Taming mobile applications


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It has been predicted that by 2016, 9 out of 10 college students will own a smartphone. In order to connect with students where they are most likely beginning their information searches, it increasingly important for libraries to make library collections discoverable via a mobile platform and to create an effective mobile search environment for library resources. This program highlights some of the mobile applications available for and in use by libraries, focusing on Murray State University's implementations of Browzine and Boopsie. The presentation will address the institutional needs that lead us to the acquisition of these services, the ins and outs of the implementation, any challenges involved in the set up, marketing and user education, how the applications were received and used once they were set up, and whether or not we saw a change in use statistics after implementation.

Cris Ferguson
Murray State University, Director of Technical Services

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Taming mobile applications

  1. 1. TAMING MOBILE APPLICATIONS Cris Ferguson Director of Technical Services Murray State UniversityNASIG ANNUAL CONFERENCE 2014, FORT WORTH, TX
  2. 2. MURRAY STATE UNIVERSITY Regional Comprehensive University 8891 FTE $1.5 mil Materials Budget 500k print volumes 60k eBooks 3800+ e-journal subscriptions (including packages) 15 iPads available for check-out
  3. 3. MOBILE DEVICE STATISTICS As of January 2014: • 98% of Americans 18-29 own a cell phone • 83% of Americans age 18-29 own smartphones • 34% of cell internet users go online mostly using their phones (rather than a laptop or desktop) • 50% of cell phone owners download apps Pew Research Center Internet Project http://www.pewinternet.org/fact-sheets/mobile-technology-fact-sheet/
  5. 5. MOBILE APPS FOR LIBRARIES What services do you want to provide? Is the app device independent? What is the cost? What does the set up and maintenance entail? Who will be responsible?
  6. 6. ACCD Library MendikMobile Boopsie BrowZine Zinio ebrary EbscoHost BiblioBoard Library Mango Languages Library Edition AccessMyLibrary College
  7. 7. BROWZINE • Acts as a portal and personal bookshelf for electronic journal subscriptions • Available from Third Iron • Pricing based on FTE • Available on the iOS, Android, and Amazon platforms
  8. 8. BROWZINE FEATURES AND IMPLEMENTATION • Provides mobile access to more than 6200 titles from Murray State's subscriptions and databases • Implementation involves exporting holdings from OpenURL Link Resolver (SFX, Ebsco A to Z, Alma, Serials Solutions, Journal Finder, and OCLC WorldCat) • Works with the library proxy server to authenticate patron access • Can be set up to export citations to bibliographic citation managers Full list of supported publishers http://support.thirdiron.com/knowledgebase/articles/132654-what-publishers-do-you-support
  10. 10. BROWZINE USAGE Total Number Unique Journal Titles My Bookshelf Views 72 54 Table of Contents View 276 117 Full Text Downloads 64 42 Number of Sessions IOS Android 61 81% 19%
  11. 11. 16 2 38 31 21 916 2 105 55 6 11 65 28 450 73 141 62 13 7 118 27 15 22 0 50 100 150 200 250 300 350 400 450 500 October November December January February March Use of BrowZine Sessions My Bookshelf Views TOC Views Full Text Downloads
  12. 12. Journal Title Number of Uses Subject Area Journal of Library Administration 23 Sociobehaviorial Sciences Social Work 12 Sociobehaviorial Sciences Journal of Political Economy 11 Business and Economics Nature 11 Biological Sciences / Biomedical and Health Sciences Journal of Economic Education 11 Sociobehaviorial Sciences Process Safety Progress 10 Biomedical and Health Sciences Creativity Research Journal 8 Sociobehaviorial Sciences
  13. 13. BOOPSIE • Provides a user-friendly, customized library- specific mobile application • Available on a variety of mobile platforms, including iOS, Android, Google, and Amazon • Pricing is tiered based upon the FTE of the institution and the level of service • In the process of implementing this at Murray State
  14. 14. LIBRARIES USING BOOPSIE Approximately 2500 libraries using Boopsie worldwide • 60% are public libraries • 30% are academic • 10% are corporate / special libraries Find a library near you using Boopsie’s Library Locator. http://www.boopsie.com/library-locator/
  15. 15. BOOPSIE FEATURES Standard • Catalog Search • ILS Integration for holds and renewals • Calendar and events • Library Locator • Ask a Librarian • Social Tools • Reading Lists Optimum • Includes all of Standard options, plus… • Integration with OverDrive • 1 Additional Integration • Book Look • Book Check • Multilingual Optimum Plus • Includes all of Optimum options, plus… • 5 Additional Integrations
  16. 16. BOOPSIE IMPLEMENTATION Typically takes about 6 weeks to build the app Information required includes, but is not limited to: • Library Logo • A full catalog export • List of electronic resources (with URLs) to include in the app • Calendar information • Contact information for Ask Us feature
  17. 17. BOOPSIE – LIVE DEMO ACCD Library MendikMobile Murray State University Libraries
  18. 18. A NOTE ON PRICING X 2 =BrowZine Boopsie BrowZine Boopsie + = 1 year tuition + room & board for a KY resident
  19. 19. MARKETING THE MOBILE APPS • BrowZine unveiled at 12 Gadgets • Implementation of Boopsie and BrowZine is part of an overall library rebranding • Working with a senior Marketing class to identify a cohesive message, new logo, and overall strategy
  20. 20. ACCD Library MendikMobile Boopsie BrowZine Zinio ebrary EbscoHost BiblioBoard Library Mango Languages Library Edition AccessMyLibrary College QUESTIONS?