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The Road from Millennium to Alma: Two Tracks, One Destination


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In 2016, two academic libraries migrated from Innovative Interface’s Millennium to Ex Libris’ Alma. Though both libraries came from a similar starting point in terms of library software, their migration environments were quite different: Colorado State University’s migration involved two campuses, CSU Fort Collins and CSU Pueblo, while Central Connecticut State University migrated with a newly-formed consortium comprised of 18 institutions. Even though both libraries share the same proprietary ILS, the environmental differences between the two libraries shape their experiences throughout the migration process. The presenters will share their libraries’ unique experiences while also addressing commonalities germane to the ILS migration process such as pre-migration data clean up, data migration, training, and designing workflows. Particular attention will be paid to the data migration process that details the extraction process along with coordinating these efforts. Because Alma is designed on a different concept than III’s Millennium, the redesign of workflows is critical prior to the final cutover to the new system. In light of this, the presenters will address the engagement of staff during these discussions along with their professional growth. In addition to explaining the technical aspects of this migration, they will also delve beneath the surface of the intellectual labor required for implementation and examine the psychological impact on all constituents who will use the new system for their daily work.
Kristin D'Amato
Central Connecticut State University
Kristin D’Amato is the Head of Acquisitions and Serials at Central Connecticut State University’s Elihu Burritt Library. She received her master’s in Library and Information Science from SUNY Albany and her bachelor’s in English Literature from SUNY Geneseo.
Rachel Erb Edit Profile
Colorado State University
Rachel A. Erb is the Electronic Resources Management Librarian at Colorado State University’s Morgan Library. She received her master's in Library Science from Florida State University, a master's in Slavic Languages and Literatures from Ohio State University, and her bachelor’s in Russian from Dickinson College.

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The Road from Millennium to Alma: Two Tracks, One Destination

  1. 1. Kristin D’Amato, Serials and Electronic Resources Librarian, Central Connecticut State University Rachel Erb, Electronic Resources Management Librarian, Colorado State University NASIG June 10, 2017 The Road from Millennium to Alma: Two Tracks, One Destination
  2. 2. • Carnegie Classification: R1—Highest Research Activity and Land Grant University • FTE: 23,768 • Undergraduate 19,806 • Graduate 3,962 • The Libraries include three sites: Colorado State University-Pueblo (4436 FTE); and CSU Global—a virtual campus of about 200 part-time students Colorado State University (CSU)
  3. 3. • Midsize Regional Comprehensive University • FTE of 9,341 • Undergraduate 8,172 • Graduate 1,169 • 17 Institutions with a combined FTE of 57,031 • 4 Universities • 12 Community Colleges • Charter Oak (online college) Project Website Central Connecticut State University (Central) Connecticut State Colleges & Universities (CSCU)
  4. 4. Timeline CSU Central/CSCU Migration 6/1/2016 – 8/15/2016 6/30/2016 – 8/10/2016 Configuration 8/1/2016 – 10/31/2016 7/15/2016 – 7/29/2016 Testing 11/1/2016 – 12/7/2016 9/27/2016 – 12/1/2016 Cutover 12/8/2016 12/2/2016 – 1/3/2017 Go Live! 12/22/2016 1/9/2017
  5. 5. Project Management: Communication • ExLibris • Basecamp • Salesforce • Phone Calls • On-site Visits • Internal • Basecamp • Email • Meetings • Other…
  6. 6. Pre-migration Clean-up CSU • Each member of Alma Migration Team responsible for area • Some collaboration • Data Clean-up checklist • Areas of responsibility • Project examples • Many challenges • Millennium data questions
  7. 7. Central/CSCU Data Clean-up checklist • Areas of Responsibility • Some collaboration across consortium Pre-migration Clean-up
  8. 8. • WebEx Trainings • Watch the assigned homework videos & read documentation • Practice what you learned in the sandbox. • Post any questions about the processes presented prior to the scheduled training session. • Do NOT expect these sessions to be a re-hashing of what was presented in the online/video training, but instead a Q&A session to address specific functionality/workflow questions • Workflow Workshops • CSCU Train the Trainer • Alma Administration Certification Project Management: Training Kenausis, V. (2016, May 26). Ups & Downs: Special Edition - Weekly Training sessions. [Blog post] Retrieved from
  9. 9. • Forms • Field Mapping • Migration • Configuration • Link Resolver • Extracts/Delivered Files • Production Environment Migration
  10. 10. Field Mapping Form: CSU
  11. 11. Migration: Forms Central’s Migration Form, Example: PO Line Type
  12. 12. Configuration Form: CSU
  13. 13. Migration: Forms Central’s Link Resolver Form
  14. 14. • Forms • Extracts/Delivered Files • P2E • ERM • Production Environment Migration
  15. 15. Migration: Extracts/Delivered Files CSU P2E • Background—Reason and Purpose • Building the file • CSU: 1 million bibs! • CSV file • Sample entries (two columns) • b30806835, portfolio • b1448777, db • b23239828, package
  16. 16. CSU Migration/Configuration from III’s ERM ERM Linking Data Definition File  XML • Licenses • Interfaces • E-Inventory Fields and Linking Migration: Extracts/Delivered Files
  17. 17. CSU Migration/Configuration from III’s ERM: Sample File (Vendor/Contact) • ERM Vendor XSD • Output  XML vendor file Migration: Extracts/Delivered Files
  18. 18. Migration: Extracts/Delivered Files CSU Migration/Configuration from III’s ERM and SFX KB: Sample File
  19. 19. Migration: Extracts/Delivered Files CSU Migration/Configuration: License XML File Preliminary Work • ERM License XSD • Output  license XML file
  20. 20. • Forms • Extracts/Delivered Files • Production Environment • Data testing • (Re)configuration Migration
  21. 21. Central: Holdings in Millennium, Check-in Record Migration: Production Environment
  22. 22. Central: Holdings in Alma/Primo, Holdings Record Migration: Production Environment
  23. 23. Go-Live and Beyond • Post Migration Data Clean up • Idea Exchange • Designing New Workflows
  24. 24. Go-Live and Beyond: Designing Work Flow CSCU E-Resources in Alma’s Network Zone • Network Zone Considerations • Central Office Role • Criteria for NZ management of a Resource
  25. 25. Go-Live and Beyond: Designing Work Flow
  26. 26. Go-Live and Beyond: Designing Work Flow: NZ Licensing A look at CSCU E-Resources in Alma’s Network Zone
  27. 27. Lessons learned • Communication • Training • Impact on staff
  28. 28. • Analytics • KB Management • Ordering/Invoicing • License Records • Internal Collaboration Let’s leave on a positive Note: Alma Benefits
  29. 29. Questions?