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The Sky Ranger is the official base newspaper of NAS Fort Worth JRB. February 2011, Volume 68, Issue 2.

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Sky Ranger 2011 February

  1. 1. February 2011 Naval Aviation Centennial .... pg 10-11SKY RANGERVol. 68, Issue 2 NAS Fort Worth JRB, Texas Navy Region Southeast Selects Inside... Regional Sailor of the Year Free Tax Filing ProvidedAC1 Sarah Howell by VITAReceives It’s tax time! Once again the base is offering freeRegional Award tax preparation for active duty military, dependentsBY MCC MONICA NELSON and retirees. This year, the tax deadline is April 18. Computers are now up and running! Commander Navy Region See Page 7Southeast Rear Adm. TimAlexander announced ourown Air Traffic Controller PettyOfficer 1st Class Sarah Howell asthe Regional Sailor of the Yearduring a banquet at The Players SAMMY TEAMChampionship Sawgrass, Jan. 13,in Jacksonville, Fla. Looking for “It was a huge honor to benominated, let alone selected as PHOTO BY MCC MONICA NELSON Navy Region Southeast (NRSE) Regional Sailor of the Year Air-Traffic Controller Petty Band Membersthe RSOY, considering how many Officer 1st Class Sarah Howell receives a nautical compass from NRSE Command Are your musically inclined? The motivation groupSailors are in the region, and also Master Chief Joseph Curtin as Rear Adm. Tim Alexander, commander NRSE looks SAMMY Team needs you! It is looking for musicians on. Howell was awarded the Regional SOY at a dinner at The Players Champion-the caliber of the Sailors who and singers to create a band, which will perform at ship Sawgrass, wrapping up four days in Jacksonville, Fla. with 16 other SOYs from continued on page 17 around the region. schools and community events. See Page 9301st Fighter Wing Participates in Alternative Fuel TestingBY SRA MELISSA HARVEY fuel in its F-16 Fighting Falcons. coal, natural gas or both by using the Four F-16 The evaluation supports an Air Force-wide effort to reduce Fisher-Tropsch process, Christensen said. This fuel varies from the Sailor Donates Bone Marrow Fighting greenhouse gasses and reliance on traditional fuel in that it has less sulfur Falcons foreign sources of fuel, said Elizabeth and produces lower engine emissions. took off for Christensen, an Alternative Fuel The Air Force has a goal for all a routine Certification Office airframe systems aircraft in the fleet to be certified on f l y i n g engineer based at Wright-Patterson the SPK alternative fuel during Fiscal sortie here LS2 Nancy Heflin gives bone marrow to help Air Force Base, Ohio. Year 2011, Christensen added. The on base, 66-year-old woman with MDS . The fuel being tested is a 50/50 F-16 was certified to fly the fuel inhowever, one flew powered by a See Page 4 blend of traditional JP-8 and August 2010.different kind of fuel. alternative fuel known as Synthetic Monday, Jan. 10, the 301st Fighter continued on page 16 Paraffinic Kerosene, produced fromWing began evaluating alternative Visit us on the web at
  2. 2. p. 2 February 2011 CAPTAIN’S LOG: pushing for NAS Fort Worth JRB to achieve “Star Certification” through SAFeTy FiRST? SKY RANGER OSHA’s Voluntary Protection Program, or “VPP.” BY CAPT. T.D. SMYERS We’ve been on this road for more Fresh off of deciding how to staff than three years now, and it’s nearly NAS Fort Worth JRB, Texas base services during the recent ice time to be evaluated by OSHA for The Official Base Newspaper of Naval Air Station storm, I had time to reflect on the our certification. Fort Worth Joint Reserve Base, Texas relationship between safety and When successful, NAS Fort Worth mission accomplishment. Although will join hundreds of organizations, Naval Air Station Fort Worth Joint Reserve Base it seems like a complicated balance across all industries, who have Commanding Officer at first blush, it’s really not that safeguarded their personnel – and, Capt. T.D. Smyers tough to wrap your head around. therefore, their mission – through I’ve always thought the phrase tried-and-true safety behaviors and a Naval Air Station Fort Worth Joint Reserve Base “Mission First, Sailors (Soldiers, robust safety culture. Public Affairs Officer Airmen, Marines and Guardsmen While many industrial Mr. Don Ray as well) Always” does a pretty good environments can use the OSHA- Editor job of communicating my intent as a ladder just aft of the spinning prop. preferred banner phrase “If it’s not Kathleen Bynum installation commander. We’re here ‘Sound safe? NO WAY! It’s fraught safe, we’re not going to do it” our (817) 782-7815 to accomplish a mission, which we with risk; but the mission dictates business requires a slightly different can’t effectively do without a robust, we do it to produce an engine with approach: “if it’s not safe, we’re healthy and capable force. One sufficient power to reliably deliver going to make it safe enough to do.” Staff anecdote I often use to illustrate this our troops and cargo to the “tip This philosophy enables us to put MC2(AW) Bradley Dawson is the “man on the stand turn.” of the spear.” To mitigate the risk our mission first, while safeguarding AZ2 Crystal Janes On aircraft that are equipped with this mech is exposed to, there are the lives and livelihoods of those a turboprop powerplant, like the rigid procedural, equipment and who’ve made it their life’s work to The Sky Ranger is an authorized newspaper published on the sec- ond Thursday of every month for the installation’s tenant commands, C-130 variants flown by the 136th oversight requirements that make accomplish that mission. base military personnel, civilian employees and retirees of the Naval Air Airlift Wing and VMGR-234 right the evolution as safe as possible. Please join your base team in Station Fort Worth Joint Reserve Base, Texas. here in Fort Worth, it’s sometimes Of course, not all work The editorial content of this newspaper is prepared, edited and producing a work environment provided by the Public Affairs Office. News items, photos and event necessary to tweak the engine environments involve this kind of dedicated to risk mitigation and briefs must be submitted by noon on the last Friday of the month. The while the propeller is in motion. This obvious risk, but all environments mission accomplishment! Public Affairs Office is in building 1510 (Chennault Ave.) News ideas and requires a mech to be positioned on involve some. That’s why I’m We’ll all be safer when you do! questions can be directed to the editor by calling (817) 782-7815 or faxed at 782-3293. All materials are subject to editing. The Sky Ranger is an authorized publication for members of the military service. Its content does not necessarily reflect the official views of the U.S. Government, the Department of Defense, or the U.S. Navy, and does not imply endorsement thereof. CO’s Suggestion Box The appearance of advertising in the publication, including inserts Why can’t we re-open the have yet to be tried, so or supplements, does not constitute endorsement by the Department old NCO Club for activities? keep those cards and of Defense, Naval Air Station Fort Worth Joint Reserve Base, or Full Amor I’ve been getting a lot of club- letters coming! Group of the products advertised. Advertisers are responsible for accu- racy of ads contained herein. related questions lately, so let’s Everything advertised in the publication shall be made available break this down. The new swimming for purchase, use, or patronage without regard to race, color, religion, I “grew up” in the Navy amidst a hearty service pool is very nice. Sure gender, national origin, age, martial status, physical handicap, political club environment. We had plenty of opportunity, for hope it will be kept affiliation, or any other nonmerit factor of purchaser, user, or patrons. The Sky Ranger is published by Full Armor Group, a private firm, in all ranks, with Officer’s Club, NCO Clubs, etc., which up better than the no way connected with the Department of Defense, or the U.S. Navy, made for some great times! Even though the client old pool. Thanks for under exclusive contract with the U.S. Navy. The circulation is 10,000. base for these clubs was limited to those working MWR! POSTMASTER: Send address changes to NAS Fort Worth JRB Public Affairs Office, 1510 Chennault Ave., Fort Worth, Texas, 76127 on the base, they were able to stay open because I appreciate the The Sky Ranger is a registered trademark of the United States of their operating expenses were subsidized by federal shout-out for MWR. America. dollars. That business model changed several years They’re working hard and smart to renew equipment Advertisements are solicited by the publisher and inquiries re- ago, so clubs must now operate in “the black” to stay and services across the base and are too seldom garding advertisements should be open. This decision resulted in consolidation of clubs recognized by customers for their efforts! directed to the Public Affairs Office across DoD installations, and several club closings. With regard to the pool, yeah, we like it a lot! at 817.782.7815 or call Full Armor We’ve experimented with ways to provide the “old The outdoor pool was demolished because it Group directly at 817.887.8470. school” atmosphere within the fiscal constraints of was very old, as well as being very expensive the new business model. For example, we opened the and difficult to maintain. While the indoor pool Lone Star Center’s “Stars & Stripes Bar” on Fridays and is a nice cross-functional facility, providing Saturdays for a while, but met with disappointing continued on page 18 response. That said, we’re always open to ideas that
  3. 3. February 2011 p. 3 Follow Us On Your Just One Mile North of I-30 on Favorite Web Sites! West Loop 820 Exit White Settlement Rd. WHITE SETTLEMENT RD. 820 I - 30 Ask for I- 20 “The Colonel” Pat Snell IT’S TRUCK MONTH * OFF MSRP* SEE THE FORD ALL-NEW 2011 F-SERIES A.P.R.** FINANCING AVAILABLE Just One Mile North of I-30 on 300 West Loop 820 South in Fort Worth West Loop 820 Exit White Settlement Rd. Call Toll Free 800-338-8452 ALL OFFERS EXPIRE 2/28/11.*EXAMPLE: NEW 2010 FORD F150 CREW CAB TEXAS EDITION. ALL FACTORY REBATES ASSIGNED TO DEALER, SYNC CHROME AND TOW PKGQUALIFYING TRADE, MUST FINANCE THRU FMCC, STK# 100507, 100426, 100171, 100167, 100496, 100125. SEE DEALER FOR DETAILS.**LIMITED-TERM FINANCING, IN LIEU OF FACTORY REBATES, OFFERS CANNOT BE COMBINED.
  4. 4. p. 4 February 2011Blue Angels Returning in April This year marks the Centennial of Naval Aviation. WHAT: AIR POWER EXPO 2011 To commemorate this historic WHEN: APRIL 16-17 occasion, Naval Air Station Fort WHERE: NAS FORT WORTH JRB Worth Joint Reserve Base will COST: FREE celebrate with a free Air Power Expo DETAILS: featuring the Navy‘s Blue Angels on April 16-17. Rob Reider will return as the air show other aerial performances and static displays.announcer, marking his 33rd year as an air show host. Reider Guests should prepare for the weather; bring sunscreen, hatis the recipient of the ICAS Sword of Excellence, the highest and sunglasses. Folding chairs are welcome, as are binoculars owner will be asked to leave the Naval Air Station. Confiscatedaward an air show professional can receive. As a pilot, writer, and cameras. items will not be returned. All alcoholic beverages, illegalTV personality and performer, he has won five Emmy awards. Coolers, ice chests, backpacks, large bags and brief cases drugs or drug paraphernalia, medications not belonging to Besides the breathtaking performance by the Blue Angels, are not permitted. Outside food and drink are also prohibited, individual, glass containers and pyrotechnics of any kind,extreme aerobatic pilot Jason Newburg in his Pitts Viper will however, concession stands will be open. Skateboards, flamable liquids of any kind are on hand. bicycles, scooters, inline skates, bicycles and weapons of For the safety of everyone, all vehicles, people and their Tim Weber will be flying his German-built Extra 300S. any kind (regardless of permit) are prohibited. Weapons or property are subject to search upon entering NAS Fort Worth A long-standing performer at all NAS Fort Worth air shows projectile firing weapons to include, but are not limited to, JRB. Please remain patient and Jan Collmer, and the Trojan Phylers in their vintage T-28B firearms, knives, air rifles/pistols, BB guns, cross bows, paintball Only animals specifically trained to assist the disabled areaircraft will return too. guns and blunt objects. Any weapons or projectile firing permitted. An F/A-18 demo is being considered, along with several weapons brought to the show will be confiscated, and the – Staff ReportFebruary is African American History Month Sailor Travels to D.C. to Donate Marrow BY AZ2 CRYSTAL S. JANES The base library is celebrating Recommended Web Sites When LS2 Nancy Heflin signedAfrican American History Month promoting several worthy reads up to be a bone marrow donor, the Civil Rights movement, she had no clue that three yearsincluding several biographies that later she would actually helptell about the struggle for equality. Know About African American How Black Americans Have Shaped prolong the life of a 66-year-old To expand your knowledge of History,” by Jeffrey C. Stewart Our Country,” by Henry Louis Gates woman with Myelodysplasticthe Civil Rights movement, check • “The Black Book,” by Middleton Jr. Syndrom (MDS).out the following books. A. Harris • “Eyes On The Prize: America’s Heflin, currently at the Aviation • “1001 Things Everyone Should • “The African American Century: Support Division (ASD) aboard continued on page 7 Naval Air Station Fort Worth Joint PHOTO BY MCCS MARIA ESCAMILLA Reserve Base, recently transferred Go Light on Lights LS2 Nancy Heflin from Navy Operational Support Center (NOSC) Denver. Heflin was a little nervous about In 2007, while serving at NOSC the process but was quick to Do you really need the lights? If there’s Denver she registered through respond and get the ball rolling. natural daylight in your workspace, try turning the C.W. Bill Young/Department “I never thought twice about off your overhead lights. If the morning is dark, of Defense (DOD) Marrow Donor donating,” she said. “I’ve known see if you can leave the lights off after you drive hosted at Buckley Air Force several people who have had return from lunch. You can use task lighting to Base. cancer, and I just wanted to make supplement the daylight in specific areas that “It only took a few minutes to sure that I could help any way need more light. It uses a fraction of the energy fill out the questionnaire, and they possible.” that lighting a whole room does. swabbed the inside of my mouth Soon after, she was on a plane for a DNA sample,” Heflin said. to Washington, D.C., to begin the While settling in to her new donation process at the Apheresis command Heflin received an Clinic at Fairfax Pathology email from the DOD bone marrow Associates in Fairfax, Va. DEPARTMENT registration asking if she was still continued on page 16 OF THE NAVY Visit interested in donating.
  5. 5. February 2011 p. 5 TEXADILLO CORNER: BASE ACTIVITIES FOR ALL Youth, MWR Team Up for Teen Center BY MC2 (AW) BRADLEY DAWSON Inspired in part by a petition from local CROSSROADS TEEN CENTER SPRING BREAK ACTIVITIES teens, the base is in the process of developing Registration forms are available for these events at the CDC, TexPlex (bowling alley) and Aquatics Center or by calling Anita Tolson at 817-782-7520. Pick up a flyer at one of the above locations for a teen center. additional information. You must register no later than March 1. “I was sitting on my front porch when I was • Monday, March 14: Putt Putt Tournament at Bldg. 1145 parking lot approached by a few of the kids who live here • Tuesday, March 15: Basketball Shoot-out Tournament at court behind commissary Get MWR Updates! on base with this petition for a teen center … • Wednesday, March 16: Bike Ride along Trinity River; Meet at Bldg. 1145 I thought they were coming to see my son,” • Thursday, March 17: St. Patrick’s Day Pool Party at Aquatics Center, Bldg. 3319 Facebook: • Friday, March 18: Bowling Party at TexPlex,, Bldg. 1815 said Capt. T.D. Smyers, commanding officer of NAS Fort Worth JRB. dream of a recreational center just for them “Construction is scheduled to begin this Twitter: But the ambitious group of teens (Clayton come to fruition, hopefully before summer. quarter,” said Anita Tolson, a CDC employee Sapp, Levi Sapp, Leighton Atkins and David The activities and recreational options who has been tapped to help lead the center. Search ‘LibertyFW’ Cazres) instead presented the Skipper with available to a military family generally fall She hopes the new teen center will be the petition which had been taken from home Offline? under the MWR department and can range ready before summer arrives. to home to gather support and signatures. from live events to various fitness options. Now all that stands in the way is a little time Connect at the Young Clayton hit inspiration when These normally cater to a family as a whole and planning. Base Library’s he remembered visiting a teen center in or a single military member. The new teen MWR personnel have already submitted a Computer Lab Germany. He and his friends really wanted a center adds another option to those offerings, budget that is merely awaiting approval. The or use the central location to meet up and have fun. It as well as events scheduled specifically for new CrossRoads Teen Center will be located in Bowling Center’s would benefit everyone, giving them a space young adults. Bldg. 1145; however, events and activities that FRee WiFi Network to relax and play games, while offering their The CrossRoads Teen Center will be a hub do not require a physical building are already parents a worry-free zone. of activities and entertainment, open to all in motion. Unaware that MWR staff was already on teens able to access the base – not just those For more information, call 817-782-7520. the same wavelength, the teens may see their of active duty parents. COMMUNITY RESOURCES and ATTRACTIONS LIBRARY DisneyLand. New Military Salute tickets for Disney World. center for days and times. 1802 Doolittle Ave. Stop by or call for information and purchasing guidelines. MOVIE REEL THEATER More Classes: Spin class offered Tuesday and Thursday, 817-782-7735 March 2: The base will celebrate Texas’ Independence with Best price movie and snacks available in the metroplex and 6:30 to 7:30 a.m.; Weekend yoga is from 10:45 to 11:30 a.m. Hours: Monday through Thursday 9:30 a.m. to 7 p.m.; a parade starting at 3:30 p.m. at the Navy Lodge. It will for our military families on Saturdays. Friday and Saturday 9:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.; Closed Sunday then proceed to Carswell Avenue, Military Parkway, Desert Friday through Sunday, call for times. 817-782-6037 Feb. 19: Benchpress/Power Lifting Contest at 10 a.m., $20 and holidays. Storm Road and end at the covered pavilion located next to per person or $30 for both events. Contest open to male and Ongoing: The Library is hosting ESL (English as a Second the Lone Star Center. The event will include music and food. LONE STAR CENTER (formally DESERT STORM CONFERENCE female competitors. Register by Feb. 17 at Fitness Center. Language) classes every Thursday evening at 5:30 p.m. In case of inclement weather, the festivities will be moved CENTER) Competition begins at 10 a.m. For details, contact Fitness Yolanda Williams is the instructor and Co-Sponsored by to the Lone Star Center. 2570 Desert Storm Road, 817-782-5293/7237 Center Director Donna Johnson at 817-782-7770. FreshStart Literacy, Inc. Call for details. March 8: Let the good times roll!! Come celebrate mardi Ongoing: Call Natalie Bullock or Sandy Foy for information Of note: The Library’s new additions are Rosetta Stone, gras at the TexPlex, with food, fun and beads. concerning your next conference, meeting or event. AQUATICS CENTER new children’s and young adult’s titles, provided by the March 12: St. Patrick’s Day Open House. Join us in the Stars 3319 Hensley Ave., 817-782-1220 Navy General Library Program. Also available new adult TORNADO LANES & Stripes Room for complementary food, DJ, door prizes and Ongoing: Water Aerobics- JRB Aquatics Center from 8 to 9 titles, books on CD and latest movies (rental is free). 1815 Military Pkwy. a special prize for the “Best St. Patrick’s Day Outfit.” Cash bar a.m.; $1 per person. Feb. 10: Health and Fitness Fair, co-sponored by MRW, 817-782-6122/5505 available. Feb. 12: Valentine’s Day Pizza Party from 7 to 11 p.m. Music will be at the NOSC Drill Hall from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Event Hours: Monday through Thursday 10 a.m. to 9 p.m.; Friday provided by DJ. Cost is $5. All children under the age of 10 includes ZUMBA and Pilates demonstrations, personal and Saturday 10 a.m. to 10 p.m.; Sunday 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. VET CLINIC must have a parent present at all times. (Food will be served trainer consultations and material on nutrition and health. (Lanes close 15 minutes prior to center) 1739 Eisenhower Ave. from 7 to 9 p.m.) Navy medical will be on hand to perform simple health and Ongoing: Special military group pricing available for 817-782-5608 dental screenings, including testing blood pressure and command events and birthdays. Call 782-6122 for details. Feb. 23: The clinic will be open for the purchase of CROSSROADS TEEN CENTER (SPRING BREAK body mass index. Eye health materials will also be available. Feb. 14: In honor of St. Valentine, the bowling alley will medications or to schedule appointments. ACTIVITIES) Feb. 22: Texas Land Board Seminar at 11:30 a.m. offer all ladies one free game of bowling when accompanied Appointments may be made for the following days: Feb. 10, 817-782-7520 March 22: Texas Land Board Seminar at 11:30 a.m. by a guest. Female guests will receive a flower. Guys will 17 and 24. Registration forms are available for these events at the CDC, March 26: “Tribute to Abraham Lincoln” performed by have a chance to enter a drawing for a special prize, after TexPlex (bowling alley) and Aquatics Center. Pick up a flyer bowling one game. FITNESS CENTER at one of the above locations for additional information. Thomas Leach of the Civil War Center of Texas Time TBD. 1810 Tuskegee Airmen Drive Feb. 21: President’s Day special is from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. You must register no later than March 1. Hamburger, hot dog, fries, small drink, bowling, shoe 817-782-7770 March 14: Putt Putt Tournament at Bldg. 1145 parking lot; TEXPLEX CENTER NEW: The Fitness Center now has a Personal Trainer free 1815 Military Pkwy. rental, all offered for $1 each. March 15: Basketball Shoot-out Tournament at court to active duty personnel. Non-active duty $20/month for behind commissary; 817-782-6122/5505 2 days a week. To schedule an appointment with personal Information, Ticket and Tours (ITT) LONE STAR BAR March 16: Bike Ride along Trinity River; Meet at Bldg. 1145; 1815 Military Pkwy. trainer, Derek, call the Fitness Center. March 17: St. Patrick’s Day Pool Party at Aquatics Center, Fall Hours: Tuesday-Saturday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Ongoing: step aerobics, pilates, yoga, spin, zumba, pump- Attractions: Grapevine Vintage Railroad, Dinosaur World 817-782-6122/5505 Bldg. 3319; and Ongoing: Free Munchies on Fridays, 4:30 to 6 p.m. it-up, adult/children karate and personal training. Check March 18: Bowling Party at TexPlex,, Bldg. 1815. (Glen Rose), Fort Worth Zoo, SeaWorld, Disney World,
  6. 6. p. 6 February 2011 BASE HAPPENINGS PHOTO BY KATHLEEN BYNUM At left, temperatures on Jan. 15 were quite frigid, but that didn’t stop more than 100,000 people from coming out to Cowtown to see the biggest western parade in the world, as well as the largest non-motorized parade … everyone was required to walk, ride in a wagon or ride a horse. Above, representing each branch of military service, service members from NAS Fort Worth JRB rode in a covered wagon and marched in the Fort Worth Stock Show Parade, which kicked off the 2011 annual event. At right, Service members riding on the back of the wagon respond to cheers from the crowd. PHOTO BY KATHLEEN BYNUM PHOTO BY KATHLEEN BYNUM PHOTO BY KAREN PISTYAbove, Navy Lodge Manager SaQuarius Owens, left, and PHOTO BY CPL. JOSEPH LAMBACHCapt. T.D. Smyers, commanding officer of NAS Fort Worth Maj. Gen. Ronald L. Bailey, commanding general of theJRB, slice into the birthday cake for the Navy Lodge’s Western Recruiting Region, visits with Marines from the 8thcelebration of 40 years on Jan. 24. Marine Corps District headquarters during his Dec. 13, 2010 tour of the base. Bailey spoke one-on-one with headquarters Marines before continuing his tour around the district’s area PHOTOS BY MC2 (AW) BRADLEY DAWSON of responsibility. With the recent renaming of the former Desert Storm Conference Center, now called The Lone Star Center, several common areas of the center are now furnished in a Western style. The cowboy theme includes Texas paintings and sculptures, as well as furniture. Stop by and see the changes for yourself.
  7. 7. February 2011 p. 7....african american Installations to Participate in Powell • “American Patriots: The Storycontinued from page 4 Of Blacks In The Military From The Exercise Solid Curtain/Citadel ShieldCivil Rights Years, 1954-1965,” a Revolution To Desert Storm,” by Gailcompanion volume to the PBS Buckleytelevision series • “Guide to More Great African • “The Golden Thirteen: American Children’s Books,” by BY CNRS PAO “This is the time to prepare and learn how to adaptRecollections Of The First Black Donna Rand. to diverse and fast-moving situations,” he added. Exercise “Solid Curtain - Citadel Shield 2011” is anNaval Officers,” edited by Paul — Staff Report “The more opportunities we have to train, the more anti-terrorism/force protection exercise that will beStillwell and Foreword by Colin L. proficient we’ll be in dealing with real-world events.” conducted on all continental United States (CONUS) naval installations Feb. 21-25. Military personnel, civilian employees, retirees and 10% OFF Reserve NO W “This exercise will enhance the training and readiness family members should factor in additional time for getting through gates to conduct their business on of our security personnel and first responders,” said ANY RENTAL fo r your HOLIDAY TR AVEL! Rear Adm. Tim Alexander, commander, Navy Region Navy Region Southeast installations. Vehicle drivers AWD-H789100 Southeast. “It will also create a learning environment for and passengers should carry proper identification AVIS Rental Car at Ridgmar Mall installation personnel to exercise functional plans and with them at all times. Please be patient and follow the Inside Sears Auto Center operational capabilities.” directions of security personnel. 1800 Green Oaks Road Alexander also stressed the importance of the Local communities may also experience traffic delays Ft Worth, TX 76116 training. continued on page 13 Ph: 817-731-3665 Serving- Lockheed Martin, NAS JRB & NW Fort Worth Free Tax Filing Now Available BY KATHLEEN BYNUM Recent tax law changes and WHO: Active military, dependents, retirees and Reservists software issues held up the start of on active duty for more than 30 days the annual VITA (Volunteer Income WHAT: Free VITA tax filing Tax Assistance) tax preparations WHEN: Monday-Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 4 p.m.; Saturday times for active military, dependents and TBD retirees. Reservists on active duty WHERE: Base Chapel, Bldg. 1838 for more than 30 days are eligible DETAILS: 817-782-6397 too. The computers arrived Jan. 24, prepare and file one’s taxes, Navarro program, Navarro said. and volunteers started preparing added. Although tax day falls on April 18 and filing taxes that day, according Service members usually will this year because of a holiday, “the to Chief Andrea Navarro. About 20 receive their refund in about five to Naval Legal Service Office continues volunteers help with the program, seven days, on average, she said. to file taxes for active military she added. The VITA program has been returning from deployments,” Through this program, service offered on base for more than a Navarro said. members can save hundreds of decade. For details on the program, call dollars on tax preparation fees. It Last year, 1,152 service members 817-782-6397. usually takes about 30 minutes to received tax assistance through the If You Receive a Tax Refund This Year, What Will You Do With It? “I’m taking “I’m going to start a any refunds I college fund for my son get and making with the returns I get a day of it at the this year.” track.” — AC3 (AW) Angela Jones JONES DALE — Mike Dale “I want to save “My tax return is going money for a house to college tuition and after I pay off all my credit card bills.” bills.” — Cpl. Marquis Wilkins WILKINS COLON — AWF2 (AW) Jamie Colon
  8. 8. p. 8 February 2011Miller Promotedto Brigadier General BY SRA MELISSA HARVEY Brig. Gen. Ronald B. Miller, 301st Fighter Wing commander, officially pinned on the rank of brigadier general during a promotion ceremony Jan. 15. During the ceremony, Maj. Gen. Roger Binder, assistant to the commander Air Combat Command, spoke of Miller’simpeccable military service record. Miller shared memories and lessons learned during his 28 years ofmilitary service and gave thanks to his family for their support. Miller had been the mobilization assistant to the Director, Plans PHOTOS BY SRA MELISSA HARVEYand Programs, HQ Air Combat Command, Langley AFB, Va. He hasserved as vice commander of the 917th Wing at Barksdale AFB, Top left photo: Maj. Gen. Roger Binder, right, assistant to the commander Air Combat Command, administers theLa., and deputy commander of an operations group. He has also oath of office to Brig. Gen. Ronald B. Miller, 301st Fighter Wing commander, at his promotion ceremony Jan. 15.deployed in support of Operations Deny Flight, Joint Forge and Miller was joined by family and friends to celebrate the momentous occasion. Top right photo: Mrs. Dori Miller, left, wife of Brig. Gen. Ronald B. Miller, center, 301st Fighter Wing Commander, and Maj. Gen. Roger Binder, as-Enduring Freedom. sistant to the commander Air Combat Command, celebrate after the promotion ceremony on Jan. 15. Miller took command of the 301st Fighter Wing Oct. 3, 2010. 301st Fighter Wing 457th FS Pilots Help Honor Airmen’s Ultimate Sacrifice Banquet Set for Feb. 19 BY SRA MELISSA HARVEY January The Air Force Reserve Command’s 301st 14 was a Fighter Wing will name its annual award day that the winners at a banquet Feb. 19 at the Fort Dennany Worth Hilton Hotel. and Tucci “We’ll recognize the quarterly winners and announce the annual families winners,” said Chief Master Sgt. Ricky Hester, one of the banquet’s waited 42 organizers and a member of the 301st Aircraft Maintenance Squadron. years for, Hester and the wing’s other chief master sergeants – all part of the the day when their Airmen were 301st Fighter Wing’s Chiefs’ Group – organize the event to recognize laid to rest. the best of the best from among Airmen across the wing. Col. James E. Dennany, 34, “If you don’t recognize what your people are doing, then you won’t of Kalamazoo, Mich., and Maj. PHOTO BY SRA MELISSA HARVEY be doing it very long,” he said. “It’s important to recognize the people Robert L. Tucci, 27, of Detroit, Members of the Honor Guard from Dyess Air Force Base, Texas carry the who make the wheels go ’round.” were remembered in a memorial remains of Col. James E. Dennany and Maj. Robert L. Tucci Jan. 14 at Dallas-Fort The annual banquet will start at 6 p.m. and will feature awards in service at Dallas-Fort Worth Worth National Cemetery. The two Airmen were reported missing in action five categories: Airman of the year, non-commissioned officer of the after their F-4 went missing during a mission over Laos Nov. 12, 1969. National Cemetery. year, senior non-commissioned officer of the year, company-grade F-16 Fighting Falcon and F-4 officer of the year and first-sergeant of the year. The unique flyover was that our efforts were in honor Phantom pilots were among conducted over the burial of a particular aircrew was very An additional award will also be presented – the Senior Master Sgt. those who honored them. service for Dennany and Tucci. special.” Henry D. Green Award for Community Service. Tickets are $10-45, depending on rank, and may be purchased Pilots from the Air Force “It was the first fly-by in which It was a privilege to help let from any chief master sergeant at the 301st. Ticket sales end Saturday, Reserve Command’s 457th I participated that honored the world know that no matter Feb. 12. Fighter Squadron flew in a specific [people],” said Maj. how long it takes, we will keep More than 2,000 Air Force Reservists are assigned to the 301st, Missing-Man formation with F-4 Jay Bernstein, a 457th Fighter working to bring our own back which operates, maintains and supports a squadron of F-16C Fighting pilots from Detachment 1, 82nd Squadron F-16 pilot stationed home, Bernstein said. Falcon aircraft on base. Aerial Targets Squadron, based at Naval Air Station Fort Worth –Staff Report continued on page 15 at Holloman Air Force Base, N.M. Joint Reserve Base. “To know
  9. 9. February 2011 p. 9 Group Seeks Drawings for Murals on Base talents. As a joint reserve base, each it should be easily recognizable as After the selections are made, The E6 Association is now service works together for a representing a service, such as a they will be drawn onto the bridge accepting drawings depicting common goal or mission, he added. lone Sailor to show the Navy or a and painted. each branch of service that will Artists — and even those who pilot to show the Air Force. Jones estimates the actual eventually be transformed into four just like to draw or sketch — are “When a person not associated painting will take place in April murals on base. encouraged to submit artwork for with the military can look at it and because they want nice weatherBY KATHLEEN BYNUM We wanted a way to “show pride the proposed project. say that is the Army, Navy, Marine and a good, dry surface on which Have you always fancied yourself in our installation and what we are Jones said he is accepting Corps or Air Force” we will have to the next Rembrandt or Picasso? about,” said LS1 Desmond Jones, submissions through March 4. successfully illustrated our joint The road to the base will beThen the Army, Navy, Air Force vice president of the E6 Association, When asked what type of reserve base status, Jones said. closed for four hours a day for theand Marine Corps are seeking your who is heading up the contest. artwork is acceptable, Jones said He also suggests that there not project, so it will most likely take a be too much detail, because the few days to finish the murals, Jones All Care eventual home of each of the four said. panels will be on the 183 bridge Members of the E6 Association Resolving Pain • Improving Lives entrance, so people won’t have will help paint the murals, but Jones too much time to look as they’re encourages anyone who wants to driving. help to volunteer. Once the submissions are in, Last year, the JRB logo was added Jones will present the finalists to to the 183 bridge by chief selects, M e d i c a l Cl i n i c s Capt. T.D. Smyers, commanding officer of the base, and Master Chief who began the process during their induction. Ellen Zubke. They will decide which To submit artwork or volunteer, now accepting new patients drawings best represent each service. call 817-782-6185. for family primary care Most insurance accepted including Tricare & Medicare SAMMY Team Looking for Band Members BY KATHLEEN BYNUM he speaks to. Family Care Wellness Center School Liaison Officer Michael “Member Arnett is looking to expand the messages All Care Illness General M All Care Pain Management edical C linics SAMMY Team program to include i n c l u d e M edical C linics overcoming peer & Injury Care M All Care Anti-Aging edical C linics music. SAMMY, or Sailors and Marines pressure, staying away All Care Care Pediatric All Care Therapy Physical Motivating Youth, is a group from harmful drugs, M edical C linics M edical C linics of multiple service members making responsible All Care Xrays, CT Scans All Care HCG Weight Loss- from the base who visit schools choices, being dedicated to M edical C linics M edical C linics and other community events something larger than self, setting MRI Lose up to 40lbs in to “share a positive message of goals and keeping focused on encouragement” to those in the what they want to become,” Arnett 40 days! community. One of the base‘s goal added. is to give back to the community in While visiting Southwest High which it operates. “SAMMY Team members testify to the fact that they have had School, the SAMMY Team engaged the students in playing “the measure of success,” game in which 817.581.7246 personal struggles in their lives and with many of the attributes gleaned from the service, have overcome dollar bills are stretched end to end, and students have to jump over them, long-jump style. and persevered against adversity,” “In this one game right here, Caring for our military community Arnett said. “NAS Fort Worth JRB the measure of success is cash,” Thank you for your service Commanding Officer Capt. T.D. Smyers’ example and leadership Smyers told the students. “That’s a game, that’s not life. The measure 10% military discount serves to inspire the SAMMY Team members, as well as the audiences of success is what’s in you, and continued on page 16
  10. 10. p. 10 February 2011
  11. 11. February 2011 p. 11
  12. 12. p. 12 February 2011Make This Year’s Resolution ‘SMART’ HEALTHFUL LIVING For details about making healthy choices, visit Ask theBY CHRIS HALAGARDA Next, write down five to 10 measure my status on the way Dietitian on and post your questions This is the season when reasons why you want to reach to my larger goal, I will lose on the DeCA Dietitian Forum. Sign up with the DeCA Dietitianmillions of Americans will your goal and one to three 10 pounds by April 1 and 15 on and get messages sent to your cellchoose to lose weight as their changes that you will make to pounds by June 1.” phone. For recipes, check out Kay’s Kitchen.New Year’s resolution. If you are support your goal. How do you By documenting these smallerone of those people who vowed write a good goal? goals, it allows you to adjust from their morning coffee, improvements, I have alsoto lose weight last year and the Follow the SMART principle your bigger goal or adjust your walking for a couple of minutes seen many people fail at theiryear before and the year before of goal setting: specific, behaviors. If on April 1 you have every half hour at work, trying a weight loss attempts. The No. 1that, I ask you, “How’s it Going? measurable, adjustable, action- lost only eight pounds, you new fruit or vegetable from the reason for not succeeding wasWhat will you do this year that oriented, realistic and time- haven’t failed at your ultimate commissary every week, lifting trying to change their lifestyleyou didn’t do last year or the based. goal, but you now know you weights (any resistance training) too drastically. So, this year, tryyear before?” For example, a common need to exercise more or reduce once or twice a week for 15 learning from your mistakes and Weight loss is one of the most resolution that I hear is, “I the amount or types of food you minutes during lunch, eating other’s mistakes.difficult challenges one will take want to lose weight.” Although are eating. a fruit or vegetable with every Choose one or two habits andon, and unfortunately, nine out this is a goal, there is no So, now you have your meal, making a “vegetarian follow them for a month. If afterof 10 people fail to reach their way to measure the status ultimate goal and your smaller food” day every week, packing four weeks you’re still followingweight loss goals! So, it’s time and outcome. Remember, goals, how are you going to a brown-bag lunch three days those two habits, then and onlyto strategize and simplify your the ultimate goal is to reach reach your goal? By having a a week, decreasing the number then, should you add anothergoals this year, and start living a healthy weight and then realistic, time-based goal you of times you eat out by two trips lifestyle change. With theseyour life at a healthy weight. maintain that weight for your will succeed this year by making each week or choosing only baby steps, maybe next year The first step is to write down life. An example of a SMART small habit changes or “baby whole grains for breakfast. your New Year’s resolution couldyour goal, and post it on your revision of this same goal is: “I steps.” Finally, it’s really important be to save more money.refrigerator or computer screen. want to lose weight. Ultimately, Clients I have worked with to not take on too much. Chris Halagarda is theWriting down your goal and I want to lose 20 pounds by have succeeded by applying Despite having witnessed Navy Fitness, Performanceplacing it where you will see it Aug. 1.” simple changes that don’t many successful health Enhancement Dietitian.will remind you regularly of it Small goals on the way to require much effort, such asand keep you motivated. losing 20 pounds could be: “To reducing or eliminating sugar Get Heart Smart at 2011 Health Fair BY KATHLEEN BYNUM Cardiovascular diseases are the Feb. 10 from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. in the No. 1 killer among Americans, NOSC Drill Hall. according to the American Heart Navy Branch Medical will be Association. participating in the 2011 fair, In 2009, an estimated 785,000 providing simple health screenings Americans had coronary attacks, such as checking blood pressure, according to the Center for testing body mass index (BMI) as Disease Control and Prevention. well as dental screenings. Additionally, about every 25 Exercise is a key part of seconds, an American will have a maintaining a healthy lifestyle, and coronary event; and about every Pilates and Zumba demonstrations one minute, someone will die from will be going on at the health fair. a coronary. Additionally, educational These numbers may seem a bit materials concerning nutrition and staggering, but there’s something eye health will be distributed. you can do to increase your odds Also meet the new Fitness against an unhealthy heart. Center’s personal trainer, Derek February is Heart Month, and Arden, who will be available for the base Library is working with questions. the MWR Fitness Center to ensure Can’t attend the health fair? everyone has access to information, The library has plenty of books not only on maintaining a healthy on health, as well as fitness. For heart, but being fit overall. additional information call the This year’s Health Fair is set for Library at 817-782-7735.
  13. 13. February 2011 p. 13 Seafood Highlights New Orleans NORTHWOOD UNIVERSITY Base Commissary Grand Opening BY KEVIN ROBINSON two years ago to accommodate Given that New Orleans is new construction at nearby Naval world renowned for the taste and Support Activity New Orleans, quality of locally caught seafood, Algiers. customers who attended the Feb. The mini-seafood festival at the 8 commissary grand opening at the New Orleans base commissary Naval Air Station Joint Reserve Base kicked off a federal government New Orleans were not surprised by initiative to sell more fresh, local the savory aromas from cooking seafood and more domestic demonstrations. frozen seafood. As the military’s The new commissary, built grocer, DeCA was able to identify with surcharge funds, replaced a opportunities to increase its facility that was demolished nearly continued on page 18 ....SOLiD cUrTain Command, provides advance guidance for participants continued from page 7 in individual field training on roadways leading to or in exercises. Exercise scenarios Contact the Fort Worth Program Center today proximity to the installations. range from low-key events, such for a no obligation curriculum evaluation! Area residents may also notice as recognizing and countering increased military activity base surveillance operations, associated with the exercise. to higher-tempo and active Elevation of force protection simulated emergencies, such as conditions and increased small boat attacks on waterfront n Earn your AA & BBA in Management security measures can be bases and cyber attacks on anticipated for the duration of installations. n Participant in the Post-9/11 GI Bill the exercise. Solid Curtain – Citadel Shield Solid Curtain is an operational is a regularly scheduled exercise n Fully accredited, management-focused university level training event. Citadel and is not being conducted in Shield, conducted by response to any specific threat. n Accelerated class schedule for working adults Commander Navy Installations n Possible military and work/life experience credits Army OneSource Looks to n Reduced tuition n A professional Veterans Certifying Official is eager to Faith Community to Fill Need BY PAT TI RICHTER Nearly half of those deployed help you get started achieving your educational goal. As the U.S. military remains have sought behavioral health care. at war—now its longest war in The military realizes they cannot history—the health demands provide all the services needed of service members continue to for the growing demands for war- increase. More than 1.5 million related mental and behavioral Recognized globally for producing leaders, service members have served in health services. To meet this need, Army OneSource seeks to mobilize Iraq and Afghanistan. managers, and entrepreneurs. The war on terror produces the faith community by building awareness of challenges faced by health issues unknown in previous wars. Deployments are multiple service members and their families. and longer in duration, and about Scott Jenrette currently serves as 90 percent of wounded survive South Texas Community Support Discover the leader in you. their injuries. A growing percentage of service members of war come Coordinator for Army OneSource. He said churches can be unaware of 817.737.6442 / home with traumatic brain injuries, post traumatic stress or depression. continued on page 19