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Jane eyre

  1. 1. Jane Eyre Natalia Titula Group: 1LM3, 105A 2012
  2. 2. Oxford University PressAuthor: Charlotte BronteNovel: Jane Eyre
  3. 3. Characters “I am no bird; and no net ensnares me: I am a free human being with an independent will..” . Jane Eyre is the main hero in the novel.She was an orphan, her parents died earlyand she was brought up by her aunt, MrsReed. During the development of the plotShe faced with many difficulties. But Janecould to withstand and preserve all thebest in herself. Religion helped Jane Eyre to get amature understanding of life and herself.She lived relying on the God’s laws. SoJane was pure-minded and intelligentperson. The heroine fell in love with EdwardRochester. This love showed the realfeatures of Jane such as devotion andsacrifice to her beloved. In consequenceshe saved Mr Rochester from death andinspired him to new happy life. Ja n e E y r e
  4. 4. Mr Ro c h e s t e r Mr Rochester was an employer of Jane Eyre and the owner of Thornfield. He was a rich person. In youth Edward became a victim of lie. His father advised him to marry Bertha Mason. The life with her was a burden, because she was mad. Many literary critics compared Mr Rochester with a tragic Byronic hero. It was connected with his unhappy and difficult life. But at the end of the novel he became a sensual, romantic hero. All these changes happened in his soul when appeared a “little figure” at Thornfield.
  5. 5. S t Jo h n R iv e r s “God offers a place in heaven to all who serve Him…” He was a vicar at Morton. In consequence Jane knew that John was hercousin. His full name was St John Eyre Rivers. He had sisters: Mary and Diana. St John dedicated his life to God. He was devoted to his work, he helpedthe poor and the sick. One day Jane noticed that in spite of his devotion andlove to work, in his eyes was bitterness and disappointed in life. “ He was clearlynot satisfied with his present life”. St John was Jane’s savior when she escaped from Thornfield, he gave hershelter. In character of Miss Eyre he found a suitable wife for missionary as hewas. But his plans collapsed because the heart of Jane belonged to Edward.
  6. 6. M r s F a ir f a x Alice Fairfax was a remote relative ofMr Rochester. She worked ahousekeeper at Thornfield Hall. MrFairfax became a friend of Miss Eyre.As said housekeeper that she enjoyedhad tea with Jane in the evening.Also she was a devoted servant of MrRochester because she didn’t give hissecret.
  7. 7. Mr Ll o y d Mr s Re e d Mrs Reed was aunt of Miss Eyre.He played a great role in Jane’s life. Her husband Mr Reed was brotherDr Lloyd helped her to go at Lowood of Jane’s mother. She was cruelschool. and wicked woman. All her love she spent on her own children. She didn’t love Jane and always humiliated her. Even before death Mrs Reed she didn’t apologize from Jane and died “ keeping her hatred in heart”.
  8. 8. C o u s in s Jo h n R e e d G e o r g ia n a R e e d She was a daughter of Mrs Reed and cousin of Jane. Eliza wasn’t handsome as her sister Georgiana. When she grew up she decided to connect her life with God. So she joined “a religious community”. E l iz a R e e d She was a daughter of Mrs He was a son of Mrs Reed Reed and cousin of Jane.and cousin of Jane Eyre. Georgiana was beautiful. In childhood John was effete In childhood she was cruellyand cruel child. He always bit with Miss Eyre but when theyand offended Jane. His soul grew up they became friends.was tragic because John After death of motherwasted all his money and Georgiana went in Londonkilled himself. It was a serious where she enjoyed life.trouble for Mrs Reed.
  9. 9. S e t t in g o f t h e n o v e l The story covers the period during the XIX century. It was a time of reigningThe Queen Victoria. Action takes place in various locations in Northern England. The novel divides on 5 main locale:1. Gateshead was a place of Jane’s childhood where she lived until 10 years old.2. Lowood school. Here Jane was for 8 years, 6 as a pupil and 2 as a teacher.3.Thornfield Hall was a house of Mr Rochester where she worked as a governess to Adele.4.Moor House was a place where Jane lived after her escape from Thornfield.5.Morton was a village where she worked as a teacher.
  10. 10. Pl o tJane Eyre was a young girl who was orphan.Her parents died early when Jane was a baby.All her early childhood she spent at Gateshead.Miss Eyre lived with her aunt Mrs Reed. Heruncle Mr Reed was a brother of Jane’s mother.It was a single person who really loved andprotected Jane but he died. Mrs Reed didn’ttreat Jane so very well, and her son often bitand verbally abused her.Miss Eyre dreamed to leave Gateshead becauseshe couldn’t live with her wicked relatives.Finally Mrs Reed sent her at Lowood school.Jane was glad of it because she thought thatthere her life would be better. At school shemade the friends of Helen Burns and MissTemple. These two heroines influenced onJane’s personality and character. Here shestudied 6 years and the last two she was ateacher. The life at Lowood was so ordinary thatJane decided to change it.
  11. 11. So Jane found a new job. She left Lowoodand went at Thornfield where she workedas governess for young french girl Adèle.Miss Eyre made friend with Mrs Fairfaxwho was a housekeeper. One day she metMr Rochester who was the owner ofThornfield Hall. Jane began to spend muchtime with Rochester. It grew a greatfriendship and affection for each other.Jane began to realize that she was falling inlove with Edward. When she knew that MrRochester wanted to marry Blanche Ingramshe was depressed. But in reality it wasonly a ploy by master in order to causejealousy in Jane’s heart. Suddenly she got a letter from hercousins that Mrs Reed was ill. Her sicknesswas connected with a death of John Reed.He wasted his money and finally killedhimself. So after aunt’s death Miss Eyrereturned at Thornfield Hall. When Jane arrived she couldn’t keep herfeeling and confessed in love to him.
  12. 12. The news of wedding surprised MrsFairfax. She tried to persuade Jane notmarry with him because he was olderthan Miss Eyre. So all attempts were invain. On the day of the marriage ceremonythe rite was interrupted by Mr Masonand Mr Briggs. Mr Mason said that MrRochester had wife her name BerthaMason who was sick by madness. So inthis reason the marriage couldn’t takeplace. Now Jane understood whatmystery hid the servants and whosewas that strange laugh. Jane escaped from Thornfield. Shewandered for 3 days until she wasn’ttaken by vicar. Her state was weakbecause she didn’t eat and drink solong. More later when she felt herselfbetter she made friends with two ladiesMary and Diana and one man whosename was St John who saved her fromdeath. Jane began to live with them inMoor House.
  13. 13. She developed a great friendship withDiana, Mary and St. John Rivers, whowas a pastor. After several time St Johnfound her work as the teacher of avillage-school for peasant girls inMorton. Soon she knew through StJohn that she got a fortune by heruncle in Madeira who died and that theRivers were her cousins. So Janedecided to divide her fortune equallybetween the four of them. One day St John proposed Jane tomarry him. For his opinion Miss Eyrewas a suitable candidate for missionarywife. So she agreed because consideredthat may be this marriage would helpher to forget about Mr Rochester. Butwhen Jane heard a voice of Edward sherefused him. The next day she went atThornfield. When Miss Eyre arrived shesaw the house in ruins. Here was a fireafter which Bertha Mason died , MrRochester lost his sight and one hand.
  14. 14. From the words of Edward’sservants she knew that after thisevent he moved to FerndeanManor. He was lived with twoservants, John and Marry.Jane immediately decided togo there. When she arrived MrRochester was happy to hearher. So after three days theymarried. Only love helped himto become stronger. He beganto see in one eye. Mary and Diana got married,St John went to India. Janebore a baby to Mr Rochester. The novel ended with Janetelling to us that she wasmarried for ten years. MissEyre was happy to spend herlife loving and helping MrRochester.
  15. 15. C o n c l u s io n I think that Jane Eyre is very exciting novel.Here you can find love and hatred,good and evil and etc. Every book persuadessome sense so you should only discover it. Irecommend you to read this book because youcan find something useful things for yourself. Charlotte Bronte described a woman of thattime. Also she showed how could love changeperson, make him better. In character of JaneEyre was expressed the desire of most woman tobe free and ,of course, happy. Miss Eyre was areal example of devoted and loving woman. The main theme of novel , of course, love. Onlythis feeling saves Mr Rochester from fullblindness and depression. Personally I knew many interesting about the C harlotte B rontelife of women of that time. It was very interestingand useful for my education.