TEMPLATE DESIGN © 2008www.PosterPresentations.comImagine more space in your library!Weeding bound periodicalsSusan Andrews...
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The art of Creating More Space in Your Library! Weeding Bound Periodicals


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A university library was out of space and needed more, preferably in the prime area of the first floor. The decision was made to deselect bound periodical titles which were taking up huge chunks of that space. This poster will explain the criteria used to deselect and how the actual deselection was accomplished from start to finish.

Presenters: Susan Andrews & Sandy Hayes, Texas A&M University-Commerce

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The art of Creating More Space in Your Library! Weeding Bound Periodicals

  1. 1. TEMPLATE DESIGN © 2008www.PosterPresentations.comImagine more space in your library!Weeding bound periodicalsSusan Andrews Susan.Andrews@tamuc.eduSandy Hayes Sandy.Hayes@tamuc.eduBackground Process (cont.)RecommendationsProblemsOPTIONALLOGO HEREOPTIONALLOGO HEREWhat we would do differently Determined usage of title From 1999-2009, we tracked usage withdot stickers placed on the spines when re-shelved Color and/or shape changed every twoyears In 2009, we changed to using genericbound volume records in the ILS andcounted all use on that record In 2010, we changed to a new ILS withthree in-house usage fields: In-house or internal use ILL for our patrons (document delivery) ILL for other libraries Also began entering individual volumes asbound, and/or as re-shelved, and countedwhich type of use before shelving Identified titles with archival online access Including JSTOR, MUSE, etc. Identified titles with online access Title was available in 3 or more reliable full-text databases, preferably from differentproviders Indexing If a title was not indexed, it was notfindable and was reflected in usage Determined criteria for weeding Took our list and visited bound volumesand made our initial decisions Using decisions list, created weed reportwhich was checked for current use andtype of useWhat do you do when your library is running outof space, you need room for an ambitious newcomputer lab, other departments are takingover library real estate at a rapid rate and studydens are popping up like mushrooms? Not tomention, bound periodicals were alreadyrunning out of space?Our answer was to weed the collection, buthow to start?There were several things to consider before,during and after this project. The primary areaswere: What criteria to use to determinewhether a title should be retained or not? Who makes these choices? Where do we get the data (both titlesand usage) from? How do we indicate which titles arechosen for de-selection? Who pulls them and how do theydocument them for statistics? What to do with the bound volumes thatare de-selected? Using dot stickers for usage Dots fell off (or wound up in hair) Shelvers forgot dots Decision-making about when dots wereapplied and interpretation of usage dots Offering out Had a shrinking time frame and offering outtook too much time and manpower. Old cataloging rules made the listproblematic e.g. Bulletin of the American… shelved asAmerican …, Bulletin. Recycling Major space issues Had to find a recycler for booksHere are the things we absolutely recommendfor anyone having to undertake this project: Do usage! And make it as detailed as possible Do have two people de-selecting It helps to have two viewpoints (andsomeone else to blame) Do check online availability andarchival access Remember, there is always ILL Try to be as objective and unemotionalas possible If there is time, and you have theircooperation, please give your subjectlibrarians a chance to veto weeds Archival online access – De-select Usage No usage – De-select Low usage – De-select or compact Three or more uses – Keep If all use was ILL (other libraries) –De-select Online access – Three or more sources - De-select Core titles or accreditation titles – Keep orcompact Would like to offer out titles with high ILLusage Do not use a list that someone else createdProcess Created master list of periodicals Pulled periodical title list Exported periodical data from ILSincluding: Title Publication information Publication year Author Imported data into Microsoft Access Added fields that would be useful for weedCriteria for WeedingProcess (cont.) Made final weed list and sent it toCirculation for pulling When pulling, Circulation noted number ofvolumes de-selected for statistics Initially offered out weeded volumes thenswitched to recycling Cleaned-up records in ILS and OCLC