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Outlook on Paddlesports


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2003 NASBLA Futures Forum Presentation by Pam Dillon.

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Outlook on Paddlesports

  1. 1. Outlook on Paddlesports Pamela S. Dillon Executive Director
  2. 2. ACA Mission• Promote canoeing, kayaking, and rafting as safe and enjoyable lifetime recreation, while working to protect and preserve the waterways on which those activities depend.
  3. 3. ACA Overview• Est. 1880, National Non-Profit 501c3• Approx. 50,000 members• 270 affiliated clubs/organizations representing 300,000 paddlers• 4000 certified instructors • Canoe, Kayak, Raft, Swift Water Rescue • Estimated 100,000 students taught annually
  4. 4. Paddlesport Surveys• Outdoor Industry Association’s Outdoor Recreation Participation Study• The Leisure Trends Group• National Marine Manufacturer’s Assoc.• Consumer Nation (warranty card data)• National Survey on Recreation and Environment• ACA member/non-member surveys
  5. 5. Participation Study Terminology*• A Participant is someone who paddles one-four times per year• An Enthusiast is someone who paddles five or more times per year• *OIA Study
  6. 6. Recreational Boating: Popular and Growing• NSRE found 76.5 million recreational boaters in 2002• 48 Million used some form of Paddlecraft; 20.6 million went Canoeing; 20.2 million went Rafting; 7.3 million went Kayaking• Kayaking is fastest growing segment of entire boating community at 182.5% over last seven years
  7. 7. ACA Survey Results (2003)• How long have you been paddling? Years Members Non-Members <5 19% 49% 6-15 33% 26% >15 48% 25% • Half the women (48%) have under 5 years experience vs. only one quarter (28%) of the men (members & non-members)
  8. 8. ACA Survey Results (2003)• What are the top three reasons you participate in this sport? – The most frequently first mentioned reasons by members and non-members • Relaxation (22%) • Adventure (19%) • Experiencing nature (19%) • Exercise (13%)
  9. 9. Top three reasons you participate?– Adventure more important to men (21%) than women (13%)– Experiencing nature more important to women (33%) than men (13%)
  10. 10. We aren’t all in the same Boat• Flatwater Canoeing • Recreational Kayaking• Whitewater Canoeing • Sea Kayaking• Wilderness Tripping • Whitewater Kayaking• Outrigger Canoeing • Squirt Boating• Dragon Boating • Surf Kayaking• Canoe Sailing• Poling
  11. 11. Paddlesport in the 70’sDriven by “Deliverance” and the 1972 Olympics
  12. 12. Whitewater Canoeing Recreational CanoeingFlatwaterCanoeing
  13. 13. Recreational KayakingWhitewater Kayaking Sea Kayaking/ Touring
  14. 14. The Squirt KayakMid 1980’s
  15. 15. Kayaking Statistics (OIA 2001)• Participant activity over 10 million participating at more casual frequencies.• Steady Enthusiast levels - 2.2 million• All three kayaking types experienced dynamic growth in Participant activity in 2001 - whitewater (50%), recreational/sit- on-top (30.4%), touring/sea (20%)
  16. 16. Kayak Outfitting Improvements for the 90’s • Different sizes for different people • Bigger cockpits for faster exits • Shock-absorbing bulkhead footbraces • Better Backbands for more support • More fittings for better control
  17. 17. Whitewater Manufacturing Goes Big Time!
  18. 18. Video Segment
  19. 19. Participant Trends• Whitewater kayaking participation in Participants Enthusiasts 2002 showed the largest growth of any 2.0 of the kayaking formats. 1.8• The percentage of whitewater kayakers 1.6 who participated at the highest levels of 1.4 involvement has remained unchanged from 2001 - further confirming that the 1.2 activity’s growth has been fueled by 1.0 new Participants who are trying the 0.8 activity for the first time and at more 0.6 casual participation frequencies. 0.4 0.2 0.0 2001 2002
  20. 20. How to “Grow Boating Enthusiasts”* 2. Need good initial/ introductory experience often when young *RBFF Market Research
  21. 21. How to “Grow Boating Enthusiasts”: • Need good initial/ introductory experience often when young • Need friends/ mentors to give guidance and information
  22. 22. How to “Grow Boating Enthusiasts”: • Need good initial/ introductory experience often when young • Need friends/ mentors to give guidance and information • Need access to equipment, water, and “guides”
  23. 23. How to “Grow Boating Enthusiasts”: • Need good initial/ introductory experience often when young • Needs friend/ mentor to give guidance and information • Need access to equipment, information, and “guides” • Need ongoing support base including groups, organizations, clubs, publications, updates
  24. 24. OutreachNew Ideas to New Markets• Address changing boat participation patterns and trends – increased numbers of women participants – Appeal to Gen Xers/ Youth• Make activity accessible to masses – Address minority participation – Address participation by singles, couples, families, and seniors• Survey, research, respond to changing trends
  25. 25. National Outreach Needed• Paddlesport participation is increasing• Activity is attracting new, young boaters. Promote this!
  26. 26. • Positive outreach needed to paddlers from agencies. Let’s work together to get paddlers involved, to build bridges to the paddlesport community, and to keep them ACTIVE in recreational boating.
  27. 27. •Questions?