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Share With Your Friends – Resources in Common
Dana Whitmire, MSLS
The University of Texas Health Science Cen...
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Share with your friends: resources in common


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The UT Health Science Center San Antonio, in partnership with UT System and Texas A&M System libraries, now share resources with the completion of the Joint Library Facility on the Texas A&M Riverside campus. This statewide off-site storage facility allows libraries to continue reaching goals for the future while keeping individual collections unique. This poster details the decision process and workflow of weeding with a different purpose.

Presenter: Dana Whitmire, Electronic Resources/Serials Librarian, University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio, TX

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Share with your friends: resources in common

  1. 1. ®® Background Share With Your Friends – Resources in Common Dana Whitmire, MSLS The University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio Future Plans/Results Timeline References 1. Joint Library Facility. (2014). Retrieved April 2, 2014, from 2. Alexrk2. (2009). USA Texas location map [svg], Retrieved April 2, 2014, from: 3. Stephenson, L. (May 21, 2013). Texas A&M And University of Texas Systems To Open Joint Library Facility Friday, TAMU Times. Retrieved April 2, 2014 from am-and-university-of-texas-systems-to-open-joint-library-facility-friday/ In 2011, the University of Texas and the Texas A&M University Systems joined together to build the Joint Library Facility (JLF), a high density storage facility for library materials. The facility was designed to eliminate duplication among system libraries and to provide storage space for infrequently used materials and print copies of materials available online. The fundamental premise for the JLF is the Resource-in-Common model of shared collections. Once one library deposits a unique item into the JLF, other libraries that own the unique book or journal volume may withdraw their copy yet still retain the item as held in their collections. The JLF functions as a fully operational interlibrary loan lending library. Location: Texas A&M Riverside Campus Building: 18,000 sq. ft. Holds: one million+ books/journals Contributors: • Texas A&M University System – 11 institutions • UT System – 16 institutions • Compare our list of books and journals for potential storage with those already posted to JLF site • Items owned by another library: • Once titles are transferred and processed into JLF, we can remove ours • Pull exact volumes (if one is missing in JLF, leave on shelf) • Change barcodes; location; etc. • Update union lists • Count bound; calculate value of weeded items • Update our list of titles/volumes to offer to JLF • Items owned by us: • Create title list • Transfer union list holdings to JLF • Suppress items until processed in JLF • As of April 2014, over 5,000 journal volumes owned by the UT Health Science Center San Antonio have been weeded. At this time, we have not shipped any items in our collection. • The first shipment is scheduled for Fall 2014. Until this time, we are slowly removing volumes that have already been placed in JLF by other libraries. • Shelf shifting project planned for summer 2014 • Major weeding/shipment in fall 2014 with another shelf shifting project following shipment University of Texas System Texas A&M System Process Criteria for JLF inclusion: • Title held by at least two libraries • 20+ years • Title starts with volume 1