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May 2012 Mobile Report

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Native Mobile Monthly Report - May 2012

  6. 6. NOKIA LOSES TOP HANDSET MAKER POSITION INSERT IMAGE IN »  Nokia has held the title of “Worlds biggest handset maker” BACKGROUND for 14 years. »  It has now been bumped off itsMAKE SURE IT FILLS THIS top spot by Samsung based on shipments in the first quarter of SPACE 100% 2012. »  Samsung shipped 93.5 million handsets. »  Nokia shipped 82.7million handsets. Forbes, 16 May 20126 MOBILE MONTHLY REPORT/MAY 2012
  7. 7. SAMSUNG VS. APPLE The smartphone market is becoming what many are calling a “a two horse race” INSERT IMAGE IN between Samsung and Apple, something that Nokia CE BACKGROUND Stephen Elop wanted to prevent MAKE SURE IT FILLS THIS when Nokia released its range of high-end cellphones in SPACE 100% partnership with Microsoft in February 2011 - but offerings like the Lumia 800 have been slow in sales.Forbes, 16 May 2012 7 MOBILE MONTHLY REPORT/MAY 2012
  8. 8. APPLE DROPS 4G NAME »  Apple has dropped “4G” from the name of its new iPads that support Long Term Evolution (LTE) networks, this after the use of the term INSERT IMAGE IN landed it in hot water in Australia. »  An iPad 3 with support for mobile broadband BACKGROUND now bears the name “Wi-Fi+ Cellular” with the product description explaining that the deviceMAKE SURE IT FILLS THIS can connect to certain “4G LTE” networks. »  Core explained that it has taken steps to SPACE 100% ensure that customers are informed that the LTE features of the iPad 3 won’t work in South Africa. »  Despite the lack of commercial LTE networks in South Africa, the iPad 3’s specifications do allow it to connect to all our 3G networks. MyBroadband, 14 May 20128 MOBILE MONTHLY REPORT/MAY 2012
  9. 9. GOOGLE- MOTOROLA DEAL INSERT IMAGE IN »  The worlds number one Internet search engine is set to develop its own line of BACKGROUND »  smartphones. Google, which will be the newest entrantMAKE SURE IT FILLS THIS to the handset market, announced plans for the acquisition last year in a bid to secure Motorola’s valuable patents and SPACE 100% pave the way for a pairing of Google’s Android mobile software and Motorola’s handset business. »  Chinese authorities have now given the go ahead for the $12.5 billion purchase of Motorola Mobility. ITWeb, 22 May 20129 MOBILE MONTHLY REPORT/MAY 2012
  11. 11. BLACKBERRY PLACES HOPES ON BB10 »  RIM unveiled its vision for the Blackberry 10 platform at the Blackberry World Conference and released the initial developer toolkit for native and HTML 5 software development. »  RIM is aware that this is their last chance to win over consumers, as users won’t carry on buying its phones or tablets unless developers get excited about the platform and create a wealth of apps to operate on it. »  The key will be to have apps that people want and perform to the level that people are used to on the IPad. »  The creation of locally and culturally relevant apps will make them an important marketing tool. IT News Africa, 1 May 201211 MOBILE MONTHLY REPORT/MAY 2012
  12. 12. RIM REPORTS LOSSES, LOOKING TO SELL INSERT IMAGE IN »  Struggling Blackberry-maker Research In Motion (RIM) filed an operating loss BACKGROUND for the second-straight quarter and will be laying off a number of employees, as many as 5000.MAKE SURE IT FILLS THIS »  RIM’s market capitalisation is now $5.5 billion, down from $84 billion at the SPACE 100% company’s peak in 2008. »  Bank advisors are weighing the options to sell, to split up the hardware and software business or a continued attempt to turn the company around. Business Report, 31 May 201212 MOBILE MONTHLY REPORT/MAY 2012
  13. 13. RIM OPENS LOCAL AUTHORISED ACADEMIC CENTRE INSERT IMAGE IN »  RIM announced the opening of the Blackberry Apps Lab at the University BACKGROUND of Pretoria.MAKE SURE IT FILLS THIS»  It aims to accelerate mobile SPACE 100% application development in South Africa. »  The Blackberry Apps Lab is part of RIM’s extensive developer programme that spans Africa. ITWeb, 31 May 201213 MOBILE MONTHLY REPORT/MAY 2012
  15. 15. VIRGIN MOBILE SA CEO STEVE BAILEY STEPS INSERT IMAGE IN DOWN AS DUBAI-BASED BACKGROUND TELECOMS COMPANYMAKE SURE IT FILLS THIS FRIENDI BUYS A STAKE »  SPACE 100% Richard Bransons Virgin Group is planning to dilute its shareholding in mobile virtual network operation (MNV) Virgin Mobile SA. »  It will reduce its 55% stake in virgin Mobile to a minority position to facilitate Friendi’s purchase. Tech Central, 18 May 201215 MOBILE MONTHLY REPORT/MAY 2012
  16. 16. MTN REPORTS A 4% INCREASE IN SUBSCRIBERS FOR THE INSERT IMAGE IN FIRST QUARTER 2012 BACKGROUND »  MTN Group reported a 4% rise in subscribers,MAKE SURE IT FILLS THIS totalling 170.6 million at the end of March 2012, from 164.5 million at the end of December 2011. SPACE 100% »  Its key markets played a large role namely South Africa, Nigeria and Iran. »  The number of subscribers rose by 3% in South Africa and Nigeria. Business Day, 4 May 201216 MOBILE MONTHLY REPORT/MAY 2012
  17. 17. VODACOM RELEASES Q1 RESULTS INSERT IMAGE IN »  In the year to March, total subscribers increased 30%, a gain of 11 million customers. BACKGROUND »  The bulk of the additions came from SAMAKE SURE IT FILLS THIS where the company added 6 million users. SPACE 100% »  The results show that data is twice the size of SMS (in terms of revenue streams), and this is likely to reflect in other networks. ITWeb, 21 May 201217 MOBILE MONTHLY REPORT/MAY 2012
  18. 18. VODACOM’S RESULTS SUMMARY »  SA grew subscribers 27% to 29 million, mostly due to a 31,3% gain in prepaid customers driven by low-cost handset deals. »  Data revenue increased 23.6%, driven by a 35.4% increase in active data customers to 12.2 million. »  Smartphone users remain the driving force behind data and now account for a 5th of all handsets on the local network. »  Smartphone users average monthly data use more than doubled, to 92MB a month. »  Vodacom continues to seek more affordable smartphones, which should come around $50 within the next 12-18 months.18 MOBILE MONTHLY REPORT/MAY 2012
  19. 19. VODACOM ADDS INSURANCE TO IT’S OFFERING INSERT IMAGE IN »  Vodacom expands its product portfolio by entering into the South African insurance market. BACKGROUND »  With a long-term and short-term insurance license, this allows Vodacom to underwrite and sell insuranceMAKE SURE IT FILLS THIS products. SPACE 100% »  Vodacom will leverage the direct links it has with more than 30 million customers which will reduce the costs of acquiring and serving customers. »  Vodacom is using its reputation as “one of SA’s most trusted brand” to attract customers looking for insurance products. ITWeb, 16 May 201219 MOBILE MONTHLY REPORT/MAY 2012
  20. 20. ALAN KNOTT-CRAIG AIMS TO SHAKE UP THE MARKET INSERT IMAGE IN »  Newly appointed Cell C CEO, who started Vodacom is now on a mission to compete more aggressively with its BACKGROUND biggest rivals MTN and Vodacom. »  In the last month, Cell C (who currentlyMAKE SURE IT FILLS THIS has 13% market share) has slashed broadband prices, introduced cheaper SPACE 100% prepaid tariffs and aims to cut contract call rates, hopefully to the original 25c when Knott-Craig was at Vodacom. »  It has also secured an equity injection of about R1,5bn from its parent company Dubai-based Oger Telecom. Tech Central, 30 May 201220 MOBILE MONTHLY REPORT/MAY 2012
  21. 21. PREPAID PRICE WARS »  Vodacom and Cell C slashed their prepaid rates, each coming out with INSERT IMAGE IN 99c per minute deals. »  In a rush to launch its 99c deal BACKGROUND after Cell C, Vodacom did not launch as expected due to aMAKE SURE IT FILLS THIS discrepancy relating to ICASA regulations regarding tariff SPACE 100% charges. Vodacom did not get approval from ICASA on its new rate. »  Vodacom issued a statement saying it had “mistakenly referred to the Freedom 99 promotion as a tariff”. ITWeb, 16 May 201221 MOBILE MONTHLY REPORT/MAY 2012
  22. 22. PREPAID PRICE COMPARISONS »  Second cellphone operator MTN turned its nose up at the significant prepaid pricing cuts announced by Vodacom and Cell C, saying it still offers “the most affordable prepaid experience” in the market. »  Cell C however provided a pricing table which disputes MTN’s claim: »  Industry observers say the recent developments signal a renaissance in the telecommunications pricing war that has for years been somewhat latent. MyBroadband, 17 May 201222 MOBILE MONTHLY REPORT/MAY 2012
  23. 23. FIRST CELL C SLASHES PRICES, NOW JOBS Cell C announced it is looking to INSERT IMAGE IN retrench 12% of its workforce. Cell C spokesperson Karin Fourie BACKGROUND confirms that “The objective of the restructuring process is to MAKE SURE IT FILLS THIS streamline the business, to bring the business closer to our customer SPACE 100% base and to make it more competitive” she says. “We are focusing on the areas of business that we believe are overstaffed.”Tech Central, 30 May 2012 23 MOBILE MONTHLY REPORT/MAY 2012
  25. 25. MOBILE LIFE IN SUB-SAHARAN AFRICA INSERT IMAGE IN »  Mobile Life reveals results from Sub-Saharan Africa and BACKGROUND the behaviours, motivationsMAKE SURE IT FILLS THIS and priorities of the regions mobile phone users. SPACE 100% »  South Africans surveyed said they would be the most interested (54%) in using their phones for location-based services in the future. Memeburn, 23 May 201225 MOBILE MONTHLY REPORT/MAY 2012
  26. 26. MOBILE USAGE IN AFRICA »  One in five mobile phone users in Sub-Saharan Africa now have a smartphone, with one in three in South Africa, and one in four in Nigeria. »  The mobile phone is the main electronic device used, coming second is a DVD player with 72% owning one. »  There is a strong desire to access the internet. The three main reasons to want a smartphone is to: –  Surf the internet (38%) –  Upgrade to a better phone (30%) –  Access to the latest features and services (26%) »  Nokia still leads, with little over half of all mobile phone users owning a Nokia as their primary phone. Samsung is distant second at 11% and Blackberry third at just under 6% Memeburn, 23 May 201226 MOBILE MONTHLY REPORT/ MAY 2012
  27. 27. INTERNET ACCESS The Internet Awakens IN SOUTH AFRICA REPORT 2012 The internet has finally penetrated 20% of South Africa’’s population, with the first signs of the mass 49mil market embracing digital tools on HEADLINE FINDINGS RELEASED INSERT IMAGE IN their phones. BY WORLD WIDE WORX 20% BACKGROUNDMAKE SURE IT FILLS THIS 8,5mil SPACE 100% 2,85mil only via mobile device 11mil web users by 2013 5,5mil 3G users 7,9mil via mobile device MyBroadband, 10 May 201227 MOBILE MONTHLY REPORT – MAY 2012
  28. 28. INTERNET ACCESS IN SA »  There are now an estimated 8.5-million internet users in the country, nearly 60% more than there were two years ago and around 90% of those access the web using mobile at some point. »  Even mobile users are increasingly moving to smart devices. In 2011 there were an estimated 8.5-million smartphones floating around the country and that number is set to grow to 11-million by the end of this year. »  6.02 million access the Internet on computer, laptop and tablet. 90% of these also access by phone. »  A total of 7.9 million South Africans access the Internet on their cellphones. »  2.48 million only access the Internet via cellphone. »  The number of 3G users in South Africa has grown to 5.5 million. MyBroadband, 10 May 201228 MOBILE MONTHLY REPORT/ MAY 2012
  29. 29. FACEBOOK MOBILE PENETRATION »  Facebook has 50% of all its INSERT IMAGE IN users on mobile phones coming in from BACKGROUND emerging markets like Nigeria and South Africa withMAKE SURE IT FILLS THIS Nigeria having the highest penetration of 81.2%. SPACE 100% »  All credits to Blackberry which is very popular among Nigerians. Tech Talk Africa, 14 May 201229 MOBILE MONTHLY REPORT/MAY 2012
  30. 30. FACEBOOK VS. MXIT IN TOWNSHIPS According to a recent ikapadata INSERT IMAGE IN report, Facebook is overtaking BACKGROUND MXit in townships. MAKE SURE IT FILLS THIS SPACE 100%ITWeb, 17 May 2012 30 MOBILE MONTHLY REPORT/MAY 2012
  32. 32. GOOGLE SA COMMISSIONS INTERNET ECONOMIC IMPACT SURVEY INSERT IMAGE IN »  A study conducted by World Wide BACKGROUND Worx reveals that the Internet economy in South AfricaMAKE SURE IT FILLS THIS contributes R59 million (2%) to its GDP. SPACE 100% »  This contribution is rising by around 0.1% year on year – meaning it will reach R79 million by 2016, contributing up to 25% to SA’s GDP. ITWeb, 30 May 201232 MOBILE MONTHLY REPORT/MAY 2012
  33. 33. THE SUNDAY TIMES NEXT GENERATION BRAND SURVEY RESULTS INSERT IMAGE IN »  This year polled over 5 500 urban and peri-urban youths across South BACKGROUND Africa. »  The annual study provides marketersMAKE SURE IT FILLS THIS with insights on how the local youth market perceive their brands. SPACE 100% »  The study illustrates young consumers brand preferences on what they think is cool. »  The annual youth spend in 2011 was R98.7 billion. HDI Youth Marketeers33 MOBILE MONTHLY REPORT/MAY 2012
  34. 34. SOME OF THE WINNERS 2012 »  Coolest Brand Overall 2012 »  Coolest Cell Phone All Groups (%) 1.  Blackberry 1.  Blackberry (36.72) 2.  BMW 2.  Nokia (22.40) 3.  Coca-Cola 3.  Apple iPhone (20.31) 4.  Samsung (4.57) »  Coolest Bank All Groups (%) »  Coolest Telecoms Provider All Groups (%) 1.  FNB (26.19) 1.  Vodacom (30.65) 2.  ABSA (24.36) 2.  MTN (28.30 3.  Standard Bank (20.61) 3.  Cell C (18.90 4.  Nedbank (11.57) Yomzanzi, 31 May 201234 MOBILE MONTHLY REPORT/MAY 2012
  35. 35. EMERGING MARKET COUNTRIES DRIVING UP INTERNET GROWTH »  Mary Meeker, renowned web analyst released her INSERT IMAGE IN »  2012 Internet Trends Report. 3G subscriptions only represent 18% of the worlds BACKGROUND »  total mobile subscriptions. Emerging markets may not be leading the way inMAKE SURE IT FILLS THIS terms of web growth, but they are when it comes to 3G growth. SPACE 100% »  No African countries made the top 15 list of countries with the most 3G subscribers. However, given that the majority of mobile devices with 3G capability are smartphones, Africa has a long way to catch up. »  Right now, there are only 935 million smartphone subscribers out of 6.34 billion global mobile subscribers. Memeburn, 31 May 201235 MOBILE MONTHLY REPORT/MAY 2012
  36. 36. Global Mobile Web Ad Impression Growth by Vertical on the Ad Exchange and AdSense Q4 2011 250% growth in mobile impressions - Display Business Trends Publishers Edition INSERT IMAGE IN BACKGROUNDMAKE SURE IT FILLS THIS SPACE 100%36 MOBILE MONTHLY REPORT/ MAY 2012
  38. 38. FNB LAUNCHES GEO-PAYMENT »  FNB offically launched a new INSERT IMAGE IN functionality within its app that allows for geo-mobile payments. BACKGROUND »  This new feature allows users to be within a 500 metre radius to send andMAKE SURE IT FILLS THIS receive money without the need to exchange banking details. SPACE 100% »  You need not be an FNB customer to receive money, but only FNB account holders are able to make payments. »  FNB has also extended the scope of its banking app by adding eWallet to the menu. ITWeb, 30 May 2012 Memeburn, 9 May 201238 MOBILE MONTHLY REPORT/MAY 2012
  39. 39. MXIT LAUNCHES OWN GE0- PAYMENT SYSTEM INSERT IMAGE IN However, FNB is not the first to market. MXit also announced its BACKGROUND own geo-fenced payment system. MAKE SURE IT FILLS THIS The application known as Gust is a step away from MXit Moola that SPACE 100% wont rely on MXit’s platform. A Beta version is expected to be ready in June. Bandwidth Blog, 8 May 201239 MOBILE MONTHLY REPORT/MAY 2012
  40. 40. WI-FI IN THE SKY »  In a South African first, Mango flyers can now surf the web at 30 000 ft. »  G-Connect In-Flight Wi-Fi is a service INSERT IMAGE IN that is compatible with most Wi-Fi enabled devices including BACKGROUND smartphones, tablets and laptopsMAKE SURE IT FILLS THIS and allows for full internet connectivitiy including sending and SPACE 100% receiving emails, web browsing and the use of social networks. »  Data heavy services like YouTube and peer-to-peer downloads, are however not allowed. Bandwidth Blog, 10 May 201240 MOBILE MONTHLY REPORT/MAY 2012
  41. 41. WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW»  During the test flight, the connection crashed under the load of +- 100 users trying to connect simultaneously. Lesson learnt – as long as no more than 6 people try to connect at once, it INSERT IMAGE IN should be a breeze. BACKGROUND»  For the jetsetters, there are 3 packages to choose from: MAKE SURE IT FILLS THIS •  •  One way @R50 One-day pass @ R90 SPACE 100% •  Per minute option @R1 per minute»  The rollout should see 80% of Mango’s fleet online by end of June 2012. Bandwidth Blog, 10 May 201241 MOBILE MONTHLY REPORT/MAY 2012
  42. 42. EXPENZA FOR BLACKBERRY »  With BlackBerry’s 8520 as the most popular phone in South Africa, developers of the INSERT IMAGE IN BlackBerry version of ExpenZA ensured that the app worked optimally for BACKGROUND BlackBerry’s OS5 and higher. » MAKE SURE IT FILLS THIS ExpenZa aims at helping people make smarter decisions about their finances SPACE 100% through the automation of expense tracking by intercepting the expenditure SMS message sent by various banks in South Africa and uses the information contained in that SMS to automatically populate a user’s expense list. Bandwidth Blog, 18 May 201242 MOBILE MONTHLY REPORT/MAY 2012
  43. 43. CELLPHONES ACT AS PANIC BUTTON IDMe is a cell phone based INSERT IMAGE IN voice-free panic button that BACKGROUND allows the activation of a panic button in an emergency. MAKE SURE IT FILLS THIS On activation, the panic button SPACE 100% will initiate a response by ER24 Emergency Medical Services.ITWeb, 23 May 2012 43 MOBILE MONTHLY REPORT/MAY 2012
  44. 44. WACS GETS SWITCHED ON »  The West Africa Cable System (WACS) INSERT IMAGE IN will add more than 40% to South Africa’s existing international broadband capacity. BACKGROUND »  Even though MTN is the largest investor in WACS, as WACS went live,MAKE SURE IT FILLS THIS Vodacom took the opportunity to announce that it aims to harness the SPACE 100% capacity of WACS and mobile technology to “spread Internet access to all South Africans”. »  WACS will ultimately drive down prices and provide more reliability. ITWeb, 11 May 201244 MOBILE MONTHLY REPORT/MAY 2012
  46. 46. MOBILE SECURITY CONCERNS IN AFRICA INSERT IMAGE IN »  SensePost MD Charl van der BACKGROUND Walt raises security issues at the ITWeb Security Summit.MAKE SURE IT FILLS THIS »  One point he made is that the SPACE 100% powerful features available on smartphones open these devices up to attacks. ITWeb, 22 May 201246 MOBILE MONTHLY REPORT/MAY 2012
  47. 47. INTERNET ACCESS IN SA »  By 2015, the number of mobile-only Internet users will have grown 56-fold worldwide. The same growth pattern is being seen in Africa. »  “Mobile will outstrip all other devices as the primary computing device for Africans,” said Van Der Walt. “In Africa, by 2015, there will be more people with mobile access than electricity at home. Theres got to be a game changer in there somewhere.” »  Looking at the mobile threat model, Van Der Walt said the three core areas of concern are security, privacy and control. ITWeb, 22 May 201247 MOBILE MONTHLY REPORT/MAY 2012
  48. 48. ESKIMI, A SOCIAL NETWORK FOR FEATURE PHONES REACHES 7M USERS INSERT IMAGE IN »  Lithuanian-based Eskimi originally BACKGROUND launched as a mobile web service, recently went over the 7 million userMAKE SURE IT FILLS THIS mark, growing 1 million in the last month. SPACE 100% »  +- billion monthly ad impressions. »  Half of its users are from Nigeria. »  Its largest markets are Nigeria, Ghana, Vietnam and Indonesia. Memeburn, 25 May 201248 MOBILE MONTHLY REPORT/MAY 2012
  49. 49. NOLLYWOOD BLACKBERRY BABES INSERT IMAGE IN »  Blackberry Babes is a Nigerian BACKGROUND comedy that exaggerates theMAKE SURE IT FILLS THIS Nigerian craze for the Blackberry. » SPACE 100% v=h3rAItM0lMw49 MOBILE MONTHLY REPORT/MAY 2012
  51. 51. CHINA HITS 1B MOBILE PHONE USERS »  The latest stats, released by INSERT IMAGE IN China’s Ministry of Industry and BACKGROUND Information Technology, show that there are approximately 1 030 052 MAKE SURE IT FILLS THIS 000 mobile users in the country. SPACE 100% »  Considering the population is around 1.3 billion that means more than 76% of Chinese citizens have one.Memeburn, 24 May 2012 51 MOBILE MONTHLY REPORT/MAY 2012
  52. 52. YAHOO LAUNCHES AXIS »  A web exploration and search tool. »  It is both a mobile browser and a desktop plugin that gives users visual search results as they type. INSERT IMAGE IN »  It includes a personalised homepage which stays with you across your BACKGROUND desktop, IPad and iPhone. MAKE SURE IT FILLS THIS »  It allows you to easily pick up where you left off when you switch devices. SPACE 100% »  At the moment it is only available for iOS devices, while the plugin is available on all HTML 5 enabled desktop browsers.Memeburn, 25 May 2012 52 MOBILE MONTHLY REPORT/MAY 2012
  53. 53. FACEBOOK IPO’S AND HINTS AT ITS DESIRE TO INCREASE ITS MOBILE CAPABILITIES INSERT IMAGE IN »  Making multiple mobile app acquisitions. BACKGROUND »  Rumoured to be building its own handset.MAKE SURE IT FILLS THIS »  Rumoured to be buying browser maker SPACE 100% Opera. »  Expanding into North Africa and the Middle East to boost advertising sales. »  However Facebook’s IPO is in dire straits being recorded as the worst- performing in a decade. Tech Talk Africa, 31 May 2012 PC World, 19 May 2012 TechCentral, 15 May 201253 MOBILE MONTHLY REPORT/MAY 2012
  54. 54. CHELSEA FC APP LAUNCHED »  Irrespective of where you are, you get the latest news first, INSERT IMAGE IN video-on-demand, match BACKGROUND reports, live match commentary and much more.MAKE SURE IT FILLS THIS »  Premium content requires a SPACE 100% subscription. »  Compatible with Samsung phones running on Android 2.1 and above. Tech Talk Africa, 20 May 201254 MOBILE MONTHLY REPORT/MAY 2012
  55. 55. THE WORLDS FIRST WIKIPEDIA TOWN »  Relies on QR codes to link visitors with relevant articles on Wikipedia. »  Since the project began six months ago, INSERT IMAGE IN Wikipedia volunteers around the globe have contributed nearly 500 new articles in over BACKGROUND 25 languages MAKE SURE IT FILLS THIS »  On its official launch earlier this month, some 1,000 QR codes were already in place SPACE 100% throughout Monmouth. »  How long before initiatives such as this become a norm around the world?Springwise, 22 May 2012 55 MOBILE MONTHLY REPORT/MAY 2012
  56. 56. YOUTUBE TURNS 7 »  On the 21st May YouTube celebrated its 7th birthday. »  To celebrate, they compiled a video showcasing everything that has made them great to this day. INSERT IMAGE IN »  The video reveals some stats: BACKGROUND »  There are over 40 billion videos viewed every day MAKE SURE IT FILLS THIS »  72 hours of video are uploaded every minute SPACE 100% »  Over 600 million playbacks through YouTube Mobile every day » v=GLQDPH0ulCgDigital Buzz Blog, 22 May 2012 56 MOBILE MONTHLY REPORT/MAY 2012
  57. 57. JUNIPER RELEASES NEW REPORT ON NFC GROWTH »  According to tech analysis company Juniper Research, more than 1 in 4 mobile users in Western Europe and the US will make in-store INSERT IMAGE IN payments using NFC (Near-Field Communication) by 2017 – huge growth from BACKGROUND »  only 2% this year. The ability to ‘tap’ a phone and make a paymentMAKE SURE IT FILLS THIS has massive appeal for people, and could see NFC take the lead over other mobile payment systems. SPACE 100% »  For mobile wallet providers, NFC payments provide new and personalised retail marketing and sales opportunities above the capabilities of debit or credit cards. »  The collaboration between financial institutions and mobile network operators will help rapid market expansion from 2012. Memeburn, 30 May 201257 MOBILE MONTHLY REPORT/MAY 2012
  59. 59. THE KEY TRENDS IN MOBILE FOR MAY 2012 »  Blackberry loses overseas market, but continues to succeed in Africa. »  Network price wars in South Africa demonstrates a more aggressive stance for market share growth. »  The number of South Africans accessing the Internet through their cell phones is growing rapidly with smartphones and apps giving rise to the number of people connected. »  Emerging markets show massive contribution to worldwide Internet growth through 3G. »  The smartphone market is changing the dynamics of handset manufacturers – everyone is trying to get their share of the market. »  Facebook reveals serious ambitions to lead in the mobile space. »  The sending, receiving and tracking of money through mobile payment systems and apps proving their value in South Africa society.59 MOBILE MONTHLY REPORT/MAY 2012
  60. 60. CONTACT US Should you have any mobile insight, strategy, campaign or solutions requirements please contact any one of us. Angus Robinson | Director: Mobile, Content, Community & Media [tel] +27 (11) 555-3800 INSERT IMAGE IN [cell] +27 (83) 635 4400 [fax] 0867210884 BACKGROUND [email] Tracy Aberman | Mobile StrategistMAKE SURE IT FILLS THIS[tel] +27 (11) 555-3800 [cell] +27 (82) 754 6111 SPACE 100% [fax] 0867210884 [email] Vuyisile Sisulu | Mobile Technologist [tel] +27 (11) 555-3800 [cell] +27 (82) 679 5415 [fax] 0867210884 [email] MOBILE MONTHLY REPORT/MAY 2012