Library as publisher handout 1-creative commons-exercise


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Handout to accompany presentation "Library as Publisher"

Lauren Collister
Electronic Publications Associate, University of Pittsburgh

Timothy S. Deliyannides
Director of the Office of Scholarly Communication and Publishing and Head of Information Technology, University of Pittsburgh

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Library as publisher handout 1-creative commons-exercise

  1. 1. CREATIVE COMMONS ACTIVITY1. Professor Smith wants to start a journal in partnership with some of his colleagues inMontreal. He knows that some of his colleagues may want to translate the journalscontent into French, and he wants to be certain those French translations are as freelyavailable as the English works. He does not mind if the journals work is usedcommercially as long as credit is given to the author. What Creative Commons licenseshould Professor Smith choose for his journal?2. Abigail, one of your journal editors, is considering a special issue of her journal whichwill include original artwork by contributors. While the authors are comfortable withfreely sharing their artworks with attribution, they are concerned that their art will bepicked up by commercial entities and re-used, or that others will modify their work.Which license would be appropriate for this special issue?3. Dr. Jones is interested in creating a journal that contains educational resources forclassroom instruction and scholarly commentary on these resources. She wantsanybody to be able to use, share, and modify the material in her journal freely. Whichlicense should she choose for her journal?4. Johns journal will contain data sets contributed by article authors. He likes the ideaof other scholars using and repurposing the data, but does not want the original datasets to be used by commercial entities. Which license should he choose?This work by Office of Scholarly Communication and Publishing, University of Pittsburgh is licensed undera Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 United States License.