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June 2012 Mobile Report

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Native Mobile Monthly Report - June 2012

  2. 2. CONTENTS » Section 1: Mobile Events and Happenings » Section 2: Mobile Landscape » Section 3: Smartphones » Section 4: Tablets » Section 5: Mobile Networks » Section 6: Social Media » Section 7: Mxit » Section 8: Applications » Summary: Key Trends in Mobile for June 20122 MOBILE MONTHLY REPORT/JUNE 2012
  4. 4. APPLE UNVEILS iOS 6 AT WWDC • At its 2012 World Wide Developer Conference (WWDC), Apple unveiled its latest operating system for mobile devices • iOS 6 for iPhone 3G, 4 and 4S, 4th generation iPod Touch, iPad 2 and the new iPad, will come with new features: INSERT VIDEO HERE • FaceTime over 3G , • Facebook integration, • Siri smarter and integrated, 3D Maps to compete with Google Maps, • Mail update, • Passbook, • Photo-sharing through Photo Stream, • Safari iCloud tracking • Guided access for those with special needs Design Taxi, 12 June 20124 MOBILE MONTHLY REPORT/JUNE 2012
  5. 5. APPLE REVEALS STATS AT WWDC • There are over 365 million iOS devices in use, 80% of which are running iOS 5 • Apple also claims to have 140 million iMessage users, with 1 billion messages sent a day INSERT VIDEO HERE • The App Store has 400 million user accounts, with a total of 650 000 applications – 225 000 of which are designed for the iPad ITWeb, 12 June 20125 MOBILE MONTHLY REPORT/JUNE 2012
  6. 6. GOOGLE REVEALS STATS AT I/O CONFERENCE • The Internet Giant revealed that there has been a total of 400 million Android activations, with 1 million activated per day • This is substantial growth from the 700 000 INSERT VIDEO HERE activations Larry Page said the mobile OS was getting in January 2012 • Google says much of the growth occurred in emerging markets such as Indonesia • Android is the worlds most popular smartphone OS and owns 56% of the market • There are approximately 600 000 games and applications available for Android devices with 20 billion downloads Memeburn, 27 June 2012 The Next Web, 27 June 20126 MOBILE MONTHLY REPORT/JUNE 2012
  7. 7. MOBILE MAKES ITS FIRST APPEARANCE AT CANNES LIONS • A new category for 2012, Mobile received 965 entries from 47 countries • INSERT VIDEO HERE Leading the jury for the inaugural category was Tom Eslinger, digital creative director, Saatchi & Saatchi. 99 entries were shortlisted with 11 going on to win Gold, 14 Silver and 28 Bronze • Jason Xenopoulos, CEO of NATIVE, attended this years Cannes Lions festival Bizcommunity, 20 June 20127 MOBILE MONTHLY REPORT/JUNE 2012
  8. 8. MOBILE HEALTH SUMMIT HELD IN CT • GMSA, in partnership with mHealth Alliance, hosted the 2nd annual GSMA-mHealth Alliance Mobile Health Summit 2012 in Cape Town to encourage the collaboration and relationshipsINSERT VIDEO HERE needed to realise the potential of mobile health • Industry leaders discussed the role mobile platforms can have in the delivery and distribution of healthcare services around the world as well as driving the sustainability of mHealth Memeburn, 1 June 20128 MOBILE MONTHLY REPORT/JUNE 2012
  9. 9. MOBILE IN THE ENTERPRISE • The Mobile Monday event themed “Mobile in the Enterprise” provided expert opinions about driving operational efficiency through mobile technologies • Some of the trends discussed included: • Mobile data is faster and cheaper INSERT VIDEO HERE • Innovation in mobile phone hardware • Smartphones becoming cheaper • Competition among vendors • Growth of the ‘prosumer’ • Availability of enterprise mobility apps9 MOBILE MONTHLY REPORT/JUNE 2012
  11. 11. COCA-COLA USES MOBILE AS PRIMARY CHANNEL IN OLYMPIC CAMPAIGN • In its largest digital campaign ever, Coca-Cola leverages music to target teenagers and bring them closer to the Olympic Games, with mobile • playing a key role INSERT VIDEO HERE The Move to the Beat campaign includes the My Beatmaker application for smartphones, which enables teens to create their own beat through the motion of their phone • The mobile aspect of the campaign will be activated in more than 50 countries around the world with QR codes in store, SMS activation at live music events, links within the brand’s desktop and mobile experience for the Olympics and augmented reality associated with packaging Mobile Marketer, 6 June 201211 MOBILE MONTHLY REPORT/JUNE 2012
  12. 12. AFRICA - A MOBILE FIRST CONTINENT • Andile Ngcaba while speaking as part of a panel emphasized Africa is a mobile-centric society, noting that there are 95 mobile devices for every one PC. • Derek Wilcocks added that Africans were INSERT VIDEO HERE some of the early adopters of technology and while he stressed that technology was not always available to support some of the early innovation he noted that this is changing due to the Sea Cable landings on South African shores Image by Paul Butler, employee at Facebook Business Tech, 10 June 201212 MOBILE MONTHLY REPORT/JUNE 2012
  13. 13. INMOBI SHOWS IMPROVED USE OF BLACKBERRIES IN SA • Recent research conducted by InMobi into its South African network revealed steady growth of 14% in advertising impressions for the first quarter of 2012 • INSERT VIDEO HERE Total advertising impressions recorded on its South African network for the first three months of 2012 grew to over 5,4 billion, from the 4,7 billion recorded in the last quarter of 2011 • Advertising is clearly growing as an effective marketing channel in South Africa • Advertising impressions recorded from Blackberry 8520 mobile phones grew substantially from 9,8% to 32,6% since the last quarter InMobi, 6 June 201213 MOBILE MONTHLY REPORT/JUNE 2012
  14. 14. MOBILE MEDIA CONSUMPTION • A recent study conducted on mobile media consumption (InMobi & Decision Fuel, Mobile Media Consumption Research, Feb 2012), indicated that people are spending an average of 43 minutes or 11,3% of their day using online newspapers, INSERT VIDEO HERE magazines, radio, television and web browser platforms • This increases to 113 minutes or 29,7% when taking into account mobile web browsing only • Combined, these figures indicate that 40,9% of the publics total days media consumption is taking place online InMobi, 6 June 201214 MOBILE MONTHLY REPORT/JUNE 2012
  15. 15. KALAHARI’S MOBILE SHOPPING RESULTS • Online retailer revealed 2012 Mobile Shopping Survey findings, analysing behaviour of over 4 000 connected South Africans • The survey revealed that 73.4 percent of tablet owners INSERT VIDEO HERE were using the device to shop online, and that the Apple iPad was the most popular tablet in South Africa, followed by the Samsung Galaxy • It also showed more than a third of connected shoppers owned a tablet and used it to shop online for items such as electronic books, music, flight tickets, or for banking • A growing number of South African women were buying tablets, as from August 2011 to date, 54% of tablet buyers are male and 46 percent female.” Techsmart, 11 June 201215 MOBILE MONTHLY REPORT/JUNE 2012
  16. 16. KALAHARI’S MOBILE SHOPPING RESULTS (CONT.) TABLETS • 78.3% of SA’s connected shoppers own smartphones • INSERT VIDEO HERE 74.2% of shoppers access internet via smartphones everyday • Blackberry is the most popular Smartphone followed by Apple’s iPhone • Close to 98% feel accessing the mobile internet is as safe as accessing it through a fixed line • More than a quarter of SA’s connected are already shopping online using their phones, an 11.3% increase from last year • 63.2% plan to shop on their phones in the near future MyBroadband, 11 June 201216 MOBILE MONTHLY REPORT/JUNE 2012
  17. 17. DELOITTE’S ANNUAL TECHNOLOGY TRENDS REPORT • The 2012 report lists 10 trends grouped into 2 categories: • Category 1: Disruptors • INSERT VIDEO HERE Social Business, Gamification, Enterprise mobility, User empowerment, Hyper-hybrid cloud • Category 2: Enablers • Big data goes to work, Geospatal visualisation, Digital identities, Measured innovation, Outside-in architecture • Deloitte believes that these trends have the potential to elevate the business game with technology ITWeb, 14 June 201217 MOBILE MONTHLY REPORT/JUNE 2012
  18. 18. E-REPORT ON NEW URBAN TRIBES OF SA • Dion Chang’s trends analysis company Flux Trends defined 12 new South African urban tribes to help people connect with their customers in meaningful ways • Some names include “Diamond Chips”, “FaithINSERT VIDEO HERE Based Youth”, and Technohippies” • The report is available as an eBook through Amazon, Exclusive Books and Kalahari Memeburn, 8 June 201218 MOBILE MONTHLY REPORT/JUNE 2012
  19. 19. GLOBAL MOBILE ADVERTISING MARKET WORTH $5.3BN IN 2011 • This number comes out of a report done by the IAB Mobile Marketing Center of Excellence together with AIB Europe and HIS Screen Digest • INSERT VIDEO HERE The report also shows the regional shares with the Middle East Africa region making up 3.2% of the $5.3bn • Mobile advertising is the fastest growing part of the advertising industry • This was the first report initiated by Industry to size the mobile advertising market globally Mobile Magazine Magazine, 6 June 201219 MOBILE MONTHLY REPORT/JUNE 2012
  20. 20. SA 2ND IN ACCELERATING MOBILE-DRIVEN INTERNET GROWTH • This comes out of Ciscos annual Visual Networking Index (VNI), where after Country lead, systems engineering at Cisco SA, Leon Wright said “SAs rapid INSERT VIDEO HERE growth curve is hugely driven by consumer devices. The average person accessing the Internet via mobile means has three IP-enabled devices • Cisco projects mobile data traffic will grow 49-fold from 2011 to 2016 • Cisco says the proliferation of tablets, mobile phones and other smart devices, as well as machine-to- machine connections, are driving up the demand for connectivity ITWeb, 1 June 201220 MOBILE MONTHLY REPORT/JUNE 2012
  21. 21. Mobile subscriptions by region Q1 2012 “THE INTERNET IS GOING MOBILE” • Ericsson released their “Traffic and Market Report” looking at the mobile landscape for the next 5 years • Ericsson’s head of strategic marketing and intelligence Patrick Cerwall says “The Internet is going mobile. Mobile PC and tablet subscriptions will, by 2017 be at the • same level as fixed broadband subscriptions” INSERT VIDEO HERE In the first quarter 2012, globally there were 6.2 billion mobile subscriptions, 170 million net additions with smartphones accounting for 35-40% of all new phones sold • In Africa, there were 680 million mobile subscriptions in the first quarter, with 30 million net additions during the same period. This places the continent’s overall mobile subscription penetration rate at 55% • In sub-Saharan Africa, mobile subscriptions are expected to increase by 200-250 million in the next 5 ITWeb, 26 June 2012 years21 MOBILE MONTHLY REPORT/JUNE 2012
  22. 22. NEW VERSION OF WASPA’S CODE OF CONDUCT • The Wireless Application Service Providers Association (WASPA) recently added a “strong consumer protection clause” relating to WAP, to its Code of Conduct • INSERT VIDEO HERE The WASPA receive 150 000 complaints a month from people who want billing to stop on the Version 12.0 of the WASPA Code of Conduct services can be found here: • Russel Stromin, Chairperson of WASPA’s Code of Conduct committee said the new clauses represent a commitment towards ensuring South Africans mobile users feel secure when they interact with WASPA’s member services ITWeb, 18 June 2012 Bizcommunity, 20 June 201222 MOBILE MONTHLY REPORT/JUNE 2012
  23. 23. PMAILER CHANGES NAME TO EVERLYTIC • Philani Mdingi, Digital Marketing Manager says the name change reflects its product, Everlytic, as a unified platform for sharing content via email, mobile and social media with powerful analytics INSERT VIDEO HERE • The new name Everlytic is derived from its philosophy of being an ever evolving product that is always there for you and its powerful analytics that enable you to keep an eye on the bottom line, your campaigns return on investment Bizcommunity, 26 June 201223 MOBILE MONTHLY REPORT/JUNE 2012
  24. 24. STELLENBOSCH BECOMES A WI-FI TOWN • According to a report by the Cape Argus, Stellenbosch will become the first town in South Africa to offer the entire town free Wi-Fi • INSERT VIDEO HERE The “Internet Connectivity Project” initiative is a joint operation between the town, Stellenbosch University and Mxit • Pieter Ventor, Head of the Stellenbosch municipality’s finance portfolio states: “By the end of the year, the entire Stellenbosch area will have free Wi-Fi” Cape Argus, 20 June 201224 MOBILE MONTHLY REPORT/JUNE 2012
  25. 25. CLICKS TARGETS LOWER END CONSUMERS WITH MOBILE HEALTHCARE • Clicks has teamed up with healthcare purchaser Health Connects to launch cellphone healthcare vouchers that • can be redeemed at its pharmacies INSERT VIDEO HERE The prepaid vouchers, branded Impilo, which is a Nguni word for health or wellbeing, are aimed at people who do not belong to medical schemes • The vouchers, which are loaded onto a cellphone, are transferrable to other people and can be used to pay for consultations with nurses and over-the-counter medicines at any Clicks clinic. They are bought and redeemed in much the same way as prepaid electricity and cellphone airtime Bizcommunity, 12 June 201225 MOBILE MONTHLY REPORT/JUNE 2012
  27. 27. SMARTPHONE WARS MEANS NO SPACE FOR NEWCOMERS • A new report by ABI Research confirms that the smartphone market truly is a “two horse race” with results showing Apple and Samsung garner 50% of INSERT VIDEO HERE the global smartphone market and 90% of its profits, leaving RIM, Nokia and new-comers sitting in the wings • Smartphone shipments grew 41% year on year to 144.6m as of March 2012 • RIM and Nokia find themselves caught between a rock and a hard place - at the high end of the smartphone market is Samsung and Apple. At the low end cheap market is China’s Android devices becoming popular in emerging markets ITWeb, 20 June 2012 Tech Central, 1 June 201227 MOBILE MONTHLY REPORT/JUNE 2012
  28. 28. RIM DELAYS BLACKBERRY 10 LAUNCH • RIM has delayed the launch of its next generation Blackberry phones until next year- more than a year later than initially promised, causing its shares to drop 14% INSERT VIDEO HERE • RIM’s board is under mounting pressure to consider unpalatable options such as selling its network business or forming an alliance with Microsoft • One of these options is to for RIM to abandon its own operating system and adopt Microsoft’s upcoming Windows Phone 8 as Nokia has ITWeb, 29 June 201228 MOBILE MONTHLY REPORT/JUNE 2012
  29. 29. SAMSUNG GALAXY SIII LAUNCHED IN SA • The Galaxy SIII is believed to be the one phone that can compete with the iPhone • It became the fastest selling gadget in history when it was launched in Europe a few days earlier with 9 million pre-orders INSERT VIDEO HERE • Even after the next iPhone is released, around October this year, the S3 will outsell it in South Africa simply on the basis of greater availability • In the past, Samsung has ensured that the South African market is well-supplied with its devices Gadget, 8 June 201229 MOBILE MONTHLY REPORT/JUNE 2012
  30. 30. MTN SCORES EXCLUSIVITY ON NOKIA LUMIA 900 IN SA • Serame Taukobong, Chief Marketing Officer at MTN SA: “The award-winning smartphone is scheduled to arrive at MTN stores across the INSERT VIDEO HERE country on June 28th and available on an MTN Anytime 200 contract for R369 per month over 24 months including 75MB Internet bundle for the duration of the contract. MTN customers can experience world-class Internet connectivity in the palm of their hands.” • Nokia’s flagship Windows Phone Device, the Lumia 900 is Nokia’s top Windows phone- powered device ITNewsAfrica, 20 June 2012 Tech Central, 1 June 201230 MOBILE MONTHLY REPORT/JUNE 2012
  31. 31. VODACOM FIRST NETWORK TO OFFER HUAWEI FLAGSHIP SMARTPHONE INSERT VIDEO HERE • The dual-core Ascend P1 will be available from 7 July 2012 • South Africa is the first country outside China to see the long awaited P1 launched • The Vodacom deal is a coup with Huawei which has struggled to make inroads into the mobile market in SA despite being dominant in the supply of 3G modems • The exclusivity negotiated with Vodacom signals a new network war, following Nokia striking a deal with MTN for its Lumia 900 phone Gadget, 22 June 201231 MOBILE MONTHLY REPORT/JUNE 2012
  32. 32. NEW CATEGORY OF MOBILE USERS: SMARTPHONATICS • Research by ACI Worldwide and Aite Group details specific geographic ad demographic trends among emerging market segments • A smartphonatic is someone who changes their INSERT VIDEO HERE shopping, financial and payment behaviour as a result of owning a smartphone. These smartphonatics are driving the demand for mobile payments and banking • Globally, nearly 25% of consumers can be classified as smartphonatics • Identified smartphonatics by country represent a country’s mobile maturity level • South Africa ranks 2nd at 42% of smartphonatics in the world with the majority (36%) of smartphonatics are aged between 20 and 31 years old MyBroadband, 23 June 201232 MOBILE MONTHLY REPORT/JUNE 2012
  33. 33. SAMSUNG INTRODUCES NFC TAG SOLUTION • NFC stands for "Near Field Communication”, where you literally tap your phone against something to initiate the transfer • NFC tags are little stickers that, when touched by an NFC-enabled device, can then cause an action to happen • INSERT VIDEO HERE Samsung have launched their own version of NFC tags called TecTiles whereby the phone reads a TecTile chip in seconds and sends you straight to the programmed command • There are four link categories: location-based (Foursquare check- ins, Google Maps locations), social (Facebook Like, Facebook status post, Twitter profile), settings and apps (join Wi-Fi, turn phone on vibrate), and communication (send text, make a call • Future Samsung devices will contain the NFC capabilities to read TecTiles Digital Trends, 13 June 201233 MOBILE MONTHLY REPORT/JUNE 2012
  34. 34. STUDY SAYS DEVELOPERS PREFER IOS OVER ANDROID • According to the latest findings from research company Flurry Analytics, nearly 70% of new apps INSERT VIDEO HERE are built for iOS, while the other 31% are built for Android • While Google is winning the the mobile OS wars in number of handsets it ships out, its not winning with developers • While Google made some gains in Q1 2012, edging up to over 30% for the first time in a year, we believe this is largely due to seasonality, as Apple traditionally experiences a spike in developer support leading up to the holiday season Memeburn, 7 June 201234 MOBILE MONTHLY REPORT/JUNE 2012
  35. 35. GOOGLE CONFIRMS NEXT VERSION OF ANDROID IS “JELLY BEAN” • Google accidentally spilled the “beans” about • the next big Android release Users who tried to purchase an unlocked INSERT VIDEO HERE Galaxy Nexus from the Google Play store were greeted by a message describing the device as “the first phone with Android 4.1 Jelly Bean” • It can be confirmed that the operating system will be coming to the Galaxy Nexus HSPA+ version first • Google officially launched Android 4.1 at the I/O with the release of Jelly Bean Engadget, 21 June 201235 MOBILE MONTHLY REPORT/JUNE 2012
  37. 37. NO. OF TABLETS USED IN SOUTH AFRICA • Speaking at the Flux Trends Review 2012 conference, Arthur Goldstuck provided the latest World Wide Worx research on tablet penetration in South Africa • INSERT VIDEO HERE The statistics show there are roughly 240,000 Apple iPads, 215,000 Samsung Galaxy Tabs, and 5000 Blackberry Playbooks • This number would likely have increased as a result of the new iPad launch in April 2012 Gadget, 7 June 201237 MOBILE MONTHLY REPORT/JUNE 2012
  38. 38. WINDOWS 8 TABLET REVEALED • At a mysterious, last minute press conference, Microsoft confirmed it would be selling its own Microsoft branded Windows RT tablet under the Surface badge • Surface is Microsoft’s first attempt at developing its own hardware for Windows INSERT VIDEO HERE • Early hands-on reports are praising the Surface and it’s high build quality Tech Crunch, 18 June 201238 MOBILE MONTHLY REPORT/JUNE 2012
  39. 39. GOOGLE INTRODUCES NEW NEXUS 7 TABLET • At the I/O conference, Google debuted its co- branded tablet with Asus, barely a week after Microsoft revealed its first entry into the tablet market • INSERT VIDEO HERE The new Nexus 7 tablet, priced at $199, the 7” device is a tough competitor to the Kindle Fire • The device is designed to display Google Play content like magazines and movies • It features Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and NFC with a 9 hour video playback battery life, while only weighing 340g • The device will run on the new Android v4.1 Tech Crunch, 18 June 201239 MOBILE MONTHLY REPORT/JUNE 2012
  40. 40. AMAZON TO LAUNCH TWO NEW KINDLE FIRE TABLETS • The e-commerce giant is expected to launch the 7” “Coyote” and the 10” “Hollywood” tablets as early a next • month INSERT VIDEO HERE The announcement comes hot off the heels of Google’s announcement of the Nexus 7 tablet – an inexpensive tablet that many are calling the “Kindle Fire Killer” as it is specifically designed for users who enjoy watching movies, playing games and reading e-magazines- directly playing the Kindle territory Mashable, 28 June 201240 MOBILE MONTHLY REPORT/JUNE 2012
  41. 41. NEW SMART CASE FOR APPLE IPADS • The company has offered a magnetic Smart Cover since the launch of the iPad 2, but that doesn’t protect the back of the device • The R629 Smart Case covers the front and back of your iPad, leaving space for INSERT VIDEO HERE your camera, flash and dock connector, and comes in a variety of colours Mashable, 12 June 201241 MOBILE MONTHLY REPORT/JUNE 2012
  44. 44. BLACKBERRY BIS WARS • This month 8ta announced it would be offering a Blackberry Internet Service (BIS) package for half its usual price • A few days later, Cell C hit back with two offers of its own INSERT VIDEO HERE • These offering are making Blackberry a competitive option in the lower income groups Memeburn, 22 June 201244 MOBILE MONTHLY REPORT/JUNE 2012
  45. 45. 8TA PROVIDES BEST BROADBAND SERVICE • MyBroadband conducted its latest broadband survey this month, revealing that 8ta mobile broadband services tops the list of the best mobile broadband products in South Africa • The latest MyBroadband survey was completed by over 5,000 people, of which around 1,550 were INSERT VIDEO HERE wireless broadband users • 8ta received the highest average score which was boosted by a particularly high value for money rating • The table provides an overview of the average scores (out of 10) of the prominent mobile broadband services in South Africa MyBroadband, 27 June 201245 MOBILE MONTHLY REPORT/JUNE 2012
  46. 46. TELKOM LOOKING INTO 4G • Telkom could win the race to be the first large telecommunications operator in SA to launch a commercial fourth-generation (4G) mobile network using long-term evolution (LTE) technology • INSERT VIDEO HERE Telkom’s chief financial officer and acting CEO of its mobile unit, 8ta, Jacques Schindehütte, confirms that the company is planning the network and that the company believes its future lies more in mobile broadband services than in legacy cellular voice offerings Tech Central, 8 June 201246 MOBILE MONTHLY REPORT/JUNE 2012
  47. 47. 8TA SHOWS LIGHT AS TELKOM PROFITS SLUMP • In the face of a multimillion rand loss, 8ta subscriber numbers are up by 213.2% to nearly 1.5 million • The number of broadband users has also risen by 10% to 827 091 • INSERT VIDEO HERE The number of fixed lines in service fell below 4 million for the first time in decades • Perhaps this demonstrates how the dependence on fixed lines is decreasing as the number of mobile phone subscribers increases • The fixed line penetration rate has fallen to 7.9% of the population, from 8.3% previously, while mobile phone penetration rate is over 100% of the population Tech Central, 8 June 201247 MOBILE MONTHLY REPORT/JUNE 2012
  48. 48. MTN DEFENDS ITSELF IN IRAN MOBILE LICENSE SCANDAL • In the last month, MTN has faced allegations of bribery relating to a mobile license in Iran and has come under intense public scrutiny over its non-controlling 49% stake in Irancell INSERT VIDEO HERE • In March 2012, Turkcell filed a US$4.2bn civil claim accusing MTN of bribing Iranians and South Africans to get the license which was originally awarded to Turkcell • MTN Group CEO Sifiso Dabengwa: “MTN has been threatened and attacked by a disappointed competitor and a disgruntled former employee” • Former MTN Group CEO Phuthuma Nhleko has also denied allegations of bribery Tech Central, 8 June 201248 MOBILE MONTHLY REPORT/JUNE 2012
  49. 49. VODACOM, RIM GIVES CUSTOMERS A NEW WAY TO BUY APPS • Together with BlackBerry maker Research In Motion (RIM), the cellphone operator has devised a new billing service that enables Vodacom customers to INSERT VIDEO HERE buy apps by charging the transaction directly to their contract or prepaid account • “Vodacom customers will also be offered the flexibility of charging in-app purchases to their regular bill, or deducting the costs from their prepaid account” • According to Richard Boorman, Vodacoms Head of Corporate Affairs, the operator has a base of roughly two million BlackBerry users in SA ITWeb, 18 June 201249 MOBILE MONTHLY REPORT/JUNE 2012
  50. 50. VODACOM MD SIPHO MASEKO RESIGNS AFTER 9 MONTHS • MD of Vodacom SA and COO of the Vodacom Group since September last year, Maseko will INSERT VIDEO HERE be stepping down from all his directorships of the groups companies, says Vodacom. “[Maseko] has decided to leave the company to pursue other interests” ITWeb, 14 June 201250 MOBILE MONTHLY REPORT/JUNE 2012
  51. 51. EX VIRGIN CEO TAKES JOB AT GLO NIGERIA • Steve Bailey has been appointed Chief Commercial Officer at Glo • INSERT VIDEO HERE Glo is the largest mobile operator in Nigeria with more than 25 million subscribers after MTN who has more than 35 million subscribers in Nigeria Tech Central, 1 June 201251 MOBILE MONTHLY REPORT/JUNE 2012
  52. 52. CELL C TO GET NEW HEAD OFFICE CAMPUS Artists impression • The 50 000sqm campus north of Sandton will integrate all of Cell C’s disparate offices • It will include the head office, a national network INSERT VIDEO HERE operations centre, customer walk-in centres, the call centre and a distribution warehouse • It will be located opposite Top TV’s head office across the Buccleuch interchange and will form part of the Waterfall Business Estate development • It will house 2500 people including Cell C staff, contractors and suppliers • The expected move in date is December 2013 Tech Central, 25 June 201252 MOBILE MONTHLY REPORT/JUNE 2012
  54. 54. WORLD MAP OF SOCIAL NETWORKS • Facebook is the most popular social network in 137 countries worldwide – at least according to a combination of Alexa and Google Trends for Websites traffic data • This map shows how dominant Facebook has INSERT VIDEO HERE become The Next Web, 10 June 201254 MOBILE MONTHLY REPORT/JUNE 2012
  55. 55. FACEBOOK TO BE BUILT INTO iOS 6 • During Apple’s keynote at the Worldwide Developers Conference, Senior Vice President of iPhone Software Scott Forstall announced that the company’s mobile iOS 6 software — in beta now — will feature deep Facebook integration INSERT VIDEO HERE • Users who sign-in to Facebook via iOS will have access to the social network within popular apps such as calendar and contacts • Other features include uploading your Facebook location information right from Apple’s new Maps app, and posting a game score from Game Center Mashable, 13 June 201255 MOBILE MONTHLY REPORT/JUNE 2012
  56. 56. FACEBOOK LETS USERS FIND FRIENDS NEARBY • Users can now find fellow Facebook users who are in close proximity and add them without actually doing a search using their name • It is available on the mobile web and is now a feature for Facebook’s iOS and Android INSERT VIDEO HERE apps • Users concerned with privacy need not worry as you can only appear on the list of nearby people if you are logged onto Facebook and have the “Find Friends Nearly” page open at the time • This service has not been officially announced and may still be tweaked to curb any other privacy issues ITWeb, 25 June 201256 MOBILE MONTHLY REPORT/JUNE 2012
  57. 57. FACEBOOK LAUNCHES MOBILE- ONLY ADVERTISING • Marketers can now buy Sponsored Stories in the News Feed and specify where they would like those advertisements to appear: the desktop, mobile or both • INSERT VIDEO HERE Nearly half of Facebook’s more than 900 million users access the site via a mobile device. The more time users spend accessing the social network through its — until today, ad-free — mobile versions, the more ad revenue Facebook stands to lose. Thus, it is critical that Facebook develop mobile ad offerings that bring in as much revenue as its desktop ad products • In the two weeks since Facebook began selling mobile advertising separately, mobile sponsored stories got 13 times the click-through rates, and 11.2 times the money per impression on mobile compared to all of Facebook’s desktop ads Tech Crunch, 19 June 2012 Mashable, 7 June 201257 MOBILE MONTHLY REPORT/JUNE 2012
  58. 58. FACEBOOK LAUNCHES APP CENTRE • The app centre currently has around 600 apps available with big names on board like Draw Something, Pinterest, Nike+GPS and more • What makes it different? INSERT VIDEO HERE • It lets you browse the apps your friends use • Claims to only list high-quality apps based on recommendations • You can send apps from your computer to your mobile device with the “Send to Mobile” feature • Only available in the US for the moment Memeburn, 8 June 201258 MOBILE MONTHLY REPORT/JUNE 2012
  59. 59. IMPROVED FACEBOOK TWITTER INTEGRATION • There has been no official announcements but Facebook status updates will now carry links to INSERT VIDEO HERE hashtags and user handles • This will include additional rich media experiences related to a photo @mention or #hashtag • This will be helpful to people who like to manage their social media from one place Memeburn, 8 June 201259 MOBILE MONTHLY REPORT/JUNE 2012
  60. 60. TWITTER STATS IN SA • Portland Communications and Tweetminster monitored more than 11.5 million location-tagged tweets in Africa and conducted a survey of the continents 500 most active Twitter users to deliver what can described as the first comprehensive report on INSERT VIDEO HERE Twitter use on the continent • South Africans generate about 80 tweets per minute from its 1.1m registered twitter users Tech Talk Africa , 5 June 201260 MOBILE MONTHLY REPORT/JUNE 2012
  61. 61. TWITTER BIRD GETS A MAKEOVER • Twitter’s creative director Doug Bowman explains the design of the new bird: This bird is INSERT VIDEO HERE crafted purely from three sets of overlapping circles — similar to how your networks, interests and ideas connect and intersect with peers and friends • What does this mean for advertisers? • From now on, the new bird will be the universally recognisable symbol of Twitter • There is no longer a need for text, bubbled typefaces, or a lowercase “T” to represent the Twitter brand Mashable, 7 June 201261 MOBILE MONTHLY REPORT/JUNE 2012
  62. 62. FOURSQUARE MOVES FROM CHECK-INS TO RECOMMENDATIONS • The location-based social network Foursquare wants to help users find more INSERT VIDEO HERE things to do, rather than just arriving and checking-in • It has launched Version 5, changing the user experience to encourage discovery • Foursquare has also added a ‘like’ button onto friends check-ins Memeburn, 6 June 201262 MOBILE MONTHLY REPORT/JUNE 2012
  63. 63. MICROSOFT PURCHASES YAMMER • So, what exactly is Yammer? Well, its a simple social network designed not to connect you with family, but with your co-workers INSERT VIDEO HERE • Microsoft has purchased the company for $1.2 billion • Yammer will continue to live as a stand alone service, which should make its 5 million users and countless Fortune 500 customers happy • But Microsoft will certainly be looking to fold its features into its own suite of enterprise offerings like SharePoint and Office 365 Engadget, 25 June 201263 MOBILE MONTHLY REPORT/JUNE 2012
  64. 64. LINKEDIN GETS HACKED • LinkedIn experienced a security breach when 6.5 million hashed LinkedIn passwords were posted online by a Russian hacker • The company promised to add another layer INSERT VIDEO HERE of security by salting as well as hashing its database for account passwords, which makes the encrypted passwords harder to crack • The company has urged users to change their passwords Mashable, 8 June 201264 MOBILE MONTHLY REPORT/JUNE 2012
  65. 65. EXCLUSIVE BOOKS GAMIFIES ITS WEBSITE • has introduced “Stickers”, a first for online shopping in SA • Visitors to the website can now earn Smileys and Personal Discount Stickers INSERT VIDEO HERE and unlock group discounts • You now get rewarded for rating their products and sharing them via Twitter and Facebook • customers can now earn up to a 25% discount on books, ebooks, music, movies and games just by dragging and dropping stickers on to items they Exclusives Blog, 18 June 2012 want65 MOBILE MONTHLY REPORT/JUNE 2012
  67. 67. ALAN KNOTT-CRAIG JR LAUNCHES BOOK ON MXIT • Mxit is Africas largest social network, connecting users who have a mobile phone that connects to the Internet. INSERT VIDEO HERE • More than that, it has become a cultural force, a community of millions, with its own economy, its own infrastructure, its own systems, its own traditions • With 50-million users, in 120 countries, 23-billion messages a month and up to 50 000 daily signups, this is a story that needed to be told. Memeburrn, 1 June 201267 MOBILE MONTHLY REPORT/JUNE 2012
  68. 68. MXIT RELEASES USER API • Developers now have the ability to release social apps that build upon user information. In addition, it provides users the ability to control when their non-public personal information is shared with a third-party application • The User API opens up new API calls across 3 INSERT VIDEO HERE key areas for Mxit application developers to build upon: social graph, profile information, and media library Memeburrn, 1 June 201268 MOBILE MONTHLY REPORT/JUNE 2012
  69. 69. INSIGHT INTO MXIT & ITS FUTURE PLANS • In an interview, Alan Knott-Craig Jr gave the following insights into Mxit’s business model and future strategy for its expansion into Africa • Mxit makes its money from selling content • INSERT VIDEO HERE 30% of its revenue is from advertising • 70% is from users paying for digital content through its Moola currency • 80% of Mxit’s active user base is from South Africa at 10 million • Mxit has users in every African country – none over a million users (except SA with 10 million users) • Mxit has never spent any money on advertising- its name has spread purely through word-of-mouth Balancing Act, 5 June 2012 Polity, 13 June 201269 MOBILE MONTHLY REPORT/JUNE 2012
  70. 70. INSIGHT INTO MXIT & ITS FUTURE PLANS (CONT.) • How do people use Mxit? • Connect: to communicate with the outside world • Entertainment: to escape from the real world • Self-help: to learn in an anonymous and private environment • What makes Mxit so attractive? • Its handset agnostics- it works on both feature phones and smartphones • Its free • Where is Mxit going? • Help people build digital communities • Give people the means to make money • Connect every person in the world to one platform Balancing Act, 5 June 2012 Polity, 13 June 201270 MOBILE MONTHLY REPORT/JUNE 2012
  71. 71. INSIGHT INTO MXIT & ITS FUTURE PLANS (CONT.) • There are four things that Mxit is chasing: • Engagement with consumers • Real world payments- act as a plug-in/means of accessing money • In the pipeline with two major banks which is going to be announced soon • Mxit Reach – creating tools that enables Government and NGO’s to use Mxit as a communication platform and a means of delivering applications in an African context • Future vision: • To be the biggest platform in Africa for connecting people Balancing Act, 5 June 2012 Polity, 13 June 201271 MOBILE MONTHLY REPORT/JUNE 2012
  72. 72. THE MOBILE GATEWAY TO CONSUMER INSIGHTS • Pondering Panda, part of the World of Avatar, group which also owns Mxit, is a consumer insights company that uses the connectedness of mobile & digital technology to find out what people really think • INSERT VIDEO HERE With exclusive access to Mxit (Africa’s largest social network), it engages with millions of people, across the demographic spectrum, in real-time • With Butch Rice on board, Pondering Panda has completed over 1 million interviews using mobile technology in 6 months and shows no sign of slowing down, receiving between 1000 and 3000 responses within a 24 hour period72 MOBILE MONTHLY REPORT/JUNE 2012
  74. 74. TRADEPOST TO BE RENAMED TO SHOP • Mxit is planning a new Tradepost Structure, starting with renaming it to “Shop” and a INSERT VIDEO HERE redesign • Mxit is in the process of researching and testing the prototype on its users • The new structure should improve sales and the ability to find content easier • The new structure is available to test: “16) The Laboratory -> 8) Test the NEW Tradepost!” MXit Forum, 22 May 201274 MOBILE MONTHLY REPORT/JUNE 2012
  75. 75. PHOTO SHARING, FILTERING NOW POSSIBLE ON MXIT • Motribe has launched a new photo-based app called MxPix for people with feature phones INSERT VIDEO HERE • Not surprisingly, the Mxit community have embraced the app, particularly when the most commonly used device on Mxit is the Samsung E250 and Nokia 3110 • In the first 3 days after its launch it got: • Signups: 33,245 • Photos uploaded: 16,955 • Likes: 37,059 • Page views: 1,540,944 • Motribe has also added a ‘share to Facebook’ feature to MxPix Memeburn, 8 June 201275 MOBILE MONTHLY REPORT/JUNE 2012
  78. 78. GOOGLE, COCA-COLA WIN FIRST EVER MOBILE GRAND PRIX • Grow Interactive Norfolk / Johannes Leonardo New York took home the first Mobile Grand Prix for their INSERT VIDEO HERE Google entry Hilltop Re-imagined for Coca-Cola’ • Google created an Android and iPhone app in which people could actually send people free Cokes (from specially made and strategically located vending machines) from their phone. Users could send a personalised message along with the Coke—using Watch the video below to see Googles mobile ad: Google Translate to convey the message in the recipients language Business Insider, 20 June 201278 MOBILE MONTHLY REPORT/JUNE 2012
  79. 79. MOBILE APP FACILITATES FACEBOOK PAYMENTS • New Zealand ASB, will be launching in July a mobile banking app that will allow people to make payments through Facebook • ASB Mobile will allow people to pay their Facebook friends without using a bank INSERT VIDEO HERE account number, regardless of whether they are an ASB customer • Anna Curzon, ASB GM of brand experience and digital channels says “The next step in this evolution is being able to seamlessly make payments from their smartphones using Facebook as a channel ITWeb, 25 June 201279 MOBILE MONTHLY REPORT/JUNE 2012
  80. 80. TELKOM RELEASES FINANCIAL RESULTS APP • Designed and built by Telkom, the free app allows users to read annual reports, check annual and INSERT VIDEO HERE interim results as well as stay up to date with SENS announcements • The free iPad app is now live on the Apple App store and is available for public download in preparation for Telkom’s Annual Results Presentation on 8 June Gadget, 7 June 201280 MOBILE MONTHLY REPORT/JUNE 2012
  81. 81. IPAD APP FOR 8TA CUSTOMERS • 8ta has recently launched a self-service iPad app that will assist prepaid and contract customers in managing all their 8.ta data needs, even when the customer has no airtime • or data bundles. INSERT VIDEO HERE The app can be downloaded for free from the Apple App Store onto an iPad • With this app, the customer is able to manage their airtime and data bundle balances, redeem airtime vouchers, top-up online as well as purchase data bundles anywhere, anytime Gadget, 12 June 201281 MOBILE MONTHLY REPORT/JUNE 2012
  82. 82. NEDBANK INTRODUCES MOBILE BANKING APP TO EMPLOYEES • The Nedbank App Suite has been launched internally to the bank’s staff members for testing before being rolled out to the public • The app has been in development for 2 years • Nedbank CEO Mike Brown says the app will be INSERT VIDEO HERE available on smartphones and a variety of feature phones • Upon commercial launch, Nedbank says the App Suite will include a “first to market” online share trading offering, corporate batch authorisations and business banking password reset capability • “Other useful NedApps include mobile banking, balance enquiry, payments, transfers, branch locators, forex calculators, application lead forms and more” ITWeb, 26 June 201282 MOBILE MONTHLY REPORT/JUNE 2012
  83. 83. STANDARD BANK LAUNCHES OWN APP TO PUBLIC • A day after Nedbank launched a beta app to its staff, Standard Bank launched its own mobile banking app directly to the public • In just over 48 hours of launching, the Standard Bank transactional banking app was downloaded 7 389 times. According to stats INSERT VIDEO HERE provided by Standard Bank, the majority of downloads were to Apple devices, with 4 215 Apple downloads, 1 783 Blackberry downloads and 1 397 for Android devices • “It was the number one free app to be downloaded from the South African Apple App store,” Itumeleng Monale, head of self-service channels for Standard Bank, told Moneyweb • This transactional banking app comes post the development of Standard Bank’s research app, launched in October 2011, which provides research and information services • The app is available for iPhone, Android and Blackberry Memeburn, 27 June 2012 MoneyWeb, 29 June 201283 MOBILE MONTHLY REPORT/JUNE 2012
  84. 84. CEO OF FNB REVEALS APP NUMBERS ALMOST ONE YEAR SINCE LAUNCH • Since launching its mobile banking application on the 20th July 2011, FNB has seen over R4 billion in transactions go through the app. This is INSERT VIDEO HERE according to Michael Jordaan, who announced the figure via his Twitter account • The figure shows two-fold growth in transaction value going through the app, since the R2 billion landmark Jordaan reported in February • Jordaan also tweeted that the FNB App had over 200,000 transacting users, making over two million transactions MyBroadband, 26 June 201284 MOBILE MONTHLY REPORT/JUNE 2012
  85. 85. GOOGLE CHROME NOW AVAILABLE ON APPLE DEVICES • One of the world’s top Internet browsers can now be found on the iPhone and iPad, as Apple finally granted access to its arch- foe’s more popular browser INSERT VIDEO HERE • Chrome has 310 million “active users”, says Google Senior Vice President Sundar Pichal • Google’s browser, along with Google Drive, the cloud storage service, will begin to appear on in the Apple store for download ITWeb, 29 June 201285 MOBILE MONTHLY REPORT/JUNE 2012
  86. 86. YELLOW PAGES BULKS UP ITS DIGITAL OFFERINGS • Telkom’s latest annual results say that Trudon (who publishes the printed pages on behalf of Telkom) is moving on to become a local online solutions provider in order to keep up with changes in the market • INSERT VIDEO HERE It will still continue to print the physical book for a period of time, as there is still demand - about six million books are dropped off each month • Trudon is adding QR codes into the advertisements in the Yellow Pages to “close the loop” • In the last seven to eight months, since launch of its app, the app has been downloaded more than 200 000 times and the digital platforms combined have about 800 000 unique users each month • The sites also have responsive design capabilities whereby the sites detect devices and render the screen accordingly Bizcommunity, 22 June 201286 MOBILE MONTHLY REPORT/JUNE 2012
  87. 87. APPLE ANNOUNCES NEW MAPS APP AT WWDC • Soon after Apple’s Maps announcement, Garmin — one of the world’s largest GPS device providers — watched its stock drop nearly 10 percent for the day • With Maps for iOS 6 , the new app leverages the INSERT VIDEO HERE data connection on the device, something dedicated GPS units aren’t always equipped with • Apple listed a range of features, including local point-of-interest search; Yelp integration with reviews and photos; over 100 million business listings; and traffic data all packed in • More importantly, the all-new Maps app includes something Android users have enjoyed for years: integrated turn-by-turn navigation Wired, 12 June 201287 MOBILE MONTHLY REPORT/JUNE 2012
  88. 88. LAYAR MAKES STIKTU AVAILABLE GLOBALLY • The social augmented reality app Stiktu, lets users mark up the real world with graffiti and stickers using only their smartphones. With the app you can take a snapshot of anything, andINSERT VIDEO HERE then use the built-in editing tools to draw on the photo, add messages, or place virtual stickers • These creations can be shared on Facebook and Twitter, but theyll also show up when another user scans the same item — and those users can then like and comment on what youve made The Next Web, 1 June 201288 MOBILE MONTHLY REPORT/JUNE 2012
  89. 89. CONSUMERS CAN NOW CONTROL VIDEO ON MOBILE • Condition One is a technology company developing next generation immersive video applications • INSERT VIDEO HERE Its flagship product is an embeddable immersive video player for the iPad / iPhone, which they license to media companies and brands • Pivoting and tilting an iPad 2, it manipulates the corresponding field of view • It has just announced that Mercedes, Discovery Communications, XL Recordings, The Guardian and Popular Science will be participating in its pilot launch The Next Web, 13 June 201289 MOBILE MONTHLY REPORT/JUNE 2012
  90. 90. FLIPBOARD NOW AVAILABLE ON ANDROID • Flipboard is an award winning app that helps people “stay up to date with the things that matter INSERT VIDEO HERE most” • The popular news app presents content in an attractive magazine-style format • Until recently it has only been available on iOS • Flipboard also announced it has incorporated Google+ and YouTube into the app Memeburn, 22 June 201290 MOBILE MONTHLY REPORT/JUNE 2012
  91. 91. ONLINE SHOPPING AID FOR BEAUTY INDUSTRY • Kaboose is an easy-to-use free mobile and web- based shopping aid, which enables shoppers to get the best deals on over 20 000 beauty products sold at over 4000 stores countrywide, all in real-time. INSERT VIDEO HERE Described as a first for South Africa, the launch has two parts - one for retailers and the second for consumers • The launch of the manager site for brands and retailers, facilitates the upload of product, price, promotion and store information for the brands they represent or stock is now live. • The consumer site for shoppers is scheduled to go live in July Bizcommunity, 1 June 201291 MOBILE MONTHLY REPORT/JUNE 2012
  93. 93. THE KEY TRENDS IN MOBILE FOR JUNE 2012 » The gloves are off! With “mobile wars” becoming the buzz word in the mobile technology space, competition has intensified in the month of June » The wars also continue locally between network operators for lower data costs and the race to be first to market » We are seeing competitors becoming more comfortable with collaborating or integrating their systems for the benefit of consumers. As they say “keep your friends close and your enemies closer” » The mobile smartphone world is clearly dominated by two key players, however the African market does not reflect this. Smartphones are the future, but feature phones are the present » Mobile banking is a key emerging trend in South Africa, with clear evidence that banks are making aggressive inroads with the launch of smartphone banking apps » Mobile is increasingly playing a pivotal role in digital marketing strategies, and we are seeing more purpose-driven mobile applications being introduced into the market. Again, we are seeing brands compete aggressively to be first to market93 MOBILE MONTHLY REPORT/JUNE 2012
  94. 94. CONTACT US Should you have any mobile insight, strategy, campaign or solutions requirements please contact any one of us. Angus Robinson | Director: Mobile, Content, Community & Media [tel] +27 (11) 555-3800 INSERT VIDEO HERE [cell] +27 (83) 635 4400 [fax] 0867210884 [email] Tracy Aberman | Mobile Strategist Vuyisile Sisulu | Mobile Technologist [tel] +27 (11) 555-3800 [tel] +27 (11) 555-3800 [cell] +27 (82) 754 6111 [cell] +27 (82) 679 5415 [fax] 0867210884 [fax] 0867210884 [email] [email] MOBILE MONTHLY REPORT/JUNE 2012