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Strategic Vision Plan


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Strategic Vision Plan

  1. 1. Strategic Vision Plan (Revised May 2007) 2007-2009
  2. 2. The Core Values of NASW  Service  Social Justice  Dignity and Worth of the People  Importance of Human Relationships  Integrity  Competence
  3. 3. Vision Statement NASW – Ohio Chapter shall be the recognized voice for Social Workers in Ohio. It shall be an organization that ensures excellence in the local and national social work standards, practice, education, and licensing, and shall be a powerful force in the political process.
  4. 4. Mission Statement The mission of NASW – Ohio Chapter is to strengthen, support, and unify the social work profession, to promote the development of social work standards and practice, and to advocate for social policies that advance social justice and diversity.
  5. 5. Strategic Priority Issues  Membership  Social Work Public Education Campaign  Diversify Revenues  Advocate for Social Policies that Advance Social Justice and Diversity
  6. 6. Priority Issue 1: Membership Strategic Goal: Achieve and maintain mega- chapter status (5,000+ members)
  7. 7. Goal A: Achieve membership size based on National’s Status report for the period ending June 30th each year. Objectives: 1. To send invitational letters and membership applications to all Social Workers receiving new licenses from the Ohio Counselor and Social Workers Board. Evaluate how many new licensees join NASW. 2. To maintain a working relationship with all CSWE accredited undergraduate and graduate programs and their Department heads and field coordinators.
  8. 8. Goal B: Promote membership information in news releases by providing regions with local newspaper listing of email/fax numbers in local area Objectives:  Ohio Chapter office staff to develop specific membership data to be released to news media annually. – To distribute data to eight regional chairs for use in their press releases. – To publish the names of new members in each Ohio Chapter Newsletter. – To publish a map of membership based on National’s Status report by region in March Ohio Chapter Newsletter. – To submit a comprehensive article on membership status and demographics for the March Ohio Chapter Newsletter.
  9. 9. Goal C: Participate in any National Programs developed to increase membership and retain members.
  10. 10. Goal D: Conduct outreach and participate in Social Work School’s activities to foster the view that NASW is THE pre- eminent professional organization for social workers. Objectives:  Identify one faculty member at each social work program to provide in-service to Social Work students at their colleges/universities utilizing a video presentation developed by National.
  11. 11. Goal E: Participate in a wide variety of professional and occupational conferences attended by or related to Social Workers (i.e. hospital personnel, home health, NAMI, ODMH, ODADAS, Ohio Educators, Counselors, or PTS conferences). Objectives:  To notify other organizations of NASW Ohio Chapter desire to be included on their mailing lists.  To attend at least 3 conferences of other organizations as representative of Ohio Chapter NASW.
  12. 12. Goal F: Participate in Social Work Reinvestment Initiative – 1. Ohio Chapter to take the lead. Task force will look at the document to be completed 12/31/07.
  13. 13. Priority Issue 2: Social Work Public Education Campaign Strategic Goal: Educate the public about the profession of social work and NASW Ohio Chapter
  14. 14. Goal A: Assure competence by promoting appropriate educational, licensing, and certification standards of individuals working in health and social services. Objectives: 1. To provide means for Social Workers to maintain licenses through a variety of options: -Annual Conference -Regional Workshops -State Sponsored Workshops 2. To advocate for the continued development of high educational, licensing and certification standards for all individuals practicing social work in the state of Ohio.
  15. 15. Goal B: Promote Integrity through NASW Code of Ethics
  16. 16. Goal C: Promote the value of the Social Work Profession as providers of services that enhance the dignity and the worth of consumers and in all descriptions of Social Work or Social Workers.
  17. 17. Goal D: Identify, develop, and strengthen collaborative relationships with other social work organizations, schools of social work and related organizations as supported by the National Office. Objectives: 1. To develop an interactive website that will be established and maintained by the Ohio Chapter staff that provides links to other social work organizations, schools of social work and related organizations. 2. To identify a list of social work organizations, schools of social work and related organizations and divide responsibility for developing networking relationships among board members and members of each identified group. 3. To participate with related organizations by co-sponsoring or supporting conferences and other events.
  18. 18. Goal E: Identify social workers who epitomize the professional mission and values by publicizing award winners in the community.
  19. 19. Priority Issue 3: Diversify Revenues Strategic Goal: Maintain balanced budget and diversify funding resources.
  20. 20. Goal: Increase revenues by diversifying funding resources by June 30, 2007 Objectives: 1. To develop a balanced budget for each FY. 2. To maintain a reserve fund balance that will cover the cost of operating the Chapter office for six (6) months. 3. To review current fiscal policy and procedures and investment policy to ensure the fiscal soundness of the organization. 4. To explore and pursue alternative means to diversify the organization’s funding resources.
  21. 21. Priority Issue 4: Advocate for Social Policies that Advance Social Justice and Diversity Strategic Goal: Heighten awareness of important social issues in Ohio and increase NASW Ohio Chapter’s role in advocating for social change.
  22. 22. Objectives: 1. To identify and provide support to political candidates who support the social work mission and values of the profession. 2. To identify and support the passage of key legislation that is important to the profession of social work and the provision of services to the oppressed and disadvantaged in Ohio. 3. To organize a social work lobby day and schedule visits with key legislators to discuss social issues and social work competencies. 4. To educate legislators and the public about current social problems in Ohio and the role social workers play as change agents. Develop legislation for Loan Forgiveness for social workers. 5. To explore the possibility of hiring a part-time lobbyist.