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  1. 1. “The Changing Worldof ConfigurationManagement”Presented by: Debbie DusterwaldComputer Sciences CorporationFebruary 2008
  2. 2. OBJECTIVES Define change and how change affects Project Management Define NASA and Goddard Requirements for Configuration Management Define what are the In-House and Out-of- House Projects at Goddard and how they are organized
  3. 3. OBJECTIVES (Cont’d) Define the four principles of Configuration Management Emphasize the affects of Change Control Discuss if Configuration Management just happens
  4. 4. What is Change?Make or become differentSomething put or taken in place ofsomething elseTo substitute
  5. 5. How does change affect anytype of Project with NASA? Successful integration, testing and launch Correct technical errors More effective performance More cost effective Accommodate new requirements Ensure the objectives of any type of Project are met
  6. 6. NASA RequirementsNASA Procedural Requirements (NPR) 7120.5CNASA Program and Project Management Processesand Requirements (Non Space Flight ProjectManagement)NPR 7120.5D NASA Program and ProjectManagement Processes and Requirements (SpaceFlight Project Management)
  7. 7. Center RequirementsGPR 1410.2 Configuration ManagementGPR 5330.1 Product ProcessingInspection and Test500-PG-8700.2.5 GSFC EngineeringDrawing Standards
  8. 8. In-House ProjectWhat is an In-House project?A spacecraft and/or instrument built on-site at Goddard with an understandingbetween subsystems. The responsibilityof authority is with the designated ProjectOffice.
  9. 9. Out-of-House ProjectWhat is an Out-of-House Project? A spacecraft and/or instrument built off- site through the contracting office. The responsibility of authority is the Project office or System Engineering.
  10. 10. GSFC In-house ProjectsFormulation/Development Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (LRO) Solar Dynamic Observatory (SDO) Space Environmental Testbeds (SET)-1 Global Precipitation Measurement (GPM) (part of the project) Solar Terrestrial Relations Orbiter (STEREO) (part of the project) Magnetospheric Multiscale (MMS) Instruments: MSL/SAM, MMS/FPI, GLAST/ACD, LRO/LOLA, SAC-D/AQUARIUS
  11. 11. GSFC Out-of-House ProjectsFormulation/ Development Gamma Ray Large Area Space Intersellar Boundary Explorer Telescope (GLAST) (IBEX) Global Precipitation Mission (GPM) Geostationary Environmental Opera- tional Satellite Series-R (GOES)-R Solar Terrestrial Relations Observatory (STEREO) Hubble Space Telescope (HST)-DEV James Webb Space Telescope National Polar-Orbiting Operational (JWST) Environmental Satellite System (NPOESS) Preparatory Project (NPP) Aeronomy of Ice in the Metrosphere (AIM) Constellation-X (CON) GLORY Polar Operational Environmental Satellites (POES - NOAA-N) STP Hinode (used to be SOLAR-B) Landsat Data Continuity Mission Geostationary Environmental (LDCM) Operational Satellite Series-O,P (GOES) Two Wide-Angle Imaging Neutral- Atom Spectrometers (TWINS) Laser Interferometer Space Antenna (LISA) Wide-field Infrared Survey Explorer (WISE) Thermal Emission Imaging System (THEMIS) Terrestrial Planet Finder-C (TPF)-C
  12. 12. Project OrganizationHow is an In-House Project organized?How is an Out-of-House Projectorganized?
  13. 13. Project Scientist LRO Project Manager Contracting 431-REF-000223 G. Chin C. Tooley Officer 600 200 Deputy J. Janus Deputy Project Manager J. Keller C. Peddie Public Affairs Science Data Mgmt. Deputy Project Manager / Officer 100 S. Scott Resources N. Neal-Jones System Assurance B. Sluder Manager Admin. - P. Gregory EPO Lead R. Kolecki 300 400 600 S. Stockman Lunar Financial Deputy SAM L. Lee Manager D. Adamczyk 400 Mission System Reconnaissance Safety Engineer J. Rezac Mission Business Mgr. D. Everett Quality Assurance J. Smith 500 Deputy MSE Orbiter (LRO) A. Lacks Resource Analysts M. Houghton V. Martinez/L. Morales S/W Quality Assurance C. Taylor Project Support Orbiter Systems SW/HW Systems Project Manufacturing Manager M. Pryzby C. Wildermann N. Virmani K. Opperhauser 400 Code 451 Flight Dynamics Safing Materials M. Beckman S. Andrews General Business P. Joy J. Reid Avionics Systems Contamination Ctrl. Scheduling P. Luers C. Lorentson Risk Management C. Peddie/K. Safdie A. Eaker/M. Campbell GN&C Systems Systems Analysis EVM E. Holmes L. Hartz Reliability R. Hesenperger S/C Bus & LV Systems Mech./Thermal Sys. L. Lee MIS T. Ajluni S. Wasserzug EEE Parts A. Hess/J. Brill R. Williams CM/DM D. Dusterwald/D. Hall/ W. Schultzaberger Spacecraft Orbiter Launch Vehicle Ground Systems Payload Systems Bus I & T Lead Manager & Operations Manager T. Ajluni 500 J. Baker 500 T. Jones 400 R. Saylor 400 A. Bartels 400 MOT Lead Laser Ranging J. Murphy Payload Systems Power Electrical T. Spitzer P. Luers R. Zellar Engineers GS&O System Engr. 500 ACS Mechanical Communications J. Clapsadle M. Reden J. Simpson G. Rosanova A. Rodriguez-Arroyo L. Hartz Propulsion C&DH Thermal C. Zakrzwski Q. Nguyen W. Ousley/C. Baker CRaTER Diviner LAMP H. Spence D. Paige R. Gladstone Software Boston University UCLA SWRI M. Blau Original Signed By: LEND LOLA LROC Mini - RF Craig Tooley Date I. Mitrofanov D. Smith M. Robinson S. Nozette11/15/2007 Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (LRO) ISR, Moscow GSFC Arizona State Univ. ACT Project Manager
  14. 14. Project Manager Project Manager Nick Chrissotimos Nick Chrissotimos Deputy Project Manager Contracting Officer / /Julie Janus Deputy Project Manager STP Program Support Office Contracting Officer Julie Janus Jim Adams STP Program Support Office Jim Adams Configuration Management / /Debbie Dusterwald-CSC, Linda Hepler-CSC Deputy Project Manager/Instruments Configuration Management Debbie Dusterwald-CSC, Linda Hepler-CSC Deputy Project Manager/Instruments Planning / /Dennis Wicks-CSC, Jim Rogers-CSC Planning Dennis Wicks-CSC, Jim Rogers-CSC Mike Delmont Mike Delmont Project Support / /Mandy Tatum-SGT Project Support Mandy Tatum-SGT Business Support Business Support Deputy Project Manager/Resources Deputy Project Manager/Resources Rich Ryan Rich Ryan Financial Manager Secretary Tracy Felton (acting) Secretary Paula Wood Paula Wood Resource Analyst Linnette Morales Mission Systems Engineering Mission Systems Engineering Systems Engineer / /Shane Hynes-Swales Systems Engineer Shane Hynes-Swales General Business Support Instrument Systems Engineer / /Steve Aloezos, Steve Wasserzug-Swales, Instrument Systems Engineer Steve Aloezos, Steve Wasserzug-Swales, B. Power-SGT, J. Arrison-OSC, D. Paugh-SGT, L. Wyatt-CSC Katie Barthelme-OMI Katie Barthelme-OMI Systems Engineering / /Joe Cerullo-ASRC Systems Engineering Joe Cerullo-ASRC Project Support Manager Contamination Engineering / / TereseErrigo Contamination Engineering Terese Errigo Kim Higgins-El -SGT S/W Systems Engineering / /Jerry Hengemihle-MTEL S/W Systems Engineering Jerry Hengemihle-MTEL Project Scientist Project Scientist Mission Director / Steve Odendahl Michael Kaiser Michael Kaiser Mission Operations Engineer / Clay Deyarmin Deputy Proj. Scientist STEREO Science Center Terry Kucera Bill Thompson-EITI System Assurance System Assurance Observatory Management Instrument Management Observatory Management Instrument ManagementSystems Assurance Mgr. / /Laurie Kleppin (acting) Systems Assurance Mgr. Laurie Kleppin (acting) Observatory Manager / /Mark Jarosz Manuf. & Process. Mgr / Mike Jones/OSC Observatory Manager Mark Jarosz Manuf. & Process. Mgr / Mike Jones/OSC QAE / Larry Gibb-SRSTE QAE / Larry Gibb-SRSTE JHU/APL IMPACT/ UCB Parts Assurance Ed Reynolds, Project Mgr. Instrument Mgr. / Lil Reichenthal Antonio Reyes-OSC SWAVES/ UMN Safety Instrument Mgr. / Paul Buchanan Brian Smolnick SECCHI/ NRL Reliability Instrument Mgr. / Bernie Klein Matt Samuel-MUNIZ Software Quality Assurance PLASTIC/ UNH Vacant Instrument Mgr. / Paul Buchanan 23 March 2006
  15. 15. CONFIGURATIONMANAGEMENT (CM) CM is a formal process of identification, control, verification and accountability of requirements to meet the overall objectives. A process for the control of baselined documents and drawings. A process for the control of all proposed changes to baselined documents and drawings that may affect form, fit, function, cost and schedule.
  16. 16. IN-HOUSE vs. OUT-OF-HOUSERequirements In-House Out-of-House Project CCB Yes YesMission/Sys Eng Yes Yes CCBSC/Subsys CCB Yes SOW Instrument/ Yes / SOW Yes / SOW PayloadsDrawing Control Yes SOW Work Order Yes SOW
  17. 17. PRINCIPLES OF CM Configuration Identification Configuration Control Configuration Status Accounting Configuration Verification
  18. 18. CONFIGURATIONIDENTIFICATION Process of identifying Configured Items Designating technical documentation Naming and numbering the Configured Items
  22. 22. DOCUMENT TREE Documents that define all aspects of a project
  23. 23. DRAWINGS Defines all mechanical and electrical aspects for a spacecraft and subsystems Defines all interfaces
  24. 24. CONFIGURATIONCONTROL Systematic coordination, evaluation, approval, and release of changes Ensure changes are properly and completely defined Evaluate the cost, schedule, and performance impacts of a proposed change
  25. 25. CHANGE CONTROLConfiguration Control Boards (CCBs) Project (Level 2) Systems (Level 3) Subsystems (Level 4)
  26. 26. Configuration StatusAccounting Recording and reporting of all project documents and drawings - Approved List of Configured Items - Status of Proposed Changes
  27. 27. CONFIGURATIONVERIFICATION Ensure all requirements are in compliance for Configuration Management Ensure all proposed changes have been implemented and/or resolved
  28. 28. CONFIGURATIONMANAGEMENTWORKING FOR A PROJECT Does Configuration Management just happen? Central focus point for any project To be or not to be…
  30. 30. LAUNCH!Success!