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Over the past two years, CONSER has been developing documentation and "bridge" training material as RDA cataloging policies and best practices evolve. By June 2013, post RDA implementation guidelines from the PCC should be in place and ready for practical implementation.

The workshop will provide basic instructions for RDA serials cataloging based on the most up to date PCC and CONSER RDA decisions and practices. The presenters will incorporate in-class, hands-on exercises to engage participants in active learning. Prior to the workshop, attendees will be expected to complete prerequisite self study training modules on FRBR Fundamental Concepts and the RDA Toolkit. Also prior to the workshop attendees may participate in an online follow-up session on the prerequisite materials to complement the in-class training component.

This workshop is aimed at experienced AACR2 catalogers making the transition to RDA.

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RDA & serials-transitioning to rda within a marc 21 framework-handout

  1. 1.  RDA & SERIALS  Transitioning to RDA within a MARC 21 framework  June 5‐6, 2013NASIG 28th Annual ConferenceBuffalo, New YorkWorkshop Coordinator: Karen DavidsonPresenters: Les Hawkins and Hien NguyenWelcome & Logistics Module 1: Introduction to CONSER RDA cataloging – Hien NguyenModule 2: Getting started – Hien NguyenModule 3: Identifying manifestations – Les HawkinsModule 4: Identifying works and expressions – Hien NguyenModule 5: Related works, expressions, manifestations – Hien Nguyen Module 6: Working with copy / When to create a new record – Les Hawkins  
  3. 3.   Documents for the Workshop   Workshop Schedule Documents for the WorkshopPresentation handouts, quizzes, exercises, surrogatesModule 1Module 2Module 3  Module 4   Module 5   Module 6      Appendices    Links to documentation MARC Tagging and Serials Working with Copy – Changes Over Time Answer sheets    
  5. 5. RDA & SerialsTransitioning to RDA withina MARC 21 FrameworkCo-Presenters:Les Hawkins & Hien NguyenLibrary of CongressNASIG 28th Annual ConferenceBuffalo, New YorkJune 2013Acknowledgements• Special thanks are due to:– Renette Davis– Judy Kuhagen– Robert Maxwell– UCLA RDA Continuing Resources StudyGroup– UCSD colleagues• Used with permission2Topics1. Introduction to CONSER RDA cataloging2. Getting started3. Description of manifestation4. Identifying work and expression5. Related works, expressions, andmanifestations6. Working with copy/When to create a newrecord3
  6. 6. 1: Introduction• CONSER RDA documents• Identifying RDA records• Terminology• Transcribed vs. recorded elements5CONSER RDA Documents• RDA documentation on CONSER Web site:http://www.loc.gov/aba/pcc/conser/index.html• CONSER RDA core elements• CONSER MARC 21 to RDA core elements• CONSER RDA cataloging checklist6Other RDA Documents• Electronic serials:Provider-neutral E-resource MARC record guidehttp://www.loc.gov/aba/pcc/scs/documents/PCC-PN-guidelines.html• Post RDA Implementation Guidelines andStandards:http://www.loc.gov/aba/pcc/rda/PCC%20RDA%20guidelines/Post-RDA-Implementation-Guidelines.html7
  7. 7. How to identify RDA recordsMARC coding for RDA bibliographic records:040 $a ____ $b eng $e rda $c ____PCC practice:Code for (and use) ISBD punctuation:Leader/18: value “i”8RDA records always have: 040 $e rdaPCC Practice: Fixed field Desc “i”9Other elements in RDA records• MARC fields:Production, publication, distribution,manufacture, and copyright notice (264)Content type (336)Media type (337)Carrier type (338)• Spelled out descriptionse.g., volumes, edition, illustrations10
  8. 8. Other elements in RDA recordsTreat as “clues” only:• MARC fields:Production, publication, distribution,manufacture, and copyright notice (264)Content type (336)Media type (337)Carrier type (338)• Spelled out descriptionse.g., volumes, edition, illustrations11RDA records vs. RDA-like elementsallowed in pre-RDA records• 264 field(s)• 33X fields– May see some PCC AACR2 records withthese elements– PCC Guidelines for Enhancing & Editing non-RDA Serial Recordshttp://www.loc.gov/aba/pcc/rda/PCC%20RDA%20guidelines/Hybrid-Guidelines-Serials-Post-Impl.docx12RDA (and some AACR2) records have:New MARC fields, fuller transcription13
  9. 9. Terminology comparison• AACR2◦ Rules◦ Areas of description◦ Physical description◦ Classes of material◦ General materialdesignation [GMD]◦ Notes• RDA◦ Instructions◦ Elements◦ Describing carriers◦ Types of content and carrier◦ Media, carrier, and contenttype◦ Describing content andrecording relationships14Terminology comparison• AACR2◦ [Controlled] Heading◦ Main entry◦ Added entriesfor uncontrolled headings◦ Author◦ Uniform title• RDA◦ [Authorized] access point◦ Preferred name / preferred title(authorized access point forcreator +/or preferred title)◦ Access points◦ Creator (also author)◦ Preferred title (title proper +qualifiers to distinguish from titleof another work)15161616Terminology• Title of a work: words or characters bywhich a work is known• Preferred title of a work (– Basis for authorized access point– Based on title proper of first manifestation• Variant title(s) of a work– Other title(s) in addition to the title or form of titlechosen as the preferred title for the work
  10. 10. 171717Terminology• Access point – name, term, code, etc.representing an entityExamples:Title of a work, a name of person, or corporate body• Authorized access point – the standardizedaccess point representing an entityExample:110 2# $a Society of Linguists181818Terminology• Authorized access point representing awork– Preferred title for the work preceded by• Authorized access point representing the creator, aperson, family, or corporate body responsible forthe work– May include additional elements if necessaryto distinguish one work from another– May be the preferred title if no creator and noconflictTerminology• For serials, often the authorized accesspoint is the preferred title if no creator in1XX• Conflict with the authorized access point ofanother work?– Add a term to distinguish and recordauthorized access point in the 130 field– Not limited to other serial works19
  11. 11. Transcription vs. Recording• ICP principle of representation = informationtranscribed as found on the resource• Other information may be manipulated whenrecorded by the cataloger (either when takenfrom the resource or from another source)2020International cataloging principles:http://www.ifla.org/publications/statement-of-international-cataloguing-principlesTranscribed manifestationelements• Title proper and parallel title proper• Other title information• Statement of responsibility• Edition information• Numbering information• Place of publisher, distributor, manufacturer• Name of publisher, distributor, manufacturer• Series information other than ISSN2121Reminders about transcribed elements• Do not abbreviate full forms of foundinformation• Generally, do not convert one form of foundinformation to another form• Generally, do not omit information (e.g., partof a publisher name, responsible bodiesbeyond three in a statement of responsibility)2525
  12. 12. Exceptions and options• Omit numbering from title proper or paralleltitle (use mark of omission wherever in title)• Some alternatives allow some conversionsand some omissions for some elements2626Recorded manifestation elements• Date of publication, distribution, manufacture• Copyright date• Mode of issuance• Frequency• Identifier of the manifestation (e.g., ISSNusually)• Key title• Notes about element (e.g., source of title)• Issue or part used as basis of description(DBO and LIC)• Notes about changes over time2727Recorded carrier characteristics ch. 3• Common carrier characteristics– Extent– Dimensions– Carrier type– Media type– Characteristics for other than volumes ascarriers (e.g., CD-ROMs, digitized files,videotapes)2828
  13. 13. Common carrier characteristics29Summary• CONSER RDA core elements• RDA records identified by coding• Familiar concepts, new terminology in RDA• Some manifestation elements are transcribed• Other manifestation elements can be recorded withsome adjustment• There are many exceptions to transcriptioninstructions for serials (variable data)30
  15. 15. CONSER RDA Bridge – Quiz 1   1. The CONSER RDA core element set is   a) In line with RDA Core elements with some exceptions, and  b) Equal to the PCC Core elements for continuing resources    __ True  __ False  2. Instructions in the CONSER RDA documents should be used in conjunction with the (Check all that apply)  __ a) Hybrid Record Guidelines  __ b) Relationship Designator Guidelines  __ c) PCC RDA Provider‐Neutral guidelines when describing online resources  3. The CONSER RDA core record (Check all that apply)  __ a) Is a "floor" description of a resource that can be built upon in a shared environment  __ b) I Allows the use of any data in a bibliographic description representing more extensive cataloging treatment  __ c) Requires Authority records in the Library of Congress/NACO and Subject Authority Files for all controlled access points    4. Which of the following will you find in RDA records?  __ 040 $e rda  __ Leader/18: value “i”  __ 264 fields    __ 33X fields  __ Full forms of found information  __ All of the above 
  16. 16. 5. Which of the following RDAlike elements are allowed in pre‐RDA records?  __ 040 $e rda  __ Leader/18: value “i”  __ 264 fields  __ 33X fields  __ Full forms of found information  __ All of the above    6. Which of the following statement(s) is/are true?  __ Transcribed data follows RDA 1.7.1 and the ICP principle of representation  __ PCC practice encourages the use of RDA Appendix A for capitalization  __ For serials, RDA includes exceptions to exact transcription for variable data in the title  __ All of the above  7. For each category, mark whether the data is transcribed or recorded   Category  Transcribed  Recorded  Title proper and parallel title     Mode of issuance     Identifier of the manifestation (e.g., ISSN)     Numbering data      Place and name of publisher, distributor, or manufacturer     Frequency     Notes about elements or about change over time      
  17. 17. 2: Getting started• Is this a serial?– Mode of issuance• Which issue should I use?– Basis for identification of the resource• What sources within this issue?– Preferred sources of information1OCLC guidelines• OCLC policy statement on RDA cataloging inWorldCat:http://www.oclc.org/en-US/rda/new-policy.html (3/31/13- )• AACR2 records may be converted to RDA• Never convert an RDA record to an AACR2record• Okay to add some RDA elements to AACR2records2PCC guidelines• Enhancing & Editing RDA Serial Recordshttp://www.loc.gov/aba/pcc/rda/PCC%20RDA%20guidelines/Serial-RDA.doc• PCC Guidelines for Enhancing & Editing non-RDA Serial Recordshttp://www.loc.gov/aba/pcc/rda/PCC%20RDA%20guidelines/Hybrid-Guidelines-Serials-Post-Impl.docx• Enhancing & Editing RDA Integrating ResourceRecordshttp://www.loc.gov/aba/pcc/rda/PCC%20RDA%20guidelines/IR-RDA.doc• Guidelines for creating a hybrid record from apre-RDA record for Integrating Resourceshttp://www.loc.gov/aba/pcc/rda/PCC%20RDA%20guidelines/Hybrid-Guidelines-IRs-Post-Impl.docx 3
  18. 18. Is it a serial?• RDA 2.13 (also: LC/PCC PS for RDA 0.0)• Same definition as in AACR2– Successive parts– Usually bears numbering– No predetermined conclusion• Do not assume “once a serial always aserial”4Serial in print formatInternational DirectoryofPrimatology1st edWisconsin Primate Research CenterMadison, Wis.5Database in online formatPrimate info netWisconsin Regional Primate Research CenterInternational Directory ofPrimatologyAbout IDPSearch IDPCreate or revise an entryTable of ContentsOrganizationsField studiesPart of…6
  19. 19. 777Basis for identification of theresource• If issues or parts are sequentiallynumbered, use the lowest numbered issueor part available• If issues are unnumbered or notsequentially numbered, use the issue orpart with the earliest date of issue• CONSER will continue to use the phrase“Description based on”888Preferred source: one or more pages,leaves, etc.; or images (• Title page• If there is none, use the first of the following(or images of them) that bears a title:– Cover– Caption– Masthead– Colophon• If none of these have a title, use anothersource within the resource, giving preferenceto sources where information is formallypresentedPreferred source – other resources(• Permanently affixed label(e.g., label on a CD)or:• “Embedded metadata in textual form thatcontains a title”(e.g., metadata embedded in an MP3 audio file)• Failing these: Prefer sources that formallypresent the data9
  20. 20. Source of Description ( provide:–588 description based on note–Source of title with 588 combined withdescription based on note–588 Latest issue consulted note10Source of Description ( ## $a Description based on: Volume 1, Number 4(April 2008); title from masthead.588 ## $a Latest issue consulted: Volume 2, Number 3(March 2009).***588 ## $a Description based on: June 2012; title fromPDF title page (publisher’s Web site, viewedSeptember 12, 2012).588 ## $a Description based on: Volume 10, Number11, published 2013.11Retrospective cataloging (2.2.2)“Serial Retrospective Exception” LC-PCC PS 2.2.2– Use stable title, even if from a less-preferred source–Consider that a serial lacks title page if the title pageis added to or dropped from issues12
  21. 21. Summary• RDA decision-making process same as AACR2:– Determine that the resource is a serial– Use first or earliest available issue– Prefer sources of information as instructed• Provide information about your cataloging:– Issue used– Source of title– Latest issue consulted– Provider and date viewed (for online serials)13
  23. 23. CONSER RDA Bridge – Quiz 2   1. Catalogers may set a preference in the Connexion client (version 2.40) for  a) RDA Bibliographic and authority workforms, and b) IP authentication to link to the RDA Toolkit  __ True __ False  2. Beginning March 31, 2013, OCLC policy  __ Allows catalogers to spell out non‐transcribed abbreviations  __ Allows catalogers to remove general material designators (GMDs) __ All of the above __ None of the above   3. When re‐cataloging to RDA, catalogers  __ Do this only with "piece in hand" (or surrogate) in order that all necessary information will be available __ The entire record must be examined and adjusted as needed before re‐coding the record as RDA __ Both of the above  4. Using appropriate CSR guidelines and with either piece in hand or surrogate, CONSER catalogers   __ May convert AACR2 records for serials to RDA __ May convert RDA records to AACR2  __ All of the above __ None of the above  5. It is okay to add some RDA elements to AACR2 records (without converting the records to RDA)  __ True __ False  6. Always provide: o 588 description based on note o Source of title with combined with 588 description based on note o 588 Latest issue consulted note  __ True __ False 
  25. 25. 3: Identifying manifestations• 3a: Identifying manifestations• 3b. Describing carriers, numbering, etc.• 3c: Special cases13a: Identifying manifestations (pt. 1)• Identifiers: ISSN• Title statement: Title proper, paralleltitle, other title information, variant title• Statement of responsibility• Edition statement• Publication statement6ISSN (2.15)• Core for RDA• Recorded element• Record as found• Take from any source• No change in practice for recording7022 ## $a 2165-476X $y 1096-1844
  26. 26. Title proper (2.3, 2.3.2)• Transcribe in field 245 $a $n $p• Follow RDA 1.7.1 and LC-PCC PS– Capitalization: “encouraged” to followAppendix A, may “take what you see”• Include initial articles8Title proper (• Omit date, name, number that varies:245 00 $a Supply estimates for the year ending…Source of information reads: Supply estimatesfor the year ending 1997245 10 $a ... end of session report.Source of information reads: 2005/06 end ofsession report245 18 $a The ... annual report to the GovernorSource of information reads: The 2001 annualreport to the Governor9Title proper (• Correct obvious typographical errors245 00 $a Housing startsSource of information reads: Housing sarts• Title includes earlier title, etc.245 00 $a International gas reportSource of information reads: International gasreport, including World gas report10
  27. 27. Title proper ( that consist solely of corporate bodies, etc.• Transcribe the name as title245 10 $a Conference on Tax Planning for 501(c)(3)Organizations.• Supply a note rather than providing bracketedother title information in 245500 ## $a Proceedings of the conference.Not 245 10 $a Conference on Tax Planning for 501(c)(3)Organizations : $b [proceedings]11Title proper (• Omit introductory words:“Disney presents …”• May transcribe the form with introductorywording in 246 as a variant title245 00 $a Joy of kosher with Jamie Geller.246 1 $i At head of title: $a HamodiaPresents12Title proper ( vs. full form• Select full form if both appear on thepreferred source:245 00 $a Linguistics and languagebehavior abstracts246 1# $a LLBA13
  28. 28. Title proper ( title (e.g., minutes of meetings)• No brackets245 00 $a Education reports• Explain in a note that the title was devised500 ## $a Title devised by cataloger.14Parallel titles (• Parallel title proper: The title proper inanother language and/or script.• Parallel titles can come from any sourcewithin resource.245 00 $a Shi chao246 11 $a Poetry waves1515Parallel titles ( parallel titles from later issues:245 00 $a Artmap.246 1# $i Issues for 2012- also have Arabictitle: $a ‫اﻟﻔﻦ‬ ‫ﺧﺮﻳﻄﺔ‬246 1# $i Issues for 2012- also have Arabictitle: $a Kharīṭat al-fann
  29. 29. Variant titles (2.3.6)245 00 $a Toxic release inventory246 1# $i Also known as: $a TRI CD-ROM246 1# $i Issues for 1987/1993- have title:$a Toxics release inventory245 00 $a Energy & climate report.246 1# $a Energy and climate reportOther title information (2.3.4)• Transcribe if it helps the user!– Clarify the title proper– Support the title proper• Must come from the same source as titleproper (if included)245 00 $a Moral cents : $b the journal ofethics and finance.18Statement of responsibility• Provide if important for identification of theserial• Provide if it helps document usage of thecorporate body, person or family• Provide as part of authorized access point• Can record responsibility in 500 or 550 toset up pattern of usage19
  30. 30. Responsible bodies: 550550 ## $a Issued by: United Nations Centre forHuman Settlements (Habitat), 1987-2001;United Nations Human SettlementsProgramme, 2003-710 2# $a United Nations Centre for HumanSettlements, ǂe issuing body.710 2# $a United Nations Human SettlementsProgramme, ǂe issuing body.Other ways to showresponsibilityRelationship designators, joint authors:• 110 2# $a Society of Linguists, $e author.• 710 2# $a Linguists International, $eauthor.21710 2# $3 <2013-> $a ACM Special InterestGroup on ProgrammingLanguages, $e sponsoring body.Other ways to showresponsibility
  31. 31. Edition statement (2.5)Transcribe as it appears:If not abbreviated on resource:250 ## $a Western Washington.250 ## $a Industrial edition.250 ## $a Red edition.If abbreviated on resource:250 ## $a Professional ed.250 ## $a Cons.23Publication statement (2.8)• Transcribe as it appears– Capitalization: encouraged to follow AppendixA or “take what you see”• Use 264 field in new records and forshowing changes• Only the first place and first publisher arerequired• Date required if first or last issue in hand24264 field: Production, Publication, Distribution,Manufacture Statements and Copyright NoticeDate• PCC guidelines for the 264 fieldhttp://www.loc.gov/aba/pcc/documents/264-Guidelines.doc• First indicator = Sequence of statements:blank #: Not applicable/No information provided/Earliest2: Intervening3: Current/latest• Second indicator = Function of entity:0: Production; 1: Publication; 2: Distribution;3: Manufacture Statements; and4: Copyright notice date25
  32. 32. Place of publication (2.8.2)• Transcribe as it appears on resource• Transcribe larger jurisdictions if theyappear on source as part of place name• Prefer to supply a place from any sourcerather than supplying:[Place of publication not identified]264 #1 $a [Fairfax, Virginia] : $b RoyRosenzweig Center for History and NewMedia, $c [2011?]-26Publisher name (2.8.4)• Transcribe as it appears on resource• Don’t omit hierarchies from publisher name• Prefer to supply a probable name rather thansupplying: [Publisher not identified]110 1# $a Monrovia (Calif.), $e author, $e issuingbody.245 10 $a Statement of financial transactions forthe year ...264 #1 $a Monrovia, California : $b [City ofMonrovia] 27Date of publication (• Record only if first or last issue is in hand• Supply an approximate publication date ifno publication date is given on first or lastissue• Omit a date of publication if the datecannot be approximated264 #1 $a [Fairfax, Virginia] : $b RoyRosenzweig Center for History and NewMedia, $c [2011?]- 28
  33. 33. Copyright notice date (2.11)• RDA 2.11 and LC-PCC PS• 264 second indicator 4• Not required for serials (LC-PCC PS 2.11)– Which © date would you supply for a serial?No instructions for serials, so not required toprovide for serials29Summary• In describing manifestations, many stepsare familiar• Watch for subtle differences:– Omissions from beginning / end of title– Corporate name titles (with note describingtype of resource formerly bracketed as othertitle information)30
  35. 35. 3a-ex1: ISSN, Title Statement, Statement of Responsibility & Publisher StatementFor each situation, mark with a “C” the entry or entries that reflects CONSER RDA practice.1. ISSN appears on back cover of issue as: 2326-0301; ISSN portal shows ISSN for print serial as 2326-0300___ 022 _ _ $a 2326-0301___ 022 _ _ $a 2326-0300___ 022 _ _ $a 2326-0300 $y 2326-0301___ any of these options is valid2. Title on preferred source is: 2009 ANNUAL REPORT___ 245 10 $a … annual report.___ 245 14 $a … annual report.___ 245 10 $a Annual report.___ 245 14 $a … ANNUAL REPORT.3. Web site has:___ 245 10 $a Oregon Genealogical Society.___ 245 10 $a [Home page of the Oregon Genealogical Society].___ 245 10 $a Oregon Genealogical Society : $b [Web site].___ none of the above is appropriate under RDA
  36. 36.    4. Publisher statements:  ___264 #1 $a [Arlington, VA, etc. : $b American Association of School Administrators], $c 1943‐  ___ 264 #1 $a [Place of publication not identified] : $a Pennsylvania Department of Internal Affairs   ___ 264 #1 $a [Washington, D.C.?] : $b Library of Congress Photoduplication Service, $c 1981‐  ___ 264 #1 $a Mt. Laurel, N.J. : $b Tom Helvig, $c 2002‐      BONUS QUESTION: How would you code the publisher statement for Archaeometry?   Journal called Archaeometry lacks title page.   On cover: Published by Wiley‐Blackwell for University of Oxford in association with Gesellschaft für Naturwissenschaftliche Archäologie, ARCHAEOMETRIE, the Society for Archaeological Sciences and Associazione Italiana di Archeometria.  On page 3 of cover: Archaeometry is published by Blackwell Publishing Ltd, 9600 Garsington Road, Oxford, OX4 2DQ, UK. Blackwell Publishing Ltd was acquired by John Wiley & Sons in February 2007.  On back cover: Wiley‐Blackwell  ___ 264 #1 $a Oxford, UK : $b : Published by Wiley‐Blackwell for University of Oxford in association with Gesellschaft für Naturwissenschaftliche Archäologie, ARCHAEOMETRIE, the Society for Archaeological Sciences and Associazione Italiana di Archeometria.  ___ 264 #1 $a Oxford, UK : $b Wiley‐Blackwell  ___ 264 #1 $a Oxford, UK : $b Blackwell Publishing Ltd  ___ 264 #1 $a Oxford, UK : $b Blackwell Publishing Ltd 264 #3 $a Singapore : $b Ho Printing Pte Ltd.  
  37. 37. 3b. Identifying manifestations (pt. 2)• Extent• Content type• Media type• Carrier type• Frequency• Numbering313b. Extent (• The number and type of units and/orsubunits making up a resource (MARC300 subfield $a)• Give complete and full extent for ceasedserial if known (RDA and LC-PCC PS3.4.1.10)• If the actual number is not known for aceased serial, give at least the term“volumes” or other appropriate carrier type32Extent• RDA Core: Provide carrier term for ceasedserials in all formats. May enter carrierterm alone. E.g.:300 ## $a volumes300 ## $a 1 online resource
  38. 38. Extent• CONSER practice: Always provide carrierterm for tangible, live non-print serials• Live serials in other formats– Can optionally provide carrier terms such as“volumes” even if not ceasedExample: Extent35Replacement of GMD• RDA has no provision for General MaterialDesignation (GMD)• RDA introduces instead– Content type (6.9)– Media type (3.2)– Carrier type (3.3)
  39. 39. MARC 336, 337, and 338• Content type = 336• Media type = 337• Carrier type = 338• Subfields: $a term $b code $2 source• May repeat 33X field or repeat subfield $awithin a single 33X fieldContent type• The fundamental form of communication inwhich the content is expressed and the humansense through which it is intended to beperceived. (RDA 6.9.1)• Content type RDA, Table 6.1– cartographic image, computer dataset, notated music,performed music, sounds, text, three-dimensionalmoving image– If none apply, use “other”; if not certain, use“unspecified”Content type• RDA core element for expression• MARC 21 field 336Example:336 ## $a text $b txt $2 rdacontent
  40. 40. Media type• The general type of intermediation devicerequired to view, play, run, etc., thecontent of a resource. (RDA• Media type RDA, Table 3.1– Audio, computer, microform, microscopic,projected, stereographic, unmediated, video;– If none apply, use “other”; if not certain, use“unspecified”Media type• RDA core element for manifestation• MARC 21 field 337Example:337 ## $a unmediated $b n $2 rdamediaCarrier type• The format of the storage medium andhousing of a carrier in combination withthe type of intermediation device requiredto view, play, run, etc., the content of aresource. (RDA• Carrier type RDA– Specific terms for audio, computer, microform,carriers, etc. carriers– If none apply, use “other”; if not certain, use“unspecified
  41. 41. Carrier type• RDA core element for manifestation• MARC 21 field 338Example:338 ## $a volume $b nc $2 rdacarrierCarrier type terms44Example: print45
  42. 42. Example: online46Example: print47Example: Computer discs48
  43. 43. Frequency (2.1.4)• Not RDA core– RDA 2.14 and• Current frequency required for CONSER• Former frequency: not required, whencreating an original record49Numbering (1.7, 1.8, 2.6)• RDA 1.7: Transcription• RDA 1.8: Record numbers expressed asnumerals and words (numeric andchronological)• RDA 2.6: Basic instructions on recordingnumbering– Sources– Specific situations• Recorded in 362 1 note field50Numbering: sources (• Prefer source on the first/last issue thatbears the title proper• Another source within the first/last issue• Other sources specified under 2.2.4.– Accompanying material– Container– Published description– Other available source51
  44. 44. Numbering: sources• RDA does not address:– Preferring a source with the most completenumbering:CCM 8.3, Prefer a source:– With the most complete presentation– With numbering that appears prominently or isstated formallyNumbering: sources• RDA does not address:– Piecing together numbering from differentsourcesCCM 8.3:– Numeric and chronological designations maybe taken from different sources– Numeric designation may be pieced togetheronly when clear that is the intentionNumbering: sources• Provide designation of first and/or lastissue• Transcribe elements as found– Capitalization: follow Appendix A or “takewhat you see”54
  45. 45. Numbering• Substitute numerals for numbersexpressed as words• Inclusive dates and other inclusivenumbers:Source: 1967–72Record: 1967–1972• Ordinal numbers from English source:1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th… (RDA 1.8.5)55Numbering• Substitute hyphen with slash for clarity– Source: 2008-2009– Record: 2008/2009• Number that is a division of a year– Source: 1-97– Record 97-15656Numbering• For preliminary or trial issues of serials,"volume 0," etc., see LC-PCC PS for2.1.2.3• First issue lacks numbering, but laterissues have numbering?[Part 1]Subsequent issues numbered: Part 2, Part 3,etc.57
  46. 46. Summary• Remember when to transcribe and whenyou can record with alteration to data• Several fields developed for RDA– 336 = content– 337 = media– 338 = carrier• Use the most complete numbering thatappears on source58
  47. 47. Session 3b: Quiz: Extent, Frequency, and NumberingWrite “T” (True) or “F” (False) next to each statement.1. ___ Extent is core in RDA for a serial only if the serial is ceased. However,CONSER practice is still to provide extent for tangible non-print serials.2. ___ Dimensions of carriers such as CD-ROMs must be given in centimetersunder RDA.3. ___ Content type is a controlled, closed vocabulary. Examples include text,computer dataset, still image.4. ___ Frequency is a controlled, closed vocabulary. Examples include annual,monthly, bimonthly, and quarterly.5. ___ For numbering data, RDA gives no guidance on preferring a source withthe most complete information.6. ___ For dates that are ranges of years, give the full date regardless of how thedate appears. For example, if the coverage date range appears as 2008-9, record2008/2009.7. ___ For numbering consisting of year and part of a year, give the year and thenthe part. For example, a quarterly publication with numbering 3-2012 would berecorded as 2012-3.
  49. 49. Session 3a & b: ManifestationCover:Bells and BellringingQuarterly Journal Devoted to Their HistoryPrice 3/-VOLUME I, NUMBER 1 May, 1966Masthead:Editor & Publisher: John Hilton Publishing Company Ltd.Editorial & Publishing Office: 19, Lonewood Way, Hadlow, Tonbridge, KentSession 3a:1. Select the preferred source.2. Transcribe the preferred title.3. Enter an authorized access point for creator, if any.4. Transcribe any parallel titles or variant titles thought useful.5. Record notes regarding basis for identification and source of title (description based on, source oftitle; latest issue consulted).Session 3b:Complete the workform used in the exercise for Session 3a by adding the following data:1. Transcribe publishing, distribution, manufacture, copyright statements as needed.2. Record frequency.3. Transcribe numbering, if appropriate.4. Additional notes thought appropriate.5. Other data elements thought appropriate.BABvol. Ino. 1May1966
  51. 51. Type a ELvl __ Srce c GPub __ Ctrl ___ Lang __ __ __BLvl s Form __ Conf __ Freq __ MRec ___ Ctry __ __ __S/L 0 Orig __ EntW __ Regl __ Alph ___Desc __ SrTp __ Cont __ __ __ DtSt __ Dates __ __ __ __, __ __ __ __010 # # $a 2013040 # # $a XYZ $b eng $e __ $c XYZ041 0 # $a042 # # $a pcc043 # # $a022 # # $a1_ _ _ _ $a245 _ _ $a246 _ _ $a250 # # $a264 _ _ $a264 _ _ $a300 # # $a310 # # $a336 # # $a text $b txt $2 rdacontent $a text $b txt $2 rdacontent337 # # $a unmediated $b n $2 rdamedia $a computer $b c $2 rdamedia338 # # $a volume $b nc $2 rdacarrier $a online resource $b cr $2 rdacarrier362 1 # $a Began with550 # # $a588 # # $a Description based on: ; title from588 # # $a Latest issue consulted:7_ _ _ # $a7_ _ 0 _$a$t856 4 _ $u
  52. 52. Type a ELvl __ Srce c GPub __ Ctrl ___ Lang __ __ __BLvl s Form __ Conf __ Freq __ MRec ___ Ctry __ __ __S/L 0 Orig __ EntW __ Regl __ Alph ___Desc __ SrTp __ Cont __ __ __ DtSt __ Dates __ __ __ __, __ __ __ __010 # # $a 2013040 # # $a XYZ $b eng $e __ $c XYZ041 0 # $a042 # # $a pcc043 # # $a022 # # $a1_ _ _ _ $a245 _ _ $a246 _ _ $a250 # # $a264 _ _ $a264 _ _ $a300 # # $a310 # # $a336 # # $a text $b txt $2 rdacontent $a text $b txt $2 rdacontent337 # # $a unmediated $b n $2 rdamedia $a computer $b c $2 rdamedia338 # # $a volume $b nc $2 rdacarrier $a online resource $b cr $2 rdacarrier362 1 # $a Began with550 # # $a588 # # $a Description based on: ; title from588 # # $a Latest issue consulted:7_ _ _ # $a7_ _ 0 _$a$t856 4 _ $u
  53. 53. Type a ELvl __ Srce c GPub __ Ctrl ___ Lang __ __ __BLvl s Form __ Conf __ Freq __ MRec ___ Ctry __ __ __S/L 0 Orig __ EntW __ Regl __ Alph ___Desc __ SrTp __ Cont __ __ __ DtSt __ Dates __ __ __ __, __ __ __ __010 # # $a 2013040 # # $a XYZ $b eng $e __ $c XYZ041 0 # $a042 # # $a pcc043 # # $a022 # # $a1_ _ _ _ $a245 _ _ $a246 _ _ $a250 # # $a264 _ _ $a264 _ _ $a300 # # $a310 # # $a336 # # $a text $b txt $2 rdacontent $a text $b txt $2 rdacontent337 # # $a unmediated $b n $2 rdamedia $a computer $b c $2 rdamedia338 # # $a volume $b nc $2 rdacarrier $a online resource $b cr $2 rdacarrier362 1 # $a Began with550 # # $a588 # # $a Description based on: ; title from588 # # $a Latest issue consulted:7_ _ _ # $a7_ _ 0 _$a$t856 4 _ $u
  54. 54. Type a ELvl __ Srce c GPub __ Ctrl ___ Lang __ __ __BLvl s Form __ Conf __ Freq __ MRec ___ Ctry __ __ __S/L 0 Orig __ EntW __ Regl __ Alph ___Desc __ SrTp __ Cont __ __ __ DtSt __ Dates __ __ __ __, __ __ __ __010 # # $a 2013040 # # $a XYZ $b eng $e __ $c XYZ041 0 # $a042 # # $a pcc043 # # $a022 # # $a1_ _ _ _ $a245 _ _ $a246 _ _ $a250 # # $a264 _ _ $a264 _ _ $a300 # # $a310 # # $a336 # # $a text $b txt $2 rdacontent $a text $b txt $2 rdacontent337 # # $a unmediated $b n $2 rdamedia $a computer $b c $2 rdamedia338 # # $a volume $b nc $2 rdacarrier $a online resource $b cr $2 rdacarrier362 1 # $a Began with550 # # $a588 # # $a Description based on: ; title from588 # # $a Latest issue consulted:7_ _ _ # $a7_ _ 0 _$a$t856 4 _ $u
  55. 55. Session 3c: Special cases• Microform reproductions• Facsimile print reproductions• Provider-neutral record59Reproductions• Follow RDA instructions (1.11)• Describe the reproduction• Include information about the original in a linkingentry field (27.1)• Some information from original in fixed fields– Leader/07: “s”– 008/06 (Type of Date)– 008/07-14 (Dates)• “Facsimiles and Reproductions”60Example: MicroformFF: 008/23(Form): a 008/15-17(Ctry): miu 008/07-14 (Dates): 1934, 9999245 00 $a Downbeat.264 #1 $a Ann Arbor, MI : $b NA Publishing, Inc., $c [2005]-300 ## $a microfilm reels ; $c 35 mm336 ## $a text $b txt $2 rdacontent337 ## $a microform $b h $2 rdamedia338 ## $a microfilm reel $b hd $2 rdacarrier362 1# $a Began with reel 1 (1934).776 08 $i Reproduction of (manifestation): $t Downbeat. $d Elmhurst, IL :Maher Publications, 1934- $h volumes ; 29-44 cm $w (DLC)63004684 $w (OCoLC)226048961
  56. 56. Example: Facsimile PrintFF: 008/23(Form): r 008/15-17(Ctry): iq 008/07- 14 (Dates): 1957,1963130 0# $a Hîwa (Baghdad, Iraq)245 10 $a Rojnamewanîy Kurdî. $p Govarî hîwa, 1957-1963.246 1# $a Govarî hîwa, 1957-1963264 #1 $a Hewlêr : $b Dezgay Çap u Biławkirdinewey Aras, $c 2010.300 ## $a 5 volumes : $b illustrations ; $c 24 cm362 1# $a Began with bergî 1; ceased with bergî 5.775 08 $i Reproduction of (manifestation): $t Hîwa (Baghdad, Iraq).$m Sałî 1, jimare 1 (Temûz 1957)-Sałî 6, jimare 38 (Şûbatî 1963).$d Beẍdad : Çapxaney Temedun, [1957-1963]. $n Issue for Adarî1961 called also jimare taybetî (new ruz)62Provider-neutral online serial• Follow the PCC Provider-Neutral Guidelines:http://www.loc.gov/aba/pcc/scs/documents/PCC-PN-guidelines.html• Consult CONSER Cataloging Manualmodule 31 for assistance with catalogingcomplexities• Watch for implementation of new code:040 ## … $e pn63Example: online serial (P-N)64
  57. 57. SummaryMicroform reproductions• Follow RDA instructions (1.11)• Describe the reproductionProvider-neutral record• Follow the PCC Provider-Neutral Guidelines• Consult CONSER Cataloging Manualmodule 31• Watch for implementation of new code:040 ## … $e pn65
  59. 59. Session 3: Special Cases—QuizFor each situation, mark the choice that describes current CONSER practice as “C”1. The Budapest sun is a weekly newspaper that has been published in Budapest, Hungary since1992.However, the library does not receive the newspaper in newsprint. Instead, each year, thelibrary receives reels for the previous year of The Budapest sun published in Ann Arbor byProquest. Each reel is numbered with a reel number and year.A cataloger is entering a record for the microform publication following the PCC guidelines formicroform reproductions.Which of these statements is appropriate for the RDA record?:__ 245 04 $a The Budapest sun.__ 245 04 $a The Budapest sun $h [microform]__ 264 #1 $a Ann Arbor, Michigan : $b Proquest__ 264 #1 $a Budapest, Hungary : $b [s.n.]__ 300 ## $b illustrations ; $c 46 cm__ 310 ## $a Weekly__ 362 1# $a Began with reel 1 (1992).__ 580 ## $a Originally published weekly: Budapest, Hungary : [s.n.]__ 533 ## $a Microfilm. $b Ann Arbor : $c Proquest. $e microfilm reels ; 35 mm__ 776 08 $i Reproduction of (manifestation): $t Budapest sun2. Journal of Spanish cultural studies is published in print three times a year by Taylor & FrancisLtd. The library has a subscription to the online version, in part through Taylor & Francis Onlineand in part through EBSCO’s Academic Search Complete.A cataloger is entering a record for the online journal following the PCC guidelines for providerneutral serials.Which of these statements is appropriate for the RDA record?:__ 245 00 $a Journal of Spanish cultural studies.__ 245 00 $a Journal of Spanish cultural studies $h [electronic resource]__ 264 #1 $a [Various places] : $b Taylor & Francis Online : $b EBSCO__ 264 #1 $a [Abingdon, Oxford] : $b Taylor & Francis Ltd__ 300 ## $a 1 online resource__ no 300 field
  63. 63. OCLC 808840698 Held by CLU/LHR - no other holdings Rec statRec statRec statRec stat n           EnteredEnteredEnteredEntered 20120831           ReplacedReplacedReplacedReplaced 20120831          TypeTypeTypeType a           ELvlELvlELvlELvl           SrceSrceSrceSrce c           GPubGPubGPubGPub           CtrlCtrlCtrlCtrl           LangLangLangLang kurBLvlBLvlBLvlBLvl s           FormFormFormForm r           ConfConfConfConf 0           FreqFreqFreqFreq ∎           MRecMRecMRecMRec o           CtryCtryCtryCtry iqS/LS/LS/LS/L 0           OrigOrigOrigOrig           EntWEntWEntWEntW           ReglReglReglRegl ∎           AlphAlphAlphAlph    DescDescDescDesc i           SrTpSrTpSrTpSrTp p           ContContContCont           DtStDtStDtStDtSt d           DatesDatesDatesDates 1957  ,  ,  ,  ,  1963   010        2012222543  040        CLU  ǂb  eng  ǂe  rda  ǂc  CLU  042        pcc  043        a-iq---  050  1  4  DS70.8.K8  ǂb  H58  090        ǂb    049        CLUM  130  0     Hîwa (Baghdad, Iraq)  245  1  0  Rojnamewanîy Kurdî.  ǂp  Govarî hîwa, 1957-1963 /  ǂc  lêkolînewey u amadekirdin,Hîmdadî Ḧusên.  246  1     Govarî hîwa, 1957-1963  250        Çapî 1.  264     1  Hewlêr :  ǂb  Dezgay Çap u Biławkirdinewey Aras,  ǂc  2010.  300        5 volumes :  ǂb  illustrations ;  ǂc  24 cm  336        text  ǂb  txt  ǂ2  rdacontent  337        unmediated  ǂb  n  ǂ2  rdamedia  338        volume  ǂb  nc  ǂ2  rdacarrier  362  1     Began with bergî 1; ceased with bergî 5.  546        In Sorani Kurdish  ǂb  (Arabic script).  588        Description based on: Bergî 1; title from title page.  588        Latest issue consulted: Bergî 5.  650     0  Kurds  ǂz  Iraq  ǂz  Kurdistān  ǂx  Intellectual life  ǂv  Periodicals.  650     0  Kurdish literature  ǂv  Periodicals.  700  1     Ḧusên, Hîmdadî,  ǂd  1964-  775  0  8  ǂi  Reproduction of (manifestation):  ǂt  Hîwa (Baghdad, Iraq).  ǂm  Sałî 1, jimare 1(Temûz 1957)-Sałî 6, jimare 38 (Şûbatî 1963).  ǂd  Beẍdad : Çapxaney Temedun,[1957-1963].  ǂn  Issue for Adarî 1961 called also jimare taybetî (new ruz). DeleteHoldings- Export- Label- Produce- Submit- Replace- ReportError- UpdateHoldings- Validate-  My Status-vbross Workflow-InProcess Page 1 of 1OCLC Connexion9/4/2012about:blank
  65. 65. TheDarkComedyReviewThe Fantasy Economyissue no. 1, Summer 2010EditorsNeel KrishnanAndras PokornyAssociate EditorsJulie TibbottAlex PadalkaOlivia CiacciCover LayoutShannon LinGregory StefanoSubmission criteria for future editions of the DarkComedy Review and our online companion The Basement Archivecan be found at www.darkcomedyhour.com/review.please direct all manuscripts tojournal@darkcomedyhour.comBack CoverJoanna TuLayoutAlejandra Chirinos
  67. 67. Local File I:YRL-Serial_Connexionvbrossrdabib.bib.dbOCLC 589134094 No holdings in CLU - no other holdingsSave File 145 Rec stat c Entered 20100331 Replaced 20120605Type a ELvl 7 Srce GPub Ctrl Lang engBLvl s Form o Conf 0 Freq f MRec Ctry nyuS/L 0 Orig o EntW Regl r Alph aDesc i SrTp p Cont DtSt c Dates 2010  ,  9999006 m        d        007 c  ǂb  r 010 2010201930 040 DLC  ǂb  eng  ǂe  rda  ǂc  DLC  ǂd  DLC 022 0 2154-2155  ǂ2  1 042 pcc  ǂa  nsdp 090 ǂb   222 4 The Dark comedy review  ǂb  (Online) 245 0 4 The Dark comedy review. 264 1 New York, NY :  ǂb  Dark Comedy Productions, LLC,  ǂc  2010-300 1 online resource 310 Semiannual 336 text  ǂb  txt  ǂ2  rdacontent 337 computer  ǂb  c  ǂ2  rdamedia 338 online resource  ǂb  cr  ǂ2  rdacarrier 362 1 Began with: Issue no. 1 (Summer 2010). 588 Description based on: Issue no. 1 (Summer 2010); title from pdf cover (Dark Comedy Hour website,viewed June 05, 2012). 588 Latest issue consulted: Issue no. 1 (Summer 2010) (viewed June 05, 2012). 776 0 8 ǂi  Print version:  ǂt  Dark comedy review  ǂx  2154-2147  ǂw  (DLC) 2010201932 856 4 0 ǂu  http://www.darkcomedyhour.com/reviewDelete Holdings- Export- Label- Produce- Submit- Replace- Report Error- Update Holdings- Validate-Source-OCLC  My Status-vbross Workflow-In Process Page 1 of 1OCLC Connexion3/5/2013about:blank
  69. 69. 4: Identifying works andexpressions• Authorized access points representingworks• Making additions to authorized accesspoints• Authorized access points representingexpressions1222Authorized access point for awork• RDA 5.5– 2 parts:• Creator of the work• Preferred title for the work• Does not include relationship designatorsAuthorized access point for awork• A work does not necessarily have a“creator”3
  70. 70. Identifying and constructing theauthorized access point for a work• RDA -– Preferred title of the work (6.2.1 - 6.2.2)– Creator• Determine if there is a creator (• Construct authorized access point (9.19.1 forpersons), (10.10.1 for families), (11.13.1 forcorporate bodies)4ExercisePreferred source of information:• Title: Annual Report• Created by: Mohamed bin Zayed SpeciesConservation Fund- Hint: the resource describes the internal policiesand finances of the corporate body.- Also, assume no conflict.5Show Your Work• What is the preferred title (6.2.1-6.2.2)?• “Created by one person, family, orcorporate body” (• Does it fulfill any of the criteria listed in19.• If so, what is the authorized access pointfor the creator (11.13.1)?6
  71. 71. SolutionAuthorized access point:• Mohamed bin Zayed SpeciesConservation Fund. Annual report.7Additions to the authorizedaccess point for a work• LC-PCC PS– Consider authorized access point conflictsamong all resources, not just serials• Authorized access points are identical:addition is required• Authorized access points are similar:cataloger’s judgment8Identical authorized accesspoint9
  72. 72. Similar authorized access pointSerial in hand:245 00 $a Hogs and cows today.Serial in catalog:245 00 $a Hogs & cows today.10Result:130 0# $a Hogs and cows today (Fresno, Calif.)245 10 $a Hogs and cows todayAdditions to authorizedaccess points11Additions to authorizedaccess points1212
  73. 73. Additions to authorizedaccess points13Additions to authorizedaccess points14Authorized access point foran expression• LC-PCC PS 6.27.3– Music resources (6.28.3)– Sacred scriptures (6.30.3)– Translations (described in the LC-PCC PS)– Language editions (described in the LC-PCC PS)15
  74. 74. Authorized access point for anexpression130 0# $a Duaḥ ha-inflatsyah. $l English.245 10 $a Inflation report / $c Bank of Israel.775 08 $i Hebrew version: $t Duaḥ ha-inflatsyah $w (DLC) 00207719 $w(OCoLC)4520345916Summary• Authorized access point for a work:– Authorized access point for creator– Preferred title of work• Additions to authorized access point for awork– Add parenthetically to authorized access point• Authorized access point for an expression– Added to authorized access point for the work17
  75. 75. CONSER Bridge – Quiz 4  Work: For each of the situations below, answer the following questions 1. Is there a personal ( or corporate body creator ( What? 2. What is the preferred title? Are additional elements needed to differentiate the preferred title? 3. What is that work authorized access point?  CASE #1: Annual report   Creator?  ___________________________________________  Preferred title? Additional element needed?  ________________________________________  Work authorized access point?   ___________________________________________    CISANET Annual Report  2005    Civil Society Agriculture Network (CISANET) P.O. Box 203 Lilongwe, MALAWI Website: www.cisanet.org     CASE #2: Journal   FINANCE & DEVELOPMENT  A QUARTERLY PUBLICATION OF THE INTERNATIONAL MONETARY FUND December 2012                Volume 49 * Number 4        ISSN 0015‐1947      English edition Creator?  ___________________________________________  Preferred title? Additional element needed? ___________________________________________  Work authorized access point?  ___________________________________________  Note that this publication is not about the IMF Note that the catalog already has a record for a monograph entered under title Finance & development, published by the World Bank  CASE #3: Web site    Creator?  _______________________________________  Preferred title? Additional element needed?   _______________________________________  Work authorized access point?   _______________________________________ About us     Events    Our Photos 
  76. 76.  Expressions   CASE #4. More FINANCE & DEVELOPMENT  After creating a record for Finance & Development (Case #2), you find out that the publication is also issued in Arabic, Chinese, French, Russian, and Spanish.  You receive an issue of the Spanish‐language journal from the International Monetary Fund. The title on the cover is:                What additional element would you suggest to distinguish this expression?  _______________________________________  What is the expression authorized access point?  _______________________________________        FINANZAS Y DESARROLLO  PUBLICACIÓN TRIMESTRAL DEL FONDO MONETARIO INTERNACIONAL Y DEL BANCO MUNDIAL   ISSN 0250‐7447      
  77. 77. 5: Related works,expressions, manifestations• Relationship Designators in MARC 21• Citing linking relationships in MARC 21• Common serial relationships1Relationship Designators inMARC bibliographic recordsRDA Appendix MARCI $e of 100-110 and 700-710I $j of 111 and 711J $i of 700-730J $i of 76X-78X linking entryfields2Relationship Designators inMARC bibliographic recordsMARC Coding Meaning780 00 “Continues”785 00 “Continued by”264 2nd indicator Function of entity3
  78. 78. PCC Guidelines for theApplication of RelationshipDesignators• RD in Bibliographic Recordshttp://www.loc.gov/aba/pcc/rda/PCC%20RDA%20guidelines/Relat-Desig-Guidelines.docx• Include a relationship designator for allcreators4CONSER Practice forRelationship Designators inlinking entry fields• 780 00• 785 00• 776 08 $i Online version:• 775 08 $i English edition:5In MARC 700-730 fields• Give the form represented by NAR if RDA• If there is no NAR, give the RDA form• (follow DCM Z1 guidelines about when tomake a NAR)6
  79. 79. Editing Tips for linking entry fields76X-78X• In OCLC, use “insert from cited record”• If pasting 1XX/24X text, remove subfieldcoding within:– $a [author]– $t [title]7Common serial relationships• Related serial works:– Supplement – whole/part– Earlier, later title• Expressions– Language expressions• Manifestations– Other formats– Change in mode of issuance– Reproductions899Related works772 0# $t Leadership (Cape Town, South Africa)780 00 $t Australian & New Zealand apparel785 00 $t Morren Galleries journal787 08 $i Preliminary report issued as: $t English housingsurvey. Headline report787 08 $i Complemented by (work): $t English housingsurvey. Household report
  80. 80. 1010Related expressions andmanifestations775 08 $i English edition: $t Azerbaijan focus776 08 $i Print version: $t Proceedings of the …Western Dairy Management Conference776 08 $i Online version: $t Bone bouquet776 08 $i Continued by online database: $t Antarcticbibliography $w (OCoLC) 52065227775 08 $i Reproduction of (manifestation): $t Hîwa(Baghdad, Iraq)Relationships in note fields• 525 (supplement) - use for supplements notinput as separate records• 530 (additional physical form) - prefer 776 $i• 533 (reproduction) - use only for digitalpreservation project records with $511Relationships in note fields• 534 (original version) - do not use inCONSER records• 550 (issuing body) - use to justify 7XX• 580 (linking entry complexity note) - use toexpress complex note in conjunction with7XX12
  81. 81. Summary• Record relationships authorized access points,notes, & linking fields• Provide reciprocal relationship fields for serials• 700-730:– Use form from NAR– If no NAR, give RDA form• 760-787 fields:– Authorized access point of related record(minus subfield codes)– Appropriate designators (excluding 780, 785)13Summary• Include a relationship designator for allcreators• Apply relationship designators inaccordance with their definitions• PCC highly encourages includingrelationship designators for all accesspoints whenever it is clear what therelationship is14
  83. 83. CONSER RDA Bridge – Quiz 5   For each example, identify the type(s) of relationship.   1. 110 1# $a Monrovia (Calif.), $e author, $e issuing body. 245 10 $a Annual report  ___ creator associated with a work  ___ other person, family, or corporate body associated with a work  ___ other person, family, or corporate body associated with expression  ___ all of the above   2. 245 00 $a Getting started in Jewish genealogy. 700 1# $a Mokotoff, Gary, $e editor of compilation.  ___ creator associated with a work  ___ other person, family, or corporate body associated with a work  ___ other person, family, or corporate body associated with expression  ___ all of the above   3. 245 00 $a American journal of linguistics. 776 08 $i Online version: $t American journal of linguistics $x 2326‐0769 $w (DLC) 2013201733  ___ related work  ___ related expression  ___ related manifestation  ___ related item     
  84. 84. 4. 245 00 $a AAPC cutting edge. 780 00 $t Coding edge $x 1941‐5036 $w (DLC) 2008213052  ___ related work  ___ related expression  ___ related manifestation  ___ related item  
  85. 85. Session 6Working with Copy&When to Create a NewRecord1Change over Time• Using existing copy– What types of change can beaccommodated?– How to edit?• RDA & AACR2/CSR records• Pre-AACR2 successive entry records• When to consider re-describing to RDA?• Creating a new record– When?– What level? 2Manifestation: Types of change (1)• Carrier type (3.22.6)• Minor title changes (• Edition not changing scope of publication(• Publisher/distributor/manufacturer (2.8-2.11)– Publisher: Place (– Publisher: Name (
  86. 86. Manifestation: Types of change (2)• Series (• Numbering (2.6.1)• Frequency (• Editors, issuing bodies, etc. ( types (3.22.6)• Minor changes:– Broadsheet to volume (Media type: unmediated)– Microfiche to microfilm (Media type: microform)– CD-ROM to DVD-ROM (Media type: computer)• New record required:– CD-ROM to online (Media type: computer)6Exercise: Carrier typeThe last CD-ROM issue was: 1997/2001.The first DVD-ROM issue was: 1998/2002.7
  87. 87. Exercise: Carrier type (2)300 ## $a computer discs ; $c 4 3/4 in.500 ## $a Issues for 1989/1992-1997/2001 on CD-ROM; issues for 1998/2002- onDVD-ROM.8Minor Title Changes & Variant Titles• Changes in title proper of serials:– RDA• Major and minor changes– RDA– LC-PCC PS general guidelines and LC-PCCPS for minor change categories• Title changes: no change in practice!9Minor title changes (, 2.20.2) ,parallel (, and variant titles ( for CONSER core:– 245 00 $a Title– 246 1# $i Issues for … have title: $a [later title]– 246 1# $i Issues for … have English title: $a[later parallel title]– 246 1# $a [variant title] $f <Nov. 2011->Example245 00 $a Géologie de la France246 1# $i Issues for 1988-1989 have title: $a Géol. Fr.246 1# $i Issues for 1994-2000 have also English title: $a Geology ofFrance and surrounding areas246 1# $a GFSA $f <1995>-199910
  88. 88. Edition statement (, 2.20.4)Changes in edition statement:• No change in scope? → Record changes fromlater issues if important for identification• Example250 ## $a Property & casualty insurance edition.500 ## $a Issues for Dec. 29, 1986-Jan. 2, 1989 calledProperty & casualty/employee benefits edition; issues forJan. 9, 1989 called Property & casualty/risk & benefitsmanagement edition.11Publisher change (2.8, 2.20.7)• Reminder:– Existing:• 260 # # (if 260 is present, leave tag as-is) OR264 # 1 (for RDA record created after August 2011)• Add: $3 Coverage– New:• 264 2 1 (intermediate)264 3 1 (most recent)• $3 Coverage [recorded]• $a Place : $b Publisher [transcribed]• $c Date (if ceased) [transcribed] 12Exercise: PublisherAfter this record was created, the cataloger received some additional issues (thoughnot a complete run). Here are some changes discovered:--By the “February 1990” issue, the place of publication moved to: Tonawanda, NY--By the “February 1991” issue, the place of publication moved to: Las Vegas, NVThe Raving Lunatic Society remained the publisher throughout the life of the serial.The latest issue received was: Volume 7, issue #1 (May 15, 1993).Fixed field: 008/15-17 (Ctry): nyu13
  89. 89. Exercise: Publisher change (2)Fixed field: 008/15-17 (Ctry): nvu14Frequency change (, 2.20.12)Coding: Recorded; CONSER practice: keep all– 310 ## $a Frequency, $b coverage [current]– 321 ## $a Frequency, $b coverage [oldest]– 321 ## $a Frequency, $b coverage [next]15Numbering (2.6.1, 2.20.5)• Coding: Partially transcribed• Reminder: If numbering starts over withoutseries designation, supply [new series]• Options:– 362 1# $a If have first/last in range– 515 ## $a In all situationsExample 1362 1# $a Began with: No 7 (année judiciaire 1998/1999); ceased with no 13(année judiciaire 2004/2005).--------------------------------Example 2362 1# $a Began with December 1971.515 ## $a Issues for <May 2010-> called: <2nd series, volume 1, issue 5->16
  90. 90. Issuing body (• CONSER practice: [introductory word(s)]:[information], [dates]Example550 ## $a Issued by: Bureau of Vital Statistics,1964–1977; by: Bureau of Vital Records, 1978–17Other considerations• CEG B4• FF Dates: If most recent issue (or known issue) isolder than 3 years:– 008/06 (Status): u– 008/11-14 (Date2): uuuu• Basis of identification: If have later issue than waspreviously been entered:588 ## $a Latest issue consulted: … .588 ## $a Latest issue consulted: … (publisher’sWeb site, viewed …).18Expression-level change (• So far, ALL changes can be accommodated• Types of change common to serials:– Language– Script• Examples:546 ## $a Volumes 1-3 in French, volumes 4-7 inGerman.546 ## $a In Azerbaijani (Cyrillic), <1999->;(Latin), <2002-2003>19
  91. 91. Work-level change (Chapter 6)• Parallel language titles appearing on laterissues (• Variant titles that differ significantly fromthe preferred title and might reasonably besought (• Nature of the content ( Editing AACR2/CSR Records• Documentation: Post RDA ImplementationGuidelines and Standardshttp://www.loc.gov/aba/pcc/• May follow RDA conventions to maintainAACR2/CSR records• May add (or add to) 336-338 fields• Should create RDA NARs if additional nameheadings are needed (e.g., issuing body)• Many changes can be made without re-describingserial using RDA21Exercise: CSR record maintenanceFF: LDR/18 (Desc) = a 008/18-19 (Freq/Regl) =q/x 008/15-17 (Ctry) = njuIssue : Volume 87, issue 4 2012Philadelphia, PA * Taylor and Francis * Published 5 times a yearWhat enhancements could/should be made to reflect this issue? 22
  92. 92. Exercise: CSR record maintenance (2)FF: LDR/18 (Desc) = a 008/18-19 (Freq/Regl) =q/x 008/15-17 (Ctry) = pau23Editing pre-AACR2 records using RDA• Watch for: Partial title that needs to bereconsidered• Before editing:– Create DBO to reflect issue used fordescription if known, based on 362, 936, andany other data:– Remove 936• Update the record, add 588 Latest issueconsulted note 24Exercise: Pre-AACR MaintenanceIssue: Volume 35, Number 2, May 2012Published: Baltimore, Maryland, USA * The Johns Hopkins UniversityPress25
  93. 93. Exercise: Pre-AACR Maintenance26Pre-AACR MaintenanceIf not converting to RDA at a minimum:• Add 264 31 if needed for currentpublishing statement• Do not recode or change an existing 260• Add additional fields from latest issue– e.g. 710’s 550 note to cite issues• Add 588 “Latest issue consulted note”Would you re-describe to RDA if …?• CSR CONSER Record: e-Level 8 (ISSN Pre-pub)Cataloger has first issue in hand.• Pre-AACR2 Record:– 110 2# $a Society of Archivists– 245 10 $a Journal of the Society of Archivists.2011: Name of body changed to: Archives & RecordsAssociation.No change to title (oddly enough).• AACR2 CONSER Record based on: Vol. 8, no. 3245 00 $a ME insights.Cataloger has volume 1, number 1 with title:Middle East insights.28
  94. 94. When do you need a new record?W Change to authorized access point representing work proper‐‐Major change to title proper‐‐Major change to original title for language expression6.‐‐Authorized access point for person, family, or corporate body used in identifying the work‐‐Change affecting name of person, family, or corporate body used as an addition to authorized access point for the work6.1.3.2‐‐Work under title changes to work under creatorM Change to manifestation that cannot be accommodated in descriptionMode of issuance type of a serial affecting scope or coverage 29New record? New work?Situation245 00 $a Newsletter of the American HealthFoundationChange: Newsletter of the Institute for CancerPrevention30New record? New work?Situation: Loose-leaf publication100 1# $a Dobbs, Marian F.245 10 $a Determining child & spousalsupportChange: Serial publication245 00 $a Determining child & spousalsupport31
  95. 95. New record? New work?Situation:245 00 $a Hong Kong business directory.300 ## $a CD-ROMsChange in 2007: Issued only on DVD-ROMsChange in 2009: Issued only online as pdf fileChange in 2012: Issued online as a database32New record? New work?Situation: Spanish-language edition130 0# $a Worldnet at a glance. $l Spanish.245 10 $a Worldnet en un vistazo.----------------------------------------------------------Change:--New English-language title is: Worldnet--Spanish-language title is: Worldnet en unvistazo 33RDA: Requiring a new description34
  96. 96. Summary• Change within: Manifestation, Expression,and Work-level change• Hybrid-Record techniques• Re-description to RDA• Change without: Work/Expression,Manifestation35
  97. 97. Local File I:YRL-Serial_Connexionvbrossrdabib.bib.dbOCLC 31695314 Held by CLU/LHR - 368 other holdings; 4 other IRsSave File 180       Rec statRec statRec statRec stat c           EnteredEnteredEnteredEntered 19941214           ReplacedReplacedReplacedReplaced 20121217          TypeTypeTypeType a           ELvlELvlELvlELvl           SrceSrceSrceSrce d           GPubGPubGPubGPub f           CtrlCtrlCtrlCtrl           LangLangLangLang engBLvlBLvlBLvlBLvl s           FormFormFormForm q           ConfConfConfConf 0           FreqFreqFreqFreq a           MRecMRecMRecMRec           CtryCtryCtryCtry dcuS/LS/LS/LS/L 0           OrigOrigOrigOrig q           EntWEntWEntWEntW s           ReglReglReglRegl r           AlphAlphAlphAlph    DescDescDescDesc i           SrTpSrTpSrTpSrTp           ContContContCont           DtStDtStDtStDtSt c           DatesDatesDatesDates 1992  ,  ,  ,  ,  9999   006        m        d         007        c  ǂb  o  ǂd  u  ǂe  g  ǂf  u  010        95645854   ǂz  sn 94028619   040        GPO  ǂb  eng  ǂe  rda  ǂc  GPO  ǂd  DLC  ǂd  MYG  ǂd  AGL  ǂd  EYM  ǂd  OCL  ǂd  GPO  ǂd  DLC  ǂd IUL  ǂd  GPO  ǂd  DLC  ǂd  GPO  ǂd  SYS  ǂd  OCL  ǂd  OCLCQ  ǂd  GPO  ǂd  CUS  ǂd  GPO  ǂd ORU  042        lc  043        n-us---  050  0  0  HF3000  070  0     HF3003.U7  072     0  X700  074        0154-D  074        0154-D-02  086  0     C 3.278/3:  086  0     C 3.278/3-2:  090        ǂb    245  0  0  U.S. exports history :  ǂb  historical summary ... : international harmonized system commodityclassification (HS-based schedule B) by country, by customs district /  ǂc  Foreign Trade Division.  246  3     United States export history  246  3     US exports history  246  3  0  Exports history  264     1  Washington, DC :  ǂb  U.S. Dept. of Commerce, Bureau of the Census, Data User Services Division, ǂc  1993-  300        CD-ROMs ;  ǂc  4 3/4 in.  310        Annual  336        text  ǂb  txt  ǂ2  rdacontent  337        computer  ǂb  c  ǂ2  rdamedia  338        computer disc  ǂb  cd  ǂ2  rdacarrier  362  1     Began with CDEX-1989/1992.  500        Title from disc label.  500        Subtitle varies.  515        Period of coverage varies.  515        Vol. CDEX-89-93, issued July 1994, also issued in corrected ed. Nov. 1994; v. CDEX-93-97, issuedJune 1998, also reissued in a corrected ed. July 1998; v. CDEX-94-98 reissued in a rev. ed. June1999.  516        Written in ISO 9660 format.  516        Written in ASCII and/or dBASE format.  520        Provides U.S. export statistics, both government and nongovernment shipments, of domestic andforeign merchandise (including non-monetary gold and silver) from the U.S. Customs districts (the 50Page 1 of 2OCLC Connexion1/16/2013about:blankThe last CD-ROM issue was: 1997/2001The first DVD-ROM issue was: 1998/2002--------------------------------------------------------How would you edit this record to showthat the carrier changed from CD-ROM toDVD-ROM?session 6-ex1: Carrier change
  98. 98. states, District of Columbia, and Puerto Rico), U.S. foreign trade zones, and the U.S. Virgin Islands toforeign countries.  538        System requirements: IBM PC or compatible with MS-DOS 3.3 or higher and DOS file managersoftware (e.g., Microsoft CD-ROM Extensions 2.0 or higher) or other system with appropriate retrievalsoftware for ISO 9660 CD-ROMs (software included on the disk will run only on an DOS PC); 640KRAM; CD-ROM drive.  550        Vols. for 1989/1992-1990/1994 issued by: U.S. Dept. of Commerce, Bureau of the Census, Data UserServices Division; 1991/1995-1993/1997 by: the Bureaus Administrative and Customer ServicesDivision; 1994/1998 by: U.S. Census Bureau; 1995/1999-1997/2001 by: U.S. Dept. of Commerce,Economics and Statistics Administration with U.S. Census Bureau.  650     0  Exports  ǂz  United States  ǂv  Statistics  ǂv  Periodicals.  710  1     United States.  ǂb  Bureau of the Census.  ǂb  Foreign Trade Division.  710  1     United States.  ǂb  Bureau of the Census.  ǂb  Data User Services Division.  710  1     United States.  ǂb  Bureau of the Census.  ǂb  Administrative and Customer Services Division.  710  1     United States.  ǂb  Economics and Statistics Administration.  710  2     U.S. Census Bureau.  710  2     U.S. Census Bureau.  ǂb  Foreign Trade Division.  787  0  8  ǂi  Cumulates:  ǂt  U.S. exports of merchandise  ǂx  1057-8773  ǂw  (DLC) 91655128  ǂw  (OCoLC)23886398 Delete Holdings- Export- Label- Produce- Submit- Replace- Report Error- Update Holdings- Validate- Source-OCLC  My Status-vbross Workflow-In Process Page 2 of 2OCLC Connexion1/16/2013about:blank
  99. 99. Local File I:YRL-Serial_Connexionvbrossrdabib.bib.dbOCLC 809381590 No holdings in CLU - 1 other holdingSave File 182 Rec stat c Entered 20120907 Replaced 20120909Type a ELvl Srce c GPub Ctrl Lang engBLvl s Form Conf ∎ Freq u MRec Ctry nvuS/L 0 Orig EntW Regl u AlphDesc i SrTp p Cont DtSt u Dates 1987  ,  uuuu010 2010222999 040 KFS  ǂb  eng  ǂe  rda  ǂc  KFS  ǂd  OCLCO 042 pcc 245 0 0 Cognitive dissidents. 264 1 Rochester, NY :  ǂb  The Raving Lunatic Society 336 text  ǂb  txt  ǂ2  rdacontent 337 unmediated  ǂb  n  ǂ2  rdamedia 338 volume  ǂb  nc  ǂ2  rdacarrier 362 1 Began in 1987. 588 Description based on: Volume 1, number 5 (Nov 15, 1987); title from caption. 588 Latest issue consulted: Volume 1, number 5 (Nov 15, 1987). 650 0 Libertarianism  ǂv  Periodicals. 650 0 Economics  ǂv  Periodicals. 710 2 Raving Lunatic Society. Delete Holdings- Export- Label- Produce- Submit- Replace- Report Error- Update Holdings- Validate-Source-OCLC  My Status-vbross Workflow-In Process Page 1 of 1OCLC Connexion1/16/2013about:blanksession 6-ex2: Publisher changeAfter this record was created, the cataloger received additional issues (though not a full run).Here are some changes discovered:--By the "February 1990" issue, the place of publication moved to: Tonawanda, NY--By the "February 1991" issue, the place of publication moved to: Las Vegas, NVThe Raving Lunatic Society remained the publisher throughout the life of the serial. The latestissue received was: Volume 7, issue #1 with coverage date: May 15, 1993.---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------How would you update the record, based on this information?
  101. 101. Session 6-ex3. Identifying Valid Hybrid Record TechniqueWhich of these changes are valid applications of the hybrid record technique? Which changes should beavoided?Mark “yes” in the first column next to the examples of valid hybrid record techniqueMark “no” in the first column next to the example of things to avoid?? AACR2 record: Before AACR2 record: AfterFF Desc: a040 ## $a DLC $c DLCFF Desc: a040 ## $a DLC $b eng $e rda $c DLC245 00 $a British journal of surgery $h[electronic resource].245 00 $a British journal of surgery.260 ## $a [S.l. : $b s.n.] 264 #1 $a [Place of publication not identified] : $b[publisher not identified]260 3# $a Cambridge, Mass. : $b MIT Press,$c [2001]-264 31 $a Cambridge, Massachusetts : $bMassachusetts Institute of Technology Press, $c[2001]-300 ## $a CD-ROMs : $b ill. ; $c 4 3/4 in. 300 ## $a CD-ROMs : $b illustrations ; $c 4 3/4 in.310 ## $a Monthly, $b <Feb. 1995-> 310 ## $a Monthly, $b <February 1995->321 ## $a Four no. a year, $b 1913- 321 ## $a Four numbers a year, $b 1913-336 ## $a text $b txt $c rdacontent337 ## $a computer $b c $c rdamedia338 ## $a computer disc $b cd $c rdacarrier362 1# $a Began with v. 1 (Jan. 1976). 362 1# $a Began with volume 1 (January 1976).Note: This exercise only concerns possible hybrid changes. Whether changes are completed in a specificsituation will depend on institutional policies and cataloger judgment.
  103. 103. Local File I:YRL-Serial_Connexionvbrossrdabib.bib.dbOCLC 4013686 Held by CLU/LHR - 882 other holdings; 12 other IRsSave File 183       Rec statRec statRec statRec stat c           EnteredEnteredEnteredEntered 19780628           ReplacedReplacedReplacedReplaced 20121206          TypeTypeTypeType a           ELvlELvlELvlELvl           SrceSrceSrceSrce           GPubGPubGPubGPub           CtrlCtrlCtrlCtrl           LangLangLangLang engBLvlBLvlBLvlBLvl s           FormFormFormForm           ConfConfConfConf 0           FreqFreqFreqFreq q           MRecMRecMRecMRec           CtryCtryCtryCtry njuS/LS/LS/LS/L 0           OrigOrigOrigOrig           EntWEntWEntWEntW           ReglReglReglRegl x           AlphAlphAlphAlph a    DescDescDescDesc a           SrTpSrTpSrTpSrTp p           ContContContCont o           DtStDtStDtStDtSt c           DatesDatesDatesDates 1923  ,  ,  ,  ,  9999   010        61032518   ǂz  sc 78001563   040        DLC  ǂb  eng  ǂc  DLC  ǂd  NSD  ǂd  AIP  ǂd  NSD  ǂd  AIP  ǂd  NSD  ǂd  DLC  ǂd  NST  ǂd  OCL  ǂd NST  ǂd  NSD  ǂd  CAS  ǂd  OCL  ǂd  NLM  ǂd  OCLCQ  ǂd  CDS  ǂd  OCLCQ  ǂd  HLS  ǂd  OCLCQ ǂd  MUL  ǂd  YUS  ǂd  DLC  ǂd  UMS  ǂd  EYM  ǂd  LVB  ǂd  IUL  ǂd  OCLCQ  ǂd  UKMGB  ǂd  TJC ǂd  OCLCQ  ǂd  OCLCO  012        2  ǂb  3  ǂj  0  ǂk  1  ǂm  1  016  7     101088393  ǂ2  DNLM  016  7     007191052  ǂ2  Uk  022  0     0161-956X  ǂl  0161-956X  ǂ2  1  030        PJEDFQ  032        424300  ǂb  USPS  042        pcc  ǂa  nsdp  050  0  0  L11  ǂb  .P35  082     4  370/.5  210  0     Peabody j. educ.  222     0  Peabody journal of education  245  0  0  Peabody journal of education.  246  1     ǂi  Vol. 48, no. 1 (Oct. 1970)-v. 77, no. 4 (2002) also have title:  ǂa  PJE  260        Nashville, Tenn. :  ǂb  George Peabody College of Teachers,  ǂc  c1923-  300        v. ;  ǂc  22-25 cm.  310        Four no. a year,  ǂb  1970-  321        Bimonthly,  ǂb  1923-  362  0     Vol. 1, no. 1 (July 1923)-  500        Published: Mahwah N.J. : Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, <v. 71, no. 1->  500        Title from cover.  500        Latest issue consulted: Vol. 87, issue 4 (2012).  515        Issues for v. 78, issue 1- also called: v. 78, no. 1-  555        Vols. 1 (1923)-50 (1973). 1 v.  650     0  Education  ǂv  Periodicals.  710  2     George Peabody College for Teachers.  776  0  8  ǂi  Online version:  ǂt  Peabody journal of education (Online)  ǂx  1532-7930  ǂw  (DLC) 2001214615 ǂw  (OCoLC)45090468  850        AAP  ǂa  AU  ǂa  DGW  ǂa  DLC  ǂa  FU  ǂa  KyLOU  ǂa  In  ǂa  InLP  ǂa  MiDW  ǂa  MoKU  ǂa  NHU ǂa  NjR  ǂa  OCU  ǂa  OkU  ǂa  PU  ǂa  Wa  856  4  1  ǂu  http://www.jstor.org/journals/0161956x.html  856  4     ǂu  http://firstsearch.oclc.org  ǂz  Address for accessing the journal using authorization number andpassword through OCLC FirstSearch Electronic Collections Online. Subscription to online journalrequired for access to abstracts and full text  856  4     ǂu  http://firstsearch.oclc.org/journal=0161-956x;screen=info;ECOIP  ǂz  Address for accessing thePage 1 of 2OCLC Connexion1/16/2013about:blanksession 6-ex4:AACR2/CSR maintenance Incoming issue has on cover: Volume 87, issue 4 2012Masthead: Philadelphia, PA * Taylor and Francis * Published 5times a year---------------------------------------------------------------------------------What enhancements could/should be made to reflect this issue?What could/should be left alone?
  104. 104. journal from an authorized IP address through OCLC FirstSearch Electronic Collections Online.Subscription to online journal required for access to abstracts and full text  891  2  0  ǂ9  853  ǂ8  1  ǂa  v.  ǂb  issue  ǂu  4  ǂv  r  ǂi  (year)  ǂw  q  891  4  1  ǂ9  863  ǂ8  1.1  ǂa  <78>  ǂb  <1>  ǂi  <2003>  891  2  0  ǂ9  853  ǂ8  2  ǂa  v.  ǂb  no.  ǂu  5  ǂv  r  ǂi  (year)  ǂw  5  891  4  1  ǂ9  863  ǂ8  2.1  ǂa  <87>  ǂb  <4>  ǂi  <2012>  936        AACR2=HLS Delete Holdings- Export- Label- Produce- Submit- Replace- Report Error- Update Holdings- Validate-   My Status-vbross Workflow-In Process Page 2 of 2OCLC Connexion1/16/2013about:blank
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  107. 107. Session 6-ex6: When do you need a new record?Question: Is a new description needed (major or minor change)?Question: Will a new work-level record be needed? Or does the change only affect the manifestation?Situation 1: SerialRecord has: 245 00 $a Newsletter of the American Health FoundationNew issue has: Newsletter of the Institute for Cancer PreventionNew description needed? yes noNew work record? yes noSituation 2: Originally issued as a loose-leaf publication; now issued as a serial. Cataloger determinesthat, according to the LC-PCC PSs, Dobbs would be a contributor rather than a creator.Record has: 100 1# $a Dobbs, Marian F.245 10 $a Determining child & spousal supportNew issue has: Determining child & spousal supportNew description needed? yes noNew work record? yes noSituation 3: Originally issued on CD-ROM; then on DVD-ROM; then as pdf files; then as updatingdatabaseRecord has: 245 00 $a Hong Kong business directory.300 ## $a CD-ROMs ; $c 4 3/4 in.Change in 2007: Issued only on DVD-ROMsNew description needed? yes noNew work record? yes noChange in 2009: Issued only online as pdf fileNew description needed? yes noNew work record? yes noChange in 2012: Issued online as a databaseNew description needed? yes noNew work record? yes no
  109. 109.    Appendix: Links to Documentation        1. CONSER Documents: http://www.loc.gov/aba/pcc/conser/index.html      These three key documents to keep at hand as you catalog. The first walks through how to create an original record for a serial, including a decision tree. The other two documents provide tabular Metadata Application Profiles, MARC‐to‐RDA and RDA‐to‐MARC.      a. CONSER RDA Cataloging Checklist: http://www.loc.gov/aba/pcc/conser/documents/CONSER‐RDA‐checklist.doc      b. CONSER RDA Core Elements: http://www.loc.gov/aba/pcc/conser/documents/CONSER‐RDA‐core‐elements.doc      c. CONSER MARC21 to RDA Core Elements: http://www.loc.gov/aba/pcc/conser/documents/CONSER‐MARC‐to‐RDA.doc       2. Program for Cooperative Cataloging (PCC) Post RDA Implementation Guidelines and Standards documents:     http://www.loc.gov/aba/pcc/rda/PCC%20RDA%20guidelines/Post‐RDA‐Implementation‐Guidelines.html  These documents address specific topics of interest such as guidelines for the 264 field, how to apply relationship designators in bibliographic records, and how to maintain records in a hybrid environment.        a. Guidelines for the 264 field:     http://www.loc.gov/aba/pcc/documents/264‐Guidelines.doc  b. Guidelines for the Application of Relationship Designators in Bibliographic Records:     http://www.loc.gov/aba/pcc/rda/PCC%20RDA%20guidelines/Relat‐Desig‐Guidelines.docx  c. Guidelines for Enhancing & Editing non‐RDA Serial Records:     http://www.loc.gov/aba/pcc/rda/PCC%20RDA%20guidelines/Hybrid‐Guidelines‐Serials‐Post‐Impl.docx d. Provider‐neutral record guidelines for electronic monographs, serials, and integrating resources:     http://www.loc.gov/aba/pcc/scs/documents/PCC‐PN‐guidelines.html       3. Other documents (Miscellaneous)    a. International cataloging principles:     http://www.ifla.org/publications/statement‐of‐international‐cataloguing‐principles      b. OCLC policy statement on RDA cataloging in WorldCat:       http://www.oclc.org/en‐US/rda/new‐policy.html  c. JSC Meeting Outcomes: http://www.rda‐jsc.org/docs/2012‐documents‐summary.pdf (summary)     http://www.rda‐jsc.org/workingnew.html (“sec final”‐‐text of the changes)   
  111. 111. Appendix: MARC Tagging and SerialsFollowing is a selected list of MARC tags frequently used in serial records. Consult the CONSER EditingGuide for more a complete list and instructions on use006 Fixed-length data elements (used primarily for e-serials)007 Physical description fixed field (used primarily for microforms and e-serials)008/leader Fixed field display found in workforms on OCLC or local systems010 ## LC control number (used in CONSER records)022 ## ISSN042 ## PCC/CONSER authentication: isds/c , pcc, lccopycat, nlcBeware! OCLC also uses this field for non-PCC projects: dlr, dc, anuc are NOT PCC codes050 _ _ LC classification number110 _ # Authorized access point for creator, $e relationship designator (e.g., author)111 _ _ Authorized access point for conference130 0 # Authorized access point for work/expression210 0 _ ISSN abbreviated title222 #_ ISSN Key title240 10 Authorized access point for work/expression if record has a creator245 _ _ Title proper (subfields $a, $n, $p) / statement of responsibility246 1 _ Parallel title (indicators 11); variant titles (indicators 1#); minor title changes (indicators 1#)250 ## Edition statement264 _ _ Publisher (1), distributor (2), manufacturer (3)Date if first/last issue is in hand300 ## Extent : $b illustrative content ; $c dimensionsRDA only requires extent for ceased serials310/321 ## Current/former frequency362 1# Note about when the serial began / ended (if known)490 _ # Series statement500 ## General note515 ## Numbering peculiarities525 ## Supplement546 ## Language note550 ## Issuing bodies note555 ## Cumulative index note580 ## Linking entry complexity note588 ## Description based on: ; title fromLatest issue consulted:710 _ # Authorized access point for corporate body, $e relationship designator752 ## Hierarchical place name (used in records for newspapers)765/767 0# Link to original language/translation770/772 0# Link to separately-cataloged supplement / parent record775 08 $i Edition relationship: $a Creator. $t Title776 08 $i Variant format relationship: $a creator. $t title780/785 0_ Links to earlier/later works manifested (as well as: absorptions, splits, mergers)787 08 $i Non-specific relationship: $a creator. $t title8XX _ _ Series authorized access point.856 4_ Electronic location and access
  113. 113. Appendix: Excerpt from “Copy Cataloging Using RDA” by Tim Carltonhttp://www.loc.gov/catworkshop/RDA%20training%20materials/LC%20RDA%20Training/CopyCatFINAL.docModifying Legacy pre-RDA RecordsAACR2/CSR RECORDSDocumentation for working with AACR2 and CSR records has been approved by thePCC. The documentation allows PCC members and OCLC to add elements such as the264 and the 33X to existing AACR2 records without converting them to RDA. WhilePCC members and OCLC will use these guidelines to update AACR2 records with RDAelements, LC staff are not required to “hybridize” existing AACR2 records with RDAMARC 21 elements. . [Why not? Because OCLC will be making these changes toAACR2 records in the near future.] However, staff finding such records should leave theelements in place if found in copy recordsThe types of changes staff may see on AACR2 records are outlined in the PCCGuidelines for Enhancing and Editing non-RDA Records for Serials:http://www.loc.gov/aba/pcc/rda/PCC%20RDA%20guidelines/Hybrid-Guidelines-Serials-Post-Impl.docxSerials staff should generally follow this guidance when working with copy:CONSER authenticated records should not be converted to RDA, except:• Prepublication records (EL/8)• CONSER minimal level records (if being upgraded to encoding level blank)Unauthenticated serial records that are being authenticated as CONSER/PCC recordsshould be converted to RDA when authenticated.Additionally: In maintaining CONSER existing AACR2 records, LC staff may add newpublishing information based on a later issue using the 264 field withoutconverting existing 260 fields to RDA. A cataloger should create RDA NARs if name headings are needed (e.g., issuingbody) Many changes can be made without re-describing the serial using RDAPRE-AACR2 RECORDS Add additional 264 31 if needed for current publication statement based on thelatest issue in hand. Do not recode or change an existing 260. Add additional fields, e.g. later 710’s plus 550 note to cite issues. Add 588 “Latest issue consulted note” to cite the latest issue.
  115. 115. CONSER RDA Bridge – Quiz 1 – Answers   1. The CONSER RDA core element set is   a) In line with RDA Core elements with some exceptions, and  b) Equal to the PCC Core elements for continuing resources     √  True  __ False  2. Instructions in the CONSER RDA documents should be used in conjunction with the (Check all that apply)  √  a) Hybrid Record Guidelines  √  b) Relationship Designator Guidelines  √  c) PCC RDA Provider‐Neutral guidelines when describing online resources  3. The CONSER RDA core record (Check all that apply)  √  a) Is a "floor" description of a resource that can be built upon in a shared environment  √  b) I Allows the use of any data in a bibliographic description representing more extensive cataloging treatment  √  c) Requires Authority records in the Library of Congress/NACO and Subject Authority Files for all controlled access points    4. Which of the following will you find in RDA records?  __ 040 $e rda  __ Leader/18: value “i”  __ 264 fields    __ 33X fields  __ Full forms of found information  √  All of the above 
  116. 116. 5. Which of the following RDAlike elements are allowed in pre‐RDA records?  __ 040 $e rda  __ Leader/18: value “i”  √  264 fields  √  33X fields  √  Full forms of found information  __ All of the above    6. Which of the following statement(s) is/are true?  __ Transcribed data follows RDA 1.7.1 and the ICP principle of representation  __ PCC practice encourages the use of RDA Appendix A for capitalization  __ For serials, RDA includes exceptions to exact transcription for variable data in the title  √  All of the above  7. For each category, mark whether the data is transcribed or recorded   Category  Transcribed  Recorded  Title proper and parallel title  √   Mode of issuance    √   Identifier of the manifestation (e.g., ISSN)  √   Numbering data   √ (modified)  Place and name of publisher, distributor, or manufacturer  √   Frequency    √   Notes about elements or about change over time    √    
  117. 117. CONSER RDA Bridge – Quiz 2 – Answers  1. Catalogers may set a preference in the Connexion client (version 2.40) for  a) RDA Bibliographic and authority workforms, and b) IP authentication to link to the RDA Toolkit  √  True __ False  2. Beginning March 31, 2013, OCLC policy  √   Allows catalogers to spell out non‐transcribed abbreviations  __ Allows catalogers to remove general material designators (GMDs) __ All of the above __ None of the above   3. When re‐cataloging to RDA, catalogers  __ Do this only with "piece in hand" (or surrogate) in order that all necessary information will be available __ The entire record must be examined and adjusted as needed before re‐coding the record as RDA √   Both of the above  4. Using appropriate CSR guidelines and with either piece in hand or surrogate, CONSER catalogers   √   May convert AACR2 records for serials to RDA __ May convert RDA records to AACR2  __ All of the above __ None of the above  5. It is okay to add some RDA elements to AACR2 records (without converting the records to RDA)  __ True __ False  6. Always provide: o 588 description based on note o Source of title with combined with 588 description based on note o 588 Latest issue consulted note  √   True __ False 
  119. 119. 3a-ex1: ISSN, Title Statement, Statement of Responsibility & Publisher StatementFor each situation, mark with a “C” the entry or entries that reflects CONSER RDA practice.1. ISSN appears on back cover of issue as: 2326-0301; ISSN portal shows ISSN for print serial as 2326-0300___ 022 _ _ $a 2326-0301___ 022 _ _ $a 2326-0300_C__ 022 _ _ $a 2326-0300 $y 2326-0301___ any of these options is valid2. Title on preferred source is: 2009 ANNUAL REPORT__C_ 245 10 $a … annual report.___ 245 14 $a … annual report.___ 245 10 $a Annual report.___ 245 14 $a … ANNUAL REPORT.3. Web site has:__C_ 245 10 $a Oregon Genealogical Society.___ 245 10 $a [Home page of the Oregon Genealogical Society].___ 245 10 $a Oregon Genealogical Society : $b [Web site].___ none of the above is appropriate under RDA