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CONSER serials RDA workflow


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On June 15, 2011 the Program for Cooperative Cataloging (PCC) affirmed its support of the US national libraries' decision to implement RDA and began preparing for this transition by forming several task groups to investigate, identify, and explore issues related to the PCC's transition to RDA. PCC's goal during the shift to RDA is to develop and foster effective and efficient means of implementing a new set of rules while gaining a maximum amount of benefits from them.To fulfill this goal, as the Cooperative Serials Program of the PCC, CONSER determined a set of RDA core elements for CONSER records through the effort of multiple task groups and members discussions in the course of a year's time. In this session, the presenters will discuss the considerations taken by the CONSER Standard Record RDA Core Elements Task Group and the CONSER Program membership in determining this core set of RDA elements for the CONSER records. The session will also cover the process of creating the CONSER standard record (CSR) RDA workflow as a guide to assist serial catalogers in the creation of RDA records for serials. The CSR-RDA workflow is openly shared on the CONSER website and also available in the online RDA Toolkit.
Presenters: Valerie Bross, UCLA, Les Hawkins and Hien Nguyen, Library of Congress

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CONSER serials RDA workflow

  1. 1. CONSER Serials RDA Workflow NASIG June 9, 2012Valerie Bross, Les Hawkins, Hien Nguyen
  2. 2. OBJECTIVES• PCC RDA decisions• RDA cataloging tools• Training plans• Your participation
  3. 3. Background• PCC decision to implement RDA• Decision to focus on developing RDA NACO training• PCC task group work began 2011
  4. 4. PCC Task Group Work• Decisions about best practices for RDA authority and bibliographic records• “Acceptable” AACR2 headings• Guidelines for working with RDA and AACR2 records and new MARC 21 fields
  5. 5. More decisions to make• LC/PCC Policy Statements• Provider-Neutral policies in RDA context• Training materials and Record examples• CONSER standard record task group
  6. 6. Status of PCC RDA Task Groups (2012)
  7. 7. CONSER RDA DocumentationThree tools:• CONSER RDA core elements• MARC 21 to RDA table• CONSER RDA checklist
  8. 8. CONSER RDA Core Elements
  9. 9. CONSER RDA Core Elements
  10. 10. CONSER RDA Core Elements
  14. 14. Checklist: decision tool
  15. 15. Checklist: editing instructions
  16. 16. Checklist: RDA/WEMI
  17. 17. SummaryThree CONSER RDA cataloging tools:• Contain PCC decisions• Include CONSER standard record guidelines• Are works in progress
  18. 18. PCC/CONSER Tools• Another view of the documents• Yes! We’re still here… the new CONSER Web site• CONSER, RDA & Community• Visualizing RDA
  19. 19. RDA ToolkitIn DraftRDA Toolkit• Tools: ; or• RDA Core:; or• MARC to RDA: ;
  20. 20. RDA Toolkit
  21. 21. RDA Toolkit: Mappings
  22. 22. (Re)New!• PCC Web site:• CONSER:• PCC Training:
  23. 23. Backup screen: PCC Website screencapture
  24. 24. CONSER PageBackup screen: CONSER Web site
  25. 25. CONSER Public ForumiCohere: =1268
  26. 26. Visualization Tool: RIMMF
  27. 27. RIMMF Template
  28. 28. CONSER RDA TrainingOverview 1. Essentials in Learning RDA 2. Learning Materials Available Now 3. CONSER RDA Training Plans
  29. 29. Training PlansTwo Example Models to Consider: 1. LC RDA Training Plan a) Dependencies b) Core Curriculum c) Specialized Curriculum 2. North Carolina State University RDA Training Plan a) Training schedule b) “How did NCSU train our RDA trainers?”
  30. 30. Essentials for Effective RDA Learning2. FRBR3. Toolkit4. Authority5. Descriptive
  31. 31. PCC RDA Learning Resources2.CLW website – clearinghouse of RDA training materials3.CONSER website
  32. 32. CONSER Training Plan2. Documentation for serials3. Training4. Revision of CONSER manuals – CEG – CCM
  33. 33. CONSER Training Plan2.“Bridge” training (Available fall 2012) – Transitioning from AACR2 to RDA • New description • Maintenance3.Basic RDA serials cataloging (Available early 2013)
  34. 34. Training Delivery Options• NACO Model using a variety of formats – Material that can be used for • Online presentations • Classroom training • Video components • Self study
  35. 35. Summary1. Documentation is available2. Core and authority training materials are available now3. RDA CONSER training materials available fall 20124. Basic RDA serials training available early 20135. All training materials will be available on CONSER/CLW websites
  36. 36. Over to you:• Of the tools and resources we showed you, what will be the most useful?• Other ideas/feedback