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North American Life Jacket Standard Technical Panel (STP) 1123 Status Report

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North American Life Jacket Standard Technical Panel (STP) 1123 Status Report

  1. 1. UL and the UL logo are trademarks of UL LLC © 2015 Standards Technical Panel (STP) 1123 Update Life Jacket Association Conference May 14, 2019 Nicolette Weeks, UL Standards
  2. 2. STP Membership Producers Testing & Standards Organization Supply Chain Authorities Having Jurisdiction (AHJ) Government Consumer General Interest Commercial/Industrial Users 2
  3. 3. Current STP Balance 3 Interest Category Number of Members Interest Category Number of Members Producers 17 (32%) Government 5 (9%) Testing & Standards Organizations 4 (8%) Consumer 10 (19%) Supply Chain 1 (2%) General Interest 12 (23%) AHJs 0 (0%) Commercial/Industrial User 4 (8%)
  4. 4. Role of STP Members STP Member Participate! Review proposals and submit ballots on time Restrict ballot comments to the technical proposal under consideration Help develop proposals via participation in, or leading working groups Provide input for comment resolution when requested by STP Chair 4
  5. 5. STP Current Workload 5 Update Existing Standards Develop New Standards Proposals To Maintain Existing Standards
  6. 6. STP 1123 – Current Standards (9) UL 1123, Marine Buoyant Devices UL 1175, Buoyant Cushions UL 1177, Buoyant Vests UL 1180, Fully Inflatable Personal Flotation Devices UL 1191, Components for Personal Floatation Devices UL 1197, Immersion Suits UL 1517, Hybrid Personal Flotation Devices ANSI/CAN/UL 12402-5, PFDs Buoyancy Aids (Level 50) ANSI/CAN/UL 12402-9, PFD Test Methods 6
  7. 7. Standards Currently Being Revised (4) 7 UL 1175, Buoyant Cushions, Proposal BALLOT TO OPEN May 2019 UL 1191, Components, Proposal BALLOT TO OPEN June 2019 UL 12402-9, Personal Flotation Devices - Part 9: Test Methods, Proposal RECIRCULATION OPEN May 24, 2019 UL 12402-5, Personal Flotation Devices - Part 5: Buoyancy Aids (Level 50) - Safety Requirements, Proposal PUBLISH May 2019 UL 1191, Components, 5th Edition PUBLISH May 2019
  8. 8. New Standards Currently Under Development (4) 8 UL 9595, Factory Follow-Up Services for Personal Flotation Devices PRELIM TO CLOSE May 31, 2019 UL 12402-4, Personal Flotation Devices - Part 4: Lifejackets, Performance Level 100 - Safety Requirements 2nd RECIRCULATION TO OPEN June 2019 UL 15027-2, Immersion suits - Part 2: Abandonment suits, requirements including safety RECIRCULATION TO OPEN June 2019 UL 15027-3, Immersion suits - Part 3: Test methods RECIRCULATION TO OPEN June 2019
  9. 9. Next Steps • Complete standards currently being revised or newly developed • Task Groups complete work on draft standards to prepare for preliminary review & ballot by entire STP: ‒ ISO 12402 -3, -6 • Process any safety critical proposals as they are submitted 9
  10. 10. 10 QUESTIONS??
  11. 11. THANK YOU. Nicolette Weeks Project Manager, STP 1123 919-549-0973

Editor's Notes

  • Project manager and STP chair are considered non-voting (point out Joe)
    UL Technical Representative/Primary Designated Engineer (PDE) is a testing & standards member
    -Represents UL as the technical expert
    -Same role as any other STP member
  • 54 voting members – 19 of the voting members are Canadian
    We welcome any new members in any category except for Producers as the STP is producer heavy
    The STP is 1/3 balanced
  • Participation is important as we need consensus for ballots to pass for ANSI and SCC requirements
    -consensus is achieved if there is approval by at least two-thirds of those members voting who have submitted a vote, excluding abstentions, negatives without comment, and negatives based on material not under consideration and a majority of the STP have returned a ballot.

    Please keep comments germane to the proposal – they will not be considered

    This STP has several working groups. If we did not have STP members willing to lead them and/or help develop the proposals, we would not have gotten very far with our current work.
  • This discussion to provide everyone with an overview of what is on our plate and where we are going.
  • 1175 – went to preliminary review in 2017. The comment were reviewed and considered. A new proposal was submitted and finalized by TG. It went to a second prelim in March 2019. The ballot is anticipated to open in June for a 45 day ballot period.

    1191 – was balloted in June 2018 and recirculated in November 2018. It is expected to be published at the end of May

    1191 – a new proposal was submitted to the standard. It will be reviewed at the upcoming STP meeting. We anticipate it moving to ballot in June

    12402-5 – proposal was balloted in October 2017, recirculated in May 2018 and again in October 2018. The standard maintained consensus and is expected be published by the end of May

    12402-9 – proposal was balloted in June 2018. After the recent comment resolution, the recirculation ballot is set to open on May 24.
  • 9595 – went to preliminary review in 2015. The task group was reactivated in 2018 to review those comments. A second prelim opened on May 1

    12402-4 – standard was balloted in June 2018. Standard was recirculated in March 2019 and will probably need a 2nd recirculation based on the comments received. If so, it will be in June 2019

    15027-2 – proposal was balloted in June 2018 and will be recirculated in June 2019

    15027-3 – proposal was balloted in June 2018 and will be recirculated in June 2019
  • *Safety critical proposals is the STP’s main priority