor South,Brettenham House,Lancaster Place,London WC2E 7ENUnited KingdomChief Executive OfficerRichard DeakinPA: Amanda FarrowTel: 00 44 1489 616 380amanda.farrow@nats.co.ukManaging Director, ServicesPaul ReidPA: Jane BenfieldTel: 00 44 1489 445 504jane.benfield@nats.co.ukSafety DirectorDavid HarrisonPA: Pauline Carter-HedgerTel: 00 44 1489 616 421pauline.carter-hedger@nats.co.ukBusiness Development DirectorAndy HeadPA: Sophie RichardsonTel: 00 44 20 8750 3608sophie.richardson@nats.co.ukOperations Director (Airports)Mike StollerPA: Louise McPhailTel: 00 44 20 8750 3705louise.mcphail@nats.co.ukInternational Accounts DirectorSimon LearyTel: 00 44 20 8750 3612simon.leary@nats.co.ukGeneral Manager Customer AffairsAndy ShandTel: 00 44 1489 444 924andy.shand@nats.co.ukEngineering DirectorIain HarrisPA: Louise McPhailTel: 00 44 20 8750 3705louise.mcphail@nats.co.ukHead of ConsultancyFergus CusdenTel: 00 44 20 8750 3629fergus.cusden@nats.co.ukHead of InformationBen KiffTel: 00 44 20 8750 3727ben.kiff@nats.co.ukHead of EnvironmentIan JopsonTel: 00 44 1489 615 701ian.jopson@nats.co.ukUKDirector,NATS Middle EastJohn SwiftTel: 00 971 (0) 50 329 2732John.Swift@nats.aeBusiness Development Manager,Middle EastThierry NarnioTel: 00 44 20 8750 3615thierry.narnio@nats.co.ukPrincipal Consultant,Middle EastPeter BullTel: 00 44 7920 750 337peter.bull@nats.co.ukMiddleEast
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