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Converting your e resource records to rda-guajardo


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Why wait? Convert your e-resource bibliographic records to RDA. Library vendors can help convert your existing catalog records. In-house options are also available. The Library of Congress has updated thousands of authority records to RDA headings. Combine your RDA conversion project with authority control processing to maximize your effort. Some additional steps for the project may include use of ILS global update functions and load table profiles.

Richard Guajardo
Head of Resource Discovery Systems, University of Houston

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Converting your e resource records to rda-guajardo

  1. 1. Converting Your e-Resource Records to RDA Richard Guajardo, University of Houston NASIG 29th Annual Conference Taking Stock and Taming New Frontiers Ft. Worth, May 1-4, 2014
  2. 2. University of Houston Libraries
  3. 3. RDA Conversion - Benefits • Refreshed and converted RDA database • More user-friendly catalog: • updated material types • more consistent authority headings • fewer abbreviations image source:
  4. 4. RDA Implementation - Conversion Bib Records Conversion Strategies: • MARCIVE RDA Conversion Process – records for physical items, databases, electronic government documents, electronic music scores (2 million records) • In-house RDA Conversion Process – ebooks/ejournals records (1 million records)
  5. 5. RDA Conversion • MARCIVE RDA Conversion Process: • Send files to MARCIVE • MARCIVE test RDA conversion – 1 week • MARCIVE send test file to us for approval • Final conversion (7-10 days) • Load converted record back to III • In-house RDA Conversion Process: • Global RDA Update of E-books/E-journals
  6. 6. RDA Conversion Planning • Revise Material Types • Updated Catalog Search • RDA Content, media, & Carrier Types • RDA Implementation Preparation • RDA Conversion • Conversion Timeline • Post-RDA Conversion Practice
  7. 7. Material Type (BCode2) Upgrade • Why upgrade the Material Types? • The General Material Designation [GMD] in the title is replaced with more specific CMC fields in RDA Content type Media type Carrier type • We need to revise our material types to be more specific to match CMC fields • Ensure the insertion of appropriate CMC fields in the RDA records conversion process
  8. 8. RDA Implementation - Preparation Material Type Code/BCODE2 Upgrade: How? • Created more specific material types under: -E-resources -Video -Audio • Created new icons for new material types • Updated constant data records in OCLC Connexion
  9. 9. Revised Material Types
  10. 10. RDA Implementation – Preparation • Configure Load Tables for New RDA Bib. and Authority Fields • Install AACP for RDA Authority Headings Change • Launch BCODE2 (material type) Changes for RDA GMD Replacement
  11. 11. Load Tables • Request a Service Commitment (CSDIRECT) for an RDA load table update • UH has 60 load tables for bibliographic and authority records (some not active) • Revise the load tables as additional RDA updates are adopted • Used daily for batch load work in acquisitions and cataloging functions (including reloading of records processed by Marcive for authority control and RDA conversion) • Reloading of one time projects (OCLC reclamation project)
  12. 12. RDA Implementation - Preparation Configured Load Tables to Incorporate RDA Fields! For Bib. and Authority Records
  13. 13. RDA Implementation - Preparation Automatic Authority Control Processing (AACP) Installed! • Automatically converts heading in existing bib records when a new authority record is added to the system • Preparation for loading a large volume of revised LC converted RDA authority records • Reduces our incoming authority maintenance work
  14. 14. AACP for RDA Authority Heading Changes • Automatically updates headings in a bibliographic record • Requires a 4XX reference in the authority record • Triggered by a change in the authority record • Heading in bib record must match 4XX exactly
  15. 15. AACP Installation – Automated Authority Control Process Courtesy:
  16. 16. Content, Media, & Carrier Types e-Resource (Category) Code Content type Media type Carrier type E-GOV DOCUMENT m Text computer online resource CD-ROM 5 computer program computer Computer disc WEB RESOURCE 6 text computer online resource DATABASE 4 text computer online resource E-BOOK 2 text computer online resource E-JOURNAL 3 text computer online resource DATASET 7 computer dataset computer online resource E-MUSIC SCORE 8 notated music computer online resource
  17. 17. B C O D E 2
  18. 18. NO [GMD] CMC fields suppressed
  19. 19. Content, Media and Carrier information in MARC record
  20. 20. RDA Implementation - Conversion In-house RDA Conversion Process:
  21. 21. Post-RDA Conversion Practice • Physical items + (databases, electronic government documents, electronic music scores) • Continue accepting best available (RDA or AACR2) records from OCLC or other vendors • Revised local OCLC constant data records to accommodate new material types • Weekly, pull together new bib. records for authority processing and send to Marcive for RDA conversion • E-books/E-journals • Receive Serials Solution ebook and ejournal records bi-monthly • Configured load table to insert RDA fields to records • Convert these in-house because of fluidity of records
  22. 22. Post-RDA Conversion Practice Ebooks/Ejournals: A load table was created to: • Insert 040 $e field • Insert RDA CMC fields • Change [s.l.] [s.n.] to [Place of publication not identified] [publisher not identified]
  23. 23. Post-RDA Conversion Practice Physical Items: • Continue to bring in full records from OCLC and other vendors • Continue to have MARCIVE convert bibliographic records to RDA as part of the overnight authority processing (weekly) • Add to catalog if available RDA • Add to catalog if no RDA AACR • Mixed results? Hybrid
  24. 24. RDA Implementation – Local Guidelines • Accept AACR2 records or RDA records from OCLC and third- party vendors • Apply the specifications we set with MARCIVE for our RDA conversion when an original RDA record is created in-house • MARCIVE converts our bib. records into RDA records with overnight authorities processing (weekly @ UH) Image source:
  25. 25. RDA Implementation – Challenges • Technical Delays: - update discovery system profile required 4-6 weeks - updated bib. records were reloaded into discovery system - ILS backup file transaction space was limited • Group Consensus: - reaching decisions on Material Types codes and vocabularies Image source:
  26. 26. Thank you NASIG 29th Annual Conference Taking Stock and Taming New Frontiers May 1-4, 2014 Ft. Worth, Texas --Richard Guajardo, University of Houston ConvertingYour e-Resource Records to RDA