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wikle-Montana Medical Home Stakeholders


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Nancy Wikle Care Management Section Supervisor, Medicaid and Health Services Branch, Montana Department of Public Health & Human Services discusses new tactics in medical homes in Montana.

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wikle-Montana Medical Home Stakeholders

  1. 1. Montana Medical Home StakeholdersStarted with existing primary care case management(PCCM) Program, Passport to HealthWanted to move Passport to medical home program,not sure where to startWanted to take full advantage of the technicalassistance (TA) grant; decided to go multi-payerSet out to form broad group of stakeholders 1
  2. 2. Forming Key PartnershipsEngaged major payers, associations, federallyqualified health centers (FQHCs), hospitals, providerbased clinics, rural providers, tribal health, etc.Sent letters and followed up with personal phone callsTalked up participation of other groups and grantfrom the National Academy for State Health Policy(NASHP)Medicaid convened group with the help of NASHPTransitioned to neutral convener, InsuranceCommissioner’s Office 2
  3. 3. Lessons LearnedEvery time we met we realized someone was missingfrom the discussionSome of the stakeholders’ involvement was notnecessary so early in the processConvening such a broad group in our vast state hasmade communications challenging 3